One Special Spring Day Pt. 07


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The men decide to leave Mike’s office and go wash up as they have to meet some of the other guys for football later. They leave Bonnie and Amanda all alone to enjoy each other. Bonnie and Amanda decide to lay there for a few minutes warming up to each other.

Bonnie tells Amanda, “Feels nice laying here beside you.”

Amanda replies, “I was so turned on watching Warden Daryl fucking your pussy.”

Amanda decides to make the first move and kisses Bonnie softly right on her lips. Bonnie returns the kiss, and they start to explore one another’s bodies. Amanda takes her hand slowly lowering it toward Bonnie’s special spot which is still very wet and full from earlier. She decides to slip a finger in feeling the mixtures of cum inside Bonnie as she pulls her finger out to taste it and then gives her finger to Bonnie to taste as well.

Amanda says, “Here sweetie, let me put my finger into your mouth.”

Bonnie responds saying, “Mmm, Amanda, let me suck your finger clean.” Bonnie smiles with her experience and decides to return the favor as she slides her finger inside Amanda’s special spot and shares her finger with Amanda.

They look at the clock and decide they better wrap this up and maybe arrange something soon. Bonnie asks Amanda, “Where is the shower so I can clean up to visit my boyfriend Bill.”

Amanda replies “I am heading to the locker room to use the restroom, so follow me.”

Bonnie whispers to Amanda, “Yes, I like following you. Love watching that curvy ass of yours move when you walk.”

Bonnie smiles with the thought that Amanda will be in the locker room as she climbs in the shower to wash up real quick. She would not be disappointed as shortly after she climbs in and turns on the water, she hears footsteps and looks behind her to see Amanda.

Amanda says, “Hey sexy lady.”

Bonnie smiles at Amanda and says, “Are you just going to watch or join me sweetheart?”

Amanda looks at her and says, “Was waiting for an invite from you.” Bonnie looks at Amanda smiling which Amanda takes as an invite. She walks up to the shower giving Bonnie a very sensual kiss.

Amanda looks Bonnie in the eyes and says, “I will be right back, give me just a few minutes to take care of something.” Bonnie watches Amanda walking away.

Amanda is gone for quite awhile, so Bonnie finishes showering alone. She quietly says to herself, “Well, I do need to visit Bill. I need to get going.”

Bonnie soon finds out that the “rules” in jail can sometimes change. Although this was not a part of what Warden Daryl told her, things that happen in the jail can be unpredictable and do change from time-to-time. When she goes to visit Bill, she finds out there is no privacy, so even if her and Bill want to do anything with each other they cannot. She recalls being told that Bill was placed in isolation at the medical ward.

The head guard, Dave, looks at Bonnie and says, “We ümraniye escort can arrange to have him moved to a private room for a short while for your visit, but it will cost you in the end.”

Bonnie says, “I am open to negotiating as long as we can wait till after my visit. I want to be somewhat presentable when I see Bill. What will it take to get this private room for our visit?”

Dave looks at Bonnie to tell her, “Well the four of us, including Nurse Diane over there, are going to Gang Bang your beautiful body.”

Bonnie, surprised to see Nurse Diane, agrees with Dave’s request, saying, “Yes, Dave.”

Dave stands with his arms folded over his chest, and the piercing look in his eyes causes Bonnie to bite gently down on her top lip, as she often does when she is nervous.

He begins to speak as Bonnie finds herself holding her breath at the sound of his voice. “Let’s start with the basic rules, Bonnie. I am the head guard, and you will follow my rules and do not even think of breaking my rules. Do you understand and will you obey those rules?”

Bonnie, struggles to speak, and only nods her head up and down to indicate she agrees and understands. She finally manages to say, “Yes, Dave.”

He then says, “Good to know Bonnie as you are a very exquisite lady, and I have heard you are eager to learn, but before you see Bill, I have decided I want some now.”

Bonnie is startled and slightly frightened with footsteps coming up behind her, but knows not to look away from Dave’s stare. She is excited and feels herself getting wet with anticipation of who is coming up behind her causing her to let out a gasp.

Dave says, “Bonnie, I know you want to be presentable to Bill, so I won’t cum in you, but I want a little of you for now. This time will be quick and very enjoyable for us, and these guys are the ones that will join me to have pleasure with your body, so that you see them for now. I want you to think about something during this experience. Your Master gave me something of yours. Do you have any idea what that might be?”

Bonnie says to Dave, “No. I don’t have any idea what my Master might have given you that is mine.”

Dave speaks, “Maybe you haven’t noticed your spare set of keys missing from your key holder?”

Bonnie says, “You mean my Master took my spare set of keys to my house, and gave them to you?”

He looks at her intently and says, “Yes. That is exactly what I am telling you. There will be a few minutes of pleasure with you here now, but the next time we meet, all of us will be enjoying that beautiful body and sexy ass. Your Master has given me full access to you, Bonnie, and he told me that you would consent to our activity.”

Bonnie tries to speak, but is only able to say, “Dave,” as he moves quickly towards her.

He places his right hand over the back of her neck and brings her upper body down in one swift movement. Bonnie is bent over and looking at Dave’s shoes. Bonnie feels a quick movement between her legs as he thrust several fingers deep pendik escort inside her wet pussy. She is overtaken by pleasurable feelings and is soon not able to stand on her own. Two of the guys just watching for now help to steady Bonnie and keep her on her feet while Dave has her bent over. Each of the guys is holding Bonnie by an arm, and they become more and more aroused at the sight as they watch.

Dave speaks saying, “Bonnie, are you okay? Tell me what you are feeling. Do you want me to stop?”

Bonnie is able to say, “No, please don’t stop, I am enjoying the feeling of being held by two men, while you have me bent over sliding your fingers deep inside me,” She begins to tremble and shake with the guys holding her, and Dave is pleasuring her with his fingers.

Bonnie can also feel one of the other guy’s fully erect cock pressing against the side of her face, as he is holding her in place. He begins to rub himself against the side of her face, as he becomes more and more aroused while holding her and watching Dave’s movement of his fingers in Bonnie’s special place.

Nurse Diane stands a bit off to the side, and is becoming increasingly wet as she watches Bonnie being pleasured. Nurse Diane always enjoys watching another woman being held in place while several men participate in the event. She thinks to herself, “I enjoy watching Dave pleasuring Bonnie. I am looking forward to how other similar events with Bonnie will unfold in the future. Each time she comes to visit her boyfriend in this jail, she will submit to Dave’s demands and orders.”

Bonnie is gasping as her orgasm is coming quickly. Dave removing his fingers quickly is causing Bonnie to experience a massive orgasm. They gently lay Bonnie on the floor as she curls up and lies down.

She is filled with pleasure thinking of the last few minutes. It was intense and one of the best orgasm ever to be experienced in her recent experiences. She slowly calms down and then takes a quick shower before going on her visit.

After her shower as she starts to get dressed, Amanda shows up and tells her to wait for a minute before she gets dressed. Bonnie turns around looking at Amanda holding a nice but skimpy dress.

Amanda says, “Here it is something special for you to wear for him and bring it over to my place after you wash it tomorrow since we are about the same size, but sorry Bonnie can’t give you fresh undergarments.”

Bonnie says, ” Thanks, Amanda, appreciate that and since I am going to see Bill, I think it is actually very sexy to not wear undergarments with this form fitting dress you brought me.”

Amanda gives Bonnie a kiss that she returns easily and then whispers to her, “Will be waiting for you tomorrow to bring me my dress back, but call me before you come as there is something else to talk to you about.”

Bonnie has to ask Amanda to help her with slipping the dress on as it is tight, and the zipper is in the back of course. Amanda just looks at her, and smiles then says, “You are one beautiful and sexy looking bostancı escort lady in that dress. Bill will be quite happy when he sees you providing you don’t give him a heart attack when he looks at you in that dress.

Amanda walks with Bonnie as she heads to the visiting area to await Bill’s arrival, and once there she sighs a little while thinking of what all has happened to her over the last few days.

Bonnie says to Amanda, “I’m feeling a bit nervous to see Bill after everything that has happened over the last several days. I have experienced things that are new to me.”

Bonnie sits in the area waiting to be called when Dave walks over to her and says, “Please follow me to your private room to visit with Bill, and he will join you shortly as promised.”

She is surprised of course to see Bill already in the room waiting on her when she walks in the door. Bill runs up giving her a great big hug and kiss then says, “Hi, babe it is so nice to see you as I was told they would not let you see me since we were not family, and then Dave tells me he is willing to overlook that and allow us this one visit. We have a few hours to spend together dear, and I want to make the most of it all.”

Bonnie looks at him and just kisses him letting him know she understands. After a couple of minutes, she then says, “Hello, Bill. It is so nice to be here with you.”

They begin slowly taking off her dress when Bill starts to smile realizing she is not wearing any undergarments and of course he starts to become hard quickly. He kisses and rubs up to her body as she reaches above her head allowing the dress to be completely removed allowing him to give Bonnie one of the most passionate kisses he has ever given her before.

Bonnie slowly returns the kiss while looking down some to see that he has become completely hard, but she still kneels down and puts it in her mouth to enjoy sucking him. He looks at her, smiling at the feeling of both her sucking and the building up his orgasm that he wants to hold off till he gets inside her.

Bonnie smiles at him and says, “Please slide inside me and make love to me Bill, as I have been so looking forward to this since they removed you from the house.”

With all the excitement of seeing her, he does not last long enough for her to orgasm, but he does reposition himself between her legs allowing him access to her kitty, and he commences to eating her like he has never done before almost bringing her to orgasm immediately.

He keeps on going until she hits several multiple orgasms. He starts to become hard during this and once finished, he makes love to her again before she has to leave him knowing she may not be able to see him again.

Bill and Bonnie stand embracing each other, as Dave is watching Bonnie’s every move through a crack in the slightly opened door. Neither Bill nor Bonnie had the chance to notice that Dave was secretly watching them the entire time.

Bill says, “Hope to see you again soon, babe.”

Dave knocks on the door to confirm it is time to leave and looks at Bonnie simply telling her, “We will see you soon, so be ready.”

When walking out heading to the car, her sister calls her on the phone asking her if she might come visit for a little while as she is on break from school.