Thank Heaven for Little Girls Pt. 02


Mr. Owens is back, to spend the summer with his loyal students, Miss Melissa Jones, and Miss Alexis Kensington. I hope you enjoy it.


Monday morning, I was back in my usual place, striding the halls of the St. Francis Xavier Thomas of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School for Girls, or St.FXT, BS, CSG for short. Yup. My usual place, as Principal of the school.

Not a usual Monday morning, though. I’d never had a weekend quite like the one that just ended, but if things worked out the way it appeared they might, I may not be able to say that in the future.

You see, when I left here, Friday afternoon, I was just a sexually frustrated, recently divorced, middle aged man, without many prospects to change that. Then I heard that fateful knock on my door, and my life changed forever.

I still had a hard time believing it, myself. This kind of thing only happened in my fantasies… or at least, that used to be the case. Now? The sky was the limit.

“Good morning, Mr. Owens,” I heard from behind me.

Mmmmm. That voice. Gone was her teasing sarcasm, but also absent was the passion and need that had been in full force when I last heard it; Yesterday, in my bedroom, while I shafted her youthful pussy to one of several orgasms it had been my very great pleasure to provide.

I turned to see Melissa Jones approaching, looking her usual delicious self. Her uniform was in perfect order, a mild surprise, if I didn’t know why.

“Miss Jones. Thank you for dressing properly,” I smiled at her, in my usual tone. “New blouse today?”

“Um,” she smiled, glancing down at her chest. “Yes, sir. Something happened to my old one.” Her poker face was nearly as impressive as the contents of her bra, and no one watching would have even the slightest clue that the ‘something’ that happened to the old blouse was me, when I quite literally ripped it open, to bare that luscious body for my consumption. Behind her, I saw the third member of my memorable weekend gliding smoothly toward us.

“Miss Kensington! Nice to see you, this morning. I trust you did your homework?” I asked, with only a slight smirk.

“Yes, sir,” Alexis nodded, coming to a stop beside her friend’s shoulder. She bunted Melissa’s hip with her own, and gave me a cautious, but alluring sideways glance through her glasses. “I need to talk to Melissa. May I, sir?”

“Of course, don’t let me keep you,” I replied, and walked away, wending through the crowd of skirts toward my office. When I reached the corner, I looked back at them, and they were both smiling while they talked.

I hoped I was part of the conversation, and part of the reason for the smiles.

As I said, quite the weekend. What began as one horny principal and two virgins, ended with two less virgins, and one happy me. I had even tapped both their asses, as part of their plan to graduate from incredible cock-teasers, to willing participants. They both achieved Magna Cum Laude status, in my book.

Special emphasis on the ‘Cum’.


If I had known how smoothly things would run after I fucked a few of my students, I would have done it years ago.

Okay, seriously, recent events notwithstanding, I knew doing it was wrong, made only slightly less so by the fact that both Alexis and Melissa were adults, and had actually hunted me down.

Still, Melissa was very mellow and well behaved for the duration, instead of her usual disruptive self. I must admit, I missed her flirtatious side, a little, but getting to physically sample her spectacular self more than made up for it.

Which is not to discount Alex’s part in the whole thing. She was the brains behind it all, and the dominant half of the ‘Lex & Lissa’ couple, a pair I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing in action. Watching them pleasure each other was everything I hoped it would be, and led to them turning their collective attention to me.

We had decided as a group to keep the special aspects of our relationship confined to the weekends, until they were officially no longer my students. That meant only ten more days of fighting the urge to do more of what we all wanted to do more of, every time we saw each other.

I was fighting those urges, and several others, thanks to the girls. Do you remember those names they whispered in my ears? Two names, of girls who were currently on the untouchable side of the age barrier, but would be turning eighteen in the summer? Two names, of girls who might be taking the places vacated by Alexis and Melissa, when they went to college next year?

Well, I remember the names, believe you me. I also remember the sight of my lovely ladies in various stages of undress, and considering uniform changes to match. Now, my imagination was running wild, and the hallways were filled with imaginary semi-naked girls.

Not only was my imagination running amok, so was my curiosity. One of the potential replacements was a name I knew, and was very interested in knowing better. The other one was an enigma.

With over Bycasino 900 students under my care, there were gaps in my knowledge of the girls, and Mirai Aoki fell into one of those. Solving the problem was pretty simple. I merely looked up her file, and found out where she was this period. I would be in that vicinity, when she came out of class.

Perhaps I was getting ahead of myself. Mirai Aoki could wait for now.

I wasn’t finished with Alexis and Melissa yet. My role as sexual tutor, teaching the two of them how to please a man, had a couple of months left. I was looking forward to letting them experiment on me, individually, and as a pair. We might have to practice, over and over, before they got it right.

One can only hope they were slow learners. I was willing to repeat as many lessons as they wished to take.


As the days wound down, so did my self-control. Melissa wasn’t helping matters, as she didn’t seem willing to wait for the last day of classes.

Last week’s good behaviour led to her spending the nearly the entire weekend in my bed. Alexis was, sadly, absent, forced away by family commitments. That didn’t slow Melissa down one bit, and she took advantage of some private instruction.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? There was nothing I could teach Melissa about pleasing a man that nature hadn’t gifted her. She already gave the best blowjob I’d ever even heard of, let alone experienced, and her body was so hot, no man could resist her. Who was I to try?

Speaking of those blowjobs? Well, I was currently enjoying one, and all she was doing was confirming my previous opinion. I was laying back, relishing the sensation, and trying not to cum too quickly. She was under the sheet, her head bobbing like some sort of erotic ghost, moaning softly.

She really did seem to enjoy the act. Where most women, in my experience, gave head, as a means to an end, Melissa sucked cock happily. Eagerly. Little wonder she had been so popular with the boys, even though she hadn’t allowed any of them to fuck her.

That privilege had fallen to me, and I would be eternally grateful.

Melissa threw the covers aside abruptly, released her lip-lock on my dick, and crawled up my body, trailing kisses in her wake. Reaching her target… my lips… she thrust her tongue into my mouth. Her hands grasped my shoulders, and rolled us over, spreading her creamy thighs wide.

I glanced down at those shapely legs as I positioned myself, finding them damp with her juices nearly to the knees. She really did enjoy sucking dick, didn’t she? My probe found her receptacle, and it actually made a wet, squishing noise as I pushed in.

Now that she had given up her membership in the virginity club, my cock met no resistance sliding into her moist depths, and she felt the pleasure I wanted to provide. Her face registered nothing more than mild discomfort as I stretched her open again, and that discomfort was quickly swept aside.

“Oh, that’s so good, Mr. Owens,” she moaned, writhing under me like a sexual Barbie-doll. She certainly had the doll’s dimensional incredibility. As for her calling me ‘Mr. Owens’, I had given up on correcting either of them. Perhaps it was best this way. I couldn’t have one on them calling me ‘Don’ at school, where others might hear.

At least for another week.

That however, was not my current concern. I had more pleasurable thoughts to entertain, and a willing partner under me, who had just wrapped those long legs around me, pulling me closer. I felt the full softness of her massive chest, cushioning my movements. I had to admit, my fantasies about having her in my bed had been too conservative. She was far more than just a spectacular body for me to use. She was very adept, and had already begun to make the sex act her own.

“Mmmmm, yeah, fuck me deep,” she groaned. Her smile led me to believe she had a surprise for me.

“Oh god, Melissa… that’s incredible!” I gasped, as she did her thing.

‘Her thing’ was something I had been privileged to experience before. It had come from a much more mature, much more seasoned lover. For her to do it so quickly was astounding. It involved muscle control I had no idea she possessed.

Her pussy was snug as I pushed fully inside her, just as I would have expected from a young girl who had only recently lost her virginity. The surprise came as I began to pull back, when that already tight embrace grew exponentially tighter. She gripped me, seemingly pulling me back into her moist depths. If not for her abundant juices, that grip would have kept me from rising up, but the dripping wetness reduced the friction to an extremely erotic milking sensation. It was as though her pussy had fingers.

“Wow!” I smiled down at her. “That’s pretty advanced, for a newbie like yourself. Where did you learn that?”

“I’ve been doing my homework!” she giggled, giving me a coy glance. “Why can’t all classes be as much fun as this. I’d get straight A’s if they were!”

Well yes, you always do better Bycasino giriş in subjects you enjoy, and enjoy subjects you do well in. Sex certainly fell into that category, and despite her lacklustre academic record, she was an excellent student in this case. I hadn’t even assigned any homework, but she had taken it upon herself to do extra credit work. So diligent.

As for myself, I could do nothing more than make a mental note on her report card, and enjoy the ride. Stroking deep inside her juicy cunt, I was very happy to give her an A. Perhaps later, we might do it in the A, as well, but for now, I was content with probing her pussy. She had me wrapped in her legs, pulling me deeper with her heels, while I pressed up with my arms.

I just had to watch those big tits of hers, jiggling with my thrusts. There was no denying that I had a thing for busty things like Melissa and Alexis. I suppose the only question was how they seemed to know about my desires so well. I thought I had been more subtle than that.

“You really do like my tits, don’t you?” she hissed, absorbing my eager strokes.

“Every bit as much as I did the last time you asked,” I laughed, giving her a few particularly aggressive jabs. Those boobs shook more impressively.

“I think all men like big tits,” she opined. “All other things being equal, they’d rather have a girl with big ones, than one with itty bitty titties.”

“I wouldn’t care to argue with you,” I grunted, pounding her harder.

“And I think most women want nice, big breasts, too,” she added. “At least, more women want to be bigger than want to be smaller. If not, they wouldn’t have invented push-up bras and boob jobs.”

“Again… No argument here,” I nodded, fucking her still harder. “Not a problem for you, though.”

“No, I suppose not,” she smiled, shaking her shoulders at me. “Wanna fuck ’em?”

Somehow, we hadn’t actually done that yet, and now the prospect of those soft, round boobs wrapping around my shaft was far too good to pass up, even if it did mean I’d have to leave the warm embrace of her pussy. No answer was necessary, and she giggled as I extracted my slippery cock from her tight gash. She knew where the lube was, and squirted a blob of it into the cleft of her cleavage before mashing those big tits together, and spreading it over both orbs. She held them tightly and arched an eyebrow at me.

“Go for it,” she whispered, “and don’t hold back. I want to watch your cock spurt that delicious goo all over me.”

Oh, my, god, I thought, as I eased forward, and the head of my cock slipped between her pillowy breasts. If her pussy was a velvet vise, then her tits were marshmallow soft, surrounding my hard meat in sensuous volumes of feminine flesh. It felt like a slice of heaven, and I loved it. I slid all the way into that sandwich of breasts, until their softness met my balls. My eyes were closed, concentrating on the sensation, when I felt a tongue flutter over the head of my dick.

I looked down, and found Melissa licking the portion of penis that had emerged from her end of the sandwich. She was looking up at me, playfully.

Now I just had to watch, and I began to fuck her tits with purpose. It was fun, meeting my visual needs as well as tactile ones. I braced my hands on the edge of the headboard, and spread my knees wider, giving my hips the freedom to stroke between those luscious knockers.

My blonde bombshell gazed up at me with those perfect blue eyes of hers, smiling at my obvious enjoyment of her body. Her index fingers toyed with her own erect nipples, flicking over the thick nubs and coaxing them to grow taller. She was moaning softly in harmony with my more animalistic grunts.

“Mmmmm, yes,” she giggled, watching the head of my cock play peek-a-boo in and out of her cleavage. “That feels nice, and looks so hot! Even better with a real man’s dick, so big and hard!”

“So, you’ve done this before?” I asked, maintaining my pace.

“A few times. Just as an option, instead of a blowjob,” she answered honestly. “Mind you, none of my, um… boyfriends… ever lasted this long, either in my mouth or between my tits. I guess I was too exciting for them. They came very quickly. A few didn’t even make it out of their pants.”

Thinking back to my own youth, I remembered the days of hair-trigger sensitivity. I wasn’t lucky enough then to know anyone as generous with her beauty as Melissa, but if I had, I’m sure I would have been among those that shot off on her early.

Now, I had the advantage of control and experience. I was able to extend my time with her because of it, and increase the pleasure for both of us.

That being said, she had sucked me, and let me fuck her juicy cunt already. There was a definite feeling of urgency boiling in my balls, as I fucked her cleavage furiously. It just felt so good, and watching those big jugs jiggle with each stroke was more than any man could take.

“Cum on me, Mr. Owens,” Melissa purred, correctly reading my grunts and groans of enjoyment. Bycasino deneme bonusu “Let me have all of it. Shoot it on my tits, and on my face. I’m a nasty slut. Treat me like one!”

In the four years that Melissa Jones had been under my supervision, I had watched her blossom and grow, from a pretty young freshman of unremarkable physical stature, to the incredible, buxom senior that was begging for me to paint her with cum. She had gone from timid follower, to undisputed queen of the cock teasing clique, and only recent events had revealed just how much of a hidden sexpot she had been, both with Alexis and her male peers. My imagination conjured up images of her on her knees, blowing an eager classmate, with her big tits hanging out.

The same big tits that were currently wrapped around my own cock, providing a soft, warm, and very enjoyable sensation, that was about to make me gush.

Melissa tilted her face down as far as she could, opened her mouth, and extended her tongue, awaiting her reward. A fountain of semen erupted from the top of her tightly squeezed cleavage, landing in a spray across her hungry mouth and tongue. She moaned, and tried to catch it, proving she really was a nasty slut.

While I watched her take the first salvo in the face, I had extracted my shaft from her boob sandwich, and was now stroking it madly, aiming it at her with intent. Another shot went right down the hatch, and she closed her mouth to swallow, taking the next one square on the lips. She was juggling her tits with her hands, reminding me that she had asked for some cum on that part of her as well, so I shifted my field of fire, and hit those targets. I had enough cum left to coat her nipples and hands in a glaze of sticky juice. Spent, I sat back on my haunches and watched her play with her cum covered body.

Melissa knew I was watching, and her eyes locked on mine. Those piercing blue peepers told the story, sparkling with life and naughtiness, as she scooped up globs of semen with her fingers and slurped it into her mouth. She used every nasty method of consumption she knew, from drizzling it off her fingertips into an upturned mouth, to scraping it off her hand with an agile tongue.

“Am I nearly ready to graduate, Mr. Owens?” she smiled, licking her lips clean at last.

As much as it pained me to say it, I had to admit that she was ready. Heaven help the college boys she took a fancy to. They just wouldn’t know what hit them.

“I believe you are,” I said, a bit of sadness in my voice.

“Oh, don’t worry, Mr. Owens,” she said gently, reaching up to stroke my cheek. “I’m not going to leave you. Not yet. We still have all summer, and you’ll always be special to me and Lexi. Don’t be surprised if we come back to visit you. And don’t forget about your new friends, for next year. You probably won’t even miss us, at all.”

I smiled at her words. Yes, we had all summer, and the prospect of a visit from either, or both of them was very appealing. Indeed, there were the new girls, hand-picked by Melissa and Alexis, to occupy my next year. All true. The only part I had any argument with was the last bit, about not missing them.

I doubt I could ever forget.


Summer arrived at last. The girls were free, and I fully expected that they would be burning their uniforms at a group bonfire.

Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case.

I know you’ve seen the Catholic Schoolgirl costume, available for Halloween wear, or as a sexual role-playing outfit. That’s because, if you put a sexy, mature figure inside one, it tries to find a way out. No question; it’s hot. Well, on Melissa or Alexis, I had legitimate schoolgirls, who also knew they were scorchingly attractive in their uniforms.

The uniforms that had found their way into my closet, and which they both enjoyed wearing for my pleasure. The main difference was that, unlike at school, I didn’t have a dress code, so the skirts were shorter, and the blouses tighter and more revealing. Not even Melissa would wear these outdoors.

Speaking of Melissa, she was on vacation with her family, which left Alex and I alone. I didn’t mind, one bit.

There was a different feeling to being alone with Alex. Whole Melissa wore her extreme sexuality out in the open, loud and proud, Alex was more subtle. It’s not a matter of who was more beautiful, or buxom, or better in bed. Believe me, there was little to differentiate between the two. Still, Melissa was very blunt when it came to sex. She knew what she wanted, and wasn’t shy about asking for it.

Alex, on the other hand, was more playful, and very relaxed. You never really knew what was going on behind those glasses and dark brown eyes. The proof was that I had no idea she was a bi-sexual. Hell, I had no idea about her at all. She always seemed so compliant, and well behaved.

Appearances can be deceiving, can’t they?

Another difference between the two lovely ladies could be found in their approach to our relationship, if that word can be used to describe the situation we found ourselves in. When Melissa showed up alone, it was purely to have sex, and we got right to it. As I said, Alex had a much more relaxed attitude. She didn’t mind just hanging out around the house, taking it easy, getting some sun in the backyard… that sort of thing. She was more mature.