The Homosexual Sissy Wife


I love being the one for you, the one waiting at home for you while you are at work. The house is immaculate. My time at home is spent making everything perfect, especially me, your gay sissy wife. Gay does not aptly describe the level of homosexual submission I have towards you. Being femme and sexy for you is my constant quest. I spend hours at our home gym getting toned & svelte for you. I bathe and shave all over though my naturally smooth body requires little, just my underarms, legs, clitty & ass pussy. Lotions & talcs & feminine beauty products to make me soft, smooth & femme for you. A hairdresser, manicurist & tanning beds help me stay in perfect wife shape for my handsome husband. Flawless feet & painted toes are my style – I just love soft bubble gum pink toes though you are smitten when they are French pedicured or bright lavender.

It is so exhilarating to always be in feminine clothing all day, every day – I have drawers and drawers of panties, stockings, camisoles, slips, bras open toe like a good wife I save myself for my man. I always look perfect for you when you get home – the shortest dress, the highest heels, the silkiest pink-est panties face, lipstick, eyes & hair perfect.

By the time you get home I’m so fucking horny its like two teenagers finally alone together at 16 years old. You are always horny too, you say I make you so the way I dress and carry on like a girl. I flit around with the sound of my high heels clicking on the floor twirling my dress your tongue down my throat and hands under my dress feeling me up, fondling my panty clad little round ass. You are always so hard, I just love the feeling of your hard cock through your pants. It doesn’t take long and your shirt is off as I am on my knees unbuckling your pants feeling it in my hands; I just absolutely love your cock! Its so big and hard & masculine it makes me shiver with homosexual anticipation as I press my face into it, kissing it, sniffing it, smelling its musky allure before greedily engulfing it in my cock hungry mouth finally tasting what I have been waiting for all day.

Oh my! How I love sucking cock! I’m such a horny little wife greedy for cock. As my man you love the attentiveness with which I suck your cock, the pure lustful manner I clamp onto it greedily sucking the rigid beast. You love my cock sucking cravings and eagerly hump your wonderful penis into my pretty lipstick coated mouth, finally ejaculating huge gobs of warm nasty cum into my mouth. We then kiss like rabid dogs as you fondle my hard clitty through my silky panties till I excitedly mess over your hand with my own pearly cum.

You never tire nor do I of this erotic ‘welcome home’ sex act that plays out every day. Occasionally when you get home and we are kissing and you are groping under my dress, feeling me up in my panties you’ll finger my tight little bung hole. It doesn’t take long and my panties are on the floor and your hard cock is up my ass cunt as you fuck me from behind there on the kitchen counter. I moan and pant and squirm like the femme little sissy bitch wife that I am. You fuck me hard your hands on my hips as I whimper “uh, uh, uh” in girlish tones jacking off furiously as you cum inside my tight ass cunt and I spurt cum all over the front of my pretty dress, the counter & cabinets and the kitchen floor. Then I cook you a fabulous meal like a nice little wifey should (I’m such a good cook) though sometimes we just order in Chinese and curl up on the couch.

I will admit our unabashedly homosexual relationship is based mainly on sex, it almost seems we can’t get enough of each other. At one time we were both married to real women but that really did not work out too well. Sex with a traditional wife is such a poorly played game. At first it starts out hot if you are good little boy then you might get a piece but often something comes up and you’ll just have to wait for a ‘better time’ when she is ‘more in the mood’. As your sissy wife you can dip into the candy bowl anytime and have as much as you like, which is a lot, you naughty boy!

Where did it start? Well I had been wearing panties since I was a teenager, my sister never found out but one of her boyfriends did. Max would always tease me that I should wear her panties that “I’d look as good if not better than my sister in them”. One day when sis was not around & he was waiting for her I got my first taste of cock as he coaxed me into wearing a pair of her dainty silky pink panties. We would find any excuse to be together with me sucking him off many times. Max would drive me out into the woods and take off our clothes in the back seat, I would always be in sis’s panties, sometimes a bra or camisole. Max said I sucked cock better than any girl he knew plus I was the only ‘girl’ who would swallow….. porno I did not know it at the time but I was to be hooked on both.

Cindy was my high school sweetheart and we married at too young an age. She was a doll, very petite and sexy, always in control, perhaps a little domineering, she wore the pants in the relationship. Looking back I’m surprised she stuck with a slender and less than masculine male like me for the 7 years we were married. She traveled a lot for work. It started slowly but I began to wear her panties while she was away, just like I had with my sister’s panties Gawd it felt so good. I had bought her loads & loads of lingerie to wear, but she hardly ever touched all the scintillating frilly, lacy, sheer, silky items. Might as well put them to good use I thought. Many a night I would dress up in panties & stockings, perhaps a bra or a camisole or baby doll and masturbate.

Fuck, if I was lucky there might be a pair of her soiled panties in the hamper and I would jack off to some mind bending orgasms wearing panties while I sniffed her fragrant ones. Soon it was an obsession and I would be putting on make-up, wearing her dresses (most of them would fit me), buying wigs and high heels that would fit me (hers wouldn’t). Guess she was bound to find out and she pressed it out of me and when finally confronted I admitted that I was a crossdresser. She was actually pretty cool with it but she started going out with the girls and staying out late, sometimes very late and had to be screwing some real men.

At this point I was craving cock again, craving being desired as a woman by a man, after the many years since Max and I were intimate. I just felt so gay craigslist, online chat rooms, sissy sites. Made a few connections but nothing to write home about. Then in the local free weekly paper there was an ad for “Ladies Night” at a gay bar. I just had to go! Getting all dolled up in my sexiest short black dress, stockings & high heels and the pinkest of pink silky panties I took the plunge and went out “en femme” for the 1st time in public. Nervous? Yes! Excited? OMG it felt so good walking into that club turning heads as I strolled in. Could not believe how many studly guys hit on me.

I was doing just what my wife was doing; getting hit on, making out with and teasing the cocks of so many guys. That 1st night I went home with Damien to his place and it was heaven! Kissing kissing me, telling me I was so hot and sweetly sucking my cock to a mind bending ejaculation.

I never knew how hot it was to have a guy suck your cock. Just the earnest way a male mouth feels on your penis. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and woke up in the middle of the night playing with each other’s cock. We spooned & he fucked me again from behind as he jacked me off – wow! When morning light hit I sucked him off as he was playing with my cock. Tasted so good having him cum in my mouth as he played with me and I humped my cock into his hand and made a sticky mess!

We fell back asleep & then got up around 11am. I put my dress & heels & stockings & cum soaked panties back on and was getting ready to go when he fired up a bowl and we smoked a few and did some tequila shots. Soon he was all over me again telling me how hot I was, pawing at me, kissing me, reaching under my dress feeling me up. We both had such a buzz going that after a few minutes of heavy kissing I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. This boy was hung. This boy was hard. This boy really liked hot sex. With his tasty big hard cock in my mouth I had to admit I was becoming hooked and was falling in love with the taste of cock. The sweet & nasty taste of cum takes me over the edge. With my mouth clamped over his cock greedily slobbering over it gladly bestowing pleasure upon it he grabbed my head in both hands and humped with fury.

“Yeah bitch,Yeah bitch,Yeah bitch,Yeah bitch” he panted before finally moaning in ecstasy and shooting many hot spasms of thick warm cum into my mouth. Dutifully I took it all relishing my new found love of cock, then bathing with my tongue the length of his penis and balls to show my appreciation in pleasuring him.

I stood up wobbly from the rush of sucking cock and from the pot & the tequila. In a flash I was in his arms again kissing madly with both his hands under my dress. He slipped a hand inside my panties sliding a finger between my cheeks fingering my tight hole. The other hand played with my cock through the panties. As we kissed and was being played with under my dress I could not believe how horny I was. It was like I was getting hornier & hornier! After kissing me fiercely and humping my panty clad cock into his hand as his other hand fingered my hole I came in a huff, moaning and squirting cum all over his hand, my panties anime porno & my dress. WOW!

It was 1 in the afternoon when I finally made it home. I was still dressed as a woman as I pulled into the garage. Cindy was home. Not knowing how she would react I put my heels back on (cant drive in those things) and walked into the house. She heard me coming by the sound of the heels and then just stood there with her hand over her mouth in shock when she saw me. I have to admit being dressed as a girl in front of a woman in such a thrill; it is intoxicating, so emasculating and feminizing I just tingled inside but not knowing how she would react. After a few comments like “OMG look at you” “look what the cat drug in” (I was looking pretty slutty & disheveled), “let me look at you” we hugged and then started crying. Tears of sadness knowing our marriage was over but tears of joy that my secret was out and we could talk about it.

We sat on the couch & drank some wine and talked, she wanted to know everything about last night. She was in just jean shorts and a thin tee shirt her lovely small breasts looking divine nipples poking erect through the material. I told her how exciting it was to walk into a gay bar and have everyone look at me and how exciting it was to have all the guys hit on me. She asked who I hooked up with and “tell me everything”, which I did. Sitting there talking to my wife with me dressed as a woman telling her about having sex with a hot guy was too much, I was hard again. Cindy saw that and reached under my dress & started feeling me up through my panties. I slumped back and moaned. The lovely touch of a feminine hand on my hardness & the scent of my soon to be ex wife was wonderful as she jacked me off. I started feeling her titties as she played with my cock and in very short order I came powerful jets of cum all over her hand, all over my panties and dress. Never knew how much cum I could produce in less than 24 hours. I must have cum 5 times since I walked out the door dressed as a woman that night.

Cindy was very cool and supportive with me being gay and femme. She helped me with make up and beauty tips like we were girlfriends and wanted me to find a good man, knowing how much of a cocksucking little bitch I had become. I owe a lot to her, especially as she helped me find my handsome husband, Marc. Cindy had a girlfriend who had discovered her husband was gay. Marc was a dream boat for many a woman and Kathy thought she had the perfect man; tall, handsome, athletic, hung & well educated with a decent job. Kathy tried to ignore the signs & thought it amusing when less than masculine young men would stare at her husband and flirt with him & generally act liked mindless teen girls around him. Her nephew would always hang out with Marc and it was somewhat apparent that her nephew Jimmy was probably gay. Marc had a very flexible schedule and was out seeing clients a great deal freeing him up to come home during the day while Kathy worked. Jimmy initially had seduced Marc one afternoon by wearing her clothes and make up when Kathy was not around and it had turned into a full fledged homosexual affair.

Marc was in reality a closet homosexual from before his marriage to Kathy. His masculine build Jimmy was as horny a little queer as you would find and with his effeminate mannerisms and girlish good looks; he looked stunning en femme turning Marc on no end. Jimmy loved wearing panties, stockings, dresses, make up (especially lipstick & eye shadow) and high heels. Above all Jimmy loved sucking cock, kissing men and taking cock up his ‘ass pussy’. Marc could not resist the femme gay charms of his nephew the two had incredible lovemaking sessions at least twice a month. When his cock was deep up the ass of the slender boy dressed in his wife’s lingerie or a hottie dress he was never so hard or excited, knowing deep down he was more gay than not.

Kathy started noticing her lingerie was not how she left it & even some of her dresses & clothes seemed to have been rustled through. Perhaps for 2 years it had been going on before Kathy would try to get the bottom of it. She purposely came home early one a day she thought she might find Marc home. Sure enough Jimmy’s car was in the drive along with Marc’s and she quietly snuck in the house finding her husband in bed with the boy dressed in her clothes and all hell broke loose. It was not a pretty divorce and Kathy made sure she ‘outed’ Marc to just about anyone she knew or they knew together. Marc was pretty crushed by the whole ordeal and it took a while for him to come to grips with his sexuality especially after the emotional carnage of the divorce.

It was at this point Cindy introduced Marc to me. At Cindy’s insistence we go slow and ‘date’ (& telling me not to arap porno ‘give it up’ till the 3rd date if I liked him & wanted it to last). Our divorce had been final for sometime and she was dating men but nothing serious. I was still living with her in the process of looking for a place to move out. It was a little awkward at first going on a date with a handsome guy dress ‘en femme’, where do you go besides a gay bar or an inner city coffee shop? Actually we went to a fancy restaurant in West Hollywood, no one paid us any mind. Had a fantastic date with Marc and he brought me home & we chatted with Cindy a while before a luscious goodnight kiss. The second date was fun too and we had a hard time behaving ourselves with some heavy petting (his cock felt so good through his pants!).

I was a good girl though and made him wait till the 3rd date. OMG we both wanted it so bad & we both knew it was time. I wore the silkiest, shortest dusty pink spaghetti strap dress with soft pink string bikini panties, soft pink hose & silver 5″ T-strap sandals, toes & fingers painted bubble gum pink. Cindy did my make up & even though I was rather flat chested I looked HOT!. With classy silver bracelets, necklace & earrings I was very, very sexy.

Dinner, drinks & dancing was fun but when we got back to Marc’s town home it was a night to remember. Standing there just inside the door it was fireworks going off as he embraced me and we kissed tenderly, then kissed more hungrily & passionately. OMG standing there in my flimsy dress & skimpy panties in my high heels & hose I never felt more feminine or sexually alive as I did there melting in his arms as we kissed. His hands roamed all over me and soon under my dress feeling up my hottie little panty clad ass. I brushed my hand over his growing hardness in his pants. Marc then led me to his bedroom. He slid the straps of my dress off my bare shoulders and it fell in a pile to the floor around my ankles. Standing there in just my high heels, panties & stockings was exhilarating as he ran his hands over me soon playing with my rigid penis now barely encased in the silky panties. As he played with my cock I was unbuttoning his shirt & helping him get undressed. When he was finally naked, what a hunk! 6’2″ 190 of chiseled male. With me at 5’7″ 130 I was a lithe femme creature in the arms of such a handsome man.

We stood by the bed pressing our naked bodies together kissing with abandon as he ran his hands all over me. Slipping into bed together it was heaven; kissing, nuzzling, his tongue in my ear and hand on my penis rubbing it through the silky panties. I was pulling on his magnificent cock, gawd it felt so good! Sliding down I nuzzled my face into the beast; it smelt divine, so masculine and enticing. Licking from his huge balls all along his shaft I made him squirm before finally engulfing the luscious hard manhood into my warm, wet, eager mouth. Nothing tastes better than a mouthful of cock and nothing makes me harder. Fuck! It was a dream come true.

Speaking for myself (and I’m sure sissies everywhere) nothing makes you feel more feminine and gay than to be with a naked man. It’s a tingling sensation, a rush of feminine sensation; silky, sensuous, submissive as you bow to the exciting masculine sexual energy of a hard cock. I just felt so sensual pleasuring his manhood, the fleshy warm taste of penis urging me on that I hardly noticed Marc pulling back up into his arms for another hungry gay open mouth kiss. He whispered that I was so hot as his hands roamed over my silky smooth body. Laying back on the pillow I shivered as he rose over me kneeling, playing with my hard nipples, then he began to ‘titty fuck’ me humping his majestic cock into my nipples. Soon he was humping his cock over my face as I licked the underside and licked and sucked on his balls. Before too long he was feeding me his cock again as he knelt over me thrusting it in my mouth as he reached down and played with my hard cock through my silky panties.

Marc then leaned towards my cock and soon we were on our sides in a delicious homosexual 69. He rolled me over on top of him as I continue to feast on his cock. In a flash I felt the most wonderful feeling in the world – he snaked his warm wet firm tongue between my soft ass cheeks and slithered it into my tight bung hole. OMG what a exotic erotic wonderful sensation! What it did was make me suck harder on his cock. Squirming and gyrating with his tongue up my ass pussy I could tell he was getting close when Marc spasm-ed many hot nasty gobs of warm cum into my cock hungry mouth. My enthusiasm for cock just made me keep on sucking till finally like a rag doll he picked me up and I crawled into his arms resting my head on his chest. He chuckled at my still hard cock in my panties and began pawing at it as I involuntarily humped up into his hand. Did not take long and I ejaculated many excited bursts of cum all over his hand, the panties & my belly. Looking up into his eyes we smiled and kissed softly before fading to sleep in each other’s arms.