Kelsey’s World Ch. 33


“Richie, Honey, we need to talk.” Kelsey patted the spot next to her on her pink chenille bedspread. “Come and sit with me.”

Richie walked into her room and sat down. His cock started to plump, almost doubling in size. It wasn’t anything he could control, it happened whenever he and Kelsey were naked together on her bed.

“Put that thing away, Honey,” she said, her eyes twinkling softly at his physical reaction to her. “After we talk, okay?”

Richie didn’t answer. He sensed something serious coming, and his cock shrank to its walking around size. Kelsey smiled. She loved that cocks were so alive.

“I talked to Barb today,” she said. “She wanted me to fill you in on some stuff. You know she and your mom are best friends, right?”

“Yeah. What is it, Kelsey? Is somebody sick, or hurt or something?”

“No, silly! This is good stuff! So, you remember all that stuff I told you about your mom getting with Barb and my mom and us girls, right? And your mom’s birthday threeway with Koop?”

“Of course,” Richie said, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with too much information again. “I’m not gonna forget that.”

“Yeah, no, I didn’t think you would. We just wanted you to know that they decided to go all in. Your mom and dad. They’re gonna see if they like the swinger thing. Barb was with them last night, and you already know about the Koop thing. They’re havin’ fun with it, but Barb and your mom are worried about how it’ll affect you. So I told Barb I’d sit down with you and talk about it.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Okay? That’s all you got?” Kelsey asked. “Richie, there’s gotta be shit goin’ on in your head. Tell me.”

“So, my Dad and Barb? Last night?”

“Yup. It’s hot, right? That’s like a super awesome fantasy for us girls, the father/son thing.

“Kel, why do you always have to push everything so far? Aren’t you ever happy with, just, the way things are?”

“What do you mean, Honey?”

“You’re always making things more complicated.”

“It’s not me, Honey,” Kelsey said. “We’re all just people. Your mom and dad are only mom and dad to you. To everyone else they’re just people. And they wanna have fun just like the rest of us.”

“I know, but…”

“But what? Barb still loves you, you know. She told me that on the phone, after your dad. You’re stuck with her, unless she gets married or somethin’.”

“She said that?” Richie asked, with a hint of a smile.

“She did, Honey. You guys got somethin’ special. That’s not goin’ away. Same with you and your mom, and you and your dad. Nothin’s changed. But think about it — does your mom seem happier lately?”


“Well there you go. You’ve seen how good it can work, with me and Austin and our parents and stuff. And you’ve been sharin’ Abby with other guys, and that’s all cool, right?”

Richie’s eyes showed a quick hit of worry.

“Are you thinkin’ about your dad with Abby?” Kelsey asked.

“Do you think they might…?”

“Probably, Honey, but it doesn’t have to happen if you don’t want it to. Personally I think it’s best to let things go natural, without any rules, but that’s totally up to you and Abby. You guys get to set boundaries if you want. Or you could even avoid your mom and dad completely, but I hope you don’t. You were at the Christmas party, so you know how things are now. It’s like an awesome family thing. I’ve never felt so loved and safe in all my life. I hope you and your mom and dad feel the same way, after you get used to everything. You know me, I tell it like it is. Havin’ everybody in on everything, it’s kinda magical. Think of how fun it’d be to watch my dad fuck your mom for the first time with his big cock, with all us girls playin’ with her tits. You could even put your cock in her mouth if you wanted too.”

Kelsey’s spell casting was doing its thing again. Richie’s cock grew. Her fingers circled around it and her soft lips met his. Richie fell back as they kissed and Kelsey mounted him. He was suddenly back behind the barn, watching Kelsey rise and fall with the blue sky and white clouds above her. It was their first time all over again, and it was magic.

“Oh, hi Dad.”

“Hey kiddo, what’s up?” Matt said. “How’s school goin’?”

“Oh. Pretty good,” Richie said. “I…just…came to get a box of photo paper that I left in my room.”

“Everything görükle escort bayan okay?” Matt asked.

“I guess. Yeah.”

“Your mom’ll be disappointed she missed you. She’s at the gym with Barb.” When Matt said Barb’s name he realized why Richie was acting uncomfortable. “I, uh…I guess we should talk about things. Did Barb talk to you?”

“Kelsey told me. I’m just gonna get my paper.”

“No. Let’s…tell you what. Let’s have a beer together. We’ve never done that, right?”

“Dad, it’s okay.”

“It’s not okay, Richie. Barb’s one of your girls. We should have talked everything over beforehand, but…your mom and Barb, they sort of surprised me. You know…how it is. How can a guy say no to that, right?”

“What about Mom, Dad? Are you just gonna let her…be with other guys?”

“Richie, I never even knew there were swingers around here. Did you, a year ago? I don’t know how much of this you want to hear, but maybe it’s best if you know the whole story. You drink beer, right?”


Matt went to the kitchen and Richie followed. Two bottles of Labatt’s Blue were opened, and sips were taken.

“So your mom and me, we’ve been married almost twenty years now. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a really attractive woman, and you’ve seen pictures of her when we first met. Think about it from your perspective now — she was crazy cute, right?”

Richie’s serious face smiled. “Yeah.”

“And now, forty years old and as cute as ever…” Matt said, looking proud but wistful. “Here’s the thing Richie. Marriage is great, but it’s a long road. Your whole life, if you do it right. Think about being with just one girl for twenty years. A lot of parts of your life will be better for it, but your sex life? That just can’t help but get stale. I mean, some couples avoid it somehow, but most don’t. It gets to be really routine, and things that are routine, you loose interest in. You’re too young to understand that. You haven’t done anything you love long enough for that to happen yet.”

Richie took a sip of beer, nodding a little. He trusted his dad, more than anyone.

“So here your mom and I are, twenty years in. We raised you, and you turned out so awesome neither of us can hardly believe it. We’re happy together, your mom and me. We really, really are. But the sex, man…I’m gonna talk to you like a friend here…it was boring the hell out of us. Your mom, God bless her, she decided to do something about it. She was convinced it was because she’d put on a few pounds, so she got a gym membership, and there’s Barb, hanging out with handsome men and looking sexy like she does. How much of this do you know?”

“Some of it.”

“Care to enlighten me?”

“No. I’d rather hear it from you.”

Matt smiled softly. “So she meets Barb, and she decides she wants to soak up her ‘sexy aura’. That’s what your mom said, after everything got wound up.”

“Sexy aura?” Richie smiled.

“Yeah,” Matt smiled. “Boy, Barb’s sure got it, hasn’t she?”

Richie smiled.

“So anyway, all this is going on while you, my young friend, were carrying on in all kinds of age inappropriate ways with the self-same woman with the sexy aura. Mind if I ask how that started?”

“Kelsey. Me and Erin, we…take pictures of Kelsey and the other girls,” Richie said, blushing a little. “She told us she had an older friend who wanted to model for us.”

“Nudes?” Matt said, with wide, curious eyes. “What kind of pictures are we talking about here?”

“Yeah, nudes, lingerie.”

“Your mom told me the girls don’t wear clothes at the house. Is that right?”


“You know, they always say a parent wants his kid to have a better life than he had,” Matt smiled. “Christ, Richie, you gotta be the luckiest eighteen-year-old boy in the world.”

Richie smiled. He knew he had it pretty good.

“So, you met Barb taking pictures of her? I don’t suppose I get to see any of them…”

“You’d have to ask her.”

“Yeah,” Matt said, looking a bit dreamy-eyed. “We’re getting off track here. So, your mom and me. You know what’s been happening, right? I just want you to hear this from me — everything she’s doing, I’m okay with, and everything I’m doing, she’s okay with. There’s no sneaking around, no cheating. We love each altıparmak eskort other like crazy. What’s happening is just…making it all even better. It’s hard to describe, but we’re happy with it and we want to keep experimenting with it. Are we going to end up being full-fledged long-term swingers like Kelsey’s mom and dad? I can’t tell you that, Richie. I really don’t know. But your mom and I both want to see what it’s like. We’ve talked a lot about it.”

“Okay. Yeah, I mean, I know it’s, like, cool and everything. I think Kay and Bobby are great. It’s just weird having it be you guys.”

“Yeah. I never imagined it, I’ll tell you that. I don’t think your mother did either. It just sort of found us, right when we kind of needed it.”

“That’s Kelsey,” Richie said. “I’ve heard other people say that, and it all sort of leads back to her. It’s kinda weird.”

Matt looked like he understood. “I used to work with a guy like that. He’d make projects work, time and time again. And outside the office he just sort of drew people together. People who can do that are special.”


“So, speaking of Kelsey, I know she’s really free with her images, being in porn and everything, but I hope you’re careful with everybody else’s pictures. It can really mess up a person’s life if the wrong kind of pictures get out there, especially you young folks.”

“Oh, yeah, we all think about that. We’re careful.”

“Good. I know you’re a smart kid, but it’s easy to get swept up in something,” Matt said. “So, I’m dying to ask you what the parties are like, but maybe that’s not something a father should ask his son.”

“Oh. I can tell you if you want. I mean, Kelsey always says it’s best to just be open and honest about everything. You mean the parties at Kay and Bobby’s house?”

“Are there others?”

“Yeah, Kelsey has some, but, they’re kind of all mixed now. Before I was around, Kel and her friends had their own, but then I guess her parents and her had some together, and now there’s older and younger at all of them I think.”

“How many people are we talking about?”

“There was, like, twelve maybe at Kel’s house, but the Christmas party at Kay and Bobby’s was way more. Thirty or forty maybe?”

“Wow! And they were all…having sex? Walking around naked?”

“Yeah. It was crazy. Lots of fun.”

“Abby was there?”


“Jesus. She’s so sweet and innocent looking, I can’t even picture her into all that.”

“She kind of loved it. There was even a Santa Claus guy there, with a white beard.”

“Really?” Matt chuckled. “Your mom told me Kay’s lots of fun. I guess that fits the mold.”

“Kay’s awesome,” Richie said, all dreamy eyed.

“Something’s wrong with the world when your eighteen-year-old son has mother/daughter sex before you do,” Matt said, shaking his head.

Wendy burst through the door, all smiles. “Hi, Sweetheart! I didn’t know you were coming over.”

“Hi, Mom.”

“You’re drinking beer with your underage son?” Wendy said, glaring lightheartedly at Matt.

“Just talking guy stuff, dear.”

“Guy stuff? Maybe I want in. You okay, with everything, Richie?”

“Yeah, Mom.”

“For real? There’s been a lot of…change, lately.”

“Yeah, Mom. It’s all good.”

“Okay, Sweetheart,” she said, kissing him on the top of his head. “You’ll tell us if anything bothers you, okay?”

“Okay. You’ll tell me, too, right? Like…about Barb. Isn’t it weird, like, with me involved?”

“Ha! You always did no how to cut right to the chase. Weird how?”

“You know. Me, and now Dad,” Richie said, glancing at Matt.

“Wow,” Wendy said, sitting down in a kitchen chair like a weight had pushed her there. “That’s a biggie. You guys really are talkin’ about stuff, huh?” She took Matt’s beer bottle from him and swallowed the last two gulps. Matt got up and opened three fresh bottles. “I’ll be honest with you, Richie,” she said. “It was weird when it was just you. You and Barb, I mean. I struggled with that. But now that I’m…involved with her, and your dad is too, it seems less weird. If I was a shrink I think I’d say I needed to have some control, maybe? I don’t know…”

“Okay,” Richie said, nodding his head. “I just didn’t want it to be weird.”

Wendy chuckled. nilüfer escort “Richie, this whole thing is crazy weird. I mean…don’t you think so?”

“Well, yeah. I know it’s not normal…”

“But you’re okay with it? With me and your dad, maybe, trying it?”

“Being swingers, you mean? Yeah, Dad told me about it. I think you’ll like it. The other older couples are really nice. You guys are in love the way they are.”

“The way they are?”

“Yeah. No drama. Solid, you know?”

Wendy smiled. “I’m glad you see us that way. You know there’s always drama in a long marriage, right? Don’t expect yours to be perfect. You need to learn to roll with the changes, and take opportunities when they come along. That’s what led us to Barb and Kay, I think. Your dad and I think the time is right to explore things in new ways. But our biggest worry is what you’re going to think. We don’t want this to negatively affect you. We can go completely under the radar if you want.”

“You mean, like, avoid the parties?”

“Sure, Sweetheart, if it’s easier for you,” Wendy said.

“No,” Richie said. His mind was suddenly full of the memory of when he caught his mom wearing the see-through black babydoll in the bathroom, with her nipples all hard and sexy. “You should go. You guys’ll have fun there.”

“If you’re sure, Richie. But you’ll tell us if you change your mind, right? Don’t worry about hurting our feelings. Just be honest with us every step of the way, okay?”

“Yeah, Mom. It’s not that big of a deal.”

“It is,” Wendy said, nodding her head. “But we’ll just leave it where it is for now.”

Richie left twenty minutes later, after a glass of milk and some homemade cookies.

“Is this nuts?” Wendy asked Matt after he was gone. “Are we risking our entire family structure here?”

“I think he sounds perfectly fine with it. This kind of thing isn’t as monumental to a kid as it is to an adult.”

“You just want to make sure we end up at one of those parties, you horny man,” Wendy smiled.

“And you don’t? How’s your girlfriend today?”

“She made me cum in the shower again,” Wendy said, with twinkly eyes and a dreamy look on her face. “There were other women in the locker room, outside the curtain. She just used her hand on me.”

“Damn!” Matt said. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

“You’re hard already? Wow!”

“You shouldn’t be surprised. You’re the sexiest girl in town lately.”

Wendy slid off the chair onto her knees on the cold kitchen floor, between Matt’s legs. She sucked his cock into her mouth and all the horniness from watching men at the gym flooded out of her. She went a little wild with a wonderfully sloppy blowjob.

“Fffuucck, Wendy! Bend over the table, woman. I gotta be in you.”

Wendy stood and pulled down her tight sweatpants. She giggled when her lack of underwear surprised Matt, and then she bent over the kitchen table, just like he wanted. He guided his cock to her warm insides and started thrusting, with long, deep strokes. His hands pushed up her sweatshirt so he could hold the nice little waist and smoothly curved hips she worked so hard on.

Richie stood outside the kitchen door in the garage, watching through the lace curtains. He’d forgotten the box of photo paper, and had backtracked to get it. He’d watched so many people have sex it didn’t seem all that odd to him to stand there and see what he was seeing. His mother looked as sexy as he thought she might, and his dad looked like an old pro, the same way the other older men did.

Richie thought about opening the door and walking in. If that type of intimacy was going to happen sooner or later, why not now? But instead he just stood and watched, his mother mostly. She had a beautiful fluidity to her movement, a little like Abby with her dancer body. Wendy was different, though. Her hips were a different shape, and swiveled a little bit like Kelsey’s. Richie was surprised by that. At one point Matt widened his stance and stood still, letting Wendy’s sexy hips fuck him all on their own. That’s when Matt lost it, finishing with quick, hard thrusts that made Wendy shriek.

Richie thought he’d been caught when his mom slithered off the table and sucked Matt’s throbbing, messy cock into her mouth. She was facing the door but didn’t see her son. He stood as still as he could while Wendy cleaned up the sticky mess on his father. She laughed the most beautiful laugh Richie had ever heard when she stood up and led Matt out of the room by his cock.

Richie got back in his car and drove away. The photo paper could wait for another day.