An Education for Nancy Ch. 05



My name is Nancy and I’ve had some amazing sexual experiences in my life. I grew up young and fast, surrounded by very open minded and sexually liberated people and I am definitely a product of that environment.

This series of stories are based on real events and real people in my life. As they say, “the names have been changed to protect the innocent”! So I will leave it up to you to separate (guess) fact from fantasy. And since I’ve written these for entertainment, and perhaps really for my therapy, don’t judge me and don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not – I just hope you like the stories!

About me; I’m 44 years old and married. I’m 5′-9″ tall, a brunette and my measurements are 36DD-23-36. No! I won’t tell you my weight and it’s not polite to ask a girl either! And, something else I know is on your mind, no, they’re not real anymore as of the summer of 2013…but they are oh so sensitive and YES I love to be tit-fucked! I was blessed with great looks and I learned very early how to use my body, especially my big tits, to get anything I wanted. It’s amazing how you men will do virtually anything or take virtually any chance to get your hands on a girl with big tits, a flat tummy, a tiny waist and a heart shaped ass!! If you don’t believe me, just look at today’s sports stars and their silly scandals!!

To say “all my life I have absolutely loved sex” is an understatement! Sex is way more fun than the gym, or a personal trainer – unless you can combine the three – to keep a girl in shape anyway!

But sex is not without emotion. I finally found inner peace when I accepted the fact that I couldn’t change my past. And since I can’t change it, why have all the guilt and self-blame? After all, no one “made” me do anything, well not since I was a teen. But as I think about it, at the age I began to have sex, was I really “ready” to experience all those things? It’s a “girl thing” I guess – you guys wouldn’t understand – but when I was young sex made me feel loved, grown up, in control and mature. Now that I’m older sex lets me feel loved, young, in control, and still mature, but nowadays in a “teacher” sort of way.

Honestly, I simply just love sex and if I meet a sexy guy, or gal, I can’t help wonder about their secret fantasies. The more forbidden and taboo they are – the better I like it!!

The Media have coined the term “Cougar” [koo-ger] nowadays to describe sexually active mature women, usually over the age of 30, who eagerly pursue younger men for sexual encounters; a more aggressive type of “MILF”. Well if the shoe fits, wear it! Just make sure you have a sexy short dress to go with it!

I was in the “adult” industry when I was younger (danced at a famous club in Atlanta – did some modeling and many bikini and wet t-shirt contests). I also “flirted” with the adult movie industry in the early 1990’s and then again just a couple years ago (I’m glad MILF’s are in style). I love sex, I love to tease, role playing (taboo), dress-up, just name it.

What’s my wildest “sexcapade” ever? Well, read my stories and YOU tell me. But I will say, my favorite thing is being naked, or virtually naked, in front of people. That’s why I loved being an exotic dancer! Even better yet – I love being naked in front of people and having sex while they watch! Just knowing a zillion guys will read this and get excited by my profile picture is a huge turn on too!

Why does it take me SOOO long to write each chapter? I don’t know -some of these memories are hard to think about. I struggle with the people I write about. As with the earlier chapters, I’ve been writing this FIFTH chapter for many MONTHS and with the help of friends who have edited my many drafts, I think it’s finally ready to post.

Obviously, you might want to read Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 before you read this one…

All the characters, including me, are all above 18.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 5: An Education for Nancy; A competition with Mom!

It was about three o’clock in the afternoon when her hormones took over total control. Nancy was always horny but usually managed to control it. However, by the end of the day her thoughts always turned to Uncle Stewart and sex. She kept her innocent, blue eyes on the teacher, but her hand slipped into the pocket of her tight jeans so she could tease her burning clit.

Her slender fingers stole into the pocket and touched firm, naked flesh. Nancy had recently cut the pocket right out of her jeans. Her fingers brushed through soft peach fuzz and touched her smooth slippery pussy-lips.

Her curvy, young legs parted under the desk and her middle finger located her clit, that special spot all girl’s love. Her eyes got glassy as her finger began to slowly rub and stroke and massage her altıparmak escort little clit.

She slumped a little in her seat to make her pussy more available. Her bright eyes watched the teacher write on the blackboard and her fingers clawed her clit. Her thighs opened farther and she slipped one naughty finger into her juicy fuck-hole.

With her slender finger inside her pussy and her thumb on her stiff, little clit she slowly, very slowly, writhed her hips. Her pussy slowly turned and twisted on her finger and thumb. The creamy, dreamy sensations she liked so much filled her cunt.

Her breath quickened as she got hot, and her ripe, young tits began to rise and fall a little faster in her tight, little T-shirt. Her nostrils flared and her pretty face flushed slightly. A familiar tickle started, deep in her belly, and she started moving her finger and thumb in time with the rolling of her hips.

Yes, thought the teenager. I’ve changed a great deal in the last couple of months. And I’ve got no intention of going back to being the cute, little, boring teenager I was!

Nancy missed her Uncle Stewart. In fact she suspected she was in love with him. Yes, indeed, Uncle Stewart was something else! His cock was so big! Since the first time they’d fucked Nancy was addicted to his monstrous prick. She couldn’t get enough of it. She loved the feel of his foot long fucker slicing into her cunt, and especially liked it when at the last second he uncorked his prick and jetted thick, creamy blasts of cum all over her tingling flesh. The young teenager’s eyes were half closed, glazed over with lust.

Nancy remembered a vivid dream she’d been having recently. A naughty forbidden one, over and over, involving her mother’s new boyfriend Preston, and other men in her life.

She hated Preston, or so she thought. He had been forcing himself on her for the last few weeks. The young girl knew she had made some big mistakes since Uncle Stewart had gone back to LA and reunited with Aunt Pam.

Nancy realized she had been stupid to tease Preston so much. She knew he ogled her body as she walked around the house in her flimsy bra. Her favorite, it was so sheer that it hid nothing, and she often blushed as she looked down at her rosebud nipples showing through the nylon cups. The thong matched the bra and was tiny, barely covering her cunt bush and held together by thin flat bands of elastic across her hips. Her heart shaped ass was on full display.

When her mom cautioned her about wearing so little, she wore a cotton t-shirt that was two sizes too small and no bra, tucked into a pair of cut off jean shorts as tight as the t-shirt.

But Nancy thought Preston was more interested in her mother than in her. That was, until he entered her room one late night and practically raped her. Now she dreaded even going home for fear of what he would try next. In these few short weeks Nancy had come to suspect that Preston dated her mom just to be close to her.

In her mind’s eye she remembered her most recent dream. It started off as the familiar one had many times. But lately it took a different twist, a dark twist.

At home, she would be sitting at her dressing table without a stitch of clothing on. It was always late at night and her room was dark and smoky, bathed in a black or purple haze.

She’d brush her hair, smoothing it away from her face before putting the brush down. Then she’d apply a shiny coating of lipstick to her sensual mouth, looking into the mirror as she studied her magnificent tits in the reflection. I’ve changed a great deal this last year, she would think to herself. She’d run her hands over her flat stomach. Not an ounce of fat, she proudly mused. Wondering just how much trouble her gorgeous body could cause made her smile a wicked smile as she fingered her wavy chestnut hair, looking into her eyes in the mirror.

The suddenly things would change. Her confidence would fade, as Preston would appear at the doorway of her bedroom.

“Hello,” he’d say in a deep voice, hands in his pockets as he leaned against the doorframe watching her put a touch of makeup to her eyelashes.

Nancy would twist quickly on the small bench in front of her dressing table, her big tits swinging about from her chest, slapping together. The areolas were upturned and the nipples were lewd as pencil erasers.

“Preston!” Nancy would gasp, dropping her makeup, attempting to cover her tits with her hands. She managed to do that, but left her cunt bush completely exposed to her Mom’s boyfriend’s hungry gaze.

Then in each dream, Preston would say the same thing, “I like to have nice things to look at so don’t be afraid of being underdressed – in this household, now that I’m here, less is better.”

“Preston, stop it! Get out of here! Where is Mom?” Nancy would protest.

For both Nancy and her mom, there was, quite simply, no privacy since Preston had arrived in bursa anal yapan escort their lives. In her dream he’d even removed the doors to each bedroom in the house!

“Just thought I’d come by and wish my daughter a good night.” Preston would say as he ogled Nancy’s tight, curvaceous body.

Nancy would look into his eyes. Sensing the hidden meaning to his comment, she dropped her arm hiding her tits, letting them bounce free for him to see.

“I am NOT YOUR daughter!” she’d exclaim in a trembling voice.

There was a strange look in Preston’s eyes, as they raked up and down her curvaceous body, then lingered especially long on her tits.

“Not yet babe, but you will be soon. And since you bedroom doesn’t even have a door, you can’t ever keep me out,” Preston smiled.

“Now, put that new outfit on like I told you. And do it now.” Preston would say sternly.

She felt butterflies in her stomach and couldn’t explain why. Opening the drawer of her dresser, Nancy would extract a pair of baby doll pajamas. The top half was much too small for her oversized tits. She’d slip her arms into the garment and with trembling fingers she would barely be able to tie the ribbons in front.

The see-through, gauzy black material would stretch taut over her big tits and leave a three-inch gap down the front of her body. Unable to raise her face she didn’t want to look into Preston’s eyes, which she could practically feel devouring her body.

“My, my, my! That’s some fucking hot body you’ve got baby girl,” Preston would say, whistling softly as he watched her incredible body in the dressing table mirror.

Stepping into the matching bikini panties, Nancy completed her outfit with a pair of open toed shoes with three-inch heels. Fastening the tiny, shining buckles at the ankles she stood to look at her body in the mirror.

Nancy would see herself bathed in the dark haze of the dream and from the corner of her eye, she’d see Preston’s reflection in the bluish glow as he watched her every move. The baby-doll was see-through, exposing her large, round areolas. Since the garment didn’t come together in front because of the size of her full, womanly tits, the inner slopes of her tits could be seen.

Preston’s eyes bulged at the sight of her big, round firm honeydew-sized tits capped with the pinkest, most suckable nipples he’d ever seen.

“You’re really something else, Nancy, a photographer’s dream. You’re going to make a great model.”

Her flat belly was exposed, and the panties were so sheer they didn’t hide the smallish patch of cunt hair that was nestled between her thighs. Nancy wiggled her shoulders, making her large tits jiggle enticingly on her chest.

“I see you’re finally getting into the proper attitude.” Preston would always say in his deep-pitched, masculine voice that always told Nancy that she had no choice but do as she was told.

And suddenly, they weren’t alone. Nancy would be shocked to see her Uncle Stewart, the Head Football Coach Jeff Hodges and her boyfriend Todd all crowding the doorway, each straining as if to ravish her with their eyes.

“I… please, Preston, no!” she’d whimper.

“Uncle Stewart! Don’t let this happen to me! Uncle Stewart?”

But her Uncle Stewart never said a word. He’d just point down the hall.

It was always the same. Swallowing her fear she took her uncle’s hand. Pushing back her hair, she followed him into the hallway, her naked ass cheeks jiggling with each step she took.

Uncle Stewart, Coach Hodges and Todd never said a word. They wouldn’t help her. They wouldn’t stop Preston.

In her dream she was always cold, so very cold. She rubbed her arms trying to warm herself. No one would offer her any warm clothing as they reached the doorway to the basement. Preston was always right behind her and she could smell whiskey on his breath.

“Down here,” Preston instructed.

She led her mom’s boyfriend, running her hand over a splintery wooden handrail as she descended into the blackness. There was the usual musty smell of a cellar. But then she noticed something else, something like the odor of chemicals in the air.

“Stay there,” Preston ordered.

There was some fumbling around then a faint spot light would come on, illuminating a huge bed in a shadowy glow.

Peering through the semi-darkness, Nancy could see what appeared to be photo equipment. There were tripods on each side of the bed, several silver reflectors off to the side like huge umbrellas; two black boxes in which she guessed were cameras and lenses, and the huge four-poster bed. Along one brick wall was a large padded massage table. And on the wall behind it, hung a set of chains with a studded collar and small red leather wrist straps.

The bed was nasty. Besides the four posts it was just a stained mattress and box springs. It didn’t even have sheets on it.

“This bursa bayan escort broad’s better than most,” Preston said, “Just wait till you get a chance to fuck her, she’s hotter than dynamite!”

“Yeah, real nice stuff. Might even be able to use her in a couple of the magazine layouts. Some of the girls we been usin’ are gettin’ tired-looking. They’re showin’ mileage. And my niece… man, she’s cherry, real cherry,” Uncle Stewart said.

What were they talking about, magazines and pictures? It must have something to do with what her Uncle did for a living.

“What… what are you talking about?” she asked hesitatingly. Her heart was beating quickly as her mind began to piece together their conversation.

“Curious about your uncle, eh, Nancy? Do you think I just surf all day or something out in Los Angeles?” Stewart asked, smiling smugly at her.

“I… I don’t know. I never thought much about it,” she answered.

“It’s a great place, babe, I’m gonna fly you out real soon,” Uncle Stewart said with a smile, unzipping his Levi’s and peeling them off.

“You’re gonna be a real star.”


“He makes dirty movies, baby,” Preston smiled. “Fuck films, with videos and pictures of gals like you…,” Preston added, as he too began to undress.

Nancy watched as both Coach Hodges and Todd began to undress too.

“All four of you? You want me to take on all four of you at once?” Nancy closed her eyes, feeling her heart sinking to the floor.

That explained the cameras, the tripods, the photo equipment, and the chains. Her uncle was in the porn business. She shivered remembering the tons of pictures Uncle Stewart took of her right after their little “romance” started! Would people buy a magazine or video and find her face staring right back at them!

“Oh!” She felt weak, defeated.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A flash of light!

Pictures, those awful pictures. Her Uncle Stewart’s business!

“It’s wrong, so wrong,” she mumbled. Nancy jerked her head to one side, covering her face with her long brown hair.

“You just keep tellin’ yourself that, baby,” Stewart said.

She was being forced into this. It was something she really didn’t want to do. She’d tell herself anything to keep from facing the truth.

“Got em!” gasped Todd. Another flash, another picture!

Preston’s cock pushed deep into Nancy’s cunt and she moaned softly with pleasure as she felt the prick rubbing against her clit. Hot, slick, pussy juice was oozing from her fuck hole, lubricating her channel so the prick could roll easily back and forth between her cunt lips.

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned, squeezing the shaft of Uncle Stewart’s cock with her lips as the prick tip pushed against the inside of her cheek, bulging the side of her face out and distorting her innocent features.

Another flash of light!

More pictures!

Nancy rocked back and forth under the impact of Preston’s hips against her ass cheeks. Her panties were around her ankles as she struggled to keep her balance. It was difficult giving a blowjob and fucking while standing, especially with her panties still around her ankles.

Nancy tongued Uncle Stewart’s piss hole, then was forced forward, her lips rolling over the thick shaft as Preston’s powerful hips slammed against her upturned ass cheeks. The cockhead plowed hard against the back of her mouth, nearly reaming down her throat. Her huge tits, appearing even larger now that she was doubled over and gravity tugged at them, jiggled beneath her, barely held inside her see through baby-doll.

The cock sucking brunette put her hands on Uncle Stewart’s thighs, trying to support herself as Preston pounded her ass cheeks with his flat tummy. She could feel his gigantic cock forcing her cunt lips far apart, driving full length into her pussy, filling it completely.

Nancy was confused and a little frightened at what was happening to her. While she sucked Uncle Stewart’s prick, Preston’s foot long fucker sliced furiously in and out of her cunt. And to either side of her, Coach Hodges and Todd had their pricks out and were waiting for their chance at her.

Todd, her boyfriend, had a camera and was snapping pictures as fast as he could. He would pass it back and forth to Coach Hodges as they played with their pricks and waited their turn at her body.

Cocks were everywhere!

Big, hard, throbbing cocks waiting for Nancy to satisfy them.

Nancy spied video cameras on the nearby tripods. Through the haze of her mind she could see a small red light on each camera. The horny teenager looked right into the lens as she sucked harder on Uncle Stewart’s prick, swirling her tongue around the flaring cock meat, tantalizing the red-hot column of fuck muscle. Her fingernails gouged into Uncle Stewart’s thighs, as she held tight to his legs.

Another flash of light! More pictures!

“It’s wrong, so wrong,” she mumbled uncorking her Uncle’s prick from her mouth with a plop.

“You just keep tellin’ yourself that, baby, if it makes you feel good. Just open up that sweet mouth!” Uncle Stewart said, maneuvering his cock back to her wet lips, shiny with spit.

Nancy’s mind was spinning. She felt light headed. This can’t be happening!