Enslaving His Sister Ch. 02


They spent the day fucking just about anywhere in the house they could think of. Lauren was embarrassed when he fucked her doggy style on the lawn while holding her leash tight. She really felt like his pet and, against her all her beliefs, she came so hard at the thought.

They slept like lovers that night but the morning brought a change. After breakfast, Jim rummaged through the box of supplies he’d gotten. Then he had her stand in the living room while he slid a nipple clamp on her left nipple.

“Ow! Please take it off! Oh, god, it hurts. Please!”

Jim didn’t say anything nor react in any way to her plea. Instead, he pulled her right nipple out and slipped a clamp on it too. By now, Lauren was crying. It wasn’t the pain so much as the whole situation that had her worked up.

“You are being such a good girl. Now just stand there. It pleases me that you are taking the pain for me. Just relax, the pain will subside.” Holding a tissue up to her nose, he said “Now, blow. Good girl.”

Lauren blew her nose and seemed to calm down. “How long do I have to wear these?”

Jim smiled a little to himself. She had come so far in accepting her place. “Not too long. Now, spread your legs a little.”

Saying that, he squatted down in front of her, peering at her crotch. Lauren thought he was going to finger her pussy, which he did for a minute before bringing his other hand up and sliding a clamp on her clit. Lauren screamed from the pain but held her position. Her tears began again, this time with loud sobs. Jim continued to squat in front of her and finger her pussy, all the while making soothing noises and telling her how proud he was of her. Eventually, her sobs abated. Now she was getting worked up from his fingers in her pussy, even having a mild orgasm. Once he saw that, he stopped fingering her and said “I am going to take them off, it will hurt at first as the blood rushes back in. But soon the pain will go away.” First, he pulled the clamp off her clit. She shuddered at the pain but settled down. He then stood and pulled both nipple clamps off at the same time. Once again, she shuddered, muttering under her breathe “Ow, ow, ow, ow.”

Once the pain had subsided, she asked “Why did you do that? Did I do something wrong?”

“You did nothing wrong. I just wanted to see the beauty of your face when you were in pain and, believe me, you were gorgeous.”

“Does that mean you’ll be putting them on me again?”

“Of course, I love to see your beauty in all its forms. Eventually, we’ll move on to other things as you get used to the clamps.”

“What other things? Oh god. I can’t believe how happy I was when I woke up this morning, remembering that I am your property. Now…”

“Now there, you have to know that I will always take care of you. I will do things that push your limits but only with the best of intentions. I will never cause you lasting harm.”

“Best of intentions? How can causing me pain be good for me?”

“Pleasure takes many forms. Didn’t you have a nice little orgasm while wearing the clamps? I’m going to help you see the connection between pain and pleasure.”

Lauren just looked at him incredulously, not knowing how to respond.

Jim kept the activities the rest of the day low key. Fucking her slowly on his bed until he had 3 orgasms before he finally came in her.

The next day, she saw him pull out the clamps. She yelled “NO!” and started to run out of the room. He caught her arm and pulled her down over his lap, where he proceeded to spank until she slumped in resignation. He let her up and she just stood there shivering as he proceeded to place the clamps on her once more. This time, he pulled a dildo out and fucked her pussy forcefully until she screamed in her release.

He held her closely while pulling off the clamps, whispering in her ear what a good girl she’d been, how proud he was of her, and how glad he was to own her. This went on for a week until she found herself looking forward to the clamps because her orgasms had been getting progressively stronger each day when she was clamped.

Another thing that happened that week was he started to have her wear a butt plug. It wasn’t big but it felt that way the first time he’d slid it into her ass. She’d gotten used to it by the second day. That was when he pulled out a new butt plug, this one had a tail on it. He also pulled out a head band with cat’s ears. “Now you’ll really be my pussy.”

She smiled at that, she often played at being a cat when she was younger. Seeing the ears brought back fond memories. She even liked the tail. One thing çanakkale escort she could never get right when she was younger was getting a tail attached so it looked right. She’d tried having it sticking out of the top of her shorts but it just hadn’t looked right.

He indicated he wanted her to bend over. She did and felt him pull the plug out, then she felt him insert the new plug. Standing up, she ran her hand back to stroke her new tail. It felt strange but good. Then he handed her the head band. She put it on and scampered over to a mirror to look at herself. She preened as she looked at her tail and ears from different angles.

“Oh, I know what will make this perfect. Can I go to my room for a minute?”

He said “Sure” and unhooked her leash from her collar. She scampered off, giggling, only to return a few minutes later. She’d colored the end of her nose black and had drawn whiskers on her cheeks. Jim just looked at her in awe.

“You look so cute. Scrumptious, in fact.”

She preened at that and sauntered up to him, looking very feline. Once she was in front of him, she lifted her chin so he could refasten her leash.

“I think I need to take my pussy for a walk.”

This time, being walked on a leash in the yard was exhilarating for her. She darted here and there at the end of her leash looking at this and that, smelling flowers and touching things. She didn’t know why, but everything seemed so different. She felt so alive.

He, on the other hand, was mesmerized by her actions. She was a wet dream come true. He was so turned on that he almost tripped her in his desire to get her on all fours so he could mount her. She resisted a little at first until she realized what his intentions were, then she arched her back, presenting her feline pussy to her owner. Their mating was almost bestial in nature, forceful and hurried. But it left them both sated. After they were done, he pulled her down beside him and kissed her deeply. They stayed like that for a while, kissing and touching. She not only touched him, she also reached back to play with her tail. She was fascinated by it. After a while, their passion led them to a much slower mating. She was once again on all fours, but this time he took his time, slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. Once they both had a satisfying orgasm, he led her back into the house. This time, she was rather subdued as her energy was fading.

He led her to the bathroom where he pulled her tail from her ass and took off the headband. Once again, she was his slave, not his pet. They got into the shower where they slowly washed each other, then dried with fluffy towels before laying down in his bed for a nap.

After a week of having her wear the clamps, Jim decided a change was in order. He put rings in the base of two poles that were about 4 feet apart and then two more rings about 6 feet up the poles. To these, he attached wrist and ankle bands with straps that could be tightened. Then he led her over. First, he pulled a harness like thing up her legs and tightened it to her waist. It pulled something that covered her clit. She didn’t know what it was, yet. He then attached the bands to her wrists and ankles, tightening them until she was stretched between the poles. Lauren was passive during this time, she’d learned that struggling was futile. She wondered what he was going to do to her. She suspected it would hurt and she feared that, but she also knew he would give her a wonderful orgasm.

He then started to lightly whip her ass with a crop with the severity of his blows getting harder until her ass felt it was on fire. She also felt something vibrating on her clit. Unbeknownst to her, he had started a clit stimulator with a remote in his pocket as he was hitting her. The feeling was exquisite but it was tempered by the pain she felt, especially when he came around and started hitting her tits. He kept this up for about 15 minutes, increasing the vibrations as time went along. Finally, he turned it all the way up and gave her an especially vicious blow to her nipples. The combination had her screaming with both pleasure and pain. It was a minute before he turned off the vibrator and she slumped down, held up only by the restraints.

He released her and carried her back to her bed, where he put lotion on her welts before fingering her to a mild orgasm.

This continued for a couple of more days but Jim had to stop so the welts would be healed when their parents came home. Not wanting to stop her conditioning, he started spanking her while fingering her pussy. By this time, he really çeşme escort barely had to touch her pussy to get her to cum, so conditioned was she to associate pain with pleasure.

In the meantime, he went online and bought her a choker that she could wear in front of their parents instead of her collar. He swapped it out for her collar shortly before their parents were set to arrive.

They greeted their parents inside when the limo dropped them off. Their mother seemed to be walking gingerly but they assumed she’d gotten too much sun.

“So, Jim, was she well behaved while we were gone?”

Jim hesitated and looked at his feet for bit before saying “Well, she was really a flirt, sitting in my lap and wriggling around. I couldn’t take it. Finally, I threw her on the couch and, um, well.”

“Well, spit it out.”

“I fucked her! There, it’s all out. I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry. Worse yet, I think she was ovulating when I did it. She was in the bathroom this morning puking. I think she’s pregnant.”

“Oh my. Well, we can always get her an abortion.”

Lauren shouted “No, I don’t want my child to be aborted!”

“You have no say in this matter.”

“Mom, I agree with Lauren. She may be a pain but I don’t want our child aborted.”

“Your father and I will discuss this later. In the meantime, what’s with the choker, Lauren?”

“I just thought it looked cool.”

Their parents looked at each other with a knowing look and their father said “I think we’d better talk.”

He led them into the living room where their mother gingerly put her bottom on the edge of the couch, wincing at the feeling. Their father pointed to the other couch and indicated the kids should sit there. It seemed he was going to take the lead in this discussion.

“Jim, have you made your sister your slave?”

“What! Why do you ask that?”

“Come now, you don’t really think we believed all that nonsense about her wanting to walk around nude all the time, do you? We may be absentee parents, but we are not stupid. We are not angry if you enslaved your sister, we just want to clear the air. You may have noticed your mother wince when she sat down. That’s because I used a cane on her this morning before we left the resort. She was being a pain and needed to be reminded of her place. You see, your mother is my slave. She has been since we were about your ages.”

“But how did you do that? It seems it would be really hard to do unless you lived together. Oh, you mean you and mom are related?”

“Yes, she is my sister. Unlike you two, she is a year younger than me. I am impressed you managed to enslave your sister since she is a year older. Now, as for your baby, we need to get it tested for abnormalities. While they are unlikely in the first generation, they are possible in the second generation. We can discuss keeping it once we have a better idea of the risks.”

“How did you manage to hide her enslavement from your parents? I mean, I thought I’d hidden things pretty well but you figured us out right away.”

“I didn’t do any better than you did in hiding things. But, like your parents, ours were in a MS relationship, just not between siblings. All they did was get your mother on birth control pills, something we were amiss about. We hadn’t figured you would be able to fuck her so quickly. It took me months to get your mother to the point where I could fuck her and I figured you would take a while too. I must congratulate you on how quickly you managed it.”

“To be honest, I didn’t think she’d submit so quickly either. But she seems naturally submissive. Besides, with you guys gone so much, I had lots of time to wear her down. I think your seeming acceptance of my lies also helped break her.”

“Yes, well, we were amused by the situation. In hindsight, we should have pushed back some when you were telling your whoppers. But what’s done is done.”

Lauren just sat there in disbelief during this whole conversation. She’d accepted, even reveled in her slavery, but to have her parents so calmly accept it shook her to her core. She looked over at their mother to see her with tears in her eyes. Lauren didn’t know if it was the situation or her painful ass that was causing them. Either way, she moved over to sit beside her mother and they wrapped their arms around each other. They hugged each other for a while, not even realizing their Masters had left the room. They finally broke their tight clench, drawing back so they could whisper to each other about their situations.

The men saw the women locked into a tight embrace diyarbakır escort and wisely left the room. The women might have been their slaves but they were also human beings and needed time to process things. The men also needed to process things and sat in another room to talk. They each recounted how they had enslaved their sisters. There were many similarities in their approach but definite differences. Jim told of his current training of his sister to make her a pain slut. While his father did not necessarily approve of this, his daughter did belong to his son so what he made of her was his right. So, all he did was offer advice as well as some toys. He shocked Jim when he led him to a door that was always locked and opened it. Jim gazed in awe as what looked to be a well put together dungeon.

Their mother surprised them the next morning by only wearing a collar and an apron as she prepared breakfast. “Oh, you have no idea how good it feels to finally come out to the two people I love the most in this world. Oh, Jim, you can take that silly choker off her and put on a proper collar. The choker is fine for when we are out but not in the house. A slave should always wear her Master’s collar when she can.”

Later, Jim had Lauren put on her cat suit. Both parents loved her in it. “Dear, maybe I should get you a tail and ears. Maybe a dog tail though since we already have a cat. Besides, it would be fun to watch my dog chase Jim’s cat around the yard.”

“If you wish Master, I can go online to order them after breakfast.”

“Dad, can that wait? I want to take my pussy for a walk after breakfast. I thought you two could join us. If you think she is cute now, wait until you see her outside. One thing, though. She is so adorable that, last time I couldn’t stand it and had to fuck her on the lawn.”

“I can see that. Well, it has been awhile since I’ve walked your mother around the yard on a leash. As I recall, that had a definite effect on me then. I suspect we’ll both be fucking our slaves on the lawn. God, just the thought makes me horny. I think this whole situation is going to be good for your mother and me. I don’t know about her, but I feel years younger.”

“Same here Master and I am positively wet just thinking about being walked outside.”

Their walk around the yard was memorable for all parties. Lauren loved being a cat and sauntered around yard while the others marveled at how sexy she was. Their mother was beside herself at finding herself at the end of a leash after so many years. While they’d found time to play over the years, they had to confine their fun to when the kids were not around and, even then, only in the dungeon for fear of the kids returning unexpectantly. The men just enjoyed watching each other’s property. For the first time, Jim saw his mother as a sexual being. Their father, too, was finding it fascinating to see his daughter as a sexual being.

Unfortunately for the parents, work and social engagements pulled them away from the house the next few days following their day of bonding over slavery.

Jim continued to train Lauren, both as a slave and as a pain slut. His father gave him a book with the various slave positions and he spent time every day teaching them to her. He also increased her pain tolerance as well has her association of pain with sexual pleasure.

In discussions with his father, Jim decided to not let Lauren go to college the next year since she would be visibly pregnant and everyone at school knew it had only been just the two of them together all summer. The next February found Lauren in the delivery room with her brother in attendance. None of the hospital staff could figure out why it seemed this young woman seemed to be having continuous orgasms during a lengthy delivery time. She was completely worn out when she presented her Master with his first child, a son.

One other positive thing to come out of this whole situation was their parent’s relationship. Both of them found more time to be at home together, their mother typically nude and often bearing whip marks. She’d found a new lease on life and loved to tease their father so much he had to whip her to remind her of her place. He found himself reminded of why he’d enslaved her in the first place, so much so that they were talking of having another child.

Jim and Lauren went on to have two more children, all three were perfect. Jim attended college and joined his father at his firm. Lauren stayed home to take care of the children until they reached an age where they could take care of themselves, then she joined her mother in her social activities. The subject of their being siblings just never seemed to come up with their friends and business associates.

Both mother and daughter proudly wore their collars for the rest of their lives, content in being owned and cared for by the men they loved.