Evolving Sex Life Pt. 05


I woke up the next morning extremely horny and tried to initiate sex. Julia laughed at me and started stroking me as she made me beg for an orgasm that she had no intention of giving. It did not take long before I was begging to cum. Her reply was “Nope. Your next orgasm will be with my strap-on fucking you and that is not happening now.” With that she got up for the day and I was left extremely frustrated.

The next few days were busy, but Julia was teasing me quite a bit. She would come up behind me in the kitchen and grab my hips and pull them into her and whisper in my ear “Are you ready for me to fuck you?”

She would grab my hips like this in many places like the store or in a parking lot. Finally, we had a free night and she told me she wanted to tie me up. I was instantly aroused. We set up in the bedroom with me bent over a stool. My knees were tied to the legs at the floor with my legs spread. The big footstool was pressed up against an overstuffed chair. The stool supported all of my body but my head was just over the edge of the chair so Julia could climb in and have my face at her pussy. My arms were tied with ropes to the back chair legs so there was no way I could escape.

I was extremely horny and erect as Julia sat on the floor behind me and started teasing me with her long nails. I could only feel the nails and she start scratching my balls or stroking my cock. I was on the edge of cumming almost immediately and begged to cum.

“Not a chance,” she said, “I have a lot planned for you tonight.”

She kept teasing me and had brought me to the edge multiple times, when I felt her put something cold and slippery on my cock. For the next few minutes, she used her hand to slowly stroke me and bring to more edges. I noticed with a lot of frustration as I started to grow numb that she was using the lidocaine again. When she stopped touching me and stood up to put on the strap-on, I was xhamster porno going completely numb. When she was finished, I could feel her between my legs playing with my cock, but I could not tell what she was doing. I would find out later she was taping a condom onto my rapidly shrinking cock so it would not fall off.

When she finished, I did feel her put the lubricated strap-on against my exposed ass. “Are you ready to get fucked?” she said.

“Yes please.”

“Beg me!”

“Please fuck me,” I begged, “please?”

She slowly pushed into me and ordered me to, “keep begging. Beg me to fuck your ass until I cum.”

I did not know if she could cum, but I could hear and feel the vibrator in her dldo, so I knew she was getting some pleasure from the Feeldoe. As she pushed in and out, I was begging. Any time I slowed or pause she would slap my ass and tell me to keep begging. It felt really good and I could feel involuntary contractions every few thrusts.

I felt her reach around and grab my limp numb penis. She asked, “do you like me playing with your limp cock while I fuck your ass?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Can you feel it?” she asked in a surprised voice.

“No mistress.”

“What about this?” she asked as she slapped my cock and balls.

“Ow. Yes, on the balls” I yelped. “I don’t feel anything on my cock.”

“Oh, my poor baby. You can’t feel your little limp cock. Well, something is exciting you, because you are filling this condom up with cum.”

I could not see it because of the way I was tied across the stool. And I definitely could not feel it. I had to take her word for it. I was definitely enjoying the contractions, I kept feeling in my ass and prostate area.

“You like getting fucked like this don’t you? Are you gay?”

“No mistress.”

She was getting closer to her own orgasm as the vibrator and back yaşlı porno of Feeldoe inserted in her did its magic. She was thrusting harder and faster

While thrusting, she grunted, “Tell me the truth. I want the truth. Do you wish this was a live warm huge cock inside you right now?”

This hit a little too close to home. I didn’t know. Or at least I did not want to admit. Yes, I was loving this but to admit I wanted a cock inside of me was admitting I was gay. Years later I would realize the truth, but at this point I did not want to. I was so turned on and loving the cock sliding in and out of me that I said “yes” anyway.

“Ahh so now I am married to a gay limp dick man who cannot please me. What did I do to deserve this? Tell me that you love getting fucked in the ass. You love getting humiliated by me and you want to suck cock and eat cum. Don’t vary a word. You love getting humiliated by me and you want to suck cock and eat cum.” She was moaning and getting very close to an orgasm as she yelled. “Say it”

“I love getting humiliated by you and I want to suck cock and eat cum,” I said.

“Louder,” she yelled as she slapped my ass, “yell it and prove you love me.”

She was really fucking my ass hard at this point. I was really loving the feeling and I yelled, “I love getting humiliated by you and I want to suck cock and eat cum. Please, I will do anything for you. I love you.”

A few minutes later she came while pounding into me with the full length. She lay silently for a minute and then I felt her reach around and begin tugging on my still limp penis. I could feel it in my balls and the skin of my crotch, but I still felt nothing on the shaft of my penis.

“Wow you came a lot,” she said.

“What? No, I didn’t,” I was confused and told her so.

“Well, the condom is full of cum,” she stated as she continued to tug on me. “How did it get aldatma porno full of cum if you did not have an orgasm.”

I had no idea. We did not realize how milking the prostate worked at the time. I knew that I had loved being fucked in the ass and that I was having a lot of involuntary contractions that felt wonderful, but I had not had anything close to an orgasm and I was still very horny.

Julia got up and was gone for a few moments. When she returned, I felt her playing with my cock as she removed the condom. Then she sat down in the chair with my head at her crotch. My lips were inches from her moist swollen lips. She was sitting on a towel and she started dripping the cum out of the condom onto her pussy and clitoris.

“Lick it up my gay little limp dick cum lover. You said you want to suck cock and eat cum.”

This was new and a huge step. I had never eaten cum before. The thought was both thrilling and disgusting. I was still really turned on because the milking of my prostate had not provided the same relief from as an orgasm. This made it easier to accept as I reached out my tongue and began licking up the cum.

She put her head back on the chair and moaned, “that’s it. Lick that cum up.”

She proceeded to tease and humiliate me as she dripped more and more of the cum on her lips and on my lips. When I thought I had gotten all of it, more would drip down. This didn’t last long because she was still very turned on and she reached an orgasm quickly squeezing my head between her thighs. She came as usual in a loud profane way enjoying every minute of it. When she was done, she got up and untied me and we cleaned up.

Cuddling after she was inquiring if I was ok. I assured her I was and thanked her repeatedly for the scene. My cock was still numb, but I was extremely horny. I was assuming that the feeling would come back overnight, and I asked Julia if we could make love in the morning

“You’re still horny after all that,” she asked quizzically?

I told her, “Yes. I am very horny. I was having contractions through all the anal play, but I never had a full orgasm and I never lost my desire to make love to you like I normally do after an orgasm.”