Lesbian CD Sara


My fantasy is to live with a lesbian couple as a lesbian. They both are in their early 20’s and they consented to accept me as a 3dr lesbian in our home, since I am not able to get or hold an erection, I am safe in their eyes. The big rule is that my male parts are to remain out of sight to them.

Becky is 23, blond with 36-B breasts and long tanned legs all the way from her head down to her sexy toes. Her lover is Janet, and Janet is just a baby at 21. Janet is a brunette and has 36-A breasts. Small but very nice and they stick straight out without any sagging and the nipples are a little puffy. They are both around 5’7″ and although not fat, they wear a dress size medium to large, waist size is 32 to 33 inches and size 9 shoes. They like frilly, colorful clothes, trying to dress like 14 to 16 year old giggly girls.

We share the rent and utilities and we are all happy with the arrangements.

As for “personal” arrangements , I have promised not to interfere with their lesbian lifestyle. I am a longtime “CD” and would really like to live full time in fancy, frilly feminine clothes. They have accepted my lifestyle and not only can I dress up full time at home, but have agreed to help with my clothing collection by taking me shopping and dressing me up too.

They also have agreed to allow me to have lesbian sex with them on occasion.

Last weekend they were dressed in wrap around skirts. (They can be removed by pulling the ty that holds them shut, this works for them as they are easy to remove as often as they get into each other’s panties). Skirt length is halfway between the crotch and the knees and tee shirts. I am dressed in a knee length maternity dress with Mary Jane 2″ heels and knee socks below the knees. I am wearing a 36D bra with silicone breast forms filling me out.

The three of us are sitting on their bed talking and the one catches the eye of the other and they move closer. They whisper to each other so I am not able to hear and I assume I have to leave. So, I ask if I should leave. No, she says, you get to start this session in your favorite way. (The rules are that I am to only act in a lesbian way and never show my male parts.)

They lay back on the bed. Janet & I kiss and after while Gaziantep Anal Escort Becky joins the kiss and we all give slobber y kisses for a while. Becky starts rubbing Janet’s small boobs. After a short time Janet pulls off her t-shirt showing her perfect tits covered with a pretty lace bra. I cup them, reach around and remove her bra. Kissing the perfect nipples and sucking them till she is very content. Now, I run my face down past them and onto her stomach and on down to her skirt. I rub my face into her pubic area through her skirt. I also sniff the area through her skirt.

She begins moaning and pulls the ty to remove her skirt and I put my nose right into her panties and smell in her odor till her panties have a large wet spot. The panties have ties on both sides and Becky reaches over and unties them. I now push my face into her crotch and feel the wetness all over my face. I lick her clit and vagina till she is thrusting upward to my licking and she is near orgasm. I notice that Becky has begun to take off her t-shirt and bra and is working on the skirt. Suddenly Janet rolls me over and squats above my face only an inch above and begins to rub herself off. She is really getting into it and she & Becky are wildly kissing. Janet lowers her crotch against my face and has a squirting orgasm. She soaks my face and she lifts up a little and sprays her orgasm all over my clothes. I am drenched but I love the wet feeling and the smell.

Janet finally moves off and before I can get up, Becky moves in. She straddles my chest and the crotch of her panties is only inches away from my mouth & nose. She reaches down and starts rubbing herself near the top of her sex. I can smell her and as always, it is really good. I beg her to lower herself and take the panties off so I can lick her to orgasm. She agrees but makes me swear that I will lick her to orgasm “NO MATTER WHAT”. I agree and she tells me that this is something only she and Janet have shared up till now and that they thought it was time to include me.

That being said, Becky unties the panties and puts them up to my nose for approval. As always they have a musky odor and also a slight smell of urine. She hands them to Janet and Janet commences to hold them up to her nose and begins to masturbate. I look up at Becky’s crotch and immediately see Becky is wearing an old kotex belt and the pad is clipped to the belt. She reminds me of my commitment and tells me she is on-the-rag today. Then she lowers herself to where my mouth is against the pad. The smell is a little different but most pads have a deodorant built in to mask any crotch odors. Becky reaches down and places her hands behind my head and lifts me up against the pad and starts masturbating against my face.

She is really getting excited and then Janet pulls the pad out from the belt and I am looking up at a very bloody pussy. Janet reminds me of my promise and tells me the two of them do this every time one has her periods. Becky still has my head in her hands and now grinds my face into her bloody crotch and I can feel blood and other bodily fluids running down my cheeks. I find the smell is not all that bad, in fact it’s rather good. When Becky calms down, she lets go of my head and while massaging her tits with blood soaked hands, tell me to lick her as clean as I can or else. I lick her bloody pussy for another half-hour before Becky gets off and both head for the shower.

I am told not to wash or clean up until told to. After 5 hours and having dinner they tell me I can go get clean. I asked Janet when her period was due and they looked at each other and asked if I liked doing it. I said yes, very much and would like to do it again soon.

Two days later they dressed me up in a maternity dress with a pillow as a 7 month baby bump. We proceeded to share a passionate 3-way French kiss for about 10 minutes, at the same time both were fondling my breasts. Now, Janet sat on the edge of the bed and I was on my knees in front of her with Becky standing over me still massaging my tits. Janet has great legs and I was told to remove her shoes and rub them on my face. They are so soft and I was really enjoying the face massage when I decided to put her feet up to my nose and take in whatever odor might be there. It was pleasant but Janet told me to stop sniffing and give her feet a tongue bath. I proceeded to kiss and lick them for about 10 minutes.

I was taken to their room and they brought out a contraption that was looked like a chair with a large hole where you sit. It was set up for one person, me, to go under and stick my head up through the hole, lying at an angle on a waterproof cushion. The other person would sit on top of the chair. The person on top could sit very comfortably for extended times. The crotch of the top person, when sitting correctly in the chair, was up against the persons face on the bottom. Yes, a torture device.

I was in the bottom and Janet was on the top. I was blindfolded and Janet told me she had a surprise for me. The chair was in the kitchen at the table and as the blindfold was being removed Janet told me that she had started her period and that I would be force to stay there for several hours while she, Becky, and 2 lesbian friends played cards.

The 2 lesbian friends arrived in about 10 minutes and after wet kisses all around, the clothes were removed. They were playing a card game and after each hand they got up and moved around one chair position, so I was having a new pussy against me about every 10 minutes. Oh, they were all on their periods and I was covered in tons of blood by the end of the 1st hour. They took pictures and I had to lick each of the four girls as they played the card game. One of the guests smelled and tasted bad, but that was a turn-on for me too.

Time went on and the beer was filling their bladders. The one sitting in the torture chair asked where the bathroom was. Janet half-jokingly said, “You are sitting on it, which is why the chair has a shallow tub under it”. They all laughed, but the giggling girl could not hold it any longer and let loose with a flood of pee. I closed my eyes and just savored the warm feeling and the odor of urine running down face, chest and I was soaked to the bone. It was time to rotate and girls changed places and the same thing as all 4 girls took turns relieving themselves several times each. To say I was wet and sticky is an oxie-moron. The guests gave kisses all around and left. It was a 4 hour adventure but I was now allowed to get out of the chair. I was told I was not to clean up till the next day and only if told to.

I went to bed wet, smelly, sticky, and VERY happy. I was not allowed the clean up till the next evening.

I am hoping this relationship goes on for many years, and maybe could even add 2 or 3 more girls to the group.