I Opened Her Diary and Read It Pt. 03


Sun rays winnowed through rose-coloured sheers gracefully adrift on a warm summer breeze, before resting gently upon Sam’s high-arched cheekbone. I felt blessed to be able to witness what only twenty-four hours earlier, I had only wondered.

I was awake long before the sun rose, long before Sam stirred. I’d time to watch her chest rise and fall as she peacefully slept, all the while resisting kissing her slightly parted lips. I’d traced the outline of her curvy silhouette with devout attention, desperately wanting to touch her but at the same time, not wanting her to wake…yet. I’d went over every single moment of the previous day’s events, from the second she walked late into the book club, to the intense last kiss we shared before we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was more awake than I’d ever been; and I was as excited as a schoolgirl, full of wonder—and naivety—causing the adult inside me to be on the qui vive.

I took in another wide view of the room; I couldn’t have dreamed this big. The bedroom had to be at least 1200 sq ft, with ten-foot ceilings. As far as I could tell, we were in the center of the room, laying upon a wrought-iron, four-poster, king-size bed that was fraught with sensual delights—velvety, down-filled, pillows so plush you felt like you were resting upon a cloud, sheets that were as cool to the skin as they were smooth—I assumed silk—and actual rose petals strewn about! A thick, white fur carpet covered most of the floor. (I’m not going to lie, I was dying to feel it between my toes.) Two walls were floor-to-ceiling windows, veiled with rose sheers, providing a diffused view to a demure blue sky.

I was embarrassingly aware how out of place I was. Part of me wanted to sneak out and keep all of this as a perfect memory but I couldn’t get the rest of me to agree. I’m not sure if it was because I wanted her to shine on me again or if I wanted answers to the many questions I had buzzing around in my head like a disturbed bee’s nest, or if it was because I thought myself in love with her, but, whatever the reason, I stayed; I chose to risk my significance.

“Good morning, Emily, “she said, slipping her arm around my waist and kissing my naked back.

I smiled. I enlivened. In that moment, I decided I wanted to be with her the rest of my life.

“Good morning, Chica.” I wiggled my ass into her, then turned my head to meet her lips already reaching to meet mine.

She rolled me over, forcefully. Her hand reached up and pulled my lips to hers, kissing me with heated desire. She rolled again, this time winding up on top of me, her strawberry locks falling all around her, her breasts dangling like precious jewels I couldn’t—didn’t want to—take my eyes off of.

“I love when you call me, Chica! Say it again.”

“Nunca quiero que este momento termine, Chica.”

I’ll never be certain, but I would swear she had a tear welling before she leaned in and kissed me long, soft and oh soooo sensuously, rendering me breathless.

“Are you hungry, at all? Never mind, of course you are! Let me show you where you can get cleaned up and I’ll have Celia bring you something clean to wear while I arrange for a brunch fit for Queens!”

She didn’t wait for a response; she wasn’t asking. She leapt from the bed and grabbed my hands and pulled me up. My toes sunk into the plush fur carpet! I hadn’t time to muse upon it long as Sam was pulling me quickly along behind her.

I’m not sure what I was expecting; maybe I still hadn’t been able to wrap my head around the luxury, the infinite decadence. But the ensuite was posh in its highest form: white marble floors and countertops, gold taps, and cushy, rose-coloured sex izle towels folded in waiting. A massive, white-marble tile walk-in shower for four, a two-person deep bowl bathtub, and two bidets were the piece de resistance. My jaw dropped.

“It’s a bit much, I know. But I always figure, one life…am I right?”

Sam was looking at me so intently I leaned in and kissed her.

She broke the kiss to say, “Mmmmmm, Baby. You have no idea what you do to me.”

She pulled me to her even tighter and kissed me like she missed me. I was floating ten-feet off the ground.

At that moment, there was a loud buzz, effectively breaking her love spell. I looked around puzzled. Sam mouthed the words, “It’s Celia.”

“Good morning, Sam. Good morning, Emily.” Celia’s soft, breathy voice came through crystal clear over the speaker.

“Good morning, Celia, just the person I was wanting to speak with. Would you be a dear and bring Emily something—oh, I’m thinking that pink satin peignoir set! And me, hmmmm…my black silk man-pjams. Oh, and a breakfast buffet set for romance served on the patio in forty-five minutes.”

“Will that be all?”

“For now,” Sam paused to smile at me, “I’ll buzz if Emily and I decide we want anything else.”

As Sam talked with Celia, she maintained heated eye contact with me while rolling my nipple between her fingers. I was yelling at every cell in my body to stay calm, not to push her onto the counter and ravage her body.

“I want to bathe you. May I?” Sam leaned down and licked my nipple and then looked up at me for an answer.

“Chica, you can do anything, have anything, I’m yours.”

“And you have that lovely hickey to prove it!” She laughed as she led me to the enormous walk in shower where she proceeded to lovingly, and with intense attention, wash my body from head to toe.

I wasn’t sure how much more I could take when she leaned in and whispered, “I want you soooo bad!”

That was it. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I pushed her up against the shower wall, pressing my wet soapy breasts against her wet soapy breasts, and I kissed her, hard. My tongue forced its way between her lips as my finger found its way to her place of bliss and we smiled when it slipped inside, our teeth momentarily clashing before our tongues made love again and again.

Tears rolled down my face and into our mouths. I curled my long finger, found her g-spot and began to rock in and out, thumb rubbing her clit, while we French-kissed. Sam’s breathing became shallow and rapid. She was moaning and rolling her hips. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to drink her in. I dropped to my knees and began to lap her clit. She grabbed onto my head, pulling it to her sweet spot. I tongued it faster and faster, round and round, while she screamed my name and begged me not to stop. I sucked in her clit and tongued it as she came screaming, “I’m yours. I’m yours.”

I licked every drop before I stood and kissed her. We hugged and I cried more tears as we kissed and twirled round and round.

“Brunch for two is now ready on the patio. Would you like anything else?” Celia’s voice was sultry.

Sam smiled at me before answering Celia, “Thank you, Celia. I’m going to come and go over a few things with you while Emily gets herself ready.”

“Really? You’re going to leave me?”

“I won’t be long. You shouldn’t be either, Love. Brunch is ready and I can promise you that you’re going to love it!”

With a kiss she was gone, leaving me with aches I didn’t know were possible. I didn’t want to disappoint her in any way; I brushed my teeth with a toothbrush that was laid out fransız porno for me and then went looking for the peignoir set she had mentioned.

I easily found it hanging on a rolling clothes cart in the bedroom. It was pastel pink with four-inch ostrich feathers lining the outer edge. It was way over the top and I absolutely loved it! I slipped it on over my naked body and headed out to the patio.

Once again, my jaw dropped. The view was of the entire city and glorious, golden rays of sunshine were spread out across it as if the heavens themselves had opened. I was standing at the banister, looking up at that perfect demure sky and down at the golden city below when I heard the patio doors open.

I turned and saw Sam and Celia, both wearing the same black silk man-pajamas. I hadn’t time to process why that upset me because, in usual Sam fashion, I was whisked away into her wonderland of decadence.

She pulled out my chair for me, and Celia lay a linen napkin on my lap. Sam sat across from me while Celia poured mimosas for three. I again felt that twang of concern rise up but it quickly vanished as the three of us tipped our glasses and gave thanks for the day and the food before us.

There was so much food! A variety of eggs: eggs benedict, scrambled, easy over, hard-boiled. There was bacon, sausage, and ham; there were both pancakes and waffles; two different types of hash browns; a medley of fruits; and all kinds of sweets, donuts and pastries.

We ate and we drank, and we laughed, and we drank some more. I couldn’t be sure when the music began but I suddenly was aware that there was music. Celia stood and with hands held out, asked me to dance. I looked over at Sam and she was smiling flirtingly and nodding for me to do so.

I’d no sooner got up from the table when Celia pulled me to her; she held me close as we slow danced to Amos Lee singing, “In the Arms of a Woman.”

Celia was a graceful, dancer. She led me around the patio with ease and I found myself getting aroused. I hadn’t paid attention before because Sam was so brilliant that everything around her became a shadow, but Celia was quite attractive. She was taller than I, brunette, slim, toned and tanned.

I looked over at Sam and she was leaning back in her chair, her hand in her man-pjam bottoms, smiling at me. I liked that she was watching; I loved that she was pleasuring herself.

When the song ended, I thanked Celia for the dance and started to walk away, toward the table, toward Sam, but Sam stopped me in my tracks.

“Please don’t stop, Love. I was so enjoying watching the two of you,” she asked and then she removed her hand from her pajama bottom and licked her finger.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing, what she was doing, but I knew I wanted to please her. I turned back to Celia, dropped my robe, and walked into her arms.

Celia eyed me up and down; I saw the lust rise in her eyes. I was surprised at how much pleasure that gave me. She pulled me into her, and we danced while Sam continued to pleasure herself.

As we danced, Celia’s hands freely roamed. She started off stroking my arm, and then my shoulder, my upper back, then down to my ass.

Every chance I could, I would look at Sam; I wanted to see her eyes, to make sure she was still enjoying this.

When I looked up and saw Sam was gone, I momentarily panicked but then I felt her arms wrap around me from behind.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” she whispered. “I love watching you.”

Her hands moved up and began massaging my breasts. Celia’s hands were still on my ass. I felt myself cream.

“Tell me, are teen porno you wet?”


“Do you trust me?”


Sam spun me around and kissed me before leading me back to the table. She motioned for me to sit in the chair and then she stood behind me and, hanging her arms around my neck, she whispered in my ear, “Last night you enjoyed Celia’s tongue in the dark…how about we both watch her now in the light?”

“What? I don’t…”

“It would please me greatly, Love,” Sam said as she rolled my nipples in her fingers.

My body was in charge. Sam oversaw my body. I arched my back and moaned with eyes closed.

“Open your eyes, Love. Open them and keep them open. Watching a woman eat you, is a gift I give to you. Well, and me too!” She laughed and I believed it could heal the world.

I opened my eyes and watched Celia as she cat-walked her way to me, undoing the buttons on her pajama jacket one by one. When she dropped it on the floor, revealing her pert small breasts, I bit my lip.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” Sam asked rhetorically while she pinched my nipples causing me to contract my stomach muscles and hold my breath for a moment.

“Tell her what you want,” Sam said, no longer whispering. “Tell her specifically what you want.”

“I…I don’t know if,”

Sam pinched my nipples a bit too hard and then she spoke in a stern tone, “Tell her.”


Sam slapped my breasts, one at a time. “Tell her.”

“On your knees,” I ordered and then moaned.

“As you wish, Miss Emily.” Celia smiled flirtatiously and got on her knees.

Sam had licked her fingers and was now rolling my nipples between wet tips before she encouraged me again, “Go on, be extremely specific. She’s your pet; think of this as training.”

I thought I was going to cum; I clenched my vaginal walls and inner thighs trying to hold on, to make this last. What seemed crazy to me not ten minutes ago, now was the very thing I wanted more than anything.

“Show me your tongue,” I said; I couldn’t believe it was me saying it; it was all so surreal.

Celia did and it was small, moist, and pink.

“Lick me, fast.” I exhaled the words as I grabbed onto the side of the chair, white knuckle grip.

Celia’s tongue action was superhuman. It was like a having a live vibrator. I began bucking in seconds while Sam held me tight.

“Again,” Sam ordered. “Do her again.”

Celia continued to lick my wet, though now slowly and gently. She lapped as Sam played with my nipples. The sun was beaming down. I thought I had to have died or there truly was a Wonderland.

“Emily,” Sam spoke lazily.

“Mmm, yes?”

“You haven’t asked about the other mouth last night.”

She was right. With everything else going on, I’d completely forgotten about that.

“Would you like another mouth now?”

My eyes widened but I didn’t answer her. I know I wanted it, another mouth that is, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it.

Sam stopped playing with my nipples and ordered Celia to stop licking me.

“What? Why?” I whined.

“You need to learn to ask for what you want. No ask, no get.” She spat before taking a large sip of Simosa.

“I want you to lick me.”

“Do you?”


“And while I lick you would you like anything else?”


“Do tell.” Sam said nonchalantly while pouring us both another glass of Mimosas.

“I want…”


“I want her, Celia, to suck on my nipple and…”

“Go on…”

“And I would love the other mouth to suck on my other nipple.”

“Celia, please go get Mandy.”

Celia stood and left the patio, leaving Sam and I alone. I was more than a little tipsy and I was hornier than I could have ever imagined. This combination was a recipe for error and that concerned me…until I felt Sam’s tongue exploring my petals.