School Aide Ch. 04


Her fingers release their grip, and I feel warm breath blowing gently on the head of my cock.

Warm breath gives way to the caressing of lips.

Lips parting.

Slipping down.

Wrapped around the ridge between head and shaft.

Tongue licking at the small opening.


I want to return the sensations. I only hope that I can give back to her what she is giving me.

I have a deeply rooted desire to feel her thighs pressed on either side of my face. Her pussy just grazing my lips. Her pussy glistening. I wanted to taste her essence. I had heard that this was the sweetest taste that a man could experience. She was creating within me an ever deepening desire to feel her pussy press against my lips, and an offer of her essence flowing freely, waiting to be lapped up, and savored.

I had heard of something called sixty nine, and I now wanted to desperately experience it. I wanted to pleasure her to the fullest. As she was doing to me. I was experiencing sensations that I could only dream of.

With a strained voice, I asked her to turn around.

It felt delicious as she turned around, never relinquishing her hold on my cock.

And then I felt her thigh pressed against my cheek.

And slowly raise up and over me.

The vision of her womanhood sent shivered through me.

The outer lips pouty, swollen and puffy outer petal, with wet, ısparta escort glistening inner petals. Her thighs were wet from her juices. Juices I was eager to lap up and taste.

As she lowered herself on to my waiting and hungry mouth, I inhaled and was delighted in the scent of her arousal.

I pulled her toward me, wanting to feel her groomed hairs rubbing against my face, as my tongue sought refuge in the silky warm confines of her.

I bucked slightly when I felt the warm wetness of her grazing my lips. My tongue acted on its own volition, and thrust into her. Tasting the sweetness of her essence as it freely flowed from within.

I continued to lap up her offerings, and my fingers were busy caressing her supple buns.

I could feel her breasts mashed against my stomach rubbing back and forth as she gently rode my face.

I didn’t realize that she had stopped sucking me until I felt her lips once again slide down my rock hard shaft.

After a few minutes she stopped sucking me.

I could feel her forehead brushing my cock, and her fingers softly caressing my balls, as I continued to enjoy the feast before me.

I slowly slid my tongue upwards. Feeling the soft petals slide past my tongue.

And then I found it.

Her hard nubbin.



Inviting me to nibble.

As I wrapped my lips around it, I felt her tremble and shudder.

And kastamonu escort her pussy press more urgently against me.

I softly twirled this engorged pleasure bud between my lips, all the while feeling tremor after tremor course through her, and buck after buck as she rode my tongue.

I wanted to feel the other hard nubs, and see how they responded to touch.

I slipped my hands between us, and held her soft yet firm mounds. I kneaded them in my hands, relishing the softness, and feeling the hard tips in the palms of my hands.

I softly rolled each nubbin between my fingers, feeling the ridges as I tweaked them. I tugged on them gently, all of which caused my lover to press herself against me harder. It felt like she was trying for us to become one.

I continued to caress her hardened nipples and lap at her pleasure bud, sensing her tension build. Her breathing becoming more labored. Her muscles tensing up.

She continued to grind herself against my face with increasing intensity.

And then I felt her stomach rise backward, and her thighs spasm.

Moans escaped from her lips as her grip on my cock tightened.

Spasm after spasm coursed through her.

This was my first orgasm to be shared with a lover.

And I was hooked.

I couldn’t imagine anything better than to feel my lover loose control and let herself go, succumbing to her desire for kayseri escort release.

She continued to haunch and spasm, moan and groan, until they slowly ebbed. And then she suddenly collapsed against me.

My face still buried in the sweetness of her.

Her thighs now soft and almost lifeless.

She seemed to be spent and exhausted.

Yet she stirred, and with remorse on my part, slowly turned around.

She cradled her head in my arm, and caressed my face.

Her lips met mine, and she tasted herself. She urged my lips to part, so that she could slip her tongue inside my mouth, our faces now sharing her essence.

The kiss started slowly, but built in passion as she regained her strength.

And then she whispered that it was my turn.

With a smile she said “Wow”, and “I thought I was going to give you a gift today”, as she slowly stroked my cock.

She asked me what I wanted, and I just said to enjoy making love to her.

The smile on her face told me that we were going to share something unique.

She slowly straddled me.

Her pussy lips grazing my cock.

Her eyes smiling.

As she sank down and engulfed me fully.

Impaling herself on my cock.

It felt incredible.

The warmth and tightness caressing me.

She had my cock buried fully, our pubic bones crushed together.

She didn’t move after impaling me.

Just letting us experience the sensations of being one.

I could feel the tip of my cock brushing against something soft and warm.

And my balls were being squeezed between our legs.

And then she began to rock back and forth.

And I erupted.

To Be Continued…