Bev’s Private , Public Awakening


Part I

A Shy Girl Learns to Love Sex

I met Beverly last year and we have been dating ever since. While we are both in our early fifties, Beverly looks much younger. At 5′ 2″ and 100lbs she is petite, with a very shapely body. She actually trades clothing with her 15 year old niece and from behind you can’t tell the two of them apart. She does stretch some of the “niece clothes” as Beverly is a 34D on top and has a real nice ass. Combined with her firm legs and her auburn red hair she is a stunner. At the sake of sounding perverted, there is something about being with a woman who reminds you of a young girl and Beverly is such a girl.

While limited in experience, Beverly is curious, willing and adventurous when it comes to sex. The first time we bedded, I planned to include pleasuring her with my tongue as part of the foreplay. While I found out latter that this was her first experience at oral sex, when I moved my mouth to her clit she did not hesitate in any way. I think that it fair to say that Beverly enjoyed being licked as I quickly found out that after her first orgasm she was waiting for more. I have never been with a girl who shook so much when she came and that night she shook her way through multiple orgasms.

The next day Beverly said she wanted to talk to me. “Last night was the first time I really understood what I have read in books and what some of my girlfriends say when talking about sex. I don’t know what else I have missed all these years, but I’ll try anything you want as long as it’s just the two of us.”

Good to her word, Beverly let me do anything I wanted and so far there has been nothing taboo. My first lesson was teaching her to suck cock, another thing she had never done. She took to it as if she born to do it and while many women have sucked my cock, I have never had better than Beverly. Next, since I was already fucking her cunt and mouth, there was only one hole left. She took to anal sex like a nymph and we found that she had a second erogenous zone up her ass. From there we moved on to light bondage (she loves getting spanked).

We have moved some of our activities to outside the bedroom. This road down having sex in semi-public and public places actually started with Beverly when she shared with me her desire to have sex outdoors in the woods and her wanting to explore a little known nude beach in the area. We have managed the first experience, but have yet to find that nude beach. I knew that Beverly was truly excited by the idea of having sexual experiences in places where we might be seen or caught, when she paid up after losing a bet. Her price for losing – having to go out for the evening wearing only a light mid-length coat and her stockings and garters. On the appointed night she was dressed as promised. We went to a bar and ate at a restaurant. With the waitress or bartender or fellow guests present, I suggested several times during the evening that she take off her coat. Yeah, I got the look, but she was a good sport about the whole thing.

While this was fun, I found out that the fun was only beginning. As we were walking down a long corridor leading from the restaurant to the parking garage, Beverly pulled me into an alcove. çanakkale escort With her back against the wall, she unbuttoned her coat, slipped it off and turned to me saying, “Do whatever you want.” I did just that, having her first get on her knees to suck me. My satisfaction complete, I stood her up, raised her and began slamming a very wet pussy. Having cum fairly quickly, I was still hard as a rock, so I tuned her around, bent her over and went to work on her ass.

We of course had other experiences along these lines. We touched each other in restaurants when a tablecloth would hide our actions and we played with each other while driving in the car. We also had sex in the staircase of an office building, on the hood of my car and in public restrooms, including my stripping Beverly, placing her on a baby changing table and tonguing her to multiple orgasms. One night while attending a dance with hundreds of people present, I took Beverly into an empty catering room, stripped her down, laid her on the banquet table and fucked the heck out of her. While we both enjoyed playing like this and taking a chance that someone might see us, up to this point we never purposefully included anyone else in our play. However, this was soon to change.

Part 2

Beverly’s First Time Showing Off

One Saturday, after a great love making session, we were headed out to dinner. Beverly asked me what she should wear and I told her that I would like her to put on just a top and a short skirt, with stockings and garter belts. No bra and no panties. When she came out of the bedroom I saw that she was dressed just as I asked. Her white button up top was semi sheer and you could see her nipples. Her skirt was mid thigh, just short enough that when she sat or bent over it would give a nice show.

Her first words to me were, “I can’t go out like this. What if some guy looks close he’ll see my nipples and if I sit my skirt will rise so high that I will be totally exposed.”

I responded that I kind of liked the idea of another guy looking at her and that as long as she was with me, looking is all that will happen.

While she was still somewhat reluctant, we left for the restaurant. I did select a new place that was dimly lit with a small crowd and we took a table in the bar area. I noticed when Beverly sat down that her skirt rose high enough that it barely covered her private parts and there was no tablecloth to hide what she was showing beneath the table. I enjoyed watching her trying to pull her skirt down, but no amount of effort was going to make that happen. To compensate, she held her legs together as if they were in a vice. She finally settled in and I ordered a couple of drinks and then a couple more. Soon I began to notice that Beverly was feeling a little more at ease, with her legs parting just slightly. I also realized I was not the only one to notice, as I saw a guy sitting at the bar looking over at us. Beverly too caught his eyes and she whispered to me that he was looking at her and that maybe we should leave.

“So far you have enjoyed every new sexual experience we have tried. The question for tonight is do you trust me and çanakkale escort bayan will you do whatever I tell you to do?”

She looked at me for a moment, then shook her head yes.

“Good. Now I’m going to bury my face in the menu. While I do, you catch the guy’s eye. Once he looks at you, smile, unbutton one more button of your blouse and part your legs enough so that he gets the idea that you want to show him your pussy.”

Maybe it was the drinks, or her sense of adventure or her desire to please me, but low and behold she did just what I asked. Peeking over the menu, I saw Beverly open another blouse button and part her blouse so that the guy could see the tops and sides of her breasts. Looking down I saw her part her legs, maybe even wider then I would have asked. As I peeked over the menu one more time to see the fellow, I saw that the guy was enjoying the show.

Thinking that we had gone far enough for her first experience at exhibitionism, I put down the menu and started taking to Beverly. With that the fellow paid his tab and left. With our voyeur gone I asked Beverly how she felt. Her response was to take my hand and place it on her very wet pussy.

Part 3

A Trip To The Beach

The next weekend we arose early on a Saturday morning and drove down the coast to the beach. Beverly was dressed in a bikini, with a sheer cover up. It was early when we began walking the beach and there were very few people about.

Coming to a somewhat secluded spot, I asked Beverly to take off her swimsuit, kneel down and give me a blow job. She was all for it as long as she got me to bring her to orgasm with my tongue.

After checking that no one was around, she proceeded to strip and to give me a terrific suck off. Completing the bargain, I laid Beverly down on the sand, spread her legs and went to work on what was already a very wet pussy. Finished, she put her bathing suit back on and we continued our walk.

As we approached the boardwalk, two older men were walking towards us. We were just about to pass each other when one of the guys spoke up. He excused himself and said that he hoped that we would not get angry for what he was about to say.

I said, “No worries” and told him to spit it out.

“My friend and I were watching you on the beach. It has been a long time since we saw a naked woman and an even longer time since experiencing what you did to each other. We just want to say thank you for the show. At our age we don’t get much excitement.”

I told the guys that I was not angry, but that I had a question for them. “What do you think of Beverly’s body? Don’t be shy just say what you think.”

After a moment’s hesitation, one said “She has great tits”. The other added “She has a great ass”.

Before I could say anything, Beverly responded “Thank you, but you only saw me from far away. Up close I am not that sexy.”

With that opening, I dove in. “Beverly, perhaps we could give the guys a closer look. Why don’t you take off your wrap?” Beverly complied and did a slow twirl for the guys. As they stared at her body, I said to them, “If you agree just to look, maybe you escort çanakkale will get to see more.” They quickly agreed and I suggested we go into the cover of the trees for a bit.

Once behind the trees, I told the guys to take a seat on a big rock and to sit on their hands.

With the guys seated I came over to Beverly and whispered in her ear, “What you do now is up to you.”

She then approached the guy who commented on her tits, coming within six inches of his face. Reaching behind her neck she untied the strings holding up her bikini top. Ever so slowly, she began pulling down on the strings until her breasts were fully exposed.

She then said to the fellow, “I hope you like seeing them close up.” I thought the guy was going to explode and my own cock was as hard as a rock.

Putting her top back on, she walked over to the guy who commented on her ass. Turning her back to him, she pulled down the bottoms of her bikini, bent over and spread her cheeks.

“Is my ass as sexy close up”, she asked the fellow.

“God yes” was his response. After a little ass jiggling she slipped her bottoms back on.

Looking at the broad smiles on her two audience members she said “Oh my. I showed you my breasts and I showed you my ass. But I think the question was ‘do I look as good close up as I did from far way? On the beach, I had my top and bottom off at the same time. Guess, I’ll just have to show you what you saw on the beach.”

With that Beverly removed her top and bottom. One at a time, she approached each of the guys. Leaving barely a hair width between her body and their faces, she did a little show. She ran her hands over her body, taking a little longer when playing with her tits. As her hand moved to her pussy, she made sure the guys saw that she ran a finger inside. Removing her finger, she placed it in the mouth of one of the fellows. Then, after taking another dip in her pussy, she gave the other fellow a finger to suck. Show complete, she dressed and we said goodbye with a grateful thanks from the guys.

As we walked back along the shore, Beverly looked at me saying, “I need to cum and if you don’t fuck me now I’ll explode.” So, back into the trees we went.

As usual, we spoke openly about the experience. I told her that I was a little surprised that she was bold enough to strip in front of two strangers, but that I was unbelievably excited by the sight. Beverly responded that she was not sure why she did it, but as our fuck session after the experience proved, the whole episode excited her.

I said to Beverly, “Remember when we spoke about what happened at the restaurant? I said that I thought that you experienced another feeling.” She nodded yes. “Well I think the experience at the beach confirms my thought. I believe that a good part of why you got so sexually stimulated is that at the restaurant and at the beach you experienced a new feeling. It’s called control. Each time you put on the show. Though I placed you in the situations, you decided to go for it. The guys were just spectators and you made them unbelievably excited. You controlled the situation and them. By the looks on their faces, they would have done anything you asked of them.”

Beverly thought about this for a minute and said. “Maybe you’re right. As much as I love doing what you want me to do, I enjoyed taking the lead. It felt very good. I do think that I could have had the guys do whatever I wanted them to do. I enjoyed the feeling and I would do it again.” No problem I thought, since this is exactly what I hoped for.