Cum Away With Me


Jeff and Kris were a happily married couple. They had experimented sexually before their marriage, but with marriage and children, things had slowed down. They both wanted more time together, but struggled to balance it with the demands of life.

Jeff decided to whisk Kris away for a vacation for two. He arranged for the kids to be taken care of while they were gone. He packed a bag for her that included a very sexy and revealing bikini, some lingerie and not much else. Jeff would not tell Kris where they were going. It was only when they arrived at the airport, handing over their passports, did she learn that they were headed to Jamaica.

Kris started to protest, listing all the things that needed to be handled. She was concerned how the kids would handle them being gone. Jeff quelled her fears, assuring her that everything had been taken care of. Kris was still concerned but once they boarded the plane, she allowed herself to relax a little. Whenever she listed something that needed to be handled, Jeff assured her he had taken care of it. A few drinks later, she drifted off to sleep, the first time she had uninterrupted sleep in quite some time. There were no demands of children and nothing to clean up. She could just relax.

Jeff gazed at his sleeping wife. He was finally going to have her alone. He startled when the plane touched down. He had fallen asleep as well. They both must have been more tired than they realized. This vacation was just what they needed.

Kris peppered Jeff with questions about where they were staying, if he had planned any activities, how long they’d be gone. It was then that she realized she hadn’t packed a bag. She looked into the bag that Jeff had packed. She showed great concern over the lack of clothing.

“Don’t worry baby. You can buy anything that you need here. If I’m lucky, you won’t be wearing much on this trip,” he said as he winked at her.

Kris blushed a bit, but was looking forward to the time with Jeff. Time together was a rarity and several days together hadn’t happened in quite some time. She was ready.

When their vehicle pulled up in front of the Hedonism resort, Kris felt a tingle in her pussy that surprised her a bit. They had joked about coming to the resort, but didn’t think they would actually do it. A light donned about what Jeff meant by her not wearing much. Had he hoped she’d be topless or nude? Her pussy tingled again. Her body had held up after the babies and she was still able to turn the heads of many men, and even some women.

As they checked in, Jeff and Kris were both taking in the scenery, admiring the various bodies. They both enjoyed looking at the men and women sitting poolside, or just walking the paths. Jeff felt his pants tighten at the sight.

When they arrived in their room, they wasted no time. This was an opportunity that was not to be wasted. They were both turned on with thoughts of their time together and it was heightened by the half dressed and nude bodies they had just seen.

Jeff pressed Kris against the wall of their room. The curtains were open, with a view of the pool. Everyone at the pool could see them as well, but they hadn’t even noticed. Their thoughts were focused purely on the need of each other.

Jeff pushed up Kris’s shirt, unhooked her bra, shoving it up as well, and began to devour his tits. There would be no children walking in on them and they did not have to listen for cries. Animal lust was the primary concern. Jeff needed to see her naked. He quickly dispensed with the rest of her clothes. He stood, admiring her body again. Her tits heaved with her ragged breath. They were the perfect size. Enough to play with, but not overly large. Her waist remained narrow. Her hips, oh how he loved to hold those hips as he thrust into her. Her legs were beautifully shaped and topped off with a sweet ass. As much as he loved looking at her, the need to have her was greater.

Kris’ need was equal. She tugged and pulled at his clothes, stripping him as quickly as she could. When his tall lean body was standing before her, she knelt in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth. Jeff groaned as her pretty mouth slid further and further down. He couldn’t help himself as he thrust into that mouth. Kris eagerly took him in, fueled by his need. It had been too long since she had been able to have hot, pure sex with Jeff.

As much as he wanted to continue fucking her face, Jeff stopped her. Her pussy was what he wanted. Lifting Kris up, he put her back against the wall, lowering her onto his rock hard cock. She was so wet he slid in easily. A loud moan came as he entered her. His thrusts entered her fast and hard, which is what she wanted and needed from him; his pure desire for her so obvious in their frantic fucking. Kris’ fingers dug into his skin and she held on through his thrusts; each one bringing moans and grunts from both of them. His mouth sucked, nibbled and licked her tits. Her nipples stood fully erect, ready for him.

Neither Kris nor Jeff was able to hold back. Their primal need konya escort was strong and the pleasure was great. They came quickly and together, screaming as they did. They were unaware of anything or anyone beyond the two of them. They rode the orgasm together; sweating, panting, groaning. Jeff filled her pussy with his cum. He couldn’t remember a time when his cock had ever felt so good.

They began to apologize to each other, laughing when they realized neither one cared that it had been fast and furious. It made it hotter that they wanted each other so badly. The sound of applause brought them to the awareness of their surroundings. When they looked up, they saw that everyone at the pool had just watchd them fuck. One man by the pool yelled, “Didn’t waste any time, did you stud?”

Another yelled, “I wouldn’t have waited either. She’s fucking hot.”

Jeff felt Kris’ pussy twitch and become wet.

“Did you like them watching us? You like them looking at your fabulous body?” he asked.

“I didn’t think I would, but it’s turning me on again,” she replied.

“Why don’t we head out to the pool and let them stare at your beautiful body?” Jeff answered.

When Jeff pulled out the skimpy bikini he had packed for her, Kris alternated between embarrassment and arousal. The top was so tiny it wouldn’t cover much more than her nipples. The bottom would ride low on her hips and had a tiny string thong in the back. Then again, everyone had just seen her completely nude and watched her husband plunging his cock into her. They had seen more than the bikini would show.

Kris couldn’t help but notice the way everyone looked at her as they made the short walk to the pool. She could feel their eyes on her. Even the women were staring. There were several men and women that she saw. She admired them as well. The fabric of the bikini rubbed against her neatly trimmed pussy; her clit becoming even more sensitive as she reveled in the eyes upon her.

Jeff watched the other guests as they watched Kris. He recognized the look of lust on the faces of men and women. His mind wandered. What would it be like to watch his sexy wife with someone else? Would he find it hot to see her with another man or with a woman? His cock twitched at his thoughts. He pictured her on her knees in front of one of the men. With one of the women, he imagined Kris lapping at the woman’s pussy. Hedonism was known for an “anything goes” attitude. Would it be possible for his fantasies to happen? He sure as hell hoped so.

They found some chairs, placing their towels down. The pool had a swim up bar. Jeff went over to get some drinks for them. As he ordered, one of the men came up, telling the bartender that the drinks should be charged to his room.

“Thanks for that damn hot show you put on. Does she fuck as good as she looks?” the man asked.

“Even better,” Jeff replied.

“I wouldn’t mind having a piece of that action if you’re willing to share,” the man stated.

Jeff thought for a minute before he responded. “I was just picturing her fucking a few people here. I hope she’s game. Thanks for the drinks.”

When Jeff returned to their chairs, he shared with Kris what the man had said. Kris started to protest. The longer they talked she admitted that she was interested. Jeff’s swim trunks began to tent. Everywhere he looked there were women who were at the very least topless. Some men wore trunks, others did not. He saw sex and desire everywhere he looked. He wondered what it would be like to see if sweet, prim wife fucked senseless by the people around him.

Jeff told Kris to turn over and he’d put lotion on her back. As he did, he told her how much he wanted to see her fucked by someone else. He undid the little string on her bikini top. His fingers brushing the sides of her tits as he spread the lotion.

“I’d love to see you with a huge cock in your pussy,” he said as he smoothed the lotion.

“And I’d love to see you with a cock in your mouth while you got fucked,” he stated as his hands worked further down her back.

Jeff wondered what was going through her mind right now. Would she agree to this? How far would she go? Was it just going to be hot talk ending with them fucking wildly again, or would she agree?

Kris began to moan, making slight thrusting motions with her hips. Jeff knew she was getting turned on.

“Would you like to lick a woman’s pussy or to have one of the women eat your pussy?” he asked as his finger grazed over her ass cheeks.

“How many do you think you could handle?” he questioned as his finger slipped between her thighs.

Kris gasped at his touch and his suggestion. Everything he was saying sounded so wonderful. Her pussy was on fire. They had talked about a gangbang while they were hot and heavy in bed a few years ago, but actually doing it? Was she ready?

Jeff hooked his fingers into the bikini bottom and slid it down her beautiful hips and legs. Kris didn’t object at all. His hands continued escort konya to spread the lotion on her legs, sliding in between them.

“What if I said I gave you permission to fuck as many as you wanted during our time here? Would you do it?”

Kris moaned her initial response. Questions formed. “Are you sure you’d be OK with this? ” “Would you fuck anyone else?” she asked Jeff.

“If you agree I’d like to fuck another woman while I watch you.” He replied.

“Oh baby. I am so hot right now. The thought of all the cock and pussy I can handle…. Oh, it’s making me so wet,” she sighed.

Jeff continued to stroke her, spreading her legs further, fingering her pussy slightly. The man from the pool was now standing by them stroking his cock.

“Baby, you have this man stroking his cock just from looking at you,” Jeff informed her.

As Kris lifted her head to see the man standing there, she got a good look at his cock. He was long and thick. She wondered what he tasted like. She surprised herself and Jeff as she lowered her mouth over the man’s cock. He groaned loudly as her mouth hit the base of his cock. He wasn’t huge, but some women had a problem taking his full length in. Kris took him in easily. He watched her head bobbing up and down on his cock, thinking it was the most beautiful thing he had seen.

The man’s groans attracted some attention. A few more people joined them, simply watching at first.

Jeff continued fingering Kris’ pussy while he asked her, “Honey do you want to do this?”

Kris pulled back off the man’s cock long enough to say, “I’m going to be a total slut. Give me all the cock and pussy you want. Fuck a tight pussy while you watch me be used everywhere.”

Jeff’s cock was rock hard after he heard these words. He looked to the group gathered saying, “You heard her. She will take all the cock and pussy we can give her.”

The group wasted no time. A woman in a zebra print bikini removed it, using the top to tie one of Kris’ hands. Another woman removed her bright red top, tying Kris’ other hand with it. Kris groaned. She loved to be tied up and have Jeff use her however he liked. The thought of being bound while this group used her sent her over the edge. She came against Jeff’s hand while he continued to finger her now soaking wet pussy. She pushed against him, her sign that she wanted his fingers fucking her. He gave her what she wanted as she rode the first wave of orgasm that day. A third woman removed the small black, silky sarong tied around her waist and used it to blindfold Kris.

Kris felt hands caressing her body. She did not know if the hands belong to men or women. Some hands were rougher and some were small, but they all sent sparks through her skin as they touched her. It didn’t matter where the touch was. Simply having this many hands on her skin was what created the sparks.

Not being able to see enhanced her other senses. She could smell the suntan lotion, the sweat, the chlorine in the water. The humidity in the air slickened her skin. She thought she could hear the hands glide across her. She tasted the salty pre-cum of the man in her mouth. She felt him thicken, anticipating him shooting down her throat. The textures of the different material used to fasten her to the chair and around her eyes felt so good on her skin. The combination of the senses was incredible. She had never felt anything like this before. She did not want it to stop.

Fingers pinched at her nipples. They rolled and tweaked the hard nubs. Other hands played at her ass, running around the rim of her tight hole. Fingers were playing with her pussy and clit. Kris did not know if Jeff was still between her legs. Four hands worked the sensitive area and two on her ass. Four hands worked her tits. She had a cock in her mouth. Kris thought she was being worked as well as she could.

Her hands were bound, but she felt at least one person move in front of her. The blindfold heightened her sense of movement. It was as if she could feel the shadows as people moved closer to work her already excited body. A man was in front of her, placing his cock in her bound hand. She felt a pussy at her other hand. Kris had always kept her pussy trimmed, but this one was shaved. She touched the bare skin as much as she was able to with her limited movement.

Jeff was no longer touching Kris. He stood back, stroking his cock, as he watched the symphony of sex playing out before him. He was not jealous. He was beyond horny. He counted ten different people using his prim and proper wife. It was so sexy. It was a mixture of men and women. He wondered how much Kris knew of who was touching her. The cocks of the men varied greatly. One cock had to be ten inches long. He couldn’t wait to see Kris’ face when he plunged that sausage into her pussy or mouth. He was larger than Jeff so he knew Kris would notice the difference.

Jeff heard the first man, the one from the pool, announce that he was about to cum. He did not withdraw from Kris’ konya escort bayan face and she was unable to use her hands. He shot his cum down her throat. It must have been a large load, because some of it was dripping out of her mouth and he heard her gag slightly. When he was spent and withdrew from Kris’ mouth, Jeff could hear her moans. He knew she was cumming again. With all the hands she had working her, Jeff knew she had to be having the mother of all orgasms.

What Jeff saw next, put him back into the group of people. A woman was now in front of Kris, licking the cum from her mouth. Another woman had said, “It’s my turn. I want to eat that wet pussy.” Kris was up on her hands and knees, allowing the woman to slide under Kris, putting her pussy right under Kris’ mouth. When the woman’s tongue touched Kris’ pussy, Kris cried out. She loved having her pussy licked and it must be throbbing by now.

This was the opportunity Jeff had been waiting for. He asked the woman under Kris if he could fuck her while she ate his wife’s pussy. The woman quickly agreed. Jeff stroked his cock into the woman’s pussy just centimeters from his wife’s face. She was unable to see him, but he could see her face clearly.

Kris’ ass was sticking up in the air. One of the men pressed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy while she was having it eaten by the woman Jeff was fucking. This was not what he expected when he planned this trip, but there was no way he was stopping it now. The man fucking Kris grabbed her hair, pulling her head back, as he plunged in and out of her soaking pussy.

“OH FUCK YES!” screamed Kris. “OH YES FUCK ME!”

Jeff stared at her while his cock stroked the woman below Kris. He could tell by the expression on her face that she was enjoying this completely. One of the men began pushing his fingers into Kris’ ass. Jeff had been able to fuck her there a few times and loved to have his cock buried in her tight brown hole.

The sounds coming from Kris’ mouth seemed to form one continuous groan. Jeff was fully aware of the pussy he was fucking, but his pleasure was increased by seeing his wife being such a willing slut. As she slammed her ass back onto the man’s fingers, begging for more, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. His thrusts came faster and harder. The woman eating Kris’ pussy begged for more. He gave her what she wanted. The combination of sights, sounds, touch, and smell was too much. He pulled out from the woman’s pussy, coating Kris’ face with his cum. Kris did not know it was Jeff’s cum covering her, nor did she care. She eagerly lapped it up, attempting to swallow his cock.

The man fucking Kris came shortly after Jeff. He filled her pussy with his hot, sticky cum. Anything that dripped out was lapped up by the woman tonguing Kris’ clit. Kris came with a scream. The tongue on her clit was amazing, her face was covered in cum, and a man she did not know had just filled her pussy with his cum, while some else finger fucked her ass. She felt like a total slut, but she loved every moment of it and hoped it was not over. Little did she know she was just getting started.

Kris startled when her restraints were undone. She wanted to have her hands free to stroke, but at the same time being bound lowered her inhibitions. It took away her ability to stop things. It allowed her to just enjoy what was happening. She trusted Jeff enough to stop things if he felt she was in danger or something was starting to happen that she was not comfortable with. So far that wasn’t close to happening. Relief settled over her when she was flipped over and the restraints were tied again, slightly looser this time.

Kris felt her body being lifted. She was now on top of a man. His body was unfamiliar, so she knew it wasn’t Jeff. At this point, she no longer cared. Lust and raw sexual desire had taken over her body and mind. Kris felt hands roaming her body again. Fingers were on her clit as well as plunging into her ass and pussy. The man Kris was on top of said, “I want my cock in your tight little ass sweet thing.”

“Mmmmmmm. Fuck my ass,” came from her mouth.

Kris felt hands lift her, spread her ass as wide as possible, then lower her down onto the man’s cock. As the head spread her puckered hole, she let out a loud groan. She didn’t know if Jeff was watching, but she hoped so. Her mouth formed an “O” with a similar sound coming from her mouth. Having her ass stretched wide like this was amazing. The hands touching her pushed her back as the man worked his cock in and out of her.

A woman straddled Kris’ face. This was not the same woman that she had fingered before. Her pussy was trimmed similar to Kris’. Kris inhaled the scent of the pussy over her. Her tongue snaked out and touched the woman’s clit. It was the first time she had ever tasted another pussy. She had just gotten started giving the woman’s pussy attention when she felt another cock pushing into her pussy. It was the biggest cock she had ever felt. Any sounds she attempted to make were muffled by the woman’s pussy covering her mouth. Hands and tongues covered Kris’ tits. A man knelt on each side of her, giving her their cocks for her to stroke. She came again, full of cock, and feeling the most amazing sensations. Her moans vibrated on the pussy of the woman she was licking. The woman moaned herself, grinding her pussy on Kris’ face.