Anger Management


His blue eyes held her lilac ones were held together strongly, as recognition as to who the other was filtered through their brains. Two faces paled in the crowded market place on the planet Nestem. Two humanoid beings froze as they stood totally engrossed in the other.

She gulped he was so much taller than the last time she had seen him. No she reminded herself his height had been the same, what had changed was that his youthful body had grown the muscles of the man he most definitely now was. His hair was short and still that pale gold shimmer that she had spent hours stroking. His facial features had filled out as well, until the overall picture of a handsome man was achieved, strong check bones, lips made for more than just talking! She shuddered.

The female turned and began walking away. He followed her as she headed towards the docking area behind the market. Towards a large grey ship that had seen better days, but then hadn’t they all, in this back water of a planet. He caught up with her as she pressed her fingers to the control panel to open her ship. His hand caught her shoulder, spinning her around.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me.” He hissed in anger born of many years hating her.

“I..” she started to say

“You are not leaving this time.”

“He’s dead then.” She looked at the floor, tears filling her eyes as she remembered, and then her eyes lifted to the man in front of her, her hand reaching out to touch his cheek. “You look so much like your father.”

“He died holding MY hand. It should have been your hand, but it was mine.” He growled, brushing her hand away Casibom from him as his other pinned her shoulder. He pushed her back into the ship behind her, closing the door on them to give them privacy. “He still hoped you would return. You broke him.”

She pulled herself together, “You know nothing of it!”

“I know he cried himself to sleep for ten years after you left.”

“Jamie, you know nothing.” She tried again more softly, to try and get him to listen.

“Don’t call me that endearment I hate it.” His anger hissed through him as he pushed her back against a bulkhead, unpinning her shoulder, taking her wrists in his large hand, bringing them above her head, to pin her there at his mercy. His knee moved between her legs, pinning her petite lower body against the cold metal wall. He noted through his anger that her hair was still that long plait of gold so close in colour to his own and that in all the years she seemed not to have aged. But then, he reasoned, he hadn’t aged much in his tens of years, nor would she in her hundreds of years.

She gulped, wondering how to stop this anger before he did something he would regret later. “Please, let me go, we need to talk. I didn’t leave because I wanted to. Your father made me go.”

“How dare you say that? He loved you. You were his life. He would never have sent you away.”

The young man’s anger knew no bounds, and she knew she had hurt him deeply, she felt ashamed; as she had when she had been forced to leave them all those years ago now. She tried to remove her wrist from his hand, but his strength was close to her own, she Casibom Giriş was trapped.

He was looking at her through anger filled eyes, and a heart that loved her and wanted to be with her desperately. He felt lost, and took his unease, out on her, he moved his knee up and rubbed it between her legs, the look of surprise on her face was perfect. Fear showed in her eyes, as his other hand reached down and began to und the fastenings on her trousers.

“Jamie!” she whispered, unable to fight his strength, unable to stop him, “Please Jamie… don’t do this.”

In answer his lips crushed hers, moving hard against her, making her groan until she opened her mouth enough for his tongue to enter and take control of her mouth. She wanted to bite it, but his mouth tasted like heaven, and she began to drown in the taste, the rough feel of him as he stripped her trousers off. His own trousers were snapped undone, and before she could think he had forced her legs open and placed himself at her entrance.

“Jamie NO!!” she screamed as he forced his way inside her. She knew her body was wet for him, he slide in her so, so very easily. Deeply, and forcefully he moved into her, not stopping until he had stretched her, his balls meeting her in a slap of pain.

He began to move hard, pounding her with all his hatred of her, “He hated you.”

“He loved me.” She retorted, her breath gasping as she began a very swift climb to completion.

“He wished he had never met you.” Jamie said as he pounded harder his own release surging forward, as he wanted to make her pay for the years of pain she had Casibom Güncel Giriş left behind her.

She screamed as her release exploded, pulling him with her, her body swamping his with sweet nectar; his filling her womb with his seed. In silence, apart from their breathing, they stood still joined. She cried silently, tears of sadness at the loss of someone she had loved so deeply; tears for finding Jamie again.

“If he hadn’t of met me,” she said quietly as she laid her head on his heaving chest, “I would never have had you my dearest son.”

He let go of her wrists, gathering her against him, holding her tight as they cried their grief together, silently.

When they were dressed again, she asked him, “Will you stay with me for a while?”

He shook his head. Jamie leaned down and caught her mouth in his, kissing her deeply. “Not yet.” He sighed, having to know the answer to this before he left her, “Why did you leave?”

“He ..” she paused, drew in a deep breath and looked up so their eyes connected again, “He thought you loved me far to physically. And he said he hated watching me leaning that way with you as well.”

Jamie nodded. He needed to go away and think about what she had said, he moved towards the ship door opening and stepping outside, she stood there watching him. He turned back to her sighing hard, “Will you be here same day next month?”

She frowned, and then smiled, nodding.

He leaned in, kissed her gently on her lips reassuring her with the promise that he would return next month, he drew back and spoke quietly only for her ears, “Ettienne, Mother, I have missed you so very much.”

“Jamison, my son, I have missed you too”

He walked away, not looking back, knowing that by this time next month he will have sorted out his affairs, and would leave here with her. He smiled as he walked away.