Nina’s Night Out Ch. 02


Emma and I had straightened ourselves up, replacing our clothing and stepping out of the cubicle to wash our hands as though nothing had happened. I had to touch up my makeup as the red lipstick had stained around my mouth.

The girl who had been on her phone was leant against the sinks, eyeing us suspiciously as she continued to talk to whoever was on the other end of the phone. As the bathroom door closed behind us, I’m sure I heard her say, “I swear there were some lesbos-“

Emma took my hand and twined my fingers through hers, pulling me out through the club to the bar. She ordered two more cocktails, and two shots. I have no idea what they were, but the shot burned all the way down and left a thick sweet taste at the front of my mouth. The cocktail was fruity, but damned alcoholic and I sipped at it tentatively while Emma sucked hers down.

We tried to hold a conversation, but over the music it was hard. I’m not sure she knew what I was saying, and I only caught snippets of information from her. She’d never done that before, she kept saying. She’d made out with a girl or two, haven’t we all? But that had been intense, and the possibility of getting caught made it hotter. I couldn’t help grinning to myself that I’d made her cum so quickly, and was acutely aware that in actual fact, I couldn’t wait to do it again.

Not to mention, I had yet to orgasm, and was still throbbing against the soaking fabric of my thong. I found myself hoping that she had toys to play with; I love vibrations. And then, as the dizzy drunken haze thickened inside my head, I began to wonder what her boyfriend must look like and exactly what “shift” he was finishing. Did she want me to have sex with him too? Or just want him to watch?

“Nathan’s calling!” she shouted, and pulled me outside with her to answer the phone.

We pushed through a crowd of people to get out onto the street. By this point it was almost midnight, when the party atmosphere was peaking. Bars would be wanting to close up by 1, and the clubs by 2, though a couple were open till 4 a.m. Or at least, that had been the case the last time I had gone out.

Lily didn’t seem to have made a reappearance.

Emma didn’t answer the phone in time, but didn’t have to. She stepped past the bouncer and a very large man picked her up and kissed her.

“Hey you,” he said, placing her gently on the floor before realising she was attached to me.

“Who’s this?”

Giggling, Emma looked up at her boyfriend and said “This is Nina, she’s… my friend.”

Nathan frowned, and looked me over. I returned the gesture, thinking God damn. He had to be at least six four, he was ridiculously tall. Short jet black hair, designer stubble and I couldn’t make out his eye colour in the light but I thought they might have been green. I imagined he’d just finished his shift as a bouncer, because the guy was thick set through the shoulders, with a barrel chest. He was muscled, but not to the ridiculous point like Bostancı Anal Escort Jake and I wondered what he was going to think of me coming home with them.

“Hey, Nina,” he said, and held his hand out to shake mine. “Don’t think we’ve met before.”

“Emma and I just met tonight,” I slurred, letting go of his thick-fingered hand and slipping my arms around her waist from behind. She giggled, and so did I.

There was that frown again. “Um… okay. Well, Nina, it’s nice to meet you but Emma and I are just heading out for a drink or two and we’re going home.”

Emma shook her head and said, “Change of plans.”

I’m sure if I’d been sober I would have felt a little awkward, because Nathan didn’t seem at all interested in me. He was obviously looking forward to those couple of drinks and probably taking Emma home to get her naked and do naughty things to her. Of course, I was now looking forward to that too and I didn’t want him spoiling my night.

“Emma, seriously? I don’t want to stay out all night partying again, please.” Poor guy. Maybe he didn’t get it.

Emma turned to me and studied my face. I frowned – she was going to send me home, to my place. And then she did something that surprised me, she kissed me. Softly, pressing her lips against mine, and then parting them with her tongue. The way she kissed me slowly made my insides turn over with excitement, and then she released me and looked at Nathan.

I saw the understanding creep over his face, and then confusion. “You… I’m… I don’t follow, Emma.”

He did, but he wanted confirmation. Emma just smiled and handed him her phone. “Call a taxi,” she said.

And he did.

When we got in, Emma made sure that I sat between her and Nathan. He watched as she slid her hand over my thigh, slowly slipping up the inside of my dress. She brushed the fabric of my underwear and I stifled a whimper, gripping Nathan’s thigh. He shifted uncomfortably but didn’t move my hand, and licked his lips.

“Good night?” the taxi driver asked. He was a man in his mid-forties with a receding hairline and the makings of a pot belly.

“Uh, yeah mate,” Nathan replied as Emma teased her fingertips around the edges of the thong, looking from Nathan to me. I bit my lip to keep from making any noise and slid my hand a little further up Nathan’s thigh. He shifted in his seat.

“Been bar hopping much?” He asked, glancing up into the rear-view mirror.

“Uh, no mate,” Nathan said.

Emma leaned into me and used her index finger to pull my panties to one side while she slid her middle finger up inside me. I gasped wordlessly, and let my head fall back against the seat as she teased me, slipping oh-so-slowly in and out, in and out. Her mouth fell to the nape of my neck and she left butterfly kisses in a trail up my throat to my earlobe.

“Pop the button on his jeans,” she whispered, before flicking her tongue over the pulse in my throat.

“Oh right. Bostancı Yaşlı Escort I like a good pub crawl, me. You had much to drink?” I found myself wishing we’d gotten a less talkative taxi driver.

Nathan was about to answer when I moved my hand to pop the button on his jeans and looked at him with a grin. His eyes widened, but he half-smiled back at me and finally said “No, I was at work, these two were drinking.”

“Ahhh I see,” he said, and laughed before he glanced at me in the mirror, “Feeling a bit worse for wear my love?”

“Mmm, I’m fine,” I breathed, and squeaked as Emma decided that was the time to pinch my clit between her forefinger and thumb.

“What are you doing?” The taxi driver asked, frowning at me as I sighed when Emma replaced her middle finger inside me and began to stroke the sensitive mound of my clit with her fingers.

“Making your seats wet,” I laughed as I pulled the zip down on Nathan’s jeans and felt for his cock. He was hard and throbbing in his boxers.

“What?” He half-shouted, and braked a little, whirling his head to look at us. “Oi, what do you think you’re doing?”

Emma stopped pleasuring me and I winced. “I’m trying to have an orgasm!” I explained.

He pulled over there and then. “Out!” he said, “Get out of my taxi!”

I pouted and Nathan opened the door, “We’re almost home mate, come on, this is the middle of nowhere.”

I looked outside, and he was right. It was dark, and we had stopped in a layby. There was woodland on either side and I had absolutely no idea where we were. However, by that point, I didn’t care. I just wanted to cum.

The taxi driver had stepped out of the car to argue with Nathan, and Emma was opening the door when I had an idea. I slid out of the car, and moved towards Nathan who was trying to persuade the taxi driver to get us the rest of the way home.

“Want to watch?” I asked him.

He stopped what he was saying mid-sentence and stared at me. “What?”

Emma grabbed my hand and Nathan’s and stood between us, resting her head against my shoulder and looking at the taxi driver. “If we let you watch, will you take us home?” I slurred, and giggled, lifting a hand to massage Emma’s breast.

“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with-“

“Okay,” he said.

“What?” Nathan asked, staring at him. “Are you serious?”

The taxi driver just nodded, and motioned his head toward the car.

Emma laughed and led me around the front of the car. I stumbled in my heels on the rough ground and she caught me, before forcing me to bend over the bonnet.

I spread my legs wide for her and let her lift my dress up over my arse to give the two men a good view of me. I sighed with anticipation as she slid the thong down from my hips, past my soaking wet thighs to my ankles, and planted a soft kiss against my slit.

“Fuck…” I heard the taxi driver breathe.

Emma stood up then and spanked me. I gasped and giggled, writhing Bostancı Zenci Escort against the warm metal of the car bonnet. Her fingers brushed against my lips and she pushed one inside me, then two. She stood to one side of me so the men could see her fingers buried in my pussy and she spanked me again.

I yelped, and felt myself tighten around her fingers at the shock. She was enjoying this.

Three more times she spanked me as she slowly fucked me with her fingers. I felt the orgasm building, and then she began to increase the speed. Faster and faster, until there was barely a second between her fingertips brushing my opening, and her palm meeting my body. I bucked and she pushed me back down against the car and held me there as I came.

My whole body felt hot, and I could feel the colour rising in my face and throat, my nipples tight and hard as I finally got the release I’d been wanting since it began on the dance floor. I gasped and she withdrew her fingers from me. She waited for me to stand and turn before sucking on them.

I leant dazedly back against the bonnet of the taxi and tried to catch my breath. I barely had the chance before I noticed that the taxi driver was standing in front of us, and stroking his cock. This was a far cry from the objections he’d had to a little fingering in the back of his taxi.

I couldn’t help it. I giggled, and then Emma saw him too and she began to giggle. But then he said, “Let me fuck you.”

Nathan interrupted before I had the chance to be disgusted. “Hey, look, she let you watch, now take us home.”

The taxi driver fixed him with a glare, “I could just leave you here!”

That made Nathan angry and he clenched his fists, “Fuck off then, we’ll call another taxi-“

“Good luck getting them to find you!” He snorted, and Nathan turned to Emma, shaking his head.

The taxi driver was right, but there was no way on this earth I was going to let him fuck me. “I don’t have a condom,” I said, “But, get in the back.”

Still stroking his stiff cock, he did as he was told and climbed into the back seat. I followed him in, and knelt in the footwell beside him. He was breathing heavily and looking down at me through the thin frames of his glasses as he nervously licked his lips.

I took his cock in my hand and thought of getting to strip that tight pink dress from Emma and bury my face in her pussy while Nathan watched. I slid my mouth over the head and further down the shaft, massaging my tongue against the flesh as I went. He let out a moan and I began to bob up and down, covering the length of him with my saliva.

My right hand stroked the shaft as I flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock, my left hand cupping and gently massaging his balls. He let out an appreciative groan and curled his fingers in my hair, pulling before he forced me to choke on his cock.

I gagged and tried to pull myself up but he didn’t let me. Then I realised why. as he throbbed in my mouth and I felt warm, thick fluid coursing down my throat. That hadn’t lasted long – thank God.

He let me up to breathe after four spurts of cum and I gasped for air.

I let him recover himself for a moment as I swallowed down the cum, coughed and looked at him. “Will you take us back now?”