Kylie , Jane Ch. 03


They had lunch nearby and Tommy’s interest grew when Kylie and Jane kissed quickly after one small exchange of conversation and laughter. Jane leaned in with her elbows on the table and never took her eyes off Kylie’s lips as the pressed together. It was an intimate and strong sensual kiss, each girl seemed a little more aggressive afterwards. Jane had begun touching her upper arms, running her fingers through her hair and down her neck. She began sitting at an angle to the table so her legs mimicked any gesture she made, except they always pointed at Tommy. They were strong and tanned, she had kicked off the sandals she wore as they walked and Tommy was overwhelmed with her tempting skin.

Kylie would raise her arms to stretch and Tommy’s attention would turn to enjoy the plush suspension of her breasts, which would jiggle when she laughed. All he could do was smooth his pants and adjust his erection. He built up the courage to whisk Kylie away for some tension easing play and struck during a pause in conversation.

“Darling, I need to make a phone call in the back, but can you come interrupt me in five minutes or so, this guy can talk for an hour if I don’t cut him off,” Tommy asked. His plan was brilliant, and his eyes told her ‘interrupt’ had several meanings and he wanted her dirtiest, most extensive interruption allowable by law.

“Sure, I’ll watch the clock, babe,” she replied, smiling and planning something.

Off Tommy went and Kylie excused herself a minute later to use the washroom.

Tommy needed someone to suck his cock, or lean against the wall and let him nail her there. He was not very surprised when Jane came around the corner and swung the door closed. Her dark eyes made his speech to his client stumble, but he recovered and she slowly closed the distance. Her hands transitioned between her legs and her stomach, untucking her shirt and undoing several buttons. Tommy’s client went on and on with Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort a golf story while Jane pressed him to the wall and pulled his pants off, tossing them aside. His boxers kept him covered, but without pants he felt very exposed and worried about who might catch them. She was very short, around five feet tall, with strong arms and legs and full breasts, she opened her shirt, letting him see her hard nipples through the red bra, and her soft skin practically smoked.

She pushed him backwards, he stammered on the phone, trying to get a word in and excuse himself, but with no success. He laid back across an ottoman and into the seat of a leather chair, smiling and feeling even more exposed. Her fingers opened the fly and were cold as she pulled his cock out. It was leaking and close to bursting as she lapped her broad tongue from base to tip, firmly pressing with her right hand, then held the head in her lips, flicking her tongue and stroking her thumb. He danced in the chair in tortured pleasure, very glad his legs were free to move. She snaked her left hand up the leg of his boxers and softly touched his balls, steadily sucking his cock and letting her hair fall around her, this was Tommy’s bonus, a hair massage.

Tommy knew this was Kylie’s idea, it had to be. But he still jumped when her face appeared and he could not tell from the angle if she were mad or not. But, as she pressed her panties into his face, he guessed she was okay. And for sure, as she straddled his shoulders waiting for his tongue to trace her pussy, he had her permission. He ended his conversation and reached to her buttocks, pulling her down to his mouth, just as Jane lowered her pussy onto his cock. She had wrapped him and the girls had been toying with themselves; so each lovers pleasure was not far off. The room stank of sex as they collected themselves. Tommy helped Kylie with her panties and Jane Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort helped Tommy clean his cock. They paid and left for Tommy and Kylie’s place to sit in the sun and enjoy the rest of the day.

They all laid out naked by the pool for a short while, no one wanted a sunburn when there was so much fun to be had. The girls smelled like suntan lotion as they went inside, Kylie slightly pink and Jane a bit deeper bronze, their breasts pressed together as they kissed, their bodies angles and curves drove Tommy wild, he felt he would never have enough of them. They appraised him and decided to change things around this time. Tommy was determined to turn the tables on them.

“Jane, did you know what a hot slut our girl Sara is,” Kylie pointed out. “We better go through her gear and see what we can find.”

The girls sprinted up the stairs toward Sara’s room, bouncing and jiggling for Tommy to watch. Quickly enough Jane crept back down and pushed him into an office chair, knelt down and as Tommy leaned his head back in anticipation of her lips and teeth sliding down his shaft he heard two clicks from a set of handcuffs, pink and feathery of course, felt a kiss on his cock and Jane sprinted away laughing. His right arm was now locked to the chair and he shifted for comfort, confident they would not be gone very long.

Kylie explored Sara’s closet, so full of toys and costumes, running her fingers over the shafts of dildos and vibrators, tapping one on her lips as her eyes roamed over the clothing.

Jane bounced on the bed in a field of pillows and opened the drawer of the bedside table, that’s where she kept her best friends! And Sara was no different. A long, rippling, bright pink strap on was going to be perfect! And a second set of handcuffs, and some delicious looking nipple clamps!!

Kylie came back ready for Tommy in a short pink tube top and matching Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort skirt that was at most four inches long, not enough to cover the top curve of her ass or the front of her crotch. She was barefoot and had pulled her hair up in a bun.

Jane also drew her hair up and was dressing as slowly with rolled up pink knee-highs and had settled on wearing the strap on as they went down stairs. The girls kissed, Kylie stroking Jane’s hard on, then pulling her out the door.

Tommy still could not believe his luck as the girls approached him and he reached up with his free had to swat Kylie’s ass, but Jane caught his hand and locked it down with more handcuffs. She then step in front of him and pulled his mouth onto the dildo mounted to her body

‘I need you to moisten this up for Kylie,” she said as she pumped in and out, feeling for a moment what it was like to be on the receiving end of a blow job.

She pulled back, kissed Kylie and made her lift one leg onto the arm of Tommy’s chair, he then had the front row seat for Jane’s slow penetration. Kylie’s pussy lips spread wide as she took Jane little by little, feeling each bump stretch her sensitive parts. She moaned and turned toward Tommy to encourage Jane, her eyes begging for heat. Tommy squirmed and Jane pulled Kylie off to rest her head in Tommy’s lap. Jane continued fucking, Kylie wrapped her hands tight around Tommy’s erection and moaned, sucking hard on the tip. Her body rocked forward and her small breasts brushed their hard nipples on his legs. Soon enough they moved again. Kylie lay on her back and Jane mounted her in the missionary position, again fucking relentlessly both of their breasts shaking as they concentrated. They cried out together and collapsed, Jane pulled out of Kylie’s body and reached to her pussy to remove the vibrator now covered in her cum.

Tommy persuaded the girls to unlock him and was lapping at Jane’s pussy when the door closed and Sara started yelling.

“What the fuck Kylie? Tommy? That’s my stuff,” she pointed out. Neither of them could argue and Jane looked up after Tommy stopped licking. Sara posed in a knee length skirt and tank top, her petite body draining tension as she put all the pieces together and took advantage of the situation.