Recently Finished Tale


(An older in complete recounting, finally finished – back when oral sex and condoms still went together.)

The pleasure engulfed me completely, the man beneath me taking my hard cock deeper. The sense of merging was incredible as we fucked, his motions and skill lifting me to a new level, cock sinking into his soft and inviting ass. My rod pressed against his perfect sheath, making it feel so huge as it stretched his horny hole. Words were coming from both our throats, but neither of us were capable of making any sense of them. Except at the most basic sexual level, sharing ourselves completely, beyond such distinctions as top or bottom as we fucked.

He wanted my cock, and I could no longer resist his least desire. We had already been fucking for a while, my gasps and groans and pleas to go slower amusing him – whenever he wasn’t the one grunting and moaning, with me asking him about what we were doing as my cock rammed itself into a perfectly wanting tunnel of male desire.

We had shifted positions a couple of times, and just before the intensity of my cock head feeling his inviting hole exploded throughout my being, his fingers had been stroking and positioning my cock. As his guiding fingers came closer to my cock head, the pure satisfaction began to crest, reaching a peak when he positioned my cock perfectly, cock head sliding deeper. It had been a while since last fucking a stranger’s offered ass, yet this was still a new sensation, one that had me become nothing but an ass fucker, slapping the booth walls as my palms found a new position to pound him.

This is what I had wanted during my last, shorter, visit, seeing a man laying down on his towel, with spread legs, in a booth. But the remaining fifteen minutes then seemed too short to enjoy something that normally takes considerably longer, especially as being late was not a good option while married.

For today’s visit, I’d made sure that timing would not play a role for hours. The last visit had reminded me just how wonderful the sexual haze can grow, provided there are no external concerns. The organic smoke provided its customary boost, the poppers bottle was in my black bag with a selection of condoms, and my customary beer was quickly finished.

Going downstairs, there were a couple of towels in the cubbyholes, and a man in the Finnish sauna. I showered, and went to the hot tub, leaving my towel and bag on a recliner. Starting to go up the steps, I saw the man from the dry sauna enter the Turkish bath. Leading me to get my camera, and take a few pictures.

It was not exactly furtive photography, as it seemed reasonable to think that three naked men would likely find something to occupy themselves for at least a couple of moments. There being the first apparent visitors to a male only steam bath, where fantastic sex with strangers was something essentially everyone entering it was familiar with – and looking to enjoy again.

After taking a couple of pictures, which took forever as the batteries were again almost empty, I repacked everything in my bag, and entered the nicely warm whirlpool. The water was nice after the ride, the warmth soaking through me. As generally the case, the water jets were just too much, especially considering how no one else had come downstairs yet. Combined with the fact that nobody had left the steam room, it seemed time to put the camera in the locker.

Something I had not considered at the start of my bathhouse picture taking career. Until after coming out of the whirlpool on a Friday, seeing a man going through my stuff, a condom in his hand. One he’d taken from under my crumpled towel in the cubbyhole. He had yet to find the camera, as his method milf porno was quite chaotic. Approaching, it was clear that my black bag was the next thing he would have noticed. Politely saying ‘that is mine,’ I interrupted him, just on the verge of being exposed as someone taking pictures in a very sexual space, one that relies on a certain idea of privacy to maintain its broad attraction among its many customers.

Done stowing my camera in the empty locker room, I went upstairs, visiting the darkroom first. Though it sounded like a couple of people were enjoying sexual activity, it was not possible to find it with my outstretched hand sweeping in the darkness. The darkroom is quite large, but fumbling in the dark to find people who possibly desire remaining by themselves is not that attractive to me.

I soon left, going into one of the pair of booths right outside of the dark area, hearing the obvious sounds of sex from the other one. I did a hit of poppers, getting wonderfully hard listening to the strangers so close. Still hard, I picked up my things and walked back towards the porn area, my towel held at least somewhat modestly in front of an erect cock.

Both porn booths were empty, so I wandered into the porn room, seeing one man in the porn area. His hand was underneath his towel, and it was obvious while I looked that he was fondling his balls. When he noticed me looking, his hand moved a bit, opening his towel as his fingers circled his half hard cock.

Sitting down in the middle of the middle row, soon stroking myself while watching the rimming shown on the opposite wall. Getting horny, I turned my head to see what he was doing. The towel was no longer exactly concealing, and from here, the view of his stroking was ideal. He hadn’t changed position, though if he wished, his foot could have been in easy reach of my hand.

The video was actually pretty hot, making it easy to get hard, turned on by the truth another man was watching me jack off to gay porn. A man equally interested, undoubtedly. Soon, the pleasure had increased to the point that my eyes closed, staying just on the other side of cumming, letting my cock be exposed in a state of pure horniness for a while, legs spreading wide.

Showing off, I almost came, several times, knowing that the pre-cum made my cock glisten in the shimmering light reflected from the scene on the screen. A scene tempting me to just let my stroking fist lead to a public orgasm. I turned my head at times, opening my eyes, seeing just how intensely aroused he was watching me, no longer paying really paying attention to the screen.

However, after almost cresting several times, the inevitable decline occurred. He never moved closer, and no one else had entered the space. By now, that certain bathhouse atmosphere had begun to suffuse through my body, something indescribably primal, and totally addictive.

Doing another hit of rush before returning to the steam bath, noting the numerous abandoned towels before going inside. Entering the dim humidity, seeing one man in the corner next to the door, enticing sounds explaining what the other naked strangers might be doing.

Heading to the back slowly, ending up sitting down next to a man positioned much the way I often preferred in the back. It was clear he was sucking a standing man’s cock. Moving my leg against his, feeling his hand slide along my thigh, then touch my cock as I found his nipple. Soon, we were stroking each. Another man came up on my side. My hands quickly went to his cock, soon being joined by the other man’s questing touch.

Opening a condom, I began sucking his cock, as a foursome developed in the steam mobil porno room. The light was just enough to see the man sitting next to me slide his hand over my cock, just as my left hand gripped his erect length. We were both sucking off a partner, each of whom was also touching the other cock sucker. In my case, with fingers that rubbed over my nipple, making my cock sucking even sluttier, especially when lifting my hand to feel the base of his naked and slippery wet shaft. Letting my circled fingers rise until they met the lips surrounding a stranger’s luscious cock.

The man I was cock sucking guided my head slowly, all of us sharing in the opportunity to enjoy the alluring pleasures of being hard with other turned on men. Especially the possibility to have two or three people touching or kissing at the same time. Someone’s fingers also met my lips, the sensations melting together, from my filled mouth, stroked cock, rubbed nipples. My own efforts were split between mouth fucking a rigid length, and having my left hand stroke the sitting man’s cock, while my right hand manipulated his nipple.

Our grouping was somewhat loose, and a fifth man joined us, pressing himself against the other cock sucked man. I had almost cum several times, at the hands of three different men. The man I had been sucking had also felt, and sounded, on the edge several times, before he just simply left. By now, my own cock was cycling into a calmer mode, the pre-cum having been slowly thinned by sweat.

The man next to me continued his varied efforts, shared between three other men, still sucking. It appeared the new man had begin to fuck the apparently helpless, turned on cock sucked man. I watched for a bit, hand playing with my wet length, enjoying the sensations, knowing that there were plenty of other delights available.

Finally, I left, hitting the shower long enough to get clean. Soaping my cock half hard first, I went to the whirlpool, seeing two men in it as I reached the first step. The stranger on my left seemed better positioned for the sort of games my half erect cock wanted, and his gaze was considerably more direct. Glancing between his legs, I noted how his arm was positioned under the water.

Pausing to look more directly at how he was playing with himself, my hand slid over my cock, pushing it down against my thigh. I quickly entered the water, sitting quite close to him. Equally quickly touching – foot, leg, hands, thighs, cocks and nipples. He moved, leading to even more contact, both of us hard while stroking the other.

Water removes a body’s weight, creating opportunities for positions that would never be possible on a bed. He had drifted over me, my rigid cock pressed against his thigh. As he turned and shifted, it became apparent he wanted my cock to pleasure his ass. The sensation of feeling his weight moving my cock back and forth was enthralling, my right hand pulling the skin taut at the base of bush.

I played with his ass, his right hand squeezing my nipple, floating in bliss, remaining just far rough away from orgasm. However, when the water jets stopped, the other man left.

No longer completely erect, I left the jacuzzi. Drying off, I noted that it was almost 4pm, time slipping in a wonderful way. With plenty of time to drink another beer. It might be mundane, but beer is another nice a part of enjoying a male only sauna.

Going upstairs directly, without stopping at the middle level, knowing there was more than enough time to see what was happening above.

Going towards the video section, a man sat in the first booth, playing with his cock. I stopped, standing outside, then entered, without olgun porno quite closing the door. Getting hard, I watched him jack off. I took a couple of condoms from my bag, leaving the rush and camera inside it. It was easy to open the condom, then place it over his horny cock head, my lips following the latex down as it covered his length.

He couldn’t resist being sucked, but after a while, his lack of any other response led me to ask about taking pictures of my going down on him. Quite explicitly noting that the pictures would be as he wanted, since he would be the one taking them. However, I was turned down, which didn’t matter too much at this point.

He left the booth first, still wearing the condom as he turned towards the porn theater area. Going downstairs to the bar counter, seeing that it was almost 4:30pm, I ordered another beer.

A decision reinforced by another hit of rush beforehand, knowing that I would be drinking the glass promptly. Particularly considering just how well my tastes were known at the bar, the beer being poured pretty right after reaching a stool. Today, it worked out alright between visitors – the barkeeper is also responsible for allowing in visitors.

Feeling a warm glow, the basement the next destination. I hit the showers first, spending some time soaping my cock three quarters hard, a couple of men walking by slowly as I did so, one leaving the area, the other entering the dry sauna.

Seeing the number of towels in the cubbyholes, it was a simple choice to return to the steam room.

A man stood in back, in the corner. I strode over the back wall, hearing the sounds of male sex. The gloom was still essentially impenetrable, though in this border area between dim and dark, at least outlines to be seen

Such as the man who slowly drifted by, snared by my gently reaching hand, stopping. Leaning against the wall next to me, in the darker area, both of us watching two men kissing passionately, cock to cock. Soon, we were doing the same, enjoying ourselves. The heat seemed higher than before, and I had to break off and leave.

Back upstairs, another man was in the same booth. I quickly went inside, and sat next to him. The porn showed rimming, and we began touching. He made me really horny, and then bent down to take my naked cock in his mouth. The initial sensation was overwhelming, and like a suck slut, I just let him go down on me, beyond caring about condoms. Men are irresistible cock suckers, something revealed, again, beyond my imagination when experiencing the reality.

I’d taken an almost 2 month pause from visiting the local bathhouse, and by this point, I understood why such a long pause just added to the wonderful sensations. Today, there was no time pressure while responding to my desire to expand from last visit’s pleasures. All of them till now most sensibly indulged, without any concerns of the sort that would lead to a pause.

Except for the pure sluttiness, however. Something that returned with a fantastic vengeance during this visit. Whether in the steam room or upstairs in a porn booth, my cock demanded its own pleasures – and found them. Leading to a return of my concerns regarding the pleasures I was becoming acquainted with. In an ever smaller part of my mind, admittedly, my cock winning out ever more often compared to caution.

However, when he shifted position to rub my slick cock against his soft hole, I said “condom” and quickly put one on. That boundary is important, and he had no problem with me doing it. I knelt behind him, and he soon took me into paradise.

Our fucking grew intense, milking my horny cock expertly. I kept playing with his hard length, trying to keep our rhythm together. At some point beyond measure, orgasm approached, making me grab both his hips and start ramming my cock deeper. Losing control while taking control, pounding his ass as the cum rose from my slapping balls, pumping hot cum into his hot ass.