The Blackmailed Wife


It was a beautiful summer day. The mailman just came to Brenda Johnston’s house. She looked through the mail, when she came across a bill from her doctor for her yearly physical. Opening it, she found her insurance didn’t pay any of it, she was refused coverage.

Brenda called the insurance company, after they checked their records; they told her she didn’t have any insurance, as she didn’t pay the premium required. Brenda checked her canceled checks and found she forgot to pay it. She called her doctor and told him her predicament. Brenda couldn’t tell her husband as he will be very angry with her. It’s her responsibility to take care of the bills; she fought with him for about three months before he gave her the check book. She took care of the finances for the family only for the last two months. He did it himself until then. Now she has a very big challenge ahead of her. The doctor told her to swing by at the end of the day today and they can discuss ways to work out payment for the bill.

Brenda was in her late forties. She was a little overweight, with nice skin and brown hair, about five foot four inches, with a forty-four, thirty, thirty-eight figure. She was a very shy lady, but pleasant to converse with, once she got to know you. She never worked outside of the house, until the kids were old enough to attend school, and then she took a job in the school system, so she would be home when her children were. Now the kids are all grown and she works part time, a few days a week for her friends home decorating consulting business as a receptionist typist.

At four-thirty Brenda went to the doctor’s office.

“Can I help you?” The receptionist asked.

“The doctor told me to come tonight at this time.” said Brenda.

“Do you have an appointment?” asked the Receptionist, as it didn’t show up on the appointment book.

“No,” Brenda told her. “The doctor asked me to come by at the end of the day today, to discuss my bill with him.”

The receptionist called the doctor. He came out as he was done with his patients for the day.

Doctor Mayors had Brenda follow him to his office. They sat down and Brenda told him what had happened.

“I really need the money right now,” said the Doctor.

“Is there some way to pay the bill in installments, as it was over four hundred and fifty dollars, with the testing you did on me?” She asked hopefully.

He thought for a while and said. “The only suggestion I have, other than call your husband is have you be an MTA for the interns here. We need a female MTA. They get paid four hundred dollars a day. The female MTA’s are needed for a week. If you’re willing to do that then, I think we can work it out and you will have extra spending money after you’re first day.”

Brenda would do almost anything, rather than have her husband find out she didn’t pay the health insurance premium. She spent the money intended for the insurance on a new outfit she didn’t need. Brenda agreed, almost before the doctor finished telling her about it.

Then as an afterthought, she asked.” What is a MTA?”

Doctor Mayors said. “An MTA is a Medical Teaching Associate.”

“What am I going to teach the interns?” She asked the doctor.

“I am going to use you as a teaching tool for the interns. You will be given a complete exam, while they observe and then participate. Each will take a turn examining you. Giving you a thorough exam,” said the doctor

She was thinking of backing out presently. Brenda doesn’t like the humiliation of the exam, or the embarrassment of being totally exposed to the doctor, let along a group of interns.

“I am a very shy person I can’t be an MTA for you. Is there any other way to pay off my debt to you?” She said smiling hopefully that they could come to some other arrangement.

The woman who was to be the MTA for the group backed out and the Doctor had to find another woman to fill in this is why he is using a form of blackmail to get Brenda to accept the MTA position.

The doctor said no problem. “I will give you until the end of the week to give me your answer. If you decide not to be my MTA I will call your husband to get paid. I need the money by the end of the month. I need an MTA next week; otherwise I have to call your husband if you decide not to do it.”

After agonizing over the proposition all night the doctor gave her, she called him the following day and told him reluctantly. “I will be an MTA for the interns.”

She had no choice, as she couldn’t come up with the money, without her husband finding out. Brenda told her friend she was working for she has to take off the following week for personal reasons. She had everything set up, but adana escort she was not ready for what she had to do.

The Doctor told her to go to the medical college lab room one hundred and seventy-five on Monday at eight am.

“You will ask for Professor Martin he will prep you for the exam.” said the doctor.

Brenda had a very stressful weekend. She didn’t like to go to the doctors for her yearly, but now she will have to let a room full of interns examine her. Brenda couldn’t wait to get this over with. She hoped she didn’t know anyone in the group.

Her husband went to work at six thirty each morning, so she got up and took a shower checked her body, shaved her legs and trimmed her pubic area. She didn’t know what she will be told to do today, so she put on a conservative bra and pantie set, with a skirt and blouse, to finish the outfit slip on shoes.

By seven-fifteen am she was ready to go. Brenda was so nervous she was shaking. She was having trouble driving she was so scared of what she would have to do today. It took her longer than normal to arrive at the medical wing of the college, as she drove slower than usual, there was more traffic today it was earlier than when she goes downtown later in the day. She found the lab at about five minutes to eight. The door wasn’t opened yet, so she waited outside.

The Professor, a man of about fifty-five years old showed up at exactly eight am. He looked at Brenda and walked by her. He opened the lab door and went in. Brenda went in the room in back of the man.

The Professor turned around and said. “Can I help you?”

She said. “I am the MTA for the week.”

The Professor said. “I was expecting a younger woman, but it would be great to have someone older for the interns to examine.”

He said. “You’re old enough to be each of the interns mother.”

She really didn’t like this and was embarrassed to have someone her sons age examine her. Now thinking of the last statement it really upset her. She can feel the humiliation rising up thinking of young men as old as her son examining her. What will they think of her?

The Professor had her follow him into a room that turned out to be an exam room.

“Do you shave your pubic area?” He asked her.

“No, why?” she stuttered very embarrassed.

He told her. “Please remove all your clothes I will have to prep you then.”

“What do you mean by prepping me?” She stuttered feeling her face turning red with embarrassment.

He explained. “I am going to shave your vaginal area today, only leaving a little hair on your mound.”

She asked. “Where can I undress?”

He said. “You can go across the hall to the ladies room, but then you will be naked coming across the hall or you can undress in this room.”

Brenda asked, “Where is the exam gown?”

The professor said. “I can give you a gown, but you will have to take it off for the prepping anyway.”

She heaved a sigh of resignation and started to remove her clothes. She was down to her bra and panties. She turned very red she reached behind her and unhooked her bra she let it fall down her arms. She put one arm across her breasts, as she put the bra on the pile of her clothes. The hardest part was yet to come she turned her back to the professor and hooked her thumbs in the side of her panties. She slid them down her legs to the ground. When she bent over to retrieve her panties, she didn’t realize she gave the professor a great view of her flower of life and brown star from the rear. She walked to the exam table and tried to cover her body the best she could with her hands.

Brenda went to the exam table as she was instructed by the Professor. He had her get on her back and put her feet in the stirrups. At this point she has no modestly left and by the end of the day she will have many young men looking at her intimate being. She shivered at the thought.

“This is the most humiliating and exposed position any woman can be in.” she thought.

The Professor spread her wide, and stood between her legs, so he could shave her pubic area. The procedure embarrassed her greatly, not only she will be exposed to young men who are her children’s age, but she will have her pussy shaved. She has never been shaved in her life. What will Brenda to tell her husband?

The Professor used scissors to trim her first, and then he put shaving cream around her lower lips and began to shave her. He rubbed her clit as he shaved her, before long she was very aroused. This caused her more embarrassment. The Professor inserted his fingers in her pussy to hold her lips while he shaved her. She was on the verge of an orgasm eskişehir escort when he finished.

He had her stand up and face the exam table. The Professor told her to bend over and lay on the exam table. He spread her buttocks and checked to see if he needed to shave her backside around her brown star. She did need to have hair removed, so he lathered her. She could feel the cold air on her pussy and back door a testament to the fact she is wide open and exposed to this man she just met as he shaved her. The professor put on some lotion to eliminate the razor burn on all the shaved areas. He told her to put on her skirt and blouse, but leave off her panties and bra. She did this and felt naked. The skirt was short, so she had to watch the way she sat down.

The interns started to enter the room. Most were in their middle twenties. The Professor introduced Brenda to the group telling them she was to be their MTA for the week. Each one of them introduced themselves to her. There were fifteen young men. She was very scared presently. She wondered what they would think of her. The class was about to start and in came one more young man. Brenda didn’t see him come in, she had her back to him, as she nervously talked with a few of the young men in the front of the room to take her mind off her coming humiliation.

The Professor said. “Glad you could make it Bobby.”

Bobby explained. “I had to give some information to a doctor before I could come to this class.”

Brenda turned around and found out; to her dismay the young man was one of her sons’ grade school friends. Bobby had moved with his parents in sixth grade out of the area. She didn’t know he went to medical school, as her son had lost touch with him. Brenda couldn’t believe this. She hopes he doesn’t recognize her. Brenda didn’t say anything to the young man. In hopes he didn’t recognize her.

Professor Martin called the class to order just as Dr. Mayors entered the room carrying a large case with him. He told one of the interns to go to the car and get his medical bag. The Intern came back with it. He helped the Doctor set up the equipment he brought in.

Brenda looked at the equipment, but she didn’t know what it is. She asked the Professor, “What are you setting up?”

He told her, “It is a camera to see into a woman to her cervix. It sends an image to the monitor in real time.”

She shuttered to think this was going to be done to her in a short while in front of all these young men including her sons’ boyhood friend. She didn’t know if she could go through with the procedure.


Everything was ready and The Professor introduced Dr. Mayors as the authority on OBGYN exams.

Dr. Mayors said, “Thank you Brenda for consenting to be a MTA for the next week. Today we are going to concentrate on the interior of the vagina using this instrument.” He held up what looked like a dildo with light on it. “This is inserted into the vagina to see to the cervix.”

For the next fifteen minutes he talked about the use of the instrument and what can be accomplished with it. Then he called to Brenda to come to the front of the room, so he could demonstrate it.

She walked down as if she was going to be punished for something. She hadn’t sat down as she didn’t want to let anyone know she wasn’t wearing any panties.

The doctor said, “Please mount the exam table.”

She did and waited for the dreaded words. Which didn’t come instead the doctor took each of her feet and helped her put them in the stirrups and then stated, “The skirt is in the way.” He unzipped it and had her lift up to remove it.

She was in the most exposed position a woman can be in and she was in front of sixteen young men, a professor she just met and her doctor. Brenda was very humiliated, but she was getting moist to her embarrassment.

Becoming aroused during the exam is embarrassing her more than her exposure to the group. How come she is becoming excited in this situation? She didn’t believe this could turn her on so much, but it is. The Doctor looked at her flower of life and noticed she was excited, her pussy lips are engorged, and he could smell her arrousal.

The doctor noting how excited Brenda was wanted to see if she would comply with his next instruction, “I think for the rest of this demonstration the MTA should be completely nude to see how this procedure affects the body.”

Reluctantly Brenda let the doctor unbutton her top and she sat up so he could remove it. Now she was completely naked in front of the group. Everyone could see how turned on the older woman was her pussy was leaking, her nipples hard, her sakarya escort pussy lips were engorged and the smell of a turned on woman permeated the room, if you missed the other signs the fragrance of excited pussy is unmistakable and causes males close by to become excited by an excited woman’s scent. Brenda looked around at all the men and realized they were all pitching tents in their pants. She became less embarrassed and more excited she could turn on young men at her age.

The Doctor took the round head of the camera with light on it and inserted it in her womanhood. You could see the interior just like you were in there. Everyone could see her very intimate area now. She was becoming more excited by the minute. Brenda was spreading her legs wider.

She loved the feel of the instrument, it was so hard. “OOOOOOOOOOOOH,” she moaned as the doctor was moving the instrument around in her pussy to show the group assembled all her intimate features not normally see by even her husband. He pumped the fake cock in her under the pretense of teaching his charges the geography of a woman’s man sleeve, when in reality he is was trying to get the mature woman off in front of the group

The Doctor had all the interns come up one at a time and use the instrument on Brenda. Some were very gentle with her instrument in her womanhood, others needed more practice to master the camera.

When Bobby came up he said, “Hi, do you remember me?”

She was mortified he was talking to her about the times he was at her house and he was also using the instrument on her at the same time. He was standing between her legs looking at her pussy as he conversed with her.

He whispered to her, “I would dream about you when I was younger. Now I am seeing the interior of your woman hood.” as he moved the imitation dick in and out of her pussy.

She was very close to an orgasm. There were two more students after Bobby. The last one set her off she stiffened up and had the most powerful orgasm she has ever had. Brenda screamed and passed out. The interns thought they did something wrong, even worse they hurt her flower of life.

The doctor laughed and said, “She just had an orgasm”.

This made Brenda wish she could disappear. She couldn’t believe this is happening to her. The Doctor made her stay on the exam table spread for another twenty minutes as the interns were asking questions. He would use her pussy when answering the questions. He kept his fingers in her for most of the remaining time, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of her to keep her on the edge of orgasm, but never bringing her over the top. The Doctor was causally rubbing her clitoris as he answered questions. She was close to coming again by the time the question and answer period was complete.

The doctor said, “Brenda, you can get off the table now.”

Thinking the class was over she jumped off the table, but to her dismay they were not finished yet.

The doctor said, “Brenda face the exam table put your elbows on it and spread your legs, so we can use the cam on your rectal opening.”

Mortified Brenda turned and did as instructed, a smaller head was fitted to the instrument, but when the doctor started to insert it after he used a large quantity of lubricant she screamed. “You’re hurting me please go slow.”

The doctor slowed down as he pushed the instrument into her she felt like she had a log in her brown star. It felt like four hours, but the demonstration was over within five minutes. He didn’t have any of the interns use the instrument on her back door, as it was painful to her. Brenda is not accustomed to have anything in there she was an anal virgin before today.

“Thanks, Brenda we are done for today, your bill with me is paid. The remainder of the money you make will be yours.” Said the doctor

The embarrassed older woman stood up, the group has seen everything she has, and this freed her of her modesty, so she stayed to talk to the interns. Bobby talked about old times. He told Brenda he knew she was a hot lady, the comment made her turn red. They all thanked her and the Doctor told her to be at the Exam room the next day at eight am, but you better put on some clothes before you leave here. Brenda looked down and realized she didn’t have any clothes on. She dressed while they all watched her. She was getting excited again. They all followed her out to her car. They all stood there and watched her, as she drove away.

She was wondering what the next day will be like. Brenda decided she liked to be a Medical Teaching Associate for the young men and the money was better than what she was making on her present job. If all goes well this week she may volunteer to be an MTA again.

Tomorrow she will be there again. But the exam the next day is another story. If you would like to hear about it send me an email, if enough people email me I will write the next day’s story


This story is fiction based on a fantasy.

All rights reserved copyright 2018/2038.