Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 18



Something was changing with Tina, or at least I thought so…oddly, I couldn’t read her. For the past few years, she shied from the threesome thing, whenever it was offered. Even though she enjoyed watching, she wouldn’t commit to anything more. After she watched us (Eric and myself) fuck on the patio, I remember she told me she wouldn’t mind seeing more…some time. She got super turned-on, but it never happened.

Four, maybe five years earlier, she did explore things with Racheal and Justin. We had a couple threesome experiences with Racheal…and swapping evenings with all four of us…but that was it. She seemed to embrace things at the time, but it just stopped when they moved away.


Our Trip

I was sipping a beer, “Sorry about things being up in the air, but I need to talk with her tonight. It’s all in her court. It’s one of those awkward conversations, where you don’t want to push too hard…you know”

“Rob, it’s all good…one bedroom or two. It doesn’t matter. A week at a Mexican beach house with my boyfriend and his wife…a wife that supports our relationship. Honestly, I’m good, dude.”

“It’s not a week…its ten days.”

“Shit! I think I only requested a week off. I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow…she won’t have a problem with it.” He smiles, “But you’ll be worn out…jumping from one bed to another.”

“That sounds fun.”

“I knew you’d say that…horny bastard. But I’m right there with ya…thinking about it, makes me horny as fuck, too.”

He was right. Three horny people in an exotic, secluded beach house and add some partying…it was going to be a great time. He was along for the ride and clearly open to everything…even with his sexual identity, being gay. Look out Puerto Vallarta!


I walked in as she was uncorking a Malbec. “Sweetie, we need to talk about the Mexico trip…Eric…and sleeping arrangements.”

She smiles, “I knew this was coming. I’m sorry if I’ve made this awkward, honey, but I have been thinking about things…a lot.”

“You have? Then, talk to me…I need to know these things. If something’s bothering you, I need to know.”

“Yeah…I know…but you know it’s always been hard for me to be with other people…in the bedroom. It comes so easy with you. I mean you have such a long history. Remember when we started dating…you told me you were bi…and you wanted to continue being with men.”

“I do…I was so fucking nervous. I thought I might lose you, but I wanted to start our relationship with honesty…you know.”

“I’m totally cool with all of that and I have tried to join in a few times. We had fun with Racheal and Justin. It was hot…sexy, when I saw you take him in your mouth. And when he rolled over and spread his legs for you, I think I almost crushed Racheal.” She giggled, “Remember she was between my legs and I watched you two fuck…it was so fucking hot. I guess I was just getting into it and they had to up and move…I know it wasn’t their fault, but I still miss them.”

“I know…and we haven’t been able to hook up since…we all get so busy. We really needed to go visit, but with Eric in the picture, that’s not likely to happen…I’ve moved on and don’t want to hurt him.”

“I understand that. Anyway, we’re off topic…lets go back to the trip.”

“Well, Tina…you’re supportive and I don’t wanna pressure you. I want you to have an amazing vacation, but it’s important for Eric to come with us.”

“Rob, you know that’s’ not an issue…I love Eric and he’s always welcome in our home…and I’m excited to have him traveling with us.

The thought of two sexy men in bed with me is hot. I’ve been running it through my head…and I think we should go for it, as long as everybody’s comfortable. If you’re okay with sex between your wife and your boyfriend, I’m in…and a little excited. I even checked things out…the master bedroom has a king. The other two bedrooms have either a queen bed or two twins.”

“You think Eric will be okay with things?”

“Oh yeah…he’s all excited. We had a talk yesterday…we’ll have fun.” I laugh, “We can’t forget lube!”


Even though it was determined, when we got there, Eric pondered the three bedrooms, but Tina had it totally under control. As I put some bags down inside the master, Tina said, “Sweetie, just put all your stuff in the big bedroom. We can all share…this’s exciting.” We both grinned, while she continued, “We’re gonna have some serious fun, together…on this trip. I’m really excited!”

She recognizes the awkward grins, “Look…you two are twins. It’s like there are two Rob’s or two Eric’s.” Very matter-of-fact, she says, “Either way, I get two, hot guys and I’m a happy…very satisfied woman,” and she takes her makeup bag into the bathroom.

Once unpacked, we all got our suits on. Tina was on the chaise, mobil porno enjoying a beer and the view of the ocean; she was sporting her hot, white bikini. Eric and I took a dip in the pool and immediately started messing around…we couldn’t hold back.

After about ten minutes, I pulled myself out to sit on the edge, leaning back on my arms. My body glistened in the warm sun as water streamed down my chest. I watched their eyes wash over my lean frame…my trunks were riding low and you could see a tan line and, just below, the white skin that rarely sees sun. When Eric stripped off his trunks and threw them over the edge, Tina applauded, “That’s the spirit, honey…we’re on vacation. Get rid of that suit and let me see that hot, little ass.”

We all laughed, after he mooned us and took a bow. He sat on the edge and spread his legs; I was all over his dick, stroking…licking over the head…worshipping all that handsome flesh. Caressing over his meaty balls, I cupped them with my hand to feel the weight. I love the velvety, smooth skin that holds them; the sac was taut from the weight, when I let go. Already rock-hard and at full girth, I stroked, up and down, enclosed the shaft with my fingers and guided it to my mouth. I love feeling his veiny girth, pulsing and throbbing between my lips.

We looked at Tina and she didn’t need to say much; her gaze said it all, as she watched me work his dick. The sight of a nice cock was always a turn-on for Tina, but this one was pumping through her husband’s lips. That was more than she could handle; she slipped her top off and pushed the bikini bottoms aside, with her fingers. There was no doubt in those eyes…I knew from her intensity…she was on fire.

“Fuck yeah! You two are so fucking sexy, together. Don’t mind me, while I touch myself…you two do yer thing and let me watch. Mmmmm…but whenever you’re ready, I’m horny as fuck and ready…ready for men!”

It wasn’t long before we were standing off to either side, stroking over her face. “You boys can take me…fuck me…do anything you want. I’m all yours’ for ten days!”

We fuck through her lips, first me, then Eric…she went back and forth, till we were, both, almost cumming. “Fuck…lick the head…lick the pre,” I moaned. She rolled her tongue over the tip, while I ran my hand over the shaft, pushing out precum. “That’s sweet, Tina…lick up that juice…man juice for yer tongue.”

I stroked a few more times, “You’re hungry, aren’t you?”

Not responding beyond a soft moan, she licked and pushed it deeper into her mouth. With two big cocks in her face and pumping through her lips, her needs exploded. She got noticeably more serious with her fingers; she was dripping wet and ready…ready for fucking.

I straddled her body and the chair, first, helping with Eric. His beautiful, hard flesh, slid between her lips…then mine…then both. With a husband and wife working his dick, he moaned uncontrollably, “Uhhhh…mmmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…that’s what I need…two…hungry mouths…on my dick…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh. Fuck! Yer gonna make me cum!”

“Pull off, dude…pull off…make it last.”

I planted my lips over hers, while he pushed things back. Her gaze fixed between my legs…my dick stood straight and swayed heavy over my belly. After a heated make-out, I spread her and pushed through the tiny crack. She moans, “Ahhhhhhhhh…ahhhhh…you know what I want, sweetie…give me that big, beautiful dick…give it to me, deep!”

“Mmmmm…that’s right…just like that, sweetie…fuck me…fuck me. Yessss…mmmm…yessssss…sink it deep…sink that big dick deep…deep inside…fuck me…fuck me hard. Do it hard…fuck me hard…fuck me!”

I took her hips in my hands and started fucking. With my cock pumping her, she surrendered to the pleasure; her eyes rolled back and she moaned, “Ahhhhh…gawd yesssssss…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it sweetie. Fuck me…fuck me!”

I felt the caress of her tight pussy, as it gripped the shaft…then that intoxicating heat. She wiggled her hips, feeling the dick…and the fullness she craved; it filled her body and poked at her cervix. I moaned, “Babe! Fuck…that’s perfect…mmmmmmmm…right there! I love that…fuck me…fuck meeee…mmmmmmm…that’s it!”

Eric, back in the game, nudged at her face with his dick.

“You guys…fuck! I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. These beautiful dicks! I need’m both…so fucking bad. Make it last…make it last…ya need to fuck me all afternoon…don’t fucking stop…uhhhh…uhhhh…just fuck me!”

She goes back to sucking him and I watch them go at it. As he rolls his hips forward, putting his dick deeper in her mouth, I want to take her place and slide my lips over that rock-hard shaft. That afternoon, we were all fresh; we edged and gave her the workout, she begged for.

After his third or fourth close call, Eric couldn’t hold it, “Fuck! I gotta cum…fuck…Tina…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna drown alman porno those titties…fuck…cumming…cumming…cummin’ on those tits!” When he pulled out, he stroked furiously and shot seed over her tits, while she begged, “Give it to me baby…mmmmm…gimme that load…gimme that load!”

She looked my way, “That’s it, sweetie…fuck it hard…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard…fill me with it!” “Yes! Like that. I want you to fuck me like that!”

I fucked wildly, thrusting into her like an animal…a raging male, looking to breed. “Babe, take it…take this dick…spread wide for me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…squeeze that dick…work it…work that dick…squeeze that dick!”

“Cum in me…fill me, babe!” She moaned, “Mmmmmmm…fill my pussy…fill me…fill me with cum…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…shoot it in me, baby!”

Eric grabbed his dick and stroked back into her mouth. That was all I needed and plunged, deep into her pussy. With her pussy stretched tight around my dick, I punched that rock-hard shaft, deep into her body. Over and over, I felt it slamming her cervix. More aggressive with need, I held her tight while I pounded with more force. Eric pulled out, she caught her breath and gripped tighter at the chair. My hips slammed forward, planting the whole length into her pussy. I had to pause to catch my breath, too, “Oh, Tina…Tina…fuck…mmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh! That’s good…feel so damn good!”

“Keep going…fuck me…fuck me!” Her skin, soft and glistening with a sheen, she rubbed frantically over her clit; it was all swollen and pink. “Don’t stop…honey, fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me!”

I slammed deep and felt heat rising through the shaft. With one more thrust it exploded and sprayed her insides…then another…and then another.

Between her fingers, the cum and my pulsing cock, orgasm coursed through her body and she shuddered with screams, “Rob…Rob…Rob…oh fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…me…fuck…me

We both caught our breath, I collapsed over top, in his seed, and Tina relaxed her legs, spreading them wide, and resting them on the patio. “You guys…that’s what I needed…I’m on vacation…we’re on vacation!”

She looked at us and smiled, “You know you two are twins…so hot. In the pool I was comparing things…well, I was comparing dicks. Its subtle, their almost twins, too, but Eric’s a little longer and my hubby’s a little wider…I like’m both…they’re perfect! And this’s gonna be a fun vacation.”


We were hanging in the living room and Tina flashes that sexy smile, that never gets old, “I’m feeling a little buzzed and super horny…and I wanna take advantage of you. Eric…honey…don’t you think it’s our turn to jump his bones.”

“Well…yeah. Oh yeah!”

“Well, put down that wine and let’s get to it, sweetie.”

He runs off to the bedroom, “Let me get lube…don’t start without me.”

She held my chin and pulled me closer, pressing her supple lips to mine in a slow, passionate kiss.

My rock-hard dick throbbed with readiness, and she moaned as her milky breasts overflowed my hands; my fingers were buried in the firm, fleshy pleasure. I got a nipple between my lips and then brought the other one up, nipping with my teeth and flicking with my tongue.

She grins, “I’m so fucking horny…I wanna wrap my whole body around that big dick…but baby I really need that tongue. I wanna feel it inside…fucking my pussy…licking my clit. I love when you flick it, over me.”

Eric was running back into the room, as she moaned, “Fuck! I need you to suck my clit!”

“Sounds like a good plan…for Rob…right?”

Eric yanked down my shorts and stroked lube over my dick; bobbing rigidly, it arced up to my navel. Entranced by the prep, she watched him hold it upright and lower himself. “Fuccccck! Fuckkkkk…that’s good! Robbie, your wife and I are gonna fuck you into the next county…um…country…in this case, the next country!”

She straddled my face; my tongue, nestled in the tight embrace of pussy, worked deeper into the wetness. She enjoyed every second, gasping and moaning, as she rolled her hips over my face and rode my tongue.

I caught a glimpse of Eric, when he turned around and threw his leg over me; the tight curve of his butt stuck out from his frame and it flexed, when he lifted his leg…I felt my cock twitch. My cock throbbed at the thought of pushing through that tight muscled hole, sinking deep into his ass. When he eased it back in, the plump head slipped through easier; his ass was hot and tight as he worked me, deeper and deeper. When he got it all, he was quick to start a slow, savoring fuck. He rode me with long, deep, deliberate strokes, each time pushing my dick, deep into his body. I could reach down to caress his smooth, rounded ass, as he fucked himself on my dick. My fingers sinking deep into the thick, alexis texas porno muscle, he bobbed and bounced his body over mine, groaning, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…Rob…Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…wanna ride that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…ride it good…fuck! Fuck…that dick…that dick…mmmm, it feels…amazing!”

After a good long stretch, Tina moans, “Well this is all wrong! Let me turn around…I wanna watch my boys fuck.”

When she got up, I totally understood where she headed. When I gazed at his lean build…especially that cute trail of hair at his navel, I thought he was so fucking hot. When she lowered herself over my face, all I could see were my wife’s dainty holes. Blinded by girl, I guess…but it was incredibly sexy to only hear their pleasured moans, as they, both, rode me to orgasm.

Tina was crazy horny and pressed her clit back between my lips. But it wasn’t but a half minute, before Eric lost it and I felt him shoot over my abs…since I couldn’t see, I pictured him flailing and spraying seed everywhere. When some hit Tina, she squealed, “Mmmmm…that’s what a girl needs.

She was grinding her clit over my lips with more urgency and I licked her through orgasm. I held her tighter, to keep it between my lips. With a big scream, orgasm rolled through her body, “Baby…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer makin’ me cum…don’t stop…don’t stop…yessssss…cummmming…yessssssssssssssssssssss…yesssssssssssssss!”

Once relaxed, she rolled off, with her cheeks all flushed, and kissed me. She smiled, and I pulled her close to kiss deeper…her tongue flicked at mine. Then Eric bent down to do the same, his tongue hungrily tracing my lips and pushing deeper. He moaned, “You ready? Let me fuck you…fuck that hot ass!”

“Eric, fuck me. You need to fuck me…I want it inside!”

Cupping my ass with his hands, he gently squeezed the taut, flesh, sensuously following the muscled curves with his fingers. I got comfortable on all fours, while he lubed and wedged himself between my cheeks. Feeling that rock-hard meat probing and poking at my butt, ramped up my desire…ramped up my need…ramped up my hunger.

I reached back to stroke him, and he anxiously spread my cheeks to expose the puckered muscle, hiding within. He pushed a couple fingers in, to spread it wider. Slowly pushing forward, he planted the head inside, to feel the muscle snap tight around his shaft. I moaned, pushing back into him, “Mmmmmmm…deeper…I want it deeper…put it deeper!”

He teased and humped forward a couple of times, gradually sinking it all, deep in my ass. Pulling back and thrusting forward, with one big, long stroke, his balls slapped over mine. I squeezed tight on his beautiful dick and smiled at Tina, “Now, fuck me…fuck me with that big dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it, buddy, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard!”

As the fading sun cast longer shadows across the patio, my eyes closed in pleasure…this’s a sweet end to a perfect day. “Uhhhh…uhhhh…Eric…fuckin’…uhhhh…gimme that dick…fuck me! Gimme all that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…work that ass…work it for Tina…yessssss, work it for Tina…fuckkkkk…fuck me…fuck yeah…fuck yeah…fuck me…fuck me!” Getting fucked by my boyfriend, while my wife watched and masturbated, created incredible euphoria. I was begging for every inch, he could pump into me, “Gooood…fuckkkkk…Eric, that dick’s sweet…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…that’s good…deep…it goes deep…yessss.”

Sounds of pleasure fell over the living room and spilled outside, over the patio, as we satisfied needs. It was a beautiful evening and our groans mixed with the sounds of crickets. Finally, I broke the momentary silence, “So deep…so deep…fuck me with that dick…fill me up and fuck me…fuck…fuck me…take my ass…it’s yours.”

When he groaned, “That’s it…gonna cum…oh fuck, Rob,” I knew he was close and flexed around his cock.

“I’m gonna cum…uhhhh…uhhhh…in that ass! Fuck, yer making me cummmmm…squeeze it…so fuckin’ tight…fuck…cummmmmmming…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cummmmming!” He thrust with everything he had, slamming his hips forward; I could feel his dick pulse and jerk inside, as the warmth spread through me. When he stopped, he laid on me with his cock inside and I felt sweat between our bodies.

Once he pulled out, I felt a trickle over my balls. I smiled at my wife, as boyfriend dripped from my ass…that never gets old. Standing-up, but just a little unsteady, he stroked over his dick, like a trainer might rubdown an athlete after competition. His dick was still hard, deep red and glistening with sex.

Watching me being fucked was too much for Tina. She was frantically, rubbing one out, “Fuck! You two are hot…so hot…watching you fuck…mmmm…I’m close, too…gonna…uhhhh…uhhhh…cum…cummmmming…yessssss…cummmmmmming…oh fuck…fuckkkkkk!”

That was it for me; I grabbed my dick and jerked a load over my belly.

As she turned to go toward the kitchen, she said, “Boys, you go wash up and I’ll pour wine. We can do dinner later tonight…we’re on vacation…and already had dessert. Will that work?” I watched her little butt jiggle, as she went inside. I replied, “Sweetie, you read my mind.”