A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 12


Thursday – February 23, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 – Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the Twelfth Day of a fourteen-day vacation where fantasy has become reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

I sleep in. It is 11:00 AM when I finally awake.

I go to the lower level of our bungalow and see my friends munching on food.

“Amy, I forgot to mention that Frank and Ann would like us to have lunch today with them.”

“Oh ok, I have no plans.”

Jenn asks, “What is it with them? They ask for you guys so much.”

I turn my robe-covered ass to her, slap it and say, “They can not get enough of our white tails that’s all.”

“Say by the way how did your day go yesterday?”

Stace opens her mouth, “My God Heather, I had the best fuck of my life by a black stranger. Jenn and I asked Trudy for a Dungeon special. We mentioned that playing around should include to be done by someone will never see or know. You know one of those things you can carry around for the rest of your life with pleasant memories. He may have been ugly as sin, but I have not seen any ugly guys here, so I am okay that a reasonably good-looking black guy got a taste of me and enjoyed his trip. I wonder how Trudy selects the guys.”

Jenn is adding, “Trudy sure does know how to please guests. You know those porn movies where girls are being paddled? That used to gross me out but not anymore; that was a real turn on yesterday. I guess knowing that I was a naughty girl and was going to be punished for it opened up a new me. God, the sperm the guy unloaded was unreal for some reason. I do not know if I was so turned on or if he was hot or what but the fires in me afterwards would not go out. It took two hours for the sensations to go away and that has never happened to me before. As long as the fire was there, I was feeling this cock stuffing me. My clothes are a mess; I still am leaking some. I can tell you one thing for sure, and that is I will never, never, forget yesterday’s fuck and the electrical sensations at my a-hole. I am sure the setting helped but … I think I will be coming back every year from now on to get a special treatment.”

“Wow, I am going to have to get Trudy to have me done that way.”

Amy is saying “Me too. What did you think of the cock sizes? Were they nice and filling?”

“Oh, Amy, the one in me was very filling. I think it rubbed ever nerve I have in me there.”

Stace then says, “The electricity going through my tits and coming out of my ass… I can not find words to begin describing it. I am like Jenn; that was one awesome session I will never, never forget. I wonder if we can get them like that at home.”

Amy responds, “I am sure in the right crowd we can get anything we want at home. We just have not ventured out. I know when I get back home I am going looking for some action. God, this place has turned me into a total nymph and I like it being a nymph. You mentioned electricity. I thought it was a fuck session?”

I look at the clock and say, “Time Amy.”

“We have to run, fill us in later about the electricity thing.”

We arrive at Frank and Ann’s. Tracy opens the door and gives us hugs and kisses. The kiss is nice between her and me with us tongue dueling.

Frank and Ann are at the bar and ask what we would like to drink.

Amy is saying, “lemonade, please,” and I say, “ice tea, please.”

“Well girls let’s get business out of the way and then have lunch.”

“Amy, Heather, I am going right to the point as to the reason for asking you both here. Both of you have impressed Ann and I, as I think you already know. We are in shock that we met two fantastic individuals at the same time and of all places. We travel a lot and meet many people all over the world so this has come as a big surprise to us; this has caused us to discuss our business plans somewhat.”

“We would like to offer both of you the opportunity to work for our organization. I do not want to get into details here and now but just to let you know that we desire you to start considering joining our organization. On the weekends in Brazil, we can discuss this in greater detail. When you arrive there you will find all of our employees to be bright, like yourselves, hard working and great to party with.”

“Because of your skin color and beauty we will use you as attractions for the clientele. They will make all kinds of excuses to hang around and feast on your beauty. When they have a soft moment, I am sure they will sign some nice contracts. Your beauty will affect them just as Kevin was impacted by it. Only when these people get home will reality hit. So it will be easy work for you girls, softening guys up.”

He looks at Ann; “We are offering a position to these girls to soften guys. Now that is a new business twist, isn’t it, hon’?”

Ann replies, “Well it will be up the beylikdüzü escort girls if they want to stiffen them first so they soften nicely to sign a contract afterwards.”

“Damn, Ann this is a new business wrinkle!”

“Well let’s eat. If you have simple questions, shoot but please do not close your minds until you see the place, meet some people and hear our full proposal. We can guarantee if you invest your earnings wisely, in five years you will have enough from your investments to spend the rest of your life here with Trudy if you desire.”

We sit down, have sandwiches, and ask about weather, safety, health risk, non-citizen-ship and so forth.

We finish lunch.

“Frank, Ann, thanks for the offer to work for you. As you mentioned, we can discuss more in Brazil. It sounds very interesting as well as intriguing. Well, we have dates so need to move our tails.”

Amy responds, “Thanks for considering us to be part of your team. This is really a shocker. I am excited about coming to Brazil and hearing more of the proposal. Never did anything like this cross my mind. Thanks again.”

Frank responds, “Who are the lucky guys to see those tails moving? You girls are most welcome. Have fun and we will be getting together later I am sure.”

“Ann, Amy and I are free tomorrow. Can we do the girlie thing like Trudy desires that you mentioned earlier?”

“I am sure we can, girls because Trudy indicated any day any time she can clear her schedule. I will call her. Maybe we can meet for lunch and then play. I will call her right away.”

“Thanks, Ann.”

I give Frank a grin and wink.

We do the usual kisses and hugs and thank them again and say, “See you all later.”

As we are walking to our place, “Amy we need to talk some place in private.”

Amy suggests going to the beach and pretend we are sunning.

“Great Amy, let’s go.”

“Remember those comments the other day about oil men and what they pay to sleep with Ann?”

“I sure do. We just have not had time to discuss it.”

“I’m thinking we should listen to their entire proposal and see what all it entails before jumping to a quick no. We have lots of time. Just think ten oil guys and we would have $1,000,000. Look what we have done this week, so sleeping with an oil man can’t be that much different or can it be?”

“You are right, Heather. Sex is fun and if we can get paid money like that for fun…Oh my God! We have definitely been leading sheltered lives.”

“I think that since they made us this offer, we should be on guard for other hints or clues to see if their offer fits into any pattern.”

“I will pay particular attention now and listen for some hidden inferences. We had better keep our guard up.”

“Who’s your date with?”

“Paul,” Amy responds.

“Mine’s with Jeff. Maybe we should head back.”

We are about a quarter of the way back and we see Paul and Jeff approaching.

“Hi, guys,” Amy and I shout.

“How did you know to come this way?”

“We have spies all over, keeping an eye on you two,” Paul responds.

“You must,” I reply.

“Look up on that light fixture. That is a camera on top. See it turning?”

“It’s searching for someone now. We just call central control and if you are outside, they will find you and tells us were to head.”

Amy and I just look at each other and shake our heads.

“Girls have you had the pleasure of the resort’s spa with its special Jacuzzi?” Jeff asks.

Amy and I shake our heads no.

“Well one is open and I reserved it for all four of us, thinking since you two are friends it might be ok. I can always cancel or we can flip.”

“What’s so special?” I ask.

“It’s too complicated to describe. Let’s walk over there and if you don’t like it we can search for other things you might like to explore,” Paul says.

Amy and I nod our heads we head to the special Jacuzzi.

We go in and find they have steam rooms, sauna rooms, Jacuzzi rooms, exercise rooms with all sorts of equipment, game rooms and maybe more. I am thinking, gosh I have been in bed all this time and missing out on this.

We have to take our street shoes off and put on throwaway slippers.

We head to the Jacuzzi room and Jeff messes with lights to show anything is possible for setting the mood. He then points out the Jacuzzi. I notice right away it is very long and half of it is deep enough to stand in. The other half is the typical Jacuzzi but also has a much shallower portion with plastic air mattresses. It is obvious that in any one of the three sections individuals can enjoy lovemaking.

We decide we like it and go to the locker room to place our street clothes in them. Robes are there if one is desired.

We strip and I slip in the john to pee.

I notice everyone is showering when I get back. Therefore, I hop in the shower with them. We go dripping wet to the Jacuzzi.

We head to the normal Jacuzzi without any messing around in the shower, except for an ass adana escort squeeze from Jeff.

We get comfortable and Jeff takes our drink order and makes a call to place the order. The water temperature is set so comfortably that one could stay in it all day and not become overheated from it, maybe overheated from other activity though. The waiters place the drinks on a shelf and do not come into the Jacuzzi room. Paul goes to retrieve them with his black cock swaying and bouncing. Wow, Amy’s pussy is in for a nice treat later, crosses my mind.

We sit and sip on the drinks with small chitchat about our backgrounds, home etc.

While we are chatting, Jeff has his right arm over my shoulders and his hand is near my right breast but he is not messing. I am kind of in shock. Most guys can not keep their hands to themselves in this kind of situation.

Jeff places his drink from his left hand onto the edge of the tub. He then uses it to caress my left breast touching spots that I did not know could be turn-on spots. I look down at his hand and then into his face as he moves in for a kiss. God, the kiss is unbelievable, him holding my chin and pressing his palm into the back of my head, forcing our lips tightly together. When we break, I say, “Please,” and hand him my glass. All the containers are plastic.

I look over in Amy’s direction and they are into heavy petting.

Jeff excuses himself and says, “I want to get a toy. Be back in a jiff.”

He hops out runs to some drawers along the wall and comes back with a piece of black rubber hose about four to five feet long. I look at him with a puzzled look and he says, “You might like this.”

“Well what’s it used for?”

“I will show you in a little while but first see those little nozzles with jets of water coming out from the side walls every so often. Well, we hook up one end of the hose to it and play with the jet of water.”

“To really enjoy the sensation we need to get ourselves hot but not to the point of cumming.”

I smile and say, “Jeez Jeff, what fun is there in that?”

“You will see, I promise.”

We proceed to work on each other to build our need for a cum. Jeff is sucking on my nips and breasts and at the same time some fingers are in and out of my pussy and massaging the hard clit.

I am playing with his balls and sack and, stroking his black cock which gets harder and harder.

Listening to Amy crying out her pleasures is causing me to build with even more intensity.

“Jeff, I need a cock blasting its love potion into me, please.”

“Ok, Heather, hold on a sec while I connect this hose to the nearest jet.”

When he sits down from making the quick connections he says, “Heather, slip your pussy onto my cock and lean back on my chest with your back.”

I do as he suggests.

God, that hard cock filling the void in me feels sooooooooo goooood.

He reaches around cups my breasts and rolls the nips between his fingers.

I place my hands on his knees and begin slow humps of his cock.

“Heather, hold your pussy lips open, close your eyes and just relax and enjoy the feeling you soon will be getting.”

I do as he suggests as he drops a hand from one breast.

“Heather, I am going to direct the water jet to your clit. Tell me more pressure or less, faster movement of the jet over your clit or slower as I direct the water from the hose.”

All of a sudden, I feel a sensation that I have never experienced.

It feels like a hundred tongues attacking my clit all at the same time. My nipples and clit are hardening from the intense sensation that this water jet is producing. I am pushing back into Jeff for support. I turn my head slightly, “Kiss me Jeff!”

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhh, God! What a sensation.”

“Please, Jeff slowly more pressure. Yes, yes, there, oh there!”

I begin to hump Jeff’s cock.

Jeff is breathing into my neck, kissing it, and sucking it. I am lifting to different heights never experienced.

“Fly Heather babe, fly.” I hear in my ear.

Oh God, My God! I arch my back as if I am a guy, as the impact of this new stimulation hits me. I open my mouth and go,


My God, the orgasm that is being launched is awesome.

“Keep flying, Heather, don’t stop, fly babe fly.”

The waves of pleasure keep rolling over me. I just lay back, impaled on his cock, shake, and vibrate while gasping for air and the waves keep coming.

It dawns on me this will never stop. It’s the water, no direct skin contact to make it ultra sensitive to the touch or feel.

“Heather, I need to cum,” startles me.

Let’s roll and you kneel and rest your head on your arms on the Jacuzzi edge.

I follow his suggestion. He has placed his hands on my hips and I know I have a huge black cock doing me. All these cums must have caused my tunnel to shrink and mold around every vein in his blood filled black cock.

“Oh, Jeff it’s happening again, I’mmmmmmmmmm there.”

We both have awesome cums afyon escort causing Jeff to collapse onto my back panting like a dog that has been chasing a car for miles.

As we regain some strength, I manage to get out the word, “My God!”

He kisses my neck and makes a slow withdrawal.

My head is turned. I hear Amy and Paul cumming. I do not have the strength to lift my head to see how they brought their cum off.

“Different way to get off isn’t it Heather?”

“My God yes, Jeff, a very, very pleasurable way.”

“Why don’t you play with the hose and direct the stream to your nipples, your clit, maybe inside your vagina, and the rose bud of your dark tunnel entrance. Go slow and easy.”

I do as Jeff suggests. The sensations generated are awesome.

“Do you like the feelings the water generates?”

“God, yes, Jeff. It fells great, like so many tongues at once.”

“Let me get another toy and let’s see how you like the next one.”

Jeff goes to the cabinet again and brings back a butterfly.

“Look, Heather I can place this butterfly so a water jet will be directed at your clit. I can then do you doggie and play with your nipples. You can control the jet on your clit. See these two control knobs on the edge here. They control the intensity of the water and the duration of the time. Play with them and select something you really like.”

“Sure Jeff, hook me up.”

“Ok, I will get you fixed up, then you can kneel and when you want clit stimulation just open these knobs slowly until you achieve the sensation you like by messing with the knobs.”

I kneel and rest my head on the edge of the Jacuzzi on one arm. He does not need any foreplay. I think he knows already what is going to happen and is excited about it as he plays with my breasts and nipples.

“Ok, Heather, turn the knobs until you get the sensation you like. Close it if it is a turn off for you.”

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh! Jeff, Oooooooooooooooo!”

“I think I can cum this way.”

“Many ladies do Heather. They spend hours in here having small mini cums one after the other. They lay over there on those air mattresses and just sail as they control the water flow pulsing over the clit as they are reading erotic novels or love stories or having guys pleasing them.

There is one lady that will reserve one of these for a week. She gives Mistress Trudy extra money to tie it up. She looks up to see who is free to do her. With our twenty-four hours of operation someone always is. She is a hot lady so there are always guys ready and willing. She reads her story aloud and asks the guys to duplicate what she reads. It’s different but hey who are we to say…”

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, I love this. Oh this is so cool.”

Jeff is massaging my breasts and gently pinching the nipples with more determination now. He begins to insert his raging hard-on. God it feels like a steel rod that will not bend.

“Heather, take your time and have some soft cums. I will do you slow and easy so you can enjoy them. When you really want to lift off, tell me and we will ride the wave together.”

Jeff is so softly massaging my breasts, nipples and doing me in my pussy so slowly. I just close my eyes and enjoy. I notice in particular that after each cum I begin to climb from a new point. I do not fall back to the start and seem to be going higher than from the previous cum. It is a slow build. I am thinking this must be how a volcano acts before the big one. My nips are rock hard. Jeff is licking my neck as he is lying on me.

“God, Heather your pussy is tightening on my cock and with each shove inward my pressure to blast increases because of the increase in friction.”

“Jeff, I’m ready. Give me that black seed of yours. Fire it deep into the place you love so much so it will remain with me awhile.”

Five rabbit thrusts by him and we are off, as he is firing his jism along with pinching my nips so hard that it is sending shock waves to my pussy.

I hear from him, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggghhhhhh, NO, no, no,

Oh no, Oh God, Oh God!”

“Oh damn!” as he drops my breasts and collapses on my back panting.

I am still having orgasms.

I finally realize I need to shut the water jet off or this will go on forever.

We both take awhile to regain our composer.

I am resting my head now on both arms.

I hear Amy asking, “My God, Heather, what did he do for both of you to let the whole world know you were in the throws of a huge ‘O.’

“I see what Jeff introduced her to, Amy. See that black hose there at the side of the Jacuzzi. The other end is about one-quarter inch or less from her clit and really sensitizing it.”

“Can you fix me up that way, Paul? I want to feel what she did.”

“Sure, Amy rest here and I will get the pieces.”

By now I can turn my head and look at Amy and say, “We sure have missed out on many nice things in our little puritan world.”

Jeff is beginning to make some moves. I flex my pussy muscles a tad to show my appreciation. “No, Heather, please no, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”

This startles me.

“Jeff what is it?”

“Don’t make a move, Heather please. Let me extract myself slowly and I will explain.”

He pulls out, turns, and collapses on the seat. I look at him with real concern.