Stella and Call Girl Emma Ch. 01


*This is a continuation from my First story ‘Call Girls Get’s First Time Lesbian’. The characters are the same, and it would probably help to read my first story first.*


Summer nights. So much worse than summer days. Padding round her apartment in nothing but a tiny tank top and a pair of panties, Emma Norris pushed every window open wide, letting in what little cool breeze there was outside. The sun had only just gone down half an hour ago, so the residual heat was still there.

The warm weather draining her of what little energy she had, Emma collapsed back against her bed, thankful to the soft mattress beneath her tired body. One other thing she was also thankful for was that tonight had been a night off for her. No horny men or eager woman trying to get their rocks off with her, the professional. And as much as she liked her job, she was thankful for these nights to herself sometimes. Instead of thoughts like ‘what game will he want to play tonight’ or ‘what kind of things does she like’, Emma’s mind was blissfully only filled with thoughts like ‘what wine shall I have’ and ‘what DVD will I watch’.

That was, however, until her cell phone began to ring beside her.

Reaching out her tired arm, Emma picked up the phone with her weary eyes still closed.

“Hello,” she answered, expecting to hear Rachel’s voice, as would be typical of her boss at a time like now. It was, however, a different female voice.

“Emma, it’s… it’s Stella,” the nervous voice spoke out. When Emma remained silent, thinking, she continued. “Errr… Stella Cartwright. You remember?”

At the mention of that name, Emma suddenly sat up straight, her aching muscles immediately forgotten. Yes, of course she remembered Stella, the stunningly beautiful blonde who had come to her two weeks ago, a lesbian virgin, only to be somewhat turned around and give Emma a multiple amount of the best orgasms she had ever received from a client. No way was she forgetting Stella.

“Stella,” Emma said her name softly into the phone. “Of course I remember you, honey. But… how did you get this number?”

“Well… I… I kind of….” Stella stuttered, and Emma smiled as she was reminded just how cute that was with this girl. “I… got the number from Rachel. I just… I wanted to speak to you myself, and not go through… through Rachel. Don’t be mad at me.”

“I could never be mad at you, sweetie,” Emma told her. “What was it you wanted?”

“To see you,” Stella answered. “Are you free now? Can I… can I come round?”

“Yeah, I’m free,” Emma said immediately, no hesitation or thinking about what could have been a relaxing night. She was pretty much ready to give up that if it meant seeing Stella again.

“Ok, I’ll see you in about half an hour,” Stella said.


That half an hour later, Emma was ready and waiting for Stella. She had simply shoved on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, trying her best to be casual. But when the knock came at the door, she couldn’t stop the excited fluttering of her heart.

“Stell Baby,” Emma said in greeting when she opened the door, seeing a beautiful smile spread across Stella’s face at the nickname Emma had used for her their last time.

“Hi, Emma,” Stella said as she stepped through the threshold.

Closing the door and letting Stella walk in front of her, Emma looked the girl over as she walked in. Like Emma, she was a lot more casual than last time. She was wearing a beaded black vest top that hugged nicely against her curves, a white gypsy skirt that flowed out to almost touch the floor, and a pair of heeled sandals. Her blonde hair, which Emma just adored, was flowing down her back this time, and when she looked back for Emma, those beautiful, captivating baby blue eyes sparkled at her.

Stepping into the living area, Stella noticed the two glasses of white wine that were already waiting on the table for her arrival.

“I always remember the things my clients like,” Emma said with a smile, taking Stella’s hand and guiding her down to the couch, sitting beside her. Both women picked up their wine glasses, taking a sip and acting like this was simply a typical girl’s night in.

“So, is there a reason why you conned my number out of Rachel for an off the books meeting?” Emma said with her trademark devilish smile.

“Yeah, Emma, I’m… I’m real sorry about that,” Stella began to babble out, looking away from Emma. “I just really wanted to see you again, but without all that… you know, all that… that….”

“Don’t be sorry, honey,” Emma said, touching her arm lightly and causing Stella to look up again. “I was actually hoping I would hear from you again.” This caused a wide and extremely breathtaking smile to light up Stella’s face.

“Well… good,” Stella continued. “And… what I wanted to see you for was… well… about last time we saw each other.”

“I remember it well, and fondly,” Emma said with a little wink, making Stella blush slightly.

“Yeah, well… diyarbakır escort I think I’ve made my mind up about… what I said when I left.”

“Oh, have you,” Emma said, a hopeful smile painted on her lips.

“Yeah. And I’ve….” Stella began, before taking a deep breath and looking directly up into Emma’s eyes. “Emma, that night with you and me was amazing. I mean… unbelievably amazing. Being with you was probably the best sex I’ve had, the strongest… orgasms.”

“I take that as a compliment, Stell Baby,” Emma said. And again that gorgeous smile at her little name. She was definitely calling her that more often if it produced that smile again.

“You should,” Stella said. “Because it’s mostly because of that night that I… well, that I agree with you. Being with a woman, it’s… better. And I’m not just talking about the sex side. I just… I guess I felt really comfortable with you, like I was with a friend as well. For one, you most definitely made sure I had a good time as well, unlike a lot of guys I’ve been with who are only concerned with their own pleasure.” Both girls had to laugh at just how true this statement was.

“The thing is though,” Stella continued. “This is a pretty new decision for me, and you’re actually… the only woman I’ve been with. And I trust you, because you know I’m not… well, an expert with woman.”

“You may not have been with many women, but you’re a natural, baby,” Emma told her. “Trust me.”

“Thanks,” Stella said, averting an embarrassed gaze away from Emma. “But I still don’t wanna go out, find someone who’s gonna want nothing to do with me because I don’t know what I’m doing… properly.”

Emma looked at this woman, and couldn’t help but think how little trouble she would have getting dates. She was absolutely beautiful, and far better at giving a female an orgasm than she gave herself credit for. She just needed a bit more confidence in herself.

“So,” Emma began. “Are you trying to say that you’re here to use me as a guinea pig, get better with me as your personal tutor?”

“Well… yes,” Stella said, still not looking at her. “I know how it sounds, and that you probably have lots of other clients and things, but after last time I just… I just….” Smiling, Emma gently touched this girl’s cheek, turning her to face her.

“Like I could ever turn you down, Stell Baby.”

The reaction she got from that was not a gorgeous smile… but actually something a lot better.

In that moment, the shy girl sat beside her vanished as Stella leaped forward against Emma, kissing her passionately as Emma fell back with the force. Her shock only momentary, Emma kissed her back, their tongues easily finding the rhythm they hard learnt last time. She relaxed into the couch, holding Stella close as she draped herself across her.

“Stella, honey, sweetie,” Emma said once Stella had pulled her mouth away from hers, now using it to places kisses down her jaw and neck. “You do know the bedroom is about two feet away, and I’m sure the bed is comfier than this couch.”

“Right,” Stella said, getting up off Emma and getting to her feet, Emma doing the same beside her. “Sorry about that.”

“Don’t be,” Emma said, tipping her chin up and placing a soft, butterfly kiss against her lips. “I think I kinda like that side of you.”

That sweet blush came back as Emma pulled Stella into the bedroom, kissing her again as they fell back against the bed, Stella once again on top of her. Stella’s eager hands were already pulling at Emma’s closing, tugging her top up and over her head. Their lips only left each other for the short time when Emma’s shirt was coming off, then Stella was kissing her again and pulling at the zipper of her jeans. Hands that had last time been so shaky when they were pulling Emma’s clothes off were now steady and sure, ridding Emma of her constricting jeans.

While Stella had been pulling at her jeans, Emma had dragged the figure hugging vest top from her body and threw it away with her clothes. Now, as Stella’s mouth was causing her skin to burn as she kissed and nibbled across the flesh on her neck and down her exposed chest, she was having some difficulty with the zip on the side of Stella’s skirt.

“Stell Baby,” Emma muttered breathlessly, not at all liking the fact that she was now the one shaking and desperate for this girl, not in control. “You’re gonna have to help me here. I’m having… a little trouble… with your zipper.”

With a small laugh, Stella sat up across Emma’s hips, easily pulling the zipper down and wiggling her hips erotically out of her skirt. Emma stared at the perfect body she remember, clad only in a very racy looking black lace bra and thong set.

“You know, I think I prefer this to the white, babe,” Emma told her. “Very sexy.”

“Really?” Stella said, somewhat surprised. “No one’s called me ‘sexy’ before.”

“Stella, trust me, you are an extremely sexy young woman.”

Stella looked Emma over, taking in everything about her. The long honey coloured hair fanned out behind her, the chocolate brown eyes looking up at her, the perfect body laid out in front of her, and the hot pink bra and thong set that she was wearing.

“Next to a woman as sexy as you, I don’t know how you can think that.”

Another one of those gorgeous smiles and Stella was again leaning down and pressing her lips passionately onto Emma’s, Emma pretty much clinging to the girl and holding her against her. Both with only thoughts of fully seeing the other again, they simultaneously worked at their bed-partners underwear, bras flying first before thongs followed.

Emma, with her grip on Stella above her, changed her position, moving her up her body slightly so she could take an already erect nipple between her lips, sucking on it. Stella gave a soft gasp above her, breathing heavily and letting Emma stay like that for a moment before her hands came out, taking hold of Emma’s breasts in front of her and squeezing gently at the nipples. Emma gave her own gasp as pleasure shot through her, making her double her efforts on Stella’s breasts.

The way Stella was expertly manipulating Emma’s breast felt so good that she was close to crying out when one of those hands left her breast, until she realised where it was heading. Stella’s wandering hand moved down her body, only stopping when it reached its destination, which happily happened to be Emma’s dripping pussy. She stroked her fingers across the lips for a second, seemingly testing out her wetness, before gently inserting one finger deep inside her vagina. The welcome intrusion brought moans from Emma’s lips, especially with the added pressure of another finger.

This time Emma the one taking her lead from Stella, Emma pushed her free hand against Stella’s pussy, feeling it warm and slick with her own liquid. Emma let her fingers dance swiftly across the inner lips of her vagina, not yet pushing in. Hearing Stella’s soft moans from above her, Emma finally gave in, letting two of her fingers easily slip inside Stella’s hot and waiting pussy. She gave a couple of good thrust before pulling out, using the juices that were coating her fingers to run circles over Stella’s prominent clit. She continued doing this, gathering the mounting juices from Stella’s vagina to coat and rub at her clit. And if the other woman’s heavy moans were any indications, she seemed to be liking it, her fingers digging at a deeper and faster pace in Emma’s own vagina, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Stella was the first to hit the edge, her moans growing in volume and her hips bucking hard against Emma’s hand. With one final, deep thrust into Stella’s pussy, she fell over the edge, screaming out as the walls of her vagina contracting and gripped at Emma’s fingers. Emma kept the strokes going, riding Stella through the orgasm before she knew she would be too sensitive, so she just kept her hand against her pussy, gently cupping it. She smiled softly as she realised that, through her own orgasm and spasms, Stella had yet to stop her own thrusts into Emma’s pussy.

Stella’s orgasm finished, Emma now concentrated on her own, becoming more aware of the glorious feelings Stella’s fingers were building within her.

“Oh God, Stell Baby,” Emma moaned softly against her neck. “God honey, keep going, I’m gonna cum. Oh, baby, that’s it, right there. That’s… that’s…. Oh fuuuuuuuuck!!!!”

Her orgasm hitting her quick and strong, Emma threw her head back as she screamed, her hands holding her on the bed as her body arched upwards. Her breasts thrust into the air, Stella closed her mouth round one nipple, the added sensation only increasing Emma’s pressure, her hips bucking so hard she thought she was gonna throw Stella of her. The girl still managed to keep in time with her though, her hand remaining against her pussy until Emma collapsed back against the bed.

Emma lay against the bed for a minute, panting. She had forgotten just how good this girl was when it came to pleasuring another woman.

As she lay there getting her breath back, her eyes closed, Emma felt a stirring on the bed and then a pressure lay against her side. She opened her eyes to see Stella’s head leant against her shoulder, looking up at her. Emma smiled at the girl and pulled her into her arms, holding her against her.

“Stell Baby, that was truly amazing,” Emma said once she had her breath back. “You are, without a doubt, a natural with a woman.”

“Thanks,” she said, her eyes still watching Emma’s face in silence. “Do you know that you are absolutely beautiful when you cum.” Emma smiled softly, leaning down to kiss her.

“You know, very few clients can ever say that, cause very few make me cum the way you do, honey,” Emma told her.

“I’m glad I can,” Stella said, moving her head and lips down across Emma’s chest, igniting the fire within her again.

“Aren’t we the eager one tonight,” Emma joked, her hand finding Stella’s breast and gently pinching her nipples.

“Like I said, I wanna learn,” Stella said, her mouth wrapping around Emma’s breast, making her breathing come out more ragged. For a moment, they lay like this, Emma hands playing with Stella’s breast while her own nipple was in Stella’s mouth. Suddenly, Stella lifted her head, pulling up so swiftly that her breasts were tugged from Emma’s hand.

“That… that thing we did last time,” Stella began with a small smile. “You know, before I left.”

“Yeah,” Emma said, sitting up on the bed with Stella in front of her. “You want that again?” Her response came in the form of a very enthusiastic nod from Stella.

“Ok, do you remember….” Emma began, but Stella was already wrapping her legs round Emma’s waist in the right position. Emma laughed softly. “I guess you do.”

Leaning only her upper body forward, Emma kissed Stella deeply, their tongues entwining together before she surged her hips forward, her slick pussy pressing against Stella’s. Emma felt the young girl gasp within her mouth, keeping their lips locked together when Stella would have pulled away.

There was no awkward humping this time. Their hips naturally found the perfect rhythm for the both of them, the wet sounds of two very horny pussies pressing together like music to Emma’s ears.

After a moment, Emma had no choice but to pull her lips from Stella’s, breathing becoming a problem as the pleasure grew and the pair were panting and moaning loudly. Stella buried her hand against Emma’s shoulder and wrapped her arms tightly round her as they both began moving their hips faster, striving towards orgasm. Emma could feel her orgasm building, edging closer to the surface, and she held Stella close to her, her arms wrapped round her back.

A few more minutes of this and Stella suddenly cried out, her hips surging forward harder and her teeth digging into the flesh of Emma’s shoulder as her orgasm hit. This was enough to send Emma rocketing over the edge, her own hips pressing her pussy closer into Stella’s and her fingers unconsciously clenching, digging into the skin of Stella’s back.

Instead of collapsing, Emma managed to keep herself sat up, Stella the one collapsing against her, her head still resting against her shoulder as they both tried to bring their breathing back to normal.

“I bit you,” Stella said after a moment, shocked by her momentary lack of control.

“I scratched you,” Emma replied with a smile.

“But… there’s a mark,” Stella said, her fingers now tracing against the imprint she had left in Emma’s shoulder. “Teeth marks, my teeth… on your neck.” Emma laughed softly and pulled Stella closer, resting her head on her shoulder to look down her back at the fingernail scratches she knew she had left there.

“Yeah, and I marked your back,” Emma said, running her hand gently up and down the marks she had left. “Fingernail scratches from my fingernails.”

“Seriously?” Stella said, pulling her head from Emma’s shoulder and trying to look across her shoulder at her own back. Emma couldn’t help but laugh again. This girl could be so adorably cute at times.

“You didn’t feel it?” Emma asked.

“No,” Stella answered.

“Wow, I guess you really did cum then,” Emma laughed.

“What, you mean you felt it when I bit you?” Stella asked, turning to look at Emma again.

“Stell Baby, it’s what made me cum,” Emma told her, making Stella stare at her for a moment.

“Oh wow,” she eventually said. Emma repositioned herself, moving so she was sat in Stella’s lap with her legs wrapped round her waist and her arms round her neck.

“Sometimes, I don’t mind a little rough play, pain,” Emma said, smiling cheekily at her. “It can actually heighten the pleasure.”

“Oh wow,” Stella repeated again, making Emma laugh again. Leaning in, Emma kissed Stella. She was really going to enjoying teaching this girl.


Over an hour and an awful lot of orgasms later, Stella and Emma were dressed and saying their goodbyes again. There had, however, been no rough play or any kind of pain induced orgasms. Stella was so sweet and innocent that she had been so shocked when she had bit Emma, and even more so when she knew it was what had made Emma cum. And Emma actually really liked that innocence about her, didn’t want to do anything to take it away. Besides, she knew plenty of ways to make her cum without having to bring that into the deal, which wasn’t actually anything she relished. Yeah, she admitted that a small amount of pain could turn her on, but she preferred doing things the more conventional way.

At the open door, Stella again looked a little nervous. Emma could not believe the change in this girl. When she was like she was now, just stood talking with Emma, she was such a shy, nervous girl. Yet when the two were naked and a bed was in the picture, things were totally different. She was initiating things, screaming her pleasure to the walls so load that Emma was scared someone was gonna call the police. But Emma knew it was both of those personalities that made the girl so adorable. Made her Emma’s ‘Stell Baby’.