Anonymous Lover Ch. 05


This is one of the interwoven stories concerning David, his sister Beth, and his girlfriend Susan. To better understand the context of this story you might want to read “Seducing Susan” which I wrote a few months ago and which describes how she finds David having sex and leaves him, and how Beth becomes her secret lover. Having said that, if you choose not to read it I’m sure you’ll pick up the basic background.

This story contains explicit descriptions of brother-sister consensual sex, group sex and anal sex. If you are offended by any of these themes, move on to more romantic stories — this one is not for you!

I try and make my stories realistic but at the end of the day, they are acts of fiction. If you don’t think people would behave like this, don’t break my balls over it….sometimes fact is stranger than fiction – and actually I don’t really care!

All characters are entirely fictitious and all are over the age of 18.



Susan lay next to me, her head resting on my shoulder. Her face was still flushed from our exertion, a sheen of sweat on her brow. I could still smell the heavy scent of sex lingering in the room, and taste the sweetness of her vaginal juice on my lips. My pussy felt swollen from her attention, first from her mouth and then from the vibrator she had used on me. I felt drowsy, my desire sated — although I knew that in half an hour she would want more. Her sexual drive was much higher than mine.

After a moment she spoke softly.



“Are you happy with our relationship?”


“Don’t you ever feel you want more?”

I turned my head so that I could see her face. “What do you mean? Are you unhappy with me? Didn’t I satisfy you?”

“No, no. It was great. It’s just that I’m feeling — I mean, I want….more.”

“More sex?”

She hesitated, her eyes on my face. “Not more as in greater quantity. Just greater variety.”

I regarded her. “I’ve tried just about everything I know on you, Susan. There’s no orifice, crack or crevice on your body that I haven’t licked, tickled, tasted or fucked. I don’t know how to give you any more variety.”

She reached up and touched my face gently. “Don’t be angry. These last few months have been fantastic….you’re fantastic”. She hesitated, and I could see that she was choosing her words carefully. “I guess I’m a heterosexual at heart, though. You know… I miss having a guy in my bed.” She smiled. “After a while plastic and rubber just doesn’t feel the same, even if it is you using it on me.”

“So what are you saying? Are you asking me to butt out?”

“No! Absolutely not! I’m just saying that I’d like to get a man over from time to time.” She looked at me. “After all, you’re still getting it on with your guy, aren’t you — in between our sessions, I mean.”

“Yeah — but…”

She laughed. “There you go, then. It’s hardly fair if you are getting man sex outside of our relationship and I’m not. I just want to branch out a little. Perhaps -” she stopped, and I could see the beginnings of a faint blush on her cheeks.

“Perhaps what?”


I persisted. “What were you going to say? Perhaps….”

She fiddled with a corner of a pillow that stuck up between us. “I was going to say perhaps -“


“- you would consider joining in.”

I stared at her. “A threesome?”

“Or four.” She pushed herself up on her elbow so that she was looking into my face. “You could get your guy and I’ll get mine, and the four of us could play all sorts of interesting games. What do you think?”

“I don’t think my guy would be up for anything like that.”

“Hmmm. He’d be the first man in history not to be interested in having two pussies in his bed, then. Still, if you say so.” She smiled. “I guess a threesome isn’t a bad option, though. How about that?”

“Susan, I don’t just fuck anyone….I need to know the guy. There has to be chemistry — you know, mutual attraction. The moment has to be right. I can’t agree to this without knowing him.” I paused, watching her face. “I didn’t know you had anyone in the background — who is he?”

“My last boyfriend…we were pretty hot before I caught him fucking out of watch, and I dumped him. I think he’s done his time, though, so I’ll look him up. I reckon you’d like him too. He’s great in the sack, and he has the same temperament as you.”

I stared at her without speaking. Her last boyfriend was my brother, David, and the girl he had been fucking when she caught him was me.

My world had just got a whole lot more complicated.


I had to admit that Susan had a point, though — there was something viscerally satisfying about having a thick cock stretching you open.

I was on my hands and knees on the bed, my hair flowing over the pillow, my hands clasping the sheet. My ass was pushed up, and I was waiting for him.

The mattress compressed as David climbed onto it, standing up, and he swung Casibom one leg over my back so that he straddled me. He placed his hands on my shoulders to support himself, and I felt the weight of his genitals briefly resting against the crack of my ass, thick and heavy.

David had fixed a large mirror to the wall next to the bed, and I could see us through the gap between my thighs. I looked at the reflection of the two figures on the bed: David’s taut buttocks, smooth and muscular, his thighs tensed with the weight of his body as he crouched over me. I could see the tight, crinkled eye of his ass, and below it the sack of his scrotum and the outline of his balls in it. His thick shaft, engorged with blood, was bobbing as he sought to engage it inside me, the head distended and angry. I could see my own ass, smooth and pale against his darker skin, my thighs open and my swollen sex pushed back, ready to receive him. The lips of my cunt were parted slightly and glistened with moisture in the soft light.

He moved himself down a little to position himself, then he eased forward and I felt the bulbous head of his cock pressing against my sex. For a few seconds my vulva resisted entry, and then I stretched open and the head of his cock popped into me. I felt him pause as he savoured the tightness of that first penetration, delighting in the grip of my cunt as it struggled to accommodate his thickness. The lips of my pussy fluttered briefly around his shaft, then he pushed forward again, the muscles in his thighs and buttocks driving his rod deep into me. I felt the thickness of him fill my belly, and my body was suffused with the heat of him.

His mouth was close to my ear and I heard him grunt softly with satisfaction as he entered me.

“Jesus, Beth! That’s good! That’s really tight.”

“You’re fucking me, David. You’re fucking your sister again. My cunt is really tight for you.”

“God, yes. Tell me you like your brother’s cock inside you.”

“I love my big brother’s cock. I can feel it deep inside me. Stretch me open…fill me up.”

“I will, I will. I’ll fill up your cunt with my prick.”

Long, slow strokes, the weight of his body on my shoulders, pushing me into the mattress. His prick was like a steel rod, stretching me open, reaching far into me. As he withdrew I clutched at him with my pussy, clamping down on his shaft, squeezing it hard with my vaginal muscles so that he groaned with pleasure; and as he thrust in I rotated my hips, pushing my sex up and back to afford the maximum penetration. The sound of our fucking filled the room — the rhythmic squeak of the mattress, the squelching of my cunt as he pistoned into me, and the sighs and gasps of our pleasure.

I looked at the reflection in the mirror and imagined the girl to be other than me. The image metamorphosed in my mind, and I could see Susan there with her long limbs, blue-black hair and dark skin. She was crouching, her thighs open and her buttocks elevated so that the swell of her sex was pushed back, her vulva distended by David’s thick shaft embedded in her body. I could see the white cream of their coupling on the lips of her cunt, and the gleam of love-juice smeared over her inner thighs. Her eyes were closed, lips parted, an expression of lust and pain stamped on her face as he fucked her.

I thought of what I would do if Susan were there, the three of us fucking. I imagined scooping her pussy juice on my fingertips as he slid into her, then pressing them to my lips to taste the product of their coupling. I envisaged her frantic mouth on my vulva, her tongue jerking into me with each thrust of David’s hips, my hands on her face to guide her. I thought of how he would spurt into her body, and how I would watch his thick cream trickling out of her, drizzling onto my face as I lay beneath her.

The image swelled in my brain, consuming me with lust. My body trembled with the strength of my impending climax, and the roar of a great wind filled my head, building rapidly, swirling me upwards like a leaf in a storm. For a single, frozen moment of time I teetered on the very edge of ecstasy, and then the force of my orgasm hit. As if from a far distance I heard myself shouting, screaming out, head back, my hands tearing at the sheets. My cunt clasped his shaft with an iron grip, milking him with powerful contractions, and I felt sudden spurt of juice from my pussy that soaked his balls and splattered over the sheets. My grasping cunt triggered his own orgasm, and I shrieked again as he thrust fully into me, the head of his cock butting against my cervix. He swelled inside me like a balloon filling with water, and then I felt the long jets of his hot sperm bathing my insides, felt his hands fluttering on my back, and heard the sound of his cry in my ears.

We stayed locked together for a while, catching our breath, feeling the sweat drying on our skin. His cock grew soft and slipped out of me, and I felt the slow trickle of his semen oozing out of my pussy. I flopped down next to him, putting Casibom Giriş my thigh across his body and turning so that I could watch his face.

He moved his hand up and smoothed my hair. “Wow! It just gets better and better, Beth.”

“Just my natural pussy skills, I guess.” I paused for a moment, gathering my thoughts. Now was a good time to tell him.

“I saw Susan yesterday.” He knew that I knew her, but he didn’t realize that we shared a bed.

He looked surprised. “I didn’t know that you were still in touch with her. Did she have anything to say?”

“A few things, actually. One of them was that she’s thinking of contacting you.”

He pushed himself up on one elbow so that he could see me better. “Really? Why?”

“Something about you being out in the cold for long enough, and that it was time to call you. I imagine that she wants to reestablish the relationship. I thought it was rather presumptuous of her, actually.”

“You did?

I nodded. “Yeah. She was pretty certain that you’d be sitting around waiting for her. She seemed to think that you’d come running as soon as she called.”

“Too right I would!”

“Really, David? Last time she was in this house she caught you fucking another girl…me. It was the reason she left you, as I recall. How does she know that you’re still not into that?”

“Perhaps it doesn’t worry her too much any more. Perhaps she just wants sex.”

He was closer to the truth than he knew, but I wasn’t ready to tell him that. “Maybe. Would you fuck her?”

“In a heartbeat.”

“Without me?

He started to nod, then saw my expression and changed his mind. “Ah. Well, I would have, but now you mention it…”

I could see the deception in his face. “You would, you bastard!”

He didn’t answer, and I went on. “Do you remember the conversation we had a few months back? It was all about making your peace with Susan. It wasn’t about screwing her again. I don’t want you to sneak off and fuck her now. Do you understand?”

He looked at me. “Yeah.”

“I’ll find out if you do…”

“I know.”

“…and I’ll cut off your nuts.”

He screwed up his face at the thought. “Right. I get it.” He was quiet for a moment, probably thinking about his nuts and how much he needed them.

We looked at each other, each thinking our own thoughts. He was thinking of seeing her again, weighing up his chances of getting his end away.

I was thinking of how the hell I could survive the next few weeks without Susan finding out that I was David’s sister, and without him knowing that I was her lover.


A week went by before David announced progress. “She called me,” he said.


“Susan. She called me, just like you said she would.”


“She wants to meet.”

I sighed. “Trying to get information out of you is like drawing teeth, David. For fuck’s sake, tell me what she said!”

“Yeah. Well, OK. She called me at the office, so I couldn’t talk much. She sounded cheerful and she asked how I was, and then she suggested we meet. She said she’d let me know where and when. I got the impression that she was just sounding me out, to see if I was still interested.”

“Did you mention me?”

“No. You told me not to -“

“Yeah, but it’s important. She knows me as a drinking buddy, but she hasn’t made the connection between you and me. If she figures out that I’m the little sister that you’ve been diddling, you won’t see her for dust.” Actually she knew me as her bedmate, but I couldn’t tell him that.

“Right. I’ll be careful.”

“I mean really careful, David. Even if the three of us somehow end up in the same room together, you mustn’t let on that its me.”

He looked at me strangely. I could see the question on his lips, but he thought better of it. “Right,” he said.


I was expecting a call from Susan and it didn’t take long to come. We met for a coffee at a corner café not far from her work. She was, as usual, dressed to kill — a smart linen suit with matching bag and shoes. I was wearing jeans.

She waited until the waitress had departed and then raised the subject of our meeting. “I’ve called my guy and he’s in.” She was clearly excited.

“Whoa, slow down! Tell me again who your guy is, and what you are expecting.”

“Sorry. His name is David and he’s my ex. I called him and he’s agreed to meet with me -”

I interrupted her. “I’m a little confused, Susan. Isn’t this the guy that you caught in flagrante? Why are you still talking to him?”

She regarded me for a moment. “I never told you the story of what happened, did I? It might help you understand.”


“This is before you came on the scene, Elizabeth. David and I used to work in the same office, and well, we got together. I really liked him…you know, good looking, good job, great sense of humour. We could talk to each other — I mean really talk…have fun, too. He was great in the sack as well.”

“Sounds Casibom Güncel Giriş too good to be true. So what happened?”

“We’d been together for a few weeks, and I used to stay over at his place from time to time. He used to talk in his sleep sometimes. Most of it was rubbish, just mumbling, but one night he was quite lucid. He was talking about his sister, Beth, and how much he loved her. I had it out with him the next day, but he just laughed it off…said it was just a dream. I didn’t think too much about it.”

She stopped to sip at her coffee, her eyes like big brown pools in her face.

“Anyway, a month or so later I went on holiday up the coast. It poured with rain for the first four days so I decided to come home early… you know, to be with him. It was going to be a surprise.” She laughed without humour. “Well, I was right about that, but it wasn’t the surprise I had planned. I let myself into his flat with the key he had given me. I really didn’t expect anyone to be there….I was going to leave a present on the table so that he would find it when he got back from work. Anyway, as soon as I got in I heard a noise, sort of groaning, like someone was hurt. I didn’t know what it was at first, so I went to have a look.” She smiled. “Silly, really — it might have been an intruder. I just never thought.” She was pensive for a while, before speaking again. “In some ways I wish it had been an intruder, rather than what I found.”

“So what was it?”

“It was him and his sister, in bed together. They had left the bedroom door open, and I could see them. He was kneeling over her…you know, doing her. She was moaning, which is what I had heard. As I watched he came into her.”

“Christ! What did you do?”

“I was mesmerized. Part of me was really turned on by what I saw and the other part was repelled. I could sort of understand him shagging another girl, but doing his sister – “

“Was she a willing partner?”

“She seemed to be. She was really enjoying it, from what I could see.”

“You could see her?”

“Not much — just her bits and pieces, if you know what I mean. I could hear her, though, and it sure didn’t sound as if she was there against her will.”

“So how do you know it was his sister?”

“As he came he yelled out her name — Beth, and he said something about how much he loved fucking his sister. The coincidence was too great to be anything else than the truth.”

I thought quickly. Up to now Susan had never said anything to me that indicated that she and David had been an item. I knew, of course, but she didn’t know that. Now she had finally mentioned his name, it gave me an opportunity to be honest with her…to confess that I was his sister, and I was the girl he was fucking. I could pretend that I had never known that she was his girlfriend. I could try and set the record straight.

But in reality what could I say? ‘…God, Susan, that was me…I didn’t know that you knew David….and the fact that you and I are also lovers is an amazing coincidence.’ Why would she possibly accept my explanation? And even if she did, was she capable of understanding why I loved my brother in that way? I thought not.

And while I was thinking she looked up into my face, her head tilted slightly to one side, and she was smiling at me. Her whole body was suffused with happiness and excitement, her dark eyes shining, her face radiant. In a moment of perception I could see what would happen if I did tell her: how her happiness would give way to incomprehension, shock, disappointment and then anger and hurt. I could not bear the thought of extinguishing her joy, even if it meant I must lie again.

“So what did you do?” I asked.

She shook her head, as if in denial. “I was stunned at first…you know, you see something that was totally unexpected — something so far off the planet that your mind just can’t grasp it at first. I didn’t even think he would be at home, yet alone shagging — and certainly not his sister.” She fiddled with the spoon in her cup. “I guess the first reaction was being pissed off that he’d found someone else the moment I was out of town, and then I realised that she was his sister and I was gob-smacked…but I found myself turned on, too, which really surprised me.” She gave a little laugh. “It just goes to show that you never know how you’ll react until it happens. I’d never seen anyone having sex before, and they were well into it. From where I stood I could see everything — their most intimate parts, and where they were joined. I could hear their groans. I could even smell their fucking. My pussy was wet in an instant, and that confused me too.”

“You could have joined in.”

“I guess. They had no idea I was there, though.” She stopped, and I could see her thinking about what might have happened if she had stayed. She laughed, but without humour. “Anyway, it was flight or fuck and I chose the former. I turned and ran out of the house. I often wonder how things would have worked out if I’d stayed.” She made a gesture of dismissal. “As it turned out, he did me a favor. I got to change my job and my lifestyle…and I met you.” She reached across and held my hand. The couple opposite us glanced over, and I detected a knowing smile.