TV Blowjob Slut for Blacks Ch. 02


I woke up Saturday morning in my own bed to the sound of my cell-phone going off, but I was still all dolled up like the suck whore I had portrayed the night before at Darnell’s hands. With my wife out of town and me terribly bored, I’d gone to this bar to drink but I didn’t know it was a…well…black bar. Still, I didn’t want to seem prejudiced or anything so I relaxed at the bar and had about three highballs for a tab of about $15.00. When I was going to pay out, amply buzzed, I simply had forgotten my wallet. No cash. Normally you would think the owner of a bar would work with a person who screws up and forgets their money but this guy Darnell got angry as if it had just happened with other white guys before me about four or five times in a row. I believe now he had an ulterior motive all along based on how he sized me up from the get-go.

He threatened calling the police and pressing charges and all and I just wanted to calm him down. He dangled a deal where, as a joke I thought, he would have me help serve at one of his functions. I pictured a butler or waiter type of role until he stuck me in a girly dressing room with my supposed uniform. His vision was to get me all dolled up like a flirty little Barbie doll tart. Pretty much stuck in the locked room with no avenues for escape, I put on all the stuff he provided. It was over-the-top. Super girly clothes. Super girly make-up. When he returned to get me he was floored with how good I looked but I felt totally weird all dolled up like that in front of a huge black man. He walked me down a hall and proceeded to isolate me in his back-room office where I got quickly duped into being tied into an armchair and having a long blonde wig affixed to my head. With one wall mirrored in his office I looked over to see a prissy looking Barbie doll trapped in a chair. The next thing I know, Darnell was mouth-fucking me hard and I couldn’t do a thing about it except follow his instructions to moan a lot and slurp loudly. Within minutes, one of his bar pals named T-Dog did the same thing while Darnell took a phone call. It was an impossible scenario. I still can’t believe I had been turned into a black bar backroom blowjob slut. When my ordeal was over, I got wolf whistles all through the bar as Darnell, with his big black arm around my neck, walked me out to his parking lot, patted me on the ass and allowed to drive home. I was so glad it had ended and pulled into my garage with as much stealth as I could muster. With my wife out of town for the week, I simply fell out on the bed and crashed in all my girly attire.

The cell-phone chirped at me again. Groggy still, I didn’t recognize the number. “Hello?”

A deep baritone voice purred at me. “Hey, baby-girl. You get home okay?”

I realized it was Darnell, “You fucking piece of shit! You fucking ass-“

He rose to anger immediately, cutting me off. “Yo! YO! YO!!! Bitch! Shut the fuck up or I come over there and bust your fucking head!”

“Goddam it, I’m a fucking married man! Why did you – you’re a sick – ” I started to explain but he stuffed me quick again.

“I said Shut the Fuck Up! I don’t ever want to hear that fucking male voice again, you little suck whore. When you talk to me, you talk like BJ. Like a Barbie doll. I want soft and I want sweet. You know WHY?”

I didn’t say anything for a beat. He continued.

“‘Cause your ass is on film from last night. That mirror, bitch? Two-way. Two-way mirror, babydoll. You got that? I got you suckin hard black dick, sweetie. I got your whore-ass lips wrapped around T-Dog’s dick like a suck whore. I had me an idea you was gonna look slutty hot when I got done with you but nothing like the way you looked when you come outta that room. And now I got you jerking that shit like it’s all you ever wanted. I got you moaning for it bad. And I got close-ups. No one can tell you tied up girl. I got you moaning. I got you slurping black dick. I got you swallowing. Bitch, I got you.”


I tried to jump in. “But – “

He cut me off loudly. “Ah! Nope! CHICK voice! Gimme a girly voice!”

“But I can’t – “

“AH! Do it! Do it or I make sure your wife get to check all this shit out. And the rest of your family. Maybe your co-workers, mutherfucker. The neighbors and the folks you all go to church with bitch. Maybe they all get to see what you do in your spare time.”

What a freaking nightmare. I was frozen. Stuck.

He prodded me. “Say, ‘Yes, baby.'”


“C’mon, BJ. It’s all right. Be my little Barbie doll. Say, ‘Yeah, baby.'”

I forced my throat up an octave or two and came out with a weak whispery, “Yeah.”

“Thaaaaat’s my girl. Good girl! But that shit was s’posed to be, ‘Yeah, baby.” Now try it again.”

He was giving it to me good. I cleared my throat and whispered femininely, “Yeah, baby.”

“There you go! Now that shit was easy, wadn’t it? Now I’m gonna reward you ’cause you such a good girl fo me. Ax me, ‘What did you get me Darnell?’ bomonti escort Go ahead. Ax me, BJ. Ax me now.”

I cleared my throat again and spoke as femininely as I could manage, “What did you get me, um, Darnell?”

“Fuck, that was GOOD, Barbie! Sounds like you was born to talk all hot like that fo you man! My black dick is getting’ hard just thinkin’ ’bout it, girl. Now here’s what your man got for you. Go up to yo front door. There’s a little present fo you. Go on, baby, check it out.”

I felt like I was dreaming. This could not be happening. I was having to fucking sweet talk some black thug. I was still dressed like a little slut in Darnell’s tart costume which had cum stains all around the neck line and at the cleavage from where all the cum I had tried t o cope with the night before had dribbled out.

I cracked the door ever so slightly and winced from the bright noontime light and grabbed the package, about the size of a laptop box. It wasn’t heavy.

“You got that shit yet?” Darnell probed.

I did the chick-voice again, “Yeah.”

“Well, open it, baby. It’s all safe and shit. I want to keep you around babydoll”

I laid the box on the coffee table and then grabbed some scissors out of a drawer. The sealing tape cut easily. I put the scissors down and cautiously pulled back the cardboard flaps. Tissue rustled as I gingerly went to the contents. I felt soft slinky fabric and pulled it out slowly. It was bright, bright fuschia, a sexy mini-dress with flutter sleeves, bust tie, a sweetheart neckline and a ruffled hem. Holy crap. It was pretty short and sexy and it tied to a bow in back. I got sick to my stomach. There were matching stiletto fuck-me pumps with dangly white hearts. There were white stockings with little fuschia bows on the back. A matching white corset and white garters. There was a really lacy white full slip in there too.

Perhaps the worst of the items were these fuschia powernet ruffled panties that had white stitching and hearts all over them. The stitching read, “Darnell’s BJ Girl.” The package contained much more, an entire ensemble. There were jangly white and fuschia bracelets and anklets, big fuschia heart earrings, over the elbow white opera gloves and a fuschia choker with a dangling heart. There was makeup bottles galore and mascara and rouge and false eyelashes and everything a drag queen would need to get all dolled up for a show. I pulled out a little fuschia purse with a white heart on it with a post-it note stuck to it telling me what I needed to keep in it at all time. Among other things, it listed fuschia lipstick, also provided, but it had a plump cockhead applicator. Lastly there was a long platinum blonde wig that reached to mid back that had bangs in front. It was another Barbie doll outfit completely.

Darnell persisted, “You into it yet, baby? How ’bout that shit?”

I was speechless but remembered to be speechless in the feminine voice, “I…I….”

“Yeah, I know you love that shit! That’s what you were gonna say! You just looove that shit, right? Tell yo man you love it, girl. Lemme hear it right now. Say, ‘Oh, Darnell, I love it!'”

“Oh, Darnell, I….I love it.”

“Good. You got one hour to get it all put on ya! I’m going up to the mall and need a fine-ass Barbie doll on my arm. So get to it. I’m going to be in your driveway at 1:30 pm. Your ass better be looking fine.”

I protested but in the required feminine voice it probably sounded weak, “No! Darnell, I can’t! The neighbors will….”

“Fuck a bunch of them neighbors. I don’t give a shit about them. Look, just leave the garage door up and I’ll pull in and you can close the garage door behind you and get in or whatever the fuck you want. You just better be fucking ready by the time I get there. You got that?”


“One thirty, baby.” And the cell-phone connection clocked off. I was going to plead with him and ask him what I could do to get out of this impossible situation but he just hung up on me. If I didn’t do what he said, my life would be ruined. And my wife would be humiliated. Darnell had threatened to somehow show the pictures to everyone we knew.

I had to play along for now. Maybe I could offer Darnell money to get out of this. I could probably round up a few hundred dollars out of my own household stash. Maybe he’d go for that.

I stripped off my whore-wear from the night before and scrambled into the shower to peel off all the horrible layers of freshly-fucked makeup. It seemed an exercise in futility since I was prepping to have it all re-applied for my upcoming date with Darnell. I have always had super-light body hair that was so pale as to not even be noticeable. I shaved my face super-close so the make-up would cover to Darnell’s expectations. It was so weird figuring out garter belts and ankle-straps and lingerie but I got the job done again. It took me exactly 55 minutes to be standing in the full-length cihangir escort mirror completely ready as per Darnell’s instructions. With the waist-cinching corset and hip-thrusting effects of the stiletto heels and the ridiculously convincing theatrical make-up and the shamelessly flirty short dress and lingerie, I really blew myself away. I could have passed for Christina Aguilera’s or Britney Spears’ or Pam Anderson’s bimbo cousin. It stunned me how much I looked like, well, a Barbie Doll. It was insane but there I was. Why did I look so convincing as a girl? All the girly equipment worked perfectly. The impossible transformation was a little scary. Knowing Darnell was on his way over here was even scarier.

It was right about then I could hear the whole house shaking from loud booming bass emanating from the garage. Oh, shit! It was no joke! Darnell had arrived and I was to be his Barbie doll at the mall!

With my tiny purse packed with all the goodies required and with two hundred dollars in cash as a buy-off, I entered the garage hoping my neighbors would not be suspicious of the uncharacteristically booming bass sounds coming from our property. I stuck my head out and Darnell was smiling huge and made a “come on” motion with his hand. I locked the door behind me and came around to the passenger side of his big Lincoln Navigator SUV. As I baby-stepped in the tall ankle-strapped heels that brought me up to about 5 ft 10″, which still made me look fairly petite compared to Darnell’s hulking 6 foot 5 inch height, Darnell’s gave me a jaw-dropping sort of look that made me think he approved of the job I had done. The door clicked open and I awkwardly climbed up inside.

“Fuck, babydoll! That’s da look! God dayumm!” he crowed, adjusting his crotch. The bass boomed in front of some hardcore rap. “Scoot y’self over here close to me girl, right now.”

I scooted hesitanttly closer to him and he put his big monstrous arm around my neck. He as so big that my left shoulder fit comfortably right under his cavernous armpit. I could feel the weight of his forearm and meaty paw on my right shoulder. I could barely hear myself think with the sound system banging out rap.

“Can you turn that down a little, please? Um, the neighbors.” I asked remembering to use the femme voice.

Darnell complied with no hesitation using a button on the steering wheel with his left hand to lower it, but only a little. “Aw, sure, baby. No problem. Not lookin’ to start no shit. I like y’all’s neighborhood up in here. You ready to go?”

Here was my chance. “Well, can we wait a second? I….I really don’t want to make you mad, um, Darnell, but I…I’m married…and I was hoping…well…here.” My white gloved hands pulled two hundred dollars cash out of my little fuschia purse all in twenties and held it out to Darnell.”

He took his tree-trunk arm off my shoulder and counted the money. “What’s this, baby girl?”

I started to explain in a whispery voice, “Well, I figured…”

Darnell interrupted me loudly. “OH! NO, NO, NO, NO! I KNOW WHAT THIS IS!” Darnell slid the cash into his left pocket and quickly reached down to unzip his Nike warm up pants that had been sporting a massive, fabric-straining bulge. A second later, there it was again. That black dick that was fucking my lips just 12 hours ago was poking upward again. Wet-looking, swollen and looking for trouble.

My heart tripped into high-gear panic as a sense of dread washed over me.

He put that giant arm around my neck lightning-fast and pressured my head down toward his cock, “You paying me so you can suck my black dick all the time!”

He pushed down on my neck and head so fast and he was so strong that he had my lips up against his cock in the blink of an eye.

“Wha -?” I instinctively began to protest and plead with Darnell, “No, wait, I – Ulmmfff!” The effort was misguided because it simply opened my painted whorish lips up enough for Darnell to push his hard black dick into my mouth. I couldn’t help crying out but with my mouth plugged up with his huge black head, it sounded like pitiful, helpless date-rape moaning.

Darnell was impossibly strong like an accomplished prison-yard weight-lifter. It was nothing for him to methodically use his dark, sinewy right arm and wrap his vise-like paw around my flutter sleeve and entire right upper arm, anchoring it to my side. With that tight grip, he then pulled back on my arm and forced it to come around behind my back. Then, by using that grip to pull me to him, crushed tightly up against his hard-bodied frame, he was also rendering my left arm immovable as it was locked firmly against him and the seat-back. Darnell was in control of my entire upper torso at that point, using the tremendous strength of just one arm. This left him free to steer my head with his other massive arm. He anchored his huge left hand on top of my blonde bimbo wig like an NBA center palming a basketball. He didn’t kurtuluş escort even notice my poor attempt to try and resist by pushing my head upward as hard as I could. I had no leverage whatsoever. Darnell grunted as he effortlessly pushed my head down and held it at a point where his swelling cock could not possible escape my lips. Worse, by using his hips to hunch up and down over and over again, my mouth was again being fucked by the same black thug that blew his load down my throat just 12 hours ago in the back room of a black bar.

“There you go, Barbie doll. That’s my BJ girl.”

My protest would have sounded like, “No! No!” if his big black rod wasn’t stretching my lips to their upper limit. Instead it came out like “Mmmf! Mmmmf!” as usual.

I was screwed. In his mind, I had just paid him two hundred dollars so I could suck his dick all the time, that trash-talking sonuvabitch. I couldn’t believe my situation. I was a married man dressed up like a cheap blonde bimbo tart sucking off a black man on the front seat of his SUV. I could feel every inch of the outfit I’d been forced to get all dolled up in. The straps from the stiletto heels clamped around my ankles. I could feel the heels dug into the carpet on the floorboards as I was bent into Darnell’s lap and the delicate touch of the little dangling hearts tapping against my ankles as he ravaged my slutty looking mouth.

“Ungh! Ungh! Fuck, BJ, you suck better’n any bar whore I, Ungh!, ever had. Ungh!”

I was screaming my frustrated outrage but it was ineffective. “MmmmFff! Umbmbgl! Ummfff!”

He responded to what he fantasized I was saying, “I know. I know. Ungh! I’m gonna. I know you want that seed baby! Gonna feed ya that seed!”

Even though my eyes went wide at the horrifying thought, the feel of my tart-wear continued to eclipse my consciousness. The nylons gripping my legs and the garter straps pulled taut against my upper thighs. The industrial strength powernet panties acting as a gaffe to hold my entire dick and balls back securely and make them a non-issue. The waist-cinching corset and fake boobs restricting my breathing but accomplishing its primary goal of granting me an impossibly curvy hourglass shape. I could feel my face spread with all the various make-up elements but none so much as the thick creamy lipstick Darnell made me wear, in a slutty fuschia to match the dress he bought for me, and the thick mascara eyelashes. I was a slutty Barbie doll for a black man.

Darnell’s cock was huge now, his nut sack welling up with a quart of jizz-load prepping to blow. “I’m gonna let go of your right arm now, sweetie. If you fucking hurt me or bite me in any way, I will fuck you up beyond repair! You got that?”

“Mmm-hmmmffffmfff! Mmm-Hmmmff!”

“You gonna jack that shit off, BJ! Into your mouth!”

He released his grip on my arm. It was a little sore as I pulled it around and, feeling I had no other option, I gripped his fat black cock with my lovely gloved hand. I felt the freshly-released flutter sleeve delicately caress my shoulder and upper arm as I began to dutifully jerk his swollen cock between my sucking lips.

“Just thumb and forefinger! Jack it! Don’t take those suck lips off my dick. Tight around the head now!”

He was barking commands so I was frantic to keep him from getting angry fearing he might snap my neck or something, “Mm-Hmm! Mm-Hmm!” I proceeded to do as he asked because I had no choice. I was his dolled up suck whore right now and I was jacking his black dick into my whorish mouth.

“Make some noise, baby girl! Suck it! Slurp it! Loud! LOUD!”

His urgent yelling scared me that he might think I was not doing what he asked. I ramped it up immediately, frantically moaning helplessly over and over again. I made intentional slurping noises as loudly as I could, as if his black dick was my lifeline to exist. My only nourishment after not eating for a week.

I could have won an award. “Ummf! Slrrp! Unff! MMff! Shlrrrrppp! Mff! Unk! Nnnk! Ungh! Mmmff! MM! MM!”

“Awww, that’s my girl! S’whut I’m talkin’ bout. Ungh! Gawd! Unnh!”

Somehow, outside of all the insane mouth-fucking, dick-sucking chaos I was now enduring, I could feel the smooth, silky fabric of the dress and lacy full slip caressing my body. The little cleavage bust-tie up front. The weight of Darnell’s right hand against the sweet bow and ribbons at the back of the dress. The ruffled hem that was hiking up so far that Darnell had a nice stocking-top and garter-strap leg show to help spur his mouth-lust.

“Fuck I love how you get dolled up to suck me off, girl! I need to blow in that little suck-whore mouth of yours! Ungh! OhyeahOhyeahOhyeah! Ungh!”

Darnell still had his hand on my head. I wasn’t getting out of this any more than I did last time. He was pushing on my head over and over again. Hunching his hips up into my mouth. Pistoning. Faster and faster. Black-fucking my mouth.

“Knew you wanted it with that little fuck-party-mouth! You love nigga dick, dontcha you little prissy blowjob slut?!!”

“Ummf! Slrrp! Unff! MMff! Shlrrrrppp! Mff! Unk! Nnnk! Ungh! Mmmff! MM! MM!”

“Suck baby suck! Suck those cheeks in! Ungh! Unnh! Ungh! Ungh! Jack it! Jack it fast! Keep jacking! Keep sucking! Don’t stop! Uh! Uh! Uh!”