Accountant Ch. 06


We ate and I took the plates out while she strapped the sleeping George into the carrier. The drive up was silent and I settled her into the lounge before walking over to check up on the stables.

Things were still running smoothly and I left matters in their hands with the assurance that I’d update them if I got news. I walked back relieved that I didn’t have to worry about that as well.

I stopped in the kitchen and made a coffee for us. She smiled at me as I walked in.

“Everything’s fine with the guests, they can cope for the moment,” I said walking over.

“Thanks,” she said as she took the mug from me.

I sat next to her and she stood. “Put your leg up behind,” she asked.

I brought my leg up and she sat and leaned back into me then leant forward and put the drink down before snuggling back into me. I brought my arm down to hold her while she gave another sigh.

I balanced my mug on the arm and sipped at it while the silence and stillness of the house pressed in. she leant forward and picked up the mug.

“We could go down to the police station and see if they will tell us anything,” she suggested after she’d taken a drink.

I was getting very tempted to phone Mike but I didn’t want to put him on the spot. However phoning the station saw an option as long as I could get further up the chain than the bored copper manning the desk.

“I’ll phone them,” I said putting my hand in my pocket to pull it out.

I got through to a CID detective who told me they would release her soon; it was just a matter of checking a few things. Whilst I wasn’t satisfied with the answer it was the best I got even if it didn’t tell us a lot.

The news was disappointing to the both of us, she snuggled back in and gave me another kiss on the cheek before laying her head on my shoulder.

“So we wait,” she said as I brought my arm back around her.

“We can watch TV or something,” I suggested.

“I wish we could make love but I’m not in the mood,” she said turning her head up to look at me.

“Well that’s honest.” I said smiling at her.

The thought crossed my mind that she might be inviting me to get her in the mood.

“I just want to forget all this is happening, I want to lay naked in your arms and let you make it all go away.”

“I wish it was that easy,” I said cuddling her.

She sighed and was quiet. I let time drag until half an hour later Heather’s phone rang. She scrambled to get it, excitedly shouting ‘It’s mum’ as she looked at the display.

“Mummy,” she answered

I watched as the look of happiness was replaced by a more neutral one. She said little and listened a lot then confirmed that she was home with me before letting her hand slip down.

“She said they lost some of the original statements and she had to make a new one.” She said looking to me.

“It happens,” I said. “Is she on her way home now?”

“Yes she wondered where I was, if I was with you.”

“Well I’ll wait till she gets here. Shall I pick you up tomorrow as normal?”

“Uh yes,” she said with emphasis as she launched herself at me.

She lay along me and gave me a full on passionate kiss, her tongue darting in to play with mine. With her body pressed against mine I could feel my cock react and stiffen slightly.

She broke off. “Thank you for being here.”

“Anything any good Samaritan would do,” I said giving her a squeeze.

She grinned at me and pushed herself up. “I’ll get some tea on, I’m sure she’ll ask. Do you want coffee?”

“No, I’ll wait till I get home and have a proper one.”

She gave a chuckle. “She gets the gold blend for you.”

“Freeze dried is still second best to real coffee,” I said, smiling back.

She smiled back and pushed herself up, then turned and headed for the kitchen. I sat and wondered if they’d told Sam about catching the two fraudsters, so far it had been all about the suicide cum murder.

I heard her car pull into the drive and was tempted to pick up the carrier and greet her in the kitchen but let it go and walked just to the door instead.

I returned her hug as she wrapped her arms around me. “It was you who phoned old Loosemoore weren’t it. He had me out in fifteen minutes. I thought I was going to be stuck there all day.”

“Are they releasing the money?”

“No, they didn’t say anything about that.”

“What was the new evidence then?”

“I don’t know, that Frost fellow wanted to go over Georges suicide first. Did you know he’s made Detective Chief Inspector now?”

I saw Heather bring the mug of tea behind her and turned to return to my seat with an unwelcome suspicion forming in my mind.

“Are you sure you won’t have a coffee before you go?” Heather asked.

“No thanks, I’ve still got a set of accounts to finish auditing.”

“Well thank you for taking care of things,” Sam said taking the tea from Heather.

“No problem,” I said watching as she sat.

She gave me a smile and I smiled back then turned to see myself out. It was still a bit Ankara escort early but I would be phoning Mike as soon as office hours were over.

I drove home looking for other explanations but Occam’s razor kept bringing me back to the one I least wanted. By the time I got home I was tempted to phone him then but decided I needed to calm myself down a bit first.

I made my coffee and pulled out my weed and set about calming myself down the best way I knew. I turned the TV on to distract myself bringing up the science channels to pick a ‘How it’s made’ on skis.

I was watching some ‘Tom and Jerry’ when the deadline of half five came and I gave him a ring.

“Hi, Mike.”

“Yes,” he answered gruffly.

“An unofficial word if I can. I’ve just left Heather and Sam and to be honest I’m wondering why you didn’t tell Sam about the bank accounts and his exoneration?”

“Well this stays between the two of us right.”


“I’m still gathering facts, we’ll be charging them as soon as we get an official copy of your friend’s report, it’ll all come out then.”

“So your just playing your cards close to your chest, there was no ulterior motive in holding Sam so long?”

“No,” he said reassuringly. “I just want all the facts before I challenge our two villains, there’s a lot that doesn’t add up yet.”

“Okay, that’s fine. Thanks.”

“Not a word, right.”

“Yes of course, thanks again.”

I turned the phone off relieved that my worse suspicions weren’t confirmed but with a niggling doubt about the glibness of his answer. He was right when he said a lot didn’t add up yet.

He’d put the problem on hold rather than solved it but it would have to do till things became public with the arrest, though it seemed a bit callous to leave Sam in the dark like this.

Still I had to assume Mike knew what he was doing and wait like any other Joe Public. My tummy reminded me that it needed filling and I heaved myself up and made my way to the kitchen.

It took me an hour or so to finish of the accounts but I was in no mood to write and ended up trawling through the ‘New’ list to see if I could find any gems.

I had my nightcap and caught the news headlines before retiring, my mind turned over the events of the day before falling into a listless sleep.

I awoke fresh and followed my usual routine of a run followed by a shower and then breakfast, my excitement building as the time to go and collect Heather and the baby.

My heart was beating a little faster as I pulled into the drive, as I stopped at the front door Heather looked through the window. She opened the door to me before I got there, giving me a quick smile before disappearing.

She was wearing a loose sweatshirt and denim cut offs, her red curls gathered behind her head.

“Can you carry the bag for me?” she asked, strapping George into the carrier.

“Yeh, sure.” I answered walking over to pick it up.

I waited till she picked the carrier up then turned and led the way back to the car. I dropped the bag in the foot-well and took the carrier from her to strap that in.

Her first words when we drove off were. “Do you believe mummy?”

“I had a talk with Mike Frost last night,” I answered. “He just said they were just going over the facts and that Jim Becks and Cyril Graham would probably be arrested today.”

“Did you ask him about Mummy?”

“Yes and he gave me the impression it was routine, just collating all the facts.”

“I’ve had an awful night, I kept wondering if mummy had anything to do with dad’s death.”

“That thought had crossed my mind to, that’s the reason I phoned. They’re waiting for the official version of the report I got them from Tony.”

“So we just have to wait still.”

“I’m afraid so,” I said.

“Oh well, at least mothers not a suspect.”

I was happy for her to believe that but talking to her now I was aware that Mike hadn’t actually said that and his ‘it’s just routine’ had only given that impression.

She was a little more animated when we got to my house, talking of her story and what she wanted to write next. I carried the bag in and led her through to the front room.

While she was unstrapping George I went and started the coffee. When I got back she was sitting on the floor with George, playing with him. I put the coffee down for her and walked around to the computer.

I heard her plug the laptop in and a minute later the boot jingle played. It was an hour or so later I heard her move. I hit the save on my work and looked around.

The baby was on his hands and knees eyes closed. Heather was getting up to deal with him and I swivelled around to watch. She glanced at me and smiled, then bent long legged to pick him up.

Her svelte legs and tight ass had my cock responding, growing stiffer still when she straightened and gave her hips an exaggerated sway as she moved to put him in the carrier on the table.

I walked around as she strapped him in, standing behind her as she Escort ankara finished. She turned and looping her arms around my neck she stretched up to kiss me.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said as she broke the kiss.

Her arms slipped from me as I stepped back.

“After you,” I said broadening my smile.

She reached down and took my hand then half turned and picked the carrier up. It felt a little bit childish holding hands but my cock liked the feel of her soft hand in mine.

I unbuttoned my shirt on the way up and had it loose when we stopped for her to put the carrier at the foot of the bed. She rounded the footboard and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Can we just cuddle for a while first?” she asked as she reached cross handed for the hem of her sweatshirt.

“Yes, anything you want,” I replied.

She flashed me a grin as she pulled the sweatshirt up. My hands went to my belt and I moved around to sit beside her as I unzipped and pushed my shorts and trousers down.

She unhooked her bra and slipped it down her arms, exciting me with the sight of her fat nipples. She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts, pushing them and her panties down to join the clothes on the floor.

I stood and pulled the covers down and she slipped around to slide under them. She grabbed me as I climbed in, wrapping her arms around my neck and laying the back of her head next to my cheek.

I squeezed my arm under her and lay it across her back.

“I’m glad I’ve got you,” she said softly.

“That proves life’s not all bad.”

“Being in your arms is all I need.”

I brought my free hand up and put it on the side of her head and started softly rubbing, my fingers sinking into her hair.

“Mm,” she said appreciatively.

I lay there looking at the ceiling wishing that all this business with the fraud and murder would soon be over, when I noticed Heather’s breathing had slowed I realised she had fallen asleep on me.

I brought my arm down and gently took her arm to see if I could ease her off, as I moved it she shifted moving her hips half over mine with her legs falling between mine.

I mentally shrugged and moved my hand back to her head and closed my eyes to see if I could catch a nap too. George woke us with his cries and Heather was out of bed before I’d got the sleep from my eyes.

“His nappy needs changing,” she announced looking at me over the footboard.

“Ah ha,” I said starting to take the situation in.

“Do you want to get the bag for me and I’ll make a start?”

“Okay,” I said rolling off the bed.

She was holding him up when I got back and I offered her the open packet of wipes and let her pull one out. I put them next to her and followed up with the cream and talcum powder because it was there.

I put the fresh nappy by the side and then put the bag down to retrieve my shorts and headed for the toilet. She was knelt at the side of the bed playing with him.

The curves of her body the pale creamy colour of her skin held my eyes and stirred the possessive forces in me with the thought that she was mine now and we’d both be sleeping in that bed come Friday.

I walked over and sat next to her. She looked up.

“You look better for that little sleep,” I said

“I didn’t mean to,” she said apologetically.

“It’s alright I slept as well, guess we both needed it.”

“I’ll make it up to you when he has his afternoon nap,” she said pushing herself up and stretching for a kiss.

She kissed me briefly, stopping on the edge of it getting passionate.

“Shall we go down,” she suggested.

“If you want,” I replied.

“I could do with a cuppa,” she said standing.

“I’ll put the coffee on. Shall I take the bag and things down?”

“Yes if you will,” she said stretching over and picking George up.

I caught an involuntary glimpse as her knees pressed into the mattress and sighed as my still expectant cock showed signs of life. I turned and picked the things up.

“”Wait,” she said turning and sitting on the side of the bed.

I looked over as she put George on the floor and freed her panties from her shorts. She slipped them on and as she drew them up I saw they were a gauzy transparent dark green.

My cock declared its interest again and I turned and left as she crouched to pick George. I walked through to the front room and dropped the things off with Heather seconds behind me.

When I came back Heather was sat on the floor with George, she’d scattered some toys for him and was teasing him with a fluffy rabbit. I dropped her coffee off and sat on the settee behind her.

She backed up and leant on my legs, her arm coming up to rest her elbow across my knee while her hand stroked my thigh. I lay back as my cock stiffened slightly with her fingers twirling in the short hair there.

I sipped my coffee and rested the cup on the arm. Two weeks ago I couldn’t have imagined this happening, not in real life. This was as if I’d written myself into a fantasy, Ankara escort bayan popped through the screen like some latter-day Tron.

I looked down at her. Even if she didn’t have a film star face there were a few who would envy her body. Her skin was flawless, she had curves where she was meant to despite having a baby.

Even if I had only a few months with her it would give me a lifetime of memories. I sighed and looked up at the clock, it’d soon be time to think about lunch.

I finished my coffee and reluctantly disturbed the hand still resting on my thigh.

“Do you want to eat yet?”

“What are you offering?” she said suggestively, pushing her hand a little further up my leg.

“Sausage is on the menu later, I’ve got a couple of veggie burgers for you to nibble on now.”

She chuckled. “I’ll have to save some room for the sausage juice then.”

“You can have second helpings of that,” I said smiling back.

She laughed as she moved to let me up. I walked through to the kitchen pleased with the improvement in Heathers mood, the problems seemingly vanished with her light-heartedness.

I dug the burgers out and put them under the grill, sitting on one of the stools while I waited. I put the ketchup and brown sauce on the tray and took it through.

After we’d eaten Heather took the things out whilst I put the TV on for my dose of the news. As usual there was little good news with a report starting on the droughts and the expected short fall in grain harvests.

Heather came back and the sight of her nude body dispelled the gloom. I watched the nipples on her breast jiggle and bounce as she walked over, the thin wisp of material making her pussy mysterious and erotic.

She stopped at the settee and gave me a plaintive puppy dog look. “Come and let me cuddle up to you.”

I got up from the armchair and thumbed the remote and tossed it onto the seat then took the step to sit in the corner of the settee. She sat between my legs, pulling my arms around her as she lay back on me.

The feel of her bare skin under my hands and against my chest set my cock off on its quest for fulfilment while I breathed in the perfume of her shampoo and felt content just to hold her.

It was five minutes before Georges wandering took him to close to the door. She got up with a little sigh and brought him back to the middle of his toys.

She snuggled back up and drew my hands by their fingertips to cup her breasts, laying her hands down on top of them. I sensed it was more about comfort than foreplay and just let her hold them there.

It was more like ten minutes before she got up again. “You can work if you want to,” she said as she knelt down and stopped him from crawling under the coffee table.

I debated myself for a moment and reluctantly stood to go back to the accounts. I glanced at her as I rounded the end of the settee and hoped that George would have his afternoon nap soon.

It was over an hour later when she’d fed him and changed his nappy again that he settled and she put him in the carrier. I’d turned my chair around to watch and admire the shape and form of her body.

My cock was hard enough to find its way out of the fly and stood sticking out, the foreskin drawn back to expose my shiny helmet. Her eyes flew to it as I walked from behind the settee.

She reached out as I approached and sank to her knees to slip her lips over my helmet and slide her tongue along the underside. My cock hardened in an instant as the wet warmth of her mouth worked its wonders.

I put my hands to her head, sinking my fingers into her hair as the pleasure surged through me. Her hand snaked around my leg and she took a handful of my cheek as she started to bob.

I sighed with the thrill as she kept going, flooding me with pleasure and starting the pressure in my groin growing. Within a minute she had me groaning with my legs starting to tremble.

I groaned a different groan when she let it slip from her mouth and started licking and kissing my helmet. The soft silky touch of her tongue and lips had my hips twitching and me starting to snatch my breath.

She plunged down talking all she could in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked, and then started bobbing again. Within seconds my hips started thrusting and the thrill surged through me as my hot seed filled her mouth.

She gulped my second and third lot and I half leant on her head as my legs wobbled as I basked in the warmth of the afterglow and the tingling jolts her tongue was still inflicting as she licked at my eye.

I gently pushed her head back and squatted, one hand on her neck and the other around her back as I pulled us together for a hug.

“That’s the best tasting sausage I’ve had,” she said with a chuckle.

I leant back slightly and we turned to let our lips meet. My thank you was in my kiss but while I wanted to be gentle she let her passion flow as she crushed her lips on mine.

When she broke the kiss she pushed down on my and stood, my eyes followed her up and focused on the nipples on her breasts and then the wisp of green in front of my face.

I put my hand on her hips and stood then slipped my hands around her back and pulled her in for another kiss as the joy of holding her and her being here gave me a shiver of delight.