Board Room

Cum On

The board room was empty now after the long tedious meeting with the advertising executives of a popular alcoholic beverage company.

The presentation went well all things considered, but Antonio just couldn’t wait till it was finished. He had been watching her legs and sweet ass intently as she paced back and forth in a short black skirt as she was speaking and presenting her ideas for the new ad campaign.

If the truth be told, he didn’t hear a word she uttered; he only could feel his erection, pressing against his jeans. Rather uncomfortably, at this point. He was certain that there would be a stain of moisture in the front, therefore he was reluctant to stand until the room had become unoccupied.

She was gathering up her belongings, leaning over the long table, her creamy white breasts almost spilling out of her silk blouse was more than he could take.

“venire qui” he growls in his deeply aroused voice.

She smiles coyly at his advance. They have been co-workers for some time but only recently have become lovers. She belongs to another so they steal sweet moments of pleasure when ever they can.

Lauren walks from the first set of windows to the next, and closes the blinds on the windows that look out into the hall way. Calculating each step, her previous model training put into high gear, she knew exactly what she was doing, making her completely off the page of desirable to him.

She proceeds to lock the door as he repeats his request “venire qui, mio dolce”. Lauren makes her way over to him and he pulls her into his lap facing the board room table.

All of the drawings are spread out before them and with his left arm around her, he makes some additional sketches to the drawings.

Meanwhile, caressing her where ever he can touch with his enormous hand he moves her long blonde hair, initiates kissing her neck, running his tongue seductively up and down her neck. He continues licking and nipping at her ear lobe.

She moans audibly, exciting him even more he pulls her further back into his lap so that she can feel his hard on in the crack of her ass.

Putting the finishing touches on his drawing he pulls bahis siteleri her in such a way that he is able to kiss her lips. They are kissing quite passionately. Licking each others lips and she places little bites on his lower lip.

Antonio is quite fit. He wears a size 42 jacket, that he has to have custom made, to accommodate his large shoulders and trim muscular waist.

He easily picks her up and places her on the table. He pulls her blouse over her head and a pretty pink bra presents itself, but he is much more interested in what is underneath.

He strips this off of her as well and exposes her small but perky breasts, devouring one nipple at a time as they spring into action in his hot sucking mouth. He runs his tongue around the areola and bites her nipple. She is squealing in delight as she feels the moisture collecting in her undergarment.

He has one hand on her breast and the other searching under her skirt. Passion taking over his control he slips his hand under her thong and lifts her with the other arm and slides the black and pink polka dot thong down to her ankles and maneuvers it over her high heeled sandals.

Licking her all the way down her abdomen lifting her skirt to show her dripping wet pussy, he places his lips onto her inner thigh, licking his way up from behind her knee till just on the edge of her pussy, then switching off to the other leg and proceeding in the same way. Spreading her legs wide he buries his face in her sweet wet folds.

She can hear, as well as feel him take a deep breath of her scent as he brings his tongue to the area just between her rose bud and her wet slit. He moans in a husky voice “il vostro gusto e piu dolce del miele” (your taste is sweeter than honey)

Antonio speaks often in Italian to her. Lauren doesn’t understand too much of it, but regardless when he is breathlessly wording it to her she just melts. He could be saying “Lauren you have gum on your shoe” and she would literally wet her panties.

She takes a sudden gasp of air as he licks the distance to her clit. Breathless she says “Damn, Antonio, what you do to me…..” her voice trailing off as she online casinolar looses herself to the motions of his tongue.

He is a very skillful lover. He knows how to read her. Knows just how and when to change a position. His tongue is artfully dancing on her clit and lips. Slowly he is licking the juices that are flowing down her ass onto the drawing renderings that are on the table.

Her hips begin to gyrate. She raises her legs and places her feet on his shoulders, pulling him closer. Laurens entire body begins to quiver as her clitoral climax washes over her.

At that precise moment he inserts two of his long fingers deep inside her. She is saturated. As he finds her magical button he strokes the upper walls with his upturned fingers. She starts screaming between clenched teeth. (There still are people in the building. It wouldn’t do anyone any good to know that she was fucking the artist in the board room.)

A few more in and out motions and she begins to spray her cum onto his face and puddles in his hand. She cums like no woman he was ever with before. This is one of the reasons that he finds her so amazing. Slowing down his hand movements, he licks her gently now. He is using his flat tongue to clean off her wetness. He moans with her as they both truly enjoy cunnilingus.

Her legs relax and she lifts them down resting her feet onto his lap. He rubs her cum from his hand onto her thighs. She lifts her head to look at him. His smiling face is glistening. His eyes ready to explode with desire. Green eyes that burn a hole into her very soul.

He takes her by the hands, aiding her to sit up. He stands and lifts her chin with his clean hand and kisses her passionately. There is no patience left to control. His lips pressed against hers, his tongue taking over as he places his left hand into her hair. His Lips bruising hers with barbarian force.

His right hand firmly on her ass now as he drags her to the edge of the marble table. Her hands swiftly unbuckle the leather belt and undo the button fly jeans. Sliding them off his hips, his rock hard cock pointing directly at her because he doesn’t wear gerçek para casinoları boxers. She takes it in her hand and runs it over the length of it. She cups his tight balls, the need for release clearly predominant.

His cock drips with precum. He wastes no more time and guides his cock to her waiting pussy.

She gasps at the force of his entrance. His eyes burning as he kisses her again. Their bodies pressed together, his left hand still holding her hair, his right hand gripping her ass firmly.

Her long legs wrap around his waist. Her arms around his neck, he swiftly stands lifting her with ease and agility. With both of his hands holding her under her bottom he begins to raise her up and down on his huge cock.

She is moaning incoherently. Forgetting where they are. Not particularly caring at the present time. He is growling, a low unearthly sound, as he pushes into her over and over, their lips still locked.

He moves in such a way so that she knows to put her feet to the floor. With one more kiss, he turns her around to the table.

A hand on her shoulder bending her down , her sweet ass projecting into the air in from of him. He takes hold of her hips and thrusts himself balls deep inside her.

Pounding her with everything he has satisfying his primal need. She is stretched out across the marble top, her fingers trying to grasp the table for stability. Her breasts flattened against the cold stone . He never ceased the growling it has only changed pitch to a deeper, more primitive, guttural, almost animalistic sound.

Antonio climaxes and sprays his seed into her, hot jets of thick cum spurting inside. He begins to slow his movements, becoming a gentle rocking, his needs fulfilled.

As he pulls out of her, their combined fluids flow down her bare pussy and onto the black granite floor. She is still powerless to move. He has taken everything she had to give. His hands are running over her back and down her beautiful ass.

“Il mio dolce fragola” (my sweet strawberry)

She is panting like she just ran a marathon.

With concern in his voice now, as she is still lying there. “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No. No baby, you just satisfied me like no other could.” She manages to say between panting giggles.

They put themselves back together, straightening hair and clothing.

Kissing again at the door, her clit twinges once again. She will never get enough of this man.