Heartbreakers Ch. 13


All four Heartbreakers made their exit. Following Mindy’s lead, they moved directly into the heart of the small crowd. They were hearing a lot of oohs and aahs, and a lot of compliments for their Action during the massive school wide strip-down. Hoping to still any tensions between the four of them and the handful of girls at the party, Mindy had her girls pose and get pictured with them first, before her crew started having their pictures taken with the guys.

“Who is in charge here?” Mindy called out.

A brother and sister stepped forward, one a senior and the other a junior.

“What is the status of your party?”

The young man shrugged. “A lot of people left when the cops came by and had us turn the music off.”

“Do you have alcohol?”

“It was a pot-luck deal. Everybody brought their own food. The beer left when the rest of the crowd did. We’ve got plenty of chips and soda, though.”

“Do you have adult supervision in case there’s a problem?”


Mindy was taking all this into account, when she noticed Rochelle talking to a young man, whom she assumed was the band member she’d been texting earlier. She called out, “Rochelle, give me a report as soon as you’re ready.”

“I’m ready now. All of the band members are still here. Their instruments are in that blue van parked across the street.”

“All we need is somewhere to set up and somewhere to plug our guitars into.” Zack said. “Somewhere that the cops won’t show up to hassle us, that is.”

Heather turned to address Mindy. “I’ve got three places we can go and a Resource for alcohol.”

Mindy turned to the residents of the house. “I’m not here to take over your party. I can make certain things happen and I’m in the mood to do it, without expecting anything from you in return. If you agree to this, all I really need to know is how big do you want this party to be?”

“She’s not kidding.” Heather reminded them all. “Remember how many people took their clothes off the other day.”

“Just us Goths would be okay.” The young man said.

“Nope, nope, nope.” Heather shook her head. “You guys always party the same way, and you let yourselves become divided into a tiny faction when you exclude everyone else. Let us at least in bring in the Emos and Stoners. Then you guys can start respecting each other more at school and start bringing all of your reputations up at the same time. Like my good friend Mindy always says, you need to step out of your little box every once in a while and take in the broader picture.”

“What are your names?” Mindy said.

Mark was the brother, and Marci was the sister.

“How cute.” Mindy replied. “We can handle the crowd control and the venue, and we will take over the food and drink. The band will play whatever music it was brought in to play, and there will be no fights to mess everything up. We can guarantee that. All you two have to do is host. That means you’ll go around and introduce yourselves to whoever is coming in. This way people will be talking about the two of you next week at school. If you feel that you’re too shy for that, one of my Heartbreakers will assist you. Heather, give me an estimate of how many Stoners we can expect.”

“Ten, maybe up to fifteen. I’m sure they’re all still up, but I don’t know how many of them have rides to get here.”

“And I’m sure we can round up at least ten Emos without too much trouble, plus whoever they can bring with them.” Mindy calculated. “So, if we include all the people already here, I estimate about fifty or so heads total.”

“The jocks have the only other party still going on tonight.” Heather told them. “That means everybody else isn’t there and they could end up here, or wherever we end up. But wherever we do end up, it will still be a Goth party, and you, Mark and Marci, will be the hosts. Are you two ready to do this?”

Some of the other Goths were urging the two siblings to go for it, until the older of the two finally nodded.

“Okay, we can start making phone calls.” Heather said, excited to get things in motion. “I’ll call for the alcohol Resource and the Stoner crowd to start mobilizing. Mindy, did you want to hear my ideas for a venue or do you have one of your own?”

Mindy turned and looked up the street. “I might just have one.” She addressed the crowd next. “This is what’s going to happen. Heather and I need to go and check something out. Amy and Rochelle will go inside and take stock of what you already have, and calculate what we might need for fifty or so people.”

Mindy motioned for Heather to get back in the car. Even before the buxom girl was in the driver’s seat, two Goths had already jumped into the back.

“This is so cool!” One of the guys said. “We’re in a car with two Heartbreakers!”

Heather ignored them and asked her front seat passenger, “Where to, bitch?”

“Back to the cul-de-sac at the end of the street.” Mindy said.

“On my way.” Heather said, as she turned the car on and made a three-point turn in the street. “What’s up there, ankara escort anyway?”

“I saw a house with a For Sale sign. And guess who’s selling it?”

“Ah, I see what you’re doing there.”

As they neared the property, Mindy asked Heather to set the Honda’s highlights on the gate blocking the driveway.

“There’s a lock on the gate.” One of the kids sitting in the back pointed out.

“Not for long.” Mindy said, as she stepped out of the car.

“That bitch is going to get us in.” Heather smirked.

“But how?” The same Goth kid asked.

“Just watch.”

Mindy went up to the gate. Through the glare of the headlights, she studied the lock. It was a combination padlock, and of the type that her mother typically worked with. In fact, her mother had most probably set that lock in place, another one on the pedestrian gate to the property, and another one on the front door of the house. Since multiple real estate agents might take clients up to see the house, they ended using the same combinations on properties all over the area. Mindy just happened to have her mother’s combinations jotted down in her phone, because a long time ago, she thought she might one day have a use for such information. As it turns out, this was the occasion she’d been waiting for.

“Whoa, she got the lock open!” The kid in the back seat cried out. “How nuts is that?”

“That’s our Mindy.” Heather spoke up in admiration.

Once Mindy slid the gate open, she motioned for Heather to pull forward and onto the driveway. She jumped into the front seat a moment later.

“Let’s go see the house.” Mindy motioned up the drive.

The house was a single story structure. It had ample space for a social gathering on all sides, and there were no other houses anywhere near it. It was just sitting there by itself, a little house on the hill waiting for the party to show up.

“Do you think it has electricity?” Heather wondered.

“Yes.” Mindy answered. “My mom’s real estate company keeps the light and water running for when they do a walk-through with prospective buyers. It’s part of their routine.”

Sure enough, the motion sensors mounted on the garage doors lit up at the Honda’s approach.

“See if you can position the car to light up the front door.” Mindy said, as she again left the front seat. She glanced at the occupants in the back seat. “You two can come with me.”

The two teens jumped out of the car and followed Mindy across the front walk. As it turns out, they didn’t need the car’s headlights, as the front entryway also had motions sensors on it. Mindy went to work on the thick padlock, which was secured around the doorknob and had a small cavity inside it. Once the padlock was unlocked, she was able to open up the tiny door to the cavity. Sitting inside were a pair of house keys.

“Voila!” She held the little key ring up and shook it.

“You’re amazing!” One of the teens said.

“I know.” Mindy smiled at their exuberance. “I have a job for you. I want you to go inside and turn on all the lights, including those for the backyard. We’re probably going to end up with the band in the living room, so we’ll have less noise drifting down to the other houses on the street. I want you to help the band carry their stuff in when their van gets here, okay?”

Eagerly, both teens nodded back at her.

“Okay, good. I’ll go and tell Heather we found our spot.”

Mindy took the short stroll back to the car.

Heather saw the wide grin on the blonde’s face. “It’s a go?”

“It is a go.” Mindy confirmed, as lights started springing up all over the house interior. “Let’s start making phone calls.”

“You just love sticking it to your mom, don’t you?” Heather chuckled, as she pulled her phone out.

“I tried to settle up with her today, I really did. But it’s not only about her. I needed the challenge to do something different, too. And you saw how all those Draculas were standing around moping, and how excited they got when we showed up. So, let them feel special for a little while. Why not?”

“True that.” Heather nodded. “Give me five, bitch.”

They slapped hands, before they both started punching in numbers on their phones.

“This is going to be a great party.” Heather nodded. “I can feel it already.”

Much, much later, Mindy’s eyelids tightened, as the first rays of sunlight began tormenting her face. She turned to one side. If she had been at home and on her canopy bed, this would have been enough to conceal her body in the shadows.

Mindy was not at home, however. Instead, she found herself on some plush beige carpeting, with no curtains whatsoever on the room’s windows. Within her range of view was the nude form of Rochelle. The ebony beauty was sleeping soundly on her side. The male arm that was draped across her middle belonged to that band member she’d been talking to all night. Zack, she thought his name was.

Mindy sat up and took in the rest of the room, which she discovered ankara escort bayan was the master bedroom of the house they’d broken into for the party. Although her memories were hazy, she recalled that the Heartbreakers had claimed that room for their own. It was a room set aside for their sexual conquests, with a prohibition that no pictures were to be taken there.

Rochelle and Zack were to one side of her, Mindy noted, while Amy and a nude female Goth were on her other side. That little blonde really was a little bundle of dynamite, Mindy considered, as the two sleeping women were also temptingly naked and sprawled all over each other.

Mindy couldn’t even remember if she’d taken a lover the previous night. She remembered making out with Amy and with some other girl, and she remembered seeing naked Draculas all over the place.

“Too much beer.” Mindy decided, as she stood up on wobbly legs. “And a whole lot of fucking going on.”

Once her body regained its balance, the blonde started for the door. Mindy saw a pile of clothing in one corner. She recognized it as the garments the Heartbreakers had worn the previous night, plus the clothing of any lovers that had come in with them. They’d made a shrine to the gods of sexual pleasure, Mindy recalled, as she left the room unclothed.

The two secondary rooms were also full of naked people, she noticed. Such an awful stink was coming out of the only bathroom that she hurried to get past it.

Since the house was on the market, there had been no furniture to clutter it up. A a number of nude, slumbering bodies were evident in the hall and living room, too. Mindy heard Heather’s voice and ambled her way into the kitchen. She found her friend with a handful of Goths and Stoners. They were all naked as well, chatting up such a storm it right away started making her head throb.

“Hey, bitch.” Heather greeted her, in the usual Heartbreaker way. Someone had been thoughtful enough to bring in a bottle of mouthwash. Heather was now sliding it across the counter tiles toward her. “You’d better take a swig of this, because your mouth smells like extra large, hairy cock.”

Mindy couldn’t help but laugh. She did take a moment to gargle and rinse, however, before she went and stood beside her friend.

“So, as I was saying,” Heather started talking again. “You’re not all that different from each other as you want to play it off that you are. The Goths like hard metal, and the Stoners like hard rock. Neither of your cliques are like the Emo crowd at all. All they do is whine about how they had the bad luck to be born in this country, and how they wished they’d been born in a poor country somewhere else. This is an opportunity for both of your sides, because we might have a hundred loosely organized Goths and a hundred loosely organized Stoners. If you guys elect some strong leaders in your own crowds, and you have those leaders interact and plan out Actions with each other, that will give you an organization with two sides to it that’s over two hundred members strong. That many members will put you right up there with the jocks and the cheerleaders. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, you won’t be the outcasts you’ve always been, but a powerhouse that all kinds of people are going to want to get into.”

Heather was giving away Secrets, Mindy realized. With only about two months left before graduation day, she found she didn’t care too much.

“We’ll be like a two-headed dragon.” One of the naked Stoners said.

“There you go.” Heather pointed at him. “You saw how fast we got this bitch up and running last night. All we had to do was make a few phone calls and get with our contacts, and…” She snapped her fingers three times in quick succession. “There’s your location, there’s your band, there’s your beer and there’s your pizza.”

They did have a driver drop off like a dozen pizzas, Mindy barely recalled.

“There were only four of us.” Heather reminded her listeners. “And look at how many there are of you guys. Any of you can do the same thing. Sure, you’re going to make a few fuck-ups at first, and maybe you won’t get along. But after you’re done bumping heads and making those mistakes, you’ve created your own Game. Once you do that, the Players will follow.”

The little audience, Mindy observed, was listening to Heather intently. She’d probably make a good motivational speaker. Who’d-a thunk it?

“And if you don’t think your two camps will get along, just take a really good look at the Heartbreakers.” Heather went on. “We’ve got the captain of the cheerleading squad at the head, and we’ve got a tennis player, a basketball player, and a potential Valedictorian. I don’t know what Amy considers herself, but any of you that have known me for very long know that I go way back with the Stoners. I mean, sure, it was the beef with the Fillies and the Town And Country girls that first brought us together. But now that we are together, it would be very hard for anyone to say that we escort ankara don’t own the entire campus.”

Up until very recently, Mindy reflected, the Fillies would have gone a long way to dispute that claim. Things were really changing at Madison High.

“So, at least think about it.” Heather concluded.

“Or better yet.” Mindy cut in. “Let us be in charge.”

All heads, including Heather’s, looked at her in disbelief.

“That’s right, bitches, I said it.” Mindy confirmed. “The senior year is almost over for a lot of us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go out with a blast like something we’ve never seen before. The Heartbreakers are fully capable of interviewing and selecting the best people you’ve got. We’ll make leaders out of them and we’ll teach them some of our Secrets. Then they can turn around and take charge of each of your camps. You can take our knowledge and experience and use it any way you want, as long as we come to an understanding about us getting a cut, just like any other business would do. With the Heartbreakers, it’s always been about respect and about not letting anybody step all over us. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s what all of you guys want, too.”

“That I did not expect from you.” Heather said.

“I can be spontaneous, bitch.” Mindy replied. “But I’m not going to wait five weeks to get an answer from anybody, because I’m ready to start the ball rolling right now. So, all of you go around the house and wake everybody up. Have everybody get dressed and meet me, oh, how about in the backyard? The Goths and the Stoners are going to take a vote. We’ll see if you guys are in or not.”

Many in the crowd began to filter away with their Orders. A few started hounding Heather and Mindy for pictures. While Heather was posing for some of them, Amy and her new Goth lover stepped over.

Mindy hadn’t really appraised the lithe beauty sleeping next to Amy when she’d first waken up, as she’d been too groggy then. Now, however, the blonde had a chance to take a closer look at her. The girl was a few inches taller than Amy, with violet-colored hair that cascaded past her shoulders, big, enticing eyes, tiny lips, and small, perfectly round tits.

“Stop looking at my pet that way.” Amy stepped in front of the girl defensively. “You can’t have her unless you go through me first. And yes, she is over eighteen. Oh, yeah!”

“You just gave me chills.” Mindy replied. “I got so drunk I can’t even remember what I did last night. How far did you and me get?”

“Oh, we went all the way, bitch.” Amy revealed. “Why do you think Heather banned everybody from taking pictures in that room?”

Mindy reached over for the bottle of mouthwash, which she presented to Amy. “Use it and have her use it. I want to kiss her, and if I have to kiss you first, then pucker up, bitch.”

“Excuse me.” Heather said.

Mindy turned in her direction. “What, you want some too?”

“Not me.” Heather motioned. “But what about all of them?”

Mindy scanned what remained of the group Heather had addressed. She saw a lot of stiffness among the males, as in rigid cocks, and a lot of hard nipples among the females.

“My, my, my, look what you’ve done.” Heather commented.

“My mouth is watering.” Amy said. “Seriously, I’m drooling here over all these naked bodies.”

Heather started pointing into the crowd. “I’m taking that big boy right there. And you over there with the cowboy hat, you can come up here, too.”

“I’m going to go wake up Rochelle; we’re going to need her.” Amy decided. “Here, keep my pet warm until I get back.”

The sweet Goth with the big, black eyes slunk over next to Mindy.

Mindy could hardly take her eyes away from her. “Are you a straight lesbo or do you go both ways?”

“Both.” She flitted her large eyes at Mindy.

This gave Mindy chills again. “You little bitch. What I want you to do is to take a look-see through the crowd and find a guy for the two of us. Your choice.”

The pretty Goth gave Mindy her back, but before she left, she stretched her arms over her head and tantalized everybody in the room with her raised breasts.

“What’s your name, anyway?” Mindy asked her.

“It was Amy’s Bitch, but now it’s Amy’s And Mindy’s Bitch.”

“Good answer.” Mindy said. “Hurry up; you already got me all wet.”

“Well, that’s all fine and dandy.” Heather spoke up. “But what about the rest of these people?”

“So call for back-up.” Mindy decided, before she turned to the crowd. “The vote I asked is now being postponed for, I don’t know, maybe an hour, maybe longer. I’ll have my girls come and gather everybody when we’re ready. Let’s get that band going again. Heather, I’ll be in the master bedroom.”

“What about media?”

“No pictures or video in the bedrooms, but anything goes in the rest of the house.” Mindy called out over her shoulder. “And somebody spray something in the bathroom. That place reeks like oven-burnt ass.”

“Too many dicks, not enough clits.” Heather frowned, as she reached over for her phone. She looked at the growing crowd, no pun intended. “But don’t worry, I’ve got all you horn-dogs covered. Give me about a half hour, okay?”