Breakfast with Miss Lara


The store was packed but he’d gotten everything he needed. It was a race for the local eggs and best oranges but she’d specified and he didn’t dare disappoint. He’d nearly been killed riding his bike to the bottom of the hill but made it by 9. Skidding to a stop he’d pushed the bike into the bushes and ran up the stairs. She lived in an old Victorian, renting a room as she went to school.

Panting he arrived at her door, he knocked, the secret knock, and waited a second. There wasn’t a rubber band on the door. This made Remi’s heart soar. “She didn’t have anyone over last night!” he thought. Sometimes she had, and she turned him away, or sometimes invited him in to cook for her and her friend But never anything more, well, watching that once but it wasn’t what he really wanted.

After a nearly inaudible groan through the door he got the key from under the mat and crept in. The ground was littered with cans, a pizza box lay open in front of a tv looping a DVD menu. Miss Lara lay in her recliner, obviously never making it to bed.

“Good morning miss Lara!” Remis light voice whispered.

“Uugggh, is it really Sunday morning? What time is it?”

“Shhhh shh, you stay right there, I’ll get the coffee on and get you an Advil!” With that he nimbly jumped between cans and a bong and a plate and drew the curtains.

“Coffee in a minute Advil and water then get your ass over here.”

Remis heart fluttered, he loved when she talked to him like that. He had a feeling he knew what was coming and as defiling as it was, it made his tiny prick strain against his briefs.

Finding a cleanish glass he filled with water and looked for the Advil, a moment of panic was relieved as he saw there was two left in the bottle. Repeating his acrobatics act back to her recliner he handed her the water and pills and she looked at him for the first time that morning. Even bleary eyed and disheveled she was the most beautiful thing in the world to him. Before taking the drink she gave him a loving, but hungry look. Lasted but a blink before she rammed the lever on the recliner down, retracting the footrest and leaving a clear spot to kneel before her. Needing no prompting he dropped to his knees, vibrating with anticipation. Her boxers fly was pressed half open and inside he could see her cock beginning to swell. It made him feel more than happy, but complete to see that she was excited at the prospect of having him. He reached up with lust in his eyes, just to have his hand swatted painfully away.

“What do we say?!” A stern look crossing her face. The admonishment stung Remi only half as much as it excited him.

“Miss Lara may I please service you?”

With that she leaned her head back with a sigh.

“Go on, then clean this place up and make breakfast.”

By now she was nearing semi hard and the plum sized head of her futa cock was a hands length out of her boxers. With his left hand he pressed the fabric down to reveal her shaft to the base. The heat of her loins was intoxicating to him. He slid his right hand up the left leg , inside the garment. Her heavy balls hung low and loose in the heat of her apartment. He knew how to best serve her and began with gentle kisses far down the base of her rapidly surging erection. Working his way to the top, a final smacking kiss just at the cleft of her glans. Then a slow series of licks, right there. He would then start a torturously slow descent of licks and kisses, all the while softly mewing in contentment until back to the base, repeating this until she had enough and grabbed his head, forcibly ramming her nearly foot long acıbadem escort monster as far as he could take it. First thrust seldom made it past the back of his throat, but before long his chin would be smashed against the orbs in her boxers. This time he didn’t get a second pass, after the first kiss she had grabbed onto his head with both hands and whiny a grunt invaded his throats with all her strength. He tried to stop a scream but her cock had taken care of that. His jaw stretched painfully as his throat rejected her advance only half way down.

“Relax baby, look at me” with a tear streaked face he did, seeing his master’s reassuring yet thirsty gaze.

“Ready?” She asked as a mother would ask a child, then without hesitation thrust again. This time much more deliberately and slower. He whimpered a moment but he knew he could take it. Focusing all his concentration on not disappoint miss Lara, he felt, with relief, his face come to rest on her belly.

“Now just breath a moment, slow now..” she began to slide his head back till nearly the tip, then slowly and reassuringly back down. After a few of these strokes she removed one hand and grabbed for her cigarettes. Grabbing one from the pack with her teeth, she found a lighter with same hand and lit it. Letting out a luxuriant exhalation of blue smoke she sighed again. As remi was keeping a good pace now, she threw her other arm back and closed her eyes. Remi dutifully kept rhythm, trying to vary the distance he withdrew with each stroke. He found himself lost in the lovemaking to Miss Lara’s cock and drifting away. He was jerked back to reality as she scooted forward in her chair, her knees now out past his shoulder and her wais about level with his head.

“I’m never gonna finish until I get rid of these beers!” She said as she stubbed out her smoke. She had used Remi as a urinal in the past and he was expecting it when she demanded his throat immediately. He knew not to fight it, just concentrate on breathing and eye contact. He saw her eyelids flutter and a smile creep across her face. Deep down a warm sensation and growing fullness. Her contented sigh and look of relief was so intoxicating Remi thought he might cum right then and there.

When she was done she sat back. He pulled away and daintily covered his mouth to let out a burp. The taste was unpleasant, and the cigarette smoke wasn’t helping.

“Stand up bitch” Lara commanded. Shakily getting to his feet he instinctual did they tend in his pants. “Hehe, good morning to you to! Now strip.”

He was always embarrassed to bare himself in front of anyone, always ridiculed for his girlish figure and little baby prick. But he knew better that resist and dutifully began to remove his shirt. As he got it over his head he saw that Lara had begone stroking her thick beautiful womanhood, bucking in her hand as she made hungry looks at her bitch. Part of him felt ashamed, for the desire that drove him to this degradation. But that shame was shouted over by anticipation. He threw the shirt in the corner with the rest of her laundry, he knew he would be doing it all today anyhow. As he reached for the waistband on his workout shorts she interrupted.

“Ah ah!” making a spinning motion with the hand that wasn’t busy working her cock. Taking light steps as to not trip on the remnants of last nights party, he turned to face the Tv, still looping the intro menu to an old western, her favorite, “for a few dollars more”.

Putting thumbs in the waistband and sliding them down, bending at the waist and stepping out of them one foot at a time. Before atalar escort straightening back up he hit power on the dvd player, hoping it wouldn’t illicite a reprimand, but only half. As he went to turn around he felt his waist jerk toward her as she ripped his briefs away from jis petite waist with hardly any effort. Reaching out to steady himself, his momentum carried him towards her. His hands beside her head on either side of the old grey recliner. The feeling on his skin shot shivers up his back. Startled realizing he was now face to face with Lara. Her hand softly rubbing against his straining erection, coming to rest on his stomach as it reached the top of its stroke.

“Ooh! I felt that mister.” She said breathily into his ear, her head now beside his as she leaned forward to reach down between his legs with the hand she was working herself with. Easily taking his testes in one hand, the other hand grabbing him behind the neck and pushing his head into her shoulder.

“Shh Shh shh, aren’t we excited this morning?” and with that question clinched hard, forcing a gasp from Remi. A second, then two went by. As she relaxed her grip. Then just as suddenly, Clinched hard again.

“WELL?!” She growled in his ear. He could feel her breath on his ear.

“Y-yes, im sorry Miss Laura.” He winced. Feeling his body tense then submit drove Lara into a mad lust. She gathered herself, deep down, giving Remi what he was after ( whether he knew it or not), was half the game to her.

“Ok, be a dear and help me with this sweaty shirt.” This was a treat for him, but served two purposes, she needed a shower and to lose the shirt anyway, but also meant his hands would be busy as he stood. Leaning forward to give him room to slide the shirt over her head and arms, her breasts were released from their constraints. As he instinctively through the shirt in the pile, his eyes shot right toward them. Knowing how he wanted a glimpse, but not ready to grant it, her hands already covered each of her nipples. As thick as his thumbs and rose pink, they were beginning to get rock hard. A detail he would kill to know. She was lifting her waist from the chair, and without prompting he grabbed the waist of her boxer and slid them off her outstretching legs. His hands now free, reached down to cover his embarrassment.

“Hands behind you now, lets play a game, show and tell. If i show you my tits, you gotta put your hands behind your back. And you’d better keep em there.” With this last bit she shot him a glance that he knew well. It said that it was playtime, but her first. Doing as he was bidden, his 5 inch cock, no wider than a roll of quarters, angrily strained and pulsed. Without a word, she seductively retreated her hands, nipples springing free as the hands slid past. She was sure she could see him wobble on his feet for a moment.

She reached one hand up to his mouth and he readily wettened it with his tongue. His salivary gland in overdrive from the deep throating hed taken. Leaning back, Lara wrapped her spit wet hand around her cock, and went back to work up and down. Entranced he watched as her fingers got closer to touching the further down her hand went. As her hand slid back up the shaft of her cock swole to its widest, then slowly tapered back to the deep purple head. Her hand eventually clinched to a fist just above the tip, and again, back down. The meanwhile, her left hand was pinching and pulling on her nipple. Her eyes fell to a nearly pleading look as the sensations wracked her body. Remi stood as still as he could while this show continued. He felt his head would aydınlı escort explode but after what seemed like an eternity, took her hands off of herself and reached behind her head.

With both arms up her nipples rose, her perfect breasts proudly displayed in the slim beam of sun cutting the room. Undoing her ponytail, she took the elastic band off and stretched it between the fingers of her left hand. A wimper came from Remi at this point. He knew what was next. Her right hand, warm with her heat and his spit, carefully grabbed his prick. She knew that he was so close to blowing that she had to be gentle. With her left hand she deftly did a double loop around the base of his little dick and back around his cute little balls. Leaning forward to tease him, with her head to his stomach, she looked up into his eyes. With a smile she kissed his navel, then higher, then a little higher. Suddenly and without warning her middle finger mercilessly flicked his engorged glans. As he bent forward with a whine, she shoved him back to his knees. Leaning back now she rest her hands once again behind her head and relished the view of him looking from the ground up to her low hanging balls, gradually up up bast her dominating womanhood to finally have his eyes focus on her past the nearly apple sized head of her cock.

As he proceeded to worship his mistress, she let the hangover work away and concentrated on his efforts. She didn’t have all day, she knew Ken was going to call later and she needed a shower still. As she got closer to climax, she began to play with his now purple package with her foot. Mewing and protesting whines were met with more intense pressure. She loved that sound. She could feel his throat constrict with each jab and sensual caress.

“K baby, your doing so good, are you ready to start on breakfast?” A muffled affirmative was barely audible and with no further delay she again grabbed his head with both hands and crammed the length of her cock deep down Remi’s throat, releasing rope after thick rope of her hot load deep into his already half full belly. After what felt like a dozen jets of her climax, she caught her breath. Eventually letting him up off her softening shaft.

“Did you get the oranges?” She asked as she reached out a hand to his. He was slow to bring a hand forward, having not been specifically asked. This brought a wry smile to her face, which was immediately reciprocated. His tear streaked cheeks and glassy crying eyes making the smile irresistibly cute. Figuring he was in for quite a bit more by the way she was feeling now, she figured she would give him a break. Shaking her hand invitingly he felt it was safe and reached out.

“Good, i’m gonna take long shower, i want you to pick up and start cooking.” Happy to be pleasing her, he smiled bigger and began to spin toward the kitchen. She didn’t release his hand and he was forced to nearly trip as he was stopped.

“Aren’t we forgetting something?” By this point she had already produced the black maids apron with baby blue frill from the rack near her chair. It wasn’t uncommon for him to wear it while working, but with his prick bound and fully engorged, it would rub painfully against him the entire time he work it. He grabbed it by the straps and brought it over his head. Trying to muster a believable smile, he again began his escape to work without tying the waist tight. With a swift motion she reached between his thin legs and reeled him in by his now red hot and swollen testes. With a yelp, he stiffened, his back straightening at attention.

“Not so fast, we don’t want this flopping all about do we? Here, nice and tight! Now get to it!” She cinched the aprons cord cruelly. He gingerly began to gather cans from the floor, but each time he bent down, he would have to straighten back up, dragging his tortured prick against the fabric of his maids apron.