Summer Camp Ch. 02


~Okay, first of all, this story is a series which leads up to things. The sex doesn’t happen immediately and if you don’t feel like waiting, don’t read it.~

Ashleigh lay on her back in bed, the covers kicked off in a pile at her feet. She hadn’t been able to sleep what with the heat and the fact that Claud was sleeping in the next bed. Her sticky hair was plastered to her forehead and her underwear was soaked with sweat. She turned over, feeling the damp sheets stick to her as she did so.
She couldn’t stand it anymore, she needed a shower. She got up and headed for the little bathroom that Claud and herself were sharing. She pulled off her panties and bra and stepped into the shower cubicle, letting the cool flow of water cascade down her shoulders. Her nipples grew hard at the touch of the cold water. Ashleigh looked around though she knew no one was in the room with her. She was so hot and seeing Claud’s new body had made her so horny. She slowly reached down and squeezed her nipple, making herself gasp at the sensitvity.
As she continued to squeeze it, she heard someone moving around in the cabin. The bathroom door swung open and Claud walked in. Ashleigh quickly let go of her nipple and shut off the water and grabbed her towel.
“Oh, Ash, I’m sorry, did I disturb your shower?” Claud looked sympathetic. “I’ll levae fi you want?”
“No, it’s okay, I was done anyway,” Ashleigh shook it off.
“Okay then,” Claud smiled. “I’m just going to have a shower, I’m so sweaty from last night.”
Claud slowly pulled off her vest top, letting her breasts free. She took off her shorts and Ashleigh could see her sweet little ass. Claud turned on the water and stepped into the shower and Ashleigh quickly realised she was staring and turned away.
She dressed hurriedly, catching sneaky glances at Claud through the bathroom mirror. Her tanned body was soaking and beautiful, the light from the small window illuminated her blonde hair. Ashleigh took one last longing look at Claud and headed up the track to the main building, she was taking some kids orienteering.

Later that night, Ashleigh was the first one back to the cabin. Claud wouldn’t be back for a while, she was cleaning up the mess from the clay making. Ashleigh lay down on her bed and let her hands wander over her breasts. She rubbed them in rythmic circle around the nipple, her breathing getting heavier.
Her hand moved down into her shorts, teasing her hard clit through the mayterial of her panties. She let out a moan and slipped her hand inside her underwear, rubbing hard on her clit with her fingers. Her back arched to meet her fingers and she slipped her middle finger into her pussy. A small gasp escaped her lips and she began to rub harder on her clit.
As she was nearly reaching her climax, a dark figure appeared outside the cabin, on the small porch. It was Claud, back from camp. Ashleigh hastily removed her fingers from her panties and wiped them on the blankets, panting heavily. Claud came in, looking gorgeous covered in clay, her cheeks red and rosey.
“Hey there, sorry I was so late back, there was a lot to clean up!” Claud grinned and sat down on Ashleigh’s bed beside her.
“Don’t worry, I was just…….I was just reading.” Ashleigh quickly lied.
“Okay, well, I’m going to bed, I’m so tired after today. See you in the morning.” Claud leaned in close to Ashleigh and kissed her lightly on the lips and headed over to her bed.
That night, Ashleigh lay awake in bed for hours, thinking over in her head about the kiss. A soft kiss, the thought Claud’s silky lips on her own made Ashleigh shudder with arousal. But it was just a kiss, just a goodnight kiss and Ashleigh was straight…..wasn’t she?