Lady Owns Me Ch. 03


Here’s the third installation of Lady Owns Me. It does contain some fetish themes such as cum play, strap ons. If this offends you, please discontinue reading. Also, don’t yell at me for the ending, I didn’t like it either, but it was true…


By the third of our most memorable sexual encounters, I realized that very little of the contact between Susan and myself involved actual traditional penetration. Oh, there was some, but it was more of a side note than the norm. I guess what confused me the most was that though I wanted to always fuck her, it wasn’t the driving force behind my wanting her. I just wanted her to please her in any way she wanted.

Over the months, we had spent some quality time together, but not alot. Things like dinners, shopping, that kind of stuff. Susan and Mariah enjoyed spending time with me. I quickly became a favorite of Mariah’s. She was so adorable.

Susan finally invited me over to her place late one night after she had put Mariah in to bed. She was tired, I could tell, so we sat on the couch and chatted for awhile. I massaged her back and her feet, but it was nothing sexual at that point.

Shortly thereafter, we moved to the bedroom. After making out for a few minutes, she excused herself to use the restroom. She returned, looking the same as she did when she left moments before – which always seemed to be a skirt and a button down blouse.

She told me to remove my clothing and lie on my back as she stood next to the bed. I did so in record time. Again, with that hint of evil in her eyes, she gave me that little smile as her hands gathered the fabric of her skirt at the sides of each hip.

“You know I’m falling for you, don’t you Joey?” she asked. I just smiled.

“You make me so happy, I want to cry.”

I could tell it was a genuine response from her, either that or she should be up for an Academy Award.

The problem was, even though I felt deeply about her, there was still that aura of secrecy that surrounded her. I couldn’t fully commit because of it. And any time I started to gain trust, something very weird would occur to get me back Gaziantep Emek Escort to the point of doubting again.

“You know I care for you alot Susan, you have to know that. Why else would I allow myself to be so vulnerable to a person?”

“That’s a big part of the reason,” she said. “I feel so protected when I’m around you. I like that you make all of the decisions when we are out, I feel like your girl. We are a completely normal couple out in public, but when we get to the bedroom, you open yourself up to me. You’re so manly, but you let me do whatever I want Joey. I love that about you.”

I’ll have to admit. We had alot going for us. I just needed to learn about whatever it was she was hiding so we could move on. When I’d think of us together in the future, it was perfect. In public, a perfectly sweet girl who adored me by my side, but a slutty vixen with a wild streak in the bedroom. Who could want more?

She ever so slowly started raising the hem of her long skirt. All the while making sure not to break eye contact with me. I watched as it slowly climbed. My cock stood at attention as it got above her knee.

“Joey, even though you are a manly man, you will do anything for me, won’t you?”

Oh God, what did she have in line for me now?

“Um, yes Susan, I think so. I do know that you own me, so I guess I would.”

The skirt kept lifting.

“That’s what I wanted to hear my little cumeater.”

With that, she lifted her skirt above her waist.

Out strutted a 7″ dildo strapped to her. It looked so obscene jutting out from her like that. I had an idea that’s what she was doing in the bathroom, but with Susan, you never really knew what was going to come out of her bag of tricks.

I looked at it as a big smile came over her face.

“Do you like it baby, do you like my cock?” she asked.

“Wow, I don’t know Susan. I mean, it’s sexy on you, but I don’t really know….”

She stopped me. “Oh, yes you do Joey. You’re my little cumeater and soon you will be my little cocksucker,” she said as she waved the plastic cock up and down near my face.

What the fuck is this, I thought. Eating my own cum felt naughty enough, but I’m not gay. I love pussy, I love women’s asses, I love their legs, their tits, the small of their back, everything about them!

But I felt so drawn to her. I wanted to keep her smiling. Plus, I knew that deep down inside, I wanted this too – I think. I wasn’t really sure, I was so conflicted.

But I instinctively reached out and grabbed her toy.

“That’s it Joey, touch my cock,” she said.

I felt it for a moment, and then slowly stroked it as if it were my own. It was smaller than my own, but still looked pretty intimidating.

“Doesn’t it look good Joey,” she asked.

I didn’t answer. But the answer was obvious just by looking at my own cock.

“He thinks so,” she giggled.

She took a tiny step forward as she continued to stare at me, trying to gauge my reaction.

“Taste it Joey. Taste my cock for me,” she said with a little huskiness to her voice.

I brought my face to her toy and started licking around the head. I just tried to mimic the same movements I like on myself. And wouldn’t you know it, she mimicked the movements of just about any man who is getting his cock serviced. Tiny thrusts, a gentle hand behind my head.

“Oh baby, that’s it. Oh my, are you sure you haven’t done this before Joey? You are making my cock so hard for you.”

This type of encouragement just made me move more quickly. I took the head into my mouth and looked up at her as her tiny thrusts worked the head in and out.

“You look so cute as a cocksucker Joey,” she said. “That’s it, right there.”

She pushed me back and worked her way onto the bed. Now kneeling, she rubbed her fake cock against my own cock head, which was leaking precum from all the excitement.

“Ooooooooooooooooh,” she said. “Look at that. Look at all the precum on my cock.”

She didn’t have to ask. I eagerly gobbled it up.

“You are such a little cumslut Joey. My own little cumeater.”

I moaned as my tongue twirled around it. I took more of it in my mouth until I was able to accommodate about half of it.

“Awwww, so cute, trying to get more of me inside your slutty mouth, such a good cocksucker,” she commented.

“That’s good enough honey, we will practice more. Soon you will be an absolute pro Joey.”

She moved a little bit more, rubbing more of my precum on the head of her dick. She kept at this for a good minute or so. Even the friction from the rubber cock was ready to set me off. There was ample flow as she helped milk it with her hand.

After the head was shiny, she started rubbing it on my balls. I let out a tiny moan. She did it so tenderly, with so much care.

“You like that too Joey?” she asked.

“Lower,” I said in a barely audible broken whisper.

“Mmmmmm-hmmmm, that’s what I thought you’d say honey.”

She waved the cock up and down my taint, making me squirm for more.

“You’re going to get my cock up your virgin ass honey, you do know that, right?”

“No honey, please, no,” I weakly resisted.

She pressed the head against my tight hole, but she was oh so gentle with it. I realized she wasn’t going to hurt me so I was able to relax a little bit.

“That’s better baby, open up, take me inside you,” she said as she slowly worked the head in my virgin hole.

I lifted a little higher and spread my knees apart.

“Oh my God, I wish you could see this,” she commented. “You are opening up for my cock. My God you are tight baby. But not for long!”

With that, she plunged a little bit deeper. My God I felt so full and I knew it wasn’t even close to all the way inside me. She stared in my eyes as she gently rocked… “I own you Joey, I own you forever.”

I found myself starting to press back against her in an effort to get a little more inside me. I felt obscenely vulnerable and sexy.

“My pussy and ass love you so much, but you were also just made for cock sweetheart.”

I just moaned, too lost in lust to form words.

“My little Joey loves cock and I’m so happy to make sure you get it,” she said.

Then wouldn’t you know it. There was a knock on the door. Little Mariah wasn’t feeling well.

Damn it, I thought. Why does something like this always happen? I was so sexually frustrated. I didn’t even get to cum!