Cyntha Trains Us To Be Slaves


Chapter two

My daughter and I both looked lovingly at Cyntha. I had never felt so sexually stimulated as I did now. Cyntha took both our faces into her perfectly manicured hands and deep kissed us both at the same time. Our tongues swirled into each others mouths like a beautiful dance of snakes, spiraling, and swirling lovingly over every inch of each others mouths and lips. We did this for some time.

Cyntha finally drew back and said ” Why don’t you two prepare us a feast. We need fruit and wine and tender meats to quench our hunger and give us energy for our next session.”

Cyntha lay back on the bed, her spectacular cock lay proudly displayed across her muscular thighs, still partially aroused. Heather’s mouth and mine salivated for its taste again. But first, our master needed her food…

When Heather and I were alone in the kitchen we were at first a little embarrassed. We had never even discussed sex. Now, both of us had become the love/sex slave of an exotic transsexual. I could only hope this would draw us closer but I was unsure how Heather would react.

Heather broke the ice first when she suddenly said ” Mother, isn’t Cyntha the most exquisite human being you have ever seen?”

I hesitated for about one second and began

“Heather, how long have you been such a wild girl, I… well I… just never guessed you could be so sexually free.”

Heather looked yalova escort at me with a slight smile and said “Oh mother, parents are always the last to know their children. I have been attracted to women for years. I tried being with men a few times but it always seemed awkward and they always just quickly thrust their cocks in and out a bunch of times and it was never enjoyable. I loved how a woman takes her time and explores your body.Then Cyntha came along. I thought Cyntha was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I was immediately excited by her aura.”

We spent some time discussing her feelings for Cyntha and I could see the love in her eyes when she spoke of her. This was all coming to me so quickly I barely had time to think. I needed to ask Heather something before we took this any further. I felt that this was the best time to ask, so I began…”Heather, I too am smitten by Cyntha and would you please share her with me? I want to worship her and adore her perfect body with you for as long as you’ll let me. I want to feel her giant she cock inside my pussy so badly it aches.”

Heather stopped preparing the meal and looked at me lovingly and said. “Oh mother, you make me so happy! I always feel I’m letting Cyntha down, because my pussy is so tiny and even the head of her she cock hurts too much going in. If you could just allow Cyntha to put her edirne escort delicious cock into your pussy I could just concentrate on my two favorite things; Cynthas ass and cum.”

I felt a welling up of lust in my body, a warm tingly feeling. I felt this rush of warmth vibrate from the center of my core and then flow into my wet pussy.

Heather and I raced up the stairs with our trays in hand, anxiously allowing our sexual hunger drive us to please our love master.

Cyntha was laying on her stomach with her legs spread apart. Her cock laying between her legs almost to her knees. Cyntha’s perfect soft, yet muscular ass cheeks, whose curve was shaped like a heart and just begging to be kissed, worshiped and licked. I watched as Heather placed the tray on a side table and crawled up the bed, kissing her way up Cyntha’s cock and lovingly kissing her plum sized clean shaven balls until she reached Cyntha’s ass. She lovingly parted both cheeks and began placing hot tongue kisses to Cyntha’s ass.

Cyntha raised her head and turned and smiled at Heather and said “feed me, my love slaves and then I shall reward you and your mother with all you can eat of my ass and cum.”

Cyntha stood and began eating from the trays we had placed on the table. Heather and I sat on the edge of the bed staring in awe at Cyntha’s beauty. Our faces felt hot as we watched her erzurum escort sensuously suck the juices from the fruits we had brought to her.

I am not sure who moved first but before I knew it Heather and I were on our knees looking up to our goddess of love. We could no sooner fly than stop our tongues and lips from gliding over Cyntha’s statuesque form. I ended up behind Cyntha and began tasting the ass of a goddess. My tongue lavished the curve of her ass cheeks, while I lightly nibbled the delicious flesh. It felt like electric rubber beneath my tongue. I worked my lips and tongue toward the deepest area of her ass. The faintly musky smell of cum and light perfume filled my senses. I began to probe harder with my tongue, ever deeper toward her puckered asshole. I felt her push back against my tongue as it slid into her ass. I knew now why Heather loved it so. I had eaten exotic dishes from around the world but nothing was as satisfying as this dish. I felt I was starving and the more I licked and probed; the hungrier I got. I wanted to bury my face as deeply as I could manage. I wanted to suffocate my self with her asshole. Cyntha slowly pulled her ass from my tongue allowing me to savor every last inch of her delicious hole.

Cyntha looked down at my precious daughters face as Heather was kissing and licking along the length of Cynthas’ she cock. It throbbed and pulsed with a power and strength of the goddess she is. Cyntha gently pulled her massive she cock from Heather, as Heather whimpered in disappointment.

Our love goddess spoke to us both. “Be still my little slaves. I want to take a bath now and relax after my feast. Heather will instruct you in how my bath is prepared. Please awaken me when it is ready.”