Hung Trans Lesbians Fuck Two Ladyboys


I haven’t written a Trans story this year. In this story I try to describe more intimate intense scenarios with a wider variety of details. If you enjoy the story please vote and comment. Feel free to read my Fetish and Mature stories as well.

Note 1: If you like Transsexuals, Trans Lesbians, Asian Ladyboys, Big Cocks, Extreme Cock Sucking, Anal Fucking, Anal Fisting, Semen Swallowing, Role Play, Orgies, BDSM, Cock Sounding and Foot Fetish this story is for you.

Note 2: All the characters are over 21. The names are fictitious, but some of the locations are real. This story is inspired by Francine a real Trans woman from California. She is represented by Susan. The Thai Ladyboys in this story are inspired by several of Francine’s girl- friends. The Thai Trans women speak broken English with bad grammar and heavy accents. This is not intended to be demeaning in any way. I only attempt to capture realism.

Rose is a statuesque tall red head real estate business owner in Glendale, Arizona. She is an attractive MTF Transexual that is 45 years old. She stands 6′ 2″ tall, weighs 190 pounds and is a size 16. Her domineering freckled figure is emphasized with very feminine shapely forearms, biceps, thighs and calves. Her large hands and feet are beautifully attractive with sculpted pink nails. Rose’s great physical strength and condition are due to heredity and aerobics. She appears to be a large full- figured genetic female.

Her body is a divergence of genders. She is a highly desirable feminine creature. Rose underwent hormone therapy for three years to soften her body. She reduced her estrogen intake to help maintain erections. Rose’s physical anatomy has been altered by; Adam’s apple shaved, cheek implants and her chest being enlarged with big saline implants that result in fabulous tits that measure 50DD. Her extensive male sex organ is several categories above average.

Her immense penis is six inches long flaccid and ten and a half inches while aroused. Rose is totally smooth from her neck down due to hair removal from extensive laser treatments. She keeps her impressive body bronzed with frequent nude sun bathing.

Early last month Rose met another transgender woman in a video chat room. They spent hours on the cyberspace sharing revealing pictures and masturbating with each other. Rose had a pretty young Asian Trans girl continually suck her huge cock while talking to Susan. On another occasion Sue and a young masked man fucked and sucked each other for Rose’s entertainment.

Susan is looking at property in the Phoenix area so they made arrangements for a visit. After a few weeks they cleared their respective schedules to meet at Rose’s place in Glendale.

Sue owns a small financial investment company in Las Vegas, Nevada. Like Rose, Sue is a hedonistic insatiable creature. Younger than Rose by ten years, she is 6 feet tall framed by 155 pounds of sinew and muscle. She wears a size 12 dress and shoe size of 10W. Sue is an amateur body builder with some heavy weight training experience that is evident by her highly defined body. She is also completely smooth from laser procedures. Her figure is 42DD-30-42. She wears her red hair a little shorter than shoulder length. Her features resemble Mia Isabella the Transsexual porn star. Sue and Rose also have another thing in common, both have a very big penis. Susan’s member is an extremely thick ten inches.

The first part of the story is told by Rose.

Part 1 The Trans Goddess Arrives in Glendale

I spent the last several days thinking about Sue. She is very beautiful and charming. Her muscular taunt body excites me. She has a big healthy cock that rivals mine. I have never been with another girl that is endowed with an organ in my size range. I fantasize about sucking her off and swallowing her cum. I am very oral with all my lovers, but have never sucked a penis bigger than Veronica’s seven inches. (My Asian housekeeper/lover) I do not like little dicks, but have had to settle for mediocre or slightly above average sized organs.

Sue is flying to the airport this morning and I am waiting for her in the terminal. She told me that she will be wearing a red baseball cap. That will help me single her out of the crowded airport.

I spot a very tall red head, but she is not wearing a hat, so I continue my search elsewhere. After a few more minutes I recognized Susan. We wave our hands at each other and walk toward one another. Susan is exceptionally beautiful. She is very muscular and appealing to the eye. She is attired in a very short scarlet red sundress that looks like it is painted on her sensuous figure. It is hard to believe that this creature possesses a large penis under that dress. Sue is an OU graduate so she sports a red Sooner hat. Her cat-like face is protected by huge dark sunglasses. On her stunning feet she dons open toe mule see through sandals mounted on very high heels with a thick platform.

“Hi Rose. I am so excited to finally get here. Wow! You are so pretty and tall. I bursa escort love your big tits. I can’t wait to see those puppies up-close. I like that dress and the killer sandals.” She said as we hugged.

I also picked out a dress from my wardrobe this morning. My silvery white sun dress is more traditional and has a modest length that ends at my knees. I adorn my feet with complementary silver minimalist high heel thong sandals.

“Sue you are so kind. You are so lovely I can’t imagine that I am actually with you. I feel excited to finally meet you. I think you could pass for a daughter of mine. You look far younger than your years.” I said with a cheerful smile.

As we continue to embrace, I decide to kiss her pretty lovely full lips. Sue opens her mouth and our tongues frolic in each other’s moist mouths. She apparently likes mushy sloppy kisses as she drools tiny amounts of saliva into my mouth. I counter by ingesting her slobbery goop as I spit some of my slimy dribble into her gushy wet mouth. We even slurp on each other’s tongues as we forget the outside world. We conclude our erotic first kiss after about five minutes.

“Sue that was so penetrating. I think that was the most passionate kiss of my life. We are going to have loads of fun together. I think we better get to your baggage before we get any more distracted.”

“Yes Rose. I look forward to distracting you further. That wet tongue of yours is to die for. I can’t wait to experience your loads of fun.” She said with a smirk.

“Well I have seen what you have to offer. Of course, I haven’t seen your attributes up close and personal, that is why we are here.” I respond with a smile.

Susan is a drop-dead gorgeous adorable attractive Trans woman. Men throughout the terminal are captivated by us. I am certain that most of the attention is due to her extraordinary physique . I am not exactly chopped liver, but Sue is unquestionably the fox. Most people refer to me as an Amazon, or an attractive MILF. Of course, many of our current audience would be traumatized if they saw what we stowed between our legs.

I examine her more carefully as we hold hands and walk toward the baggage pick up area. Her figure is lighter, but much more defined than mine. Sue’s bronzed body is lightly covered in a moisturizing oil with an aroma of sweet honey. Her biceps are certainly larger than my guns. Sue’s developed back and shoulders are ripped from extreme extensive weight training. Her powerful muscled thighs and her veined rock-hard calves are the finest pair of legs imaginable. Her attractive feet are exhibited in her clear platform mules. Her entire form testifies to her prowess in extreme conditioning. It is obvious that Sue is in better physical condition than myself. Her power is expressed by her hand grip as we walk. I grasp her hand with all my might and am unable to squeeze her iron vise-like grip.

We reach the baggage claim and retrieve her luggage. We walk to my SUV and get comfortable for the half hour drive. Sue removes her sunglasses and smiles at me. I discern how intense her blue eyes are and how appealing those extensive profuse lips are.

“We are alone now Rose. I want to satisfy you while you drive.”

“OK. What did you have in mind?” I responded.

“I want to suck you while you drive.” Sue said as she licked her fat lips.

“Well Sue I think that can be arranged. I will attempt to keep the car on the road. I will take the HOV lane. You sure are horny. We could just get a hotel room here at the airport and fuck and suck until we are drained.”

“I think that should be our plan on my flight home on Monday afternoon. I will reserve a room for Sunday night and drain your loads of fun.” Sue said while laughing.

“Another pun I ascertain. I think your proposition is a grand idea. Text the ABC Suites. Ask for Jill Standish, leave a message that yourself and Rose Hardwick need a room for the night of July 13th.” I recommended.

“Who is Jill Standish?” Sue asked.

“Jill is a good friend, business associate and occasional lover. She is a Cisgender woman that prefers Trans women. I am sure she will want to join us.” I replied.

“She will drain our loads as well, I predict. Rose you are full of surprises. When we arrive at your home, I will contact the hotel.”

“I am sure Jill will comp the room. Just make sure you use my name in the text.”

Sue’s positions her strong hand beneath my dress and caresses my package.

“Wow Rose. You sure fill your thong briefs.”

I raise up my buttocks to help her remove my thong underwear. Her hands slide my G-string downward as I raise up one sandal clad foot at a time until I am free from my undergarment.

“I don’t tuck my big girl cock. My thong is just a big pouch that holds it down some. In the terminal I got hard as you kissed me.” I said.

“I did also. I find that wearing a dress conceals an erection quite a bit. Well you are not completely hard malatya escort now. My god you are big for not being fully stimulated.” Sue replied.

“My penis puts on a show before it grows. Put it in your mouth and get me hard.” I added.

I place the car in gear and drive toward Glendale. Susan leans her upper torso across the center console. I move my dress up, so I can intermittently watch her manipulations of my big erection. She immediately swallows most of my semi-erect cock. In a few seconds I am fully aroused. Sue uses her long fingernails to scratch my engorged testicles. She withdraws most of my length and concentrates on my uncircumcised head. She sucks on my glans ardently with vigor. Sue is certainly not an amateur fellatio artist.

Sue raises up for air and says. “Rose you are hung as well as I am.”

My Trans friend Veronica has the biggest organ that I have personally sucked. I am about three inches longer than her. I find it interesting that most men have little or average sized cocks. ” I answered.

“Well it sounds like your experience with men is different than mine. I have dated several men with very big cocks. You saw on our video chat that masked man I was sucking. He was nearly as large as me.” She added.

“I am not into men at all. The bad breath, body hair, lack of grooming and excess body fat, are a turn off.” I replied.

“I only date fit, hairless, clean , well-groomed and hung men. I prefer Trans girls though that is why I am here with you.” Sue added.

“Suck me Susan. You deep throated me when I was semi-erect. See if you can take me down now that I am erect.” I challenged.

Traffic slows on the 202 as vehicles in front of us crawl along at about ten miles an hour. I take the next exit as Sue crams about eight inches of me into her throat. I pull the car into a nearly empty parking lot near a car wash.

I keep the air conditioning running, as I watch Sue venerate my cock. I lower my seat flat to give her better access to my organ. My hand grabs her head and I gently push it toward my member. She briefly resists me in my ardor to force my erection down her throat. I permit her to sit up and talk.

“Let me look at you for a moment before I get back to work. I didn’t get a good look at you. Let me admire it for a moment.” Sue said.

I watch her as she grasps me in her hands. She looks surprised by my immense length. “We are so different. As you saw from our video session, I am circumcised. Your head is so large. I love the big veins that crisscross around it. My shaft has one big vein down the center. Your cock is also entirely straight. OK. Now I am ready. I want you to pull my hair hard. Call me a shemale sissy faggot cock sucker and other derogatory terms.” Sue commands.

I grab her hair hard and pull it as I push her attractive head further down my erection. “Suck my big tranny cock you little dirty shemale slut. Take my big girl dick down your throat you worthless shemale faggot.”

I can tell my degrading disrespectful dialogue excites her. Her head bobs up and down my hard erection as her long finger nails tickle my ball sack. Sue deep throats most of me, but not all. I estimate she is throating me down to a depth of nine inches. She is very enthusiastic and motivated by the demeaning language.

“Jack off your big faggot cock as you swallow my big tranny dick. Suck my cock deeper you nasty shemale whore. My giant girl cock is about to cum in that nasty shemale mouth of yours. Deep throat me Sue, you filthy shemale slut.”

For roughly ten minutes Sue’s fellatio is performed with velocity and vigor. I continue the ridiculous shemale/tranny dialogue she enjoys. After repeated attempts. Sue finally chokes down my big penis balls deep. I feel her lips on my balls as my glans lodges in her vast deep esophagus. My body has the symptoms of an approaching orgasm. My muscles in my legs begin twitching as my toes splay apart in my sandals. My breathing comes in short deep gasps. Sue abandons any further deep throat demonstrations. She senses that I am close to orgasm and crams two long fingers deep into my tight anus. Her mouth locks down on the first three or four inches of my shaft and sucks with shallow fiercely powerful gulps. Her large blue eyes stare at me in curiosity as I erupt in her mouth.

“Suck me! Swallow my load! I ammmm cummmmming!” I bawl and cry as I spurt hot thick bolts of semen into her mouth.

Sue doesn’t waiver. She continues fellating me and massages my prostate. Sue keeps her mouth affixed to my convulsing shaft. She is my kind of girl, a swallower. After three large jets of ejaculate shoot into her mouth she resumes her extreme deep throat fellatio. She rapidly slides her mouth down my pulsing length and devours each eruption. I hold her head down balls deep as Sue gulps down all of my pungent thick sperm infested warm semen.

Sue raises up and kisses me hard as we explore each other’s mouths further. I notice that Sue’s çanakkale escort mouth cavity is colossal. It is little wonder that she is able to deep throat me. I taste a faint remnant of my own semen in her mouth. Veronica frequently spits my semen back into my mouth during oral sex, so I know my flavor.

“Rose you are so amazing. You just shot the largest load I have ever swallowed. I have only sucked a couple of shafts as big as yours and they had modest ejaculations. I have only seen loads that big in porn movies.”

“I am pleased that you prefer to swallow. I guess I already knew that from your profile on line. I will share my recipe with you. I know I ejaculate extremely large quantities of semen. I guess you received your breakfast a little late today. When we get to the house perhaps you can feed me and Veronica.” I said.

“Recipe for making semen? I don’t think I have heard of that before. Who is this Veronica?”

“Yes, there are things that you should eat and drink that enhances semen volume and taste. You have seen Veronica already. She is the young Asian Trans girl that was sucking me during our chat. She is the foremost reason I try to produce more semen. She prepares meals that increase our volume many times over. She sucks me every morning after I wake up. Voni enjoys swallowing large hot loads. She is my maid as well as my lover. She is a Katoey and produces very large volumes of semen as well.”

“What the hell is a Katoey?

“A Katoey is an Asian Trans woman. Many people call them Ladyboys. They are considered a third gender in Thailand. Many go through transition when they are little children. If they don’t go through puberty, they have tiny cocks and reduced libido. Voni went through male puberty several years before she transitioned. She is extremely feminine without any surgeries.” I explained.

“I was astounded by how effortlessly she deep throated you. Another thing that surprised me was her tiny size. I think she is very sexy in a girlish sort of way.”

“Veronica is remarkable in her skill set. She is petite in stature, but exceptionally strong and flexible. Her English is occasionally hard to understand with her heavy accent and broken grammar. I am so use to it I hardly notice. She is highly intelligent and a genius in mathematics. She does my accounting and taxes as well. Once I used her as my translator for a French client. The girl speaks five languages other than English. She is also hung with a nice thick seven-inch cock.” I added.

We continue our drive toward Glendale. We hold hands and listen to classical music on my sound system. After another fifteen minutes we arrive at my spacious brick home. I help Sue with her large luggage ensemble. I am astonished by the quantity of baggage Sue carries with her. Veronica answers the door and introduces herself to Sue. She accompanies Sue to the guest room.

Veronica has worked for me for five years. She is incredibly petite, stands 5’6″and weighs 95 pounds. Voni has a flat six pack abdomen and a natural chest with small perky breasts. Her coffee brown skin, black silky hair and flawless face are very alluring. Her peculiar gray eyes are much like that of a wolf. Voni wears a size 0 or 2 depending on the manufacturer. She wears her hair fairly short in a bob. She is attired in a conservative gray pant suit outfit that is tight with a bare midriff. Her attractive red toes and feet are flaunted by clear see-through high heeled pumps. She is very well groomed and extremely desirable. Sue is intrigued by Veronica. I stand at the end of the hallway and watch them.

“Thank you for helping me with my bags. Are you from the Philippines?” Sue queried.

Veronica speaks pidgin English with bad grammar and a heavy accent.

“No maim. I from Thailand. I look like many girls from Philippines. I work in Pattaya with many Katoey from Philippines. Many people ask same question.” She replied.

“Pattaya? I have heard of it. What did you do for work in Pattaya?” Sue asked.

“I work in Katoey Ladyboy bar. I learn English there, meet Americans there. Miss Rose bring me to United States. Hire me. She very nice. I work for her and we good friends.” Voni replied.

“Well Veronica you are a very attractive young woman. Can you help me put my things away?”

“Yes. Miss Rose tell me take care you. I help you put clothes in closet and drawer. I cook food, wash clothes, clean house. Do anything you ask.” Voni said with her pidgin English.

“Well for now I will settle for your help with my dresses and shoes.” Sue said.

The young Thai and Sue closed the door and begin organizing Sue’s clothing and shoes. The guest room is equipped with a considerable walk-in closet. There are two long rails against opposite walls for clothes hangers. Another wall is featured with a giant wooden shoe rack. Veronica is impressed with Sue’s extensive wardrobe of dresses, shoes and accessories. They discuss Sue’s extensive ensemble of sexy sandals and footwear. Despite their huge difference in body size, they wear the same size of footwear. Sue attempts to give her several pairs of shoes that she appreciates. Voni instead agrees to borrow a pair of white thong sandals that she admires. She is uncomfortable accepting gifts after just meeting Sue. After they finish unpacking all of Sue’s clothing Voni reports to me.