The Night We Met Ch. 02


-That very same night-

As soon as we left Dan’s Lo and I went to our friend Keton’s house. He was always up at all hours of the night, and since it was only about 11:30 we figured he wouldn’t care if we stopped by. As soon as we walk in, we never knocked, Lo starts spouting out our whole evening and how she thinks I fell in love.

“Dude, shut the fuck up.” I said to my best friend.

“What it’s true, Keton, you should have seen her,” by now I knew my face was turning all the colors of embarrassment, thus only reinforcing what Lo was saying, “Keton, she starts off the night making me feel like a real piece for dragging her to Dan’s and then she ends up all over one of his golfing buddies, although to her defense he was all over her to. And, he asked her to stay, and get this, she says no.”

“She must be in love,” our friend Keton says to Lo as if I’m not even in the room, “It’s not like her to deny herself something she knows she wants and knows she can have.”

“Screw you guys, he was hot, what else is there to say? Although, I have to admit that there is something different about this guy, I can’t seem to get him out of my head. Hmm… and he was a great kisser, and his cock felt pretty big to.” Lo and I laughed while Keton looked at me with a half shocked/half knowing look on his face.

“I thought you two were just making out?” Keton asks.

“We were, but somehow I ended up straddling his lap on the porch and when Lo hollered at me that she wanted to leave, I made a point of brushing my hand against the oh so obvious bulge in his jeans.”

“That sounds like you…tease.” Keton smiled at me then looked to Lo who was already sitting down next to me apologizing for rubbing all of this in my face.

Shortly after their conversation about how I went from bitch to can’t get this mersin escort guy off my mind in the whole hour or so that we were at Dan’s house, Lo and I decided to call it a night, and went home.

By home, I mean to her house, which I guess was sort of my house to. I un-officially moved into her mom’s house after my parents moved about an hour away from out hometown. Once home, Lo decided that she had to tell her mother the embarrassing details of my night. I just let her, she thought that it was hilarious.

I guess that now is as good a time as any to give you a little background on me. I’m about 5’1″ tall, weigh 109 lbs, my bra size is a 34C/34D (it depends on if I gain a few pounds, or lose a few), I have brown hair past my shoulders, light brown eyes, a great tan, and long legs for being so petite. I wouldn’t say I’m beautiful, but I know I’m hot. And I definitely think that there is a difference. My best friend Lo is about 5’3″, 112 lbs., 34C, and her hair is a dark red/auburn color and is naturally curly, she also has a great shade of brown in her eyes, but she is definitely a white girl, always afraid of getting burnt. She is what I refer to as pretty with small petite features and a delicate air about her.

Personality wise she and I are complete opposites, which is why we both think our friendship works so well. She is totally sweet and innocent and has this little voice that makes her completely ineffective in getting pissed off. I on the other hand am straight forward and to the point (some may say blunt). I carry myself well and am truly a very down to earth person; But for the most part people think that I am stuck up and they all say that I think I’m to good. I have a very distinctive voice, anyone that has talked to me once will without a doubt mersin escort bayan recognize my voice the second time. I have heard it’s sexy, penetrating, blah, blah, blah, I just like it; my voice demands attention, and so far I always get it.

That night I went to sleep talking about him to both Lo and her mom, and wondering how soon would be to soon to call him… ‘fuck, what is wrong with me?’ They both told me that I couldn’t call him the next day and had to at least wait until the day after. ‘I’m going to die’ those actual thoughts went through my head. ‘Two days that’s like a freaking year’. ‘There is no way I am going to make it that long’. ‘What in the hell did this guy do to me?’ All of this went through my pretty little head before praying I could sleep through the entire next day, and then I guess I passed out.

-The next day-

‘Shit, it’s only 9:00am and I’m already thinking about him.’ I was in bed thinking to myself. I was still to hung over to get up. Lo’s mom walks in the room, looks at me, and as if she was reading my mind says,

“Don’t even think about calling him. Wow – did that man do a number on you. You’re absolutely pathetic, I have to say this is a nice change.”

I just rolled my eyes at her, and spoke before she had a chance to again, “I know, I know, tomorrow I’ll call. And I’m not pathetic, just interested – for once.”

“Whatever”, and with that she was off to work.

Lo and I didn’t wake back up until about 1:00, and remembering that he subbed right across the street, I called my m and let her know that I would pick up my sister today. Yes, desperate, I know, but I just had to get one more look at him. But, alas, nothing. And so the day drug on, night came, and I slept.

-The day I could finally call escort mersin him-

I waited until there was no-one home that afternoon to call him, dialed, and I got the machine. It was the one with the electronic voice (robot voice) recordings, and I panicked not having rehearsed anything for a machine and said,

“Hi, this is Sara and I’m calling for Dino, I met you at Dan’s the other night, anyway, give me a call back when you get this (then I repeated my phone numbers that I had already given him the other night) okay thanks, bye.” What a moron I was, I sounded so lame. He’s never gonna call me’.

About an hour and half later the phone rings and to my surprise, caller ID has his number on display.


“Hi, is Sara there?”

“This is she.”

“Hi, this is Dino, from Dan’s house. I got your message. What are you up to?”

“Not much, just wondering what you were doing tonight.” ‘Damn I hope I don’t sound to needy’.

“Nothing, why, did you want to get together?”

“Can you come over here, everybody’s gone for the night if you just want to hang out and watch a movie or something.”

“Yeah, give me about and hour and I’ll be there”.

“Okay, see you then.”

That was our conversation. I only had an hour to get ready and clean up the house.

‘Shit what was I going to wear? Jeans and a tee, keep it simple. Underneath, a white lace front clasp bra, and a black g-string. The two items looked hot together’.

Just as soon as I was done picking up and getting myself ready there was a knock on the door. I felt myself getting warmer already and he was only standing outside of the house, what in the hell was I going to do once he was inside? That’s when I realized that I should open the door and let him in.

“Hi.” He was leaning in the door frame, his 6’2″ towering well above my 5’1″ frame. He was holding a six pack of coronas in one hand and a lime in the other. Faded blue jeans, a long sleeve tee, and the hat from the other night. He looked so damn sexy. He just leaned and looked with a huge smile on his face. I knew right then and there that I was in for a long night.