Big Surprise


My spouse and I have three children and full-time jobs but somehow we still find our relationship exciting and fulfilling. Occasionally though, it can be hard to squeeze in good quality intimacy. We are now and then impelled to be creative and flexible regarding our sensual affections. I am the reserved modest type and generally rely on his creativeness. I find it very easy to just submit to my man’s stimulating wishes. He is amazingly imaginative and he continuously manages to surprise me.

One day my husband states that he had to make a trip before the end of the week. He tells me that he will be gone for three days and back on Saturday night. I inform him to have a good time but to behave while away from my supervision. I am not serious because I knew he is not likely be tempted to stray and if he is that he’d never act on any enticement. I love him so much because I recognize that he is desirable to other women but that he would never hurt me or the children for some selfish urge. That is not his style. Just as a reminder, I give him a big surprise to reminisce on during his trip.

In the dark of the early morning I awake to sneak from bed. I quickly brush my teeth and put on a red lacy bra and a g-string that I know will provoke his appetite. When I get back to bed he is still asleep on his back, exactly were I want him. I pause looking at his beautiful face and at the blanketed form of his solid muscular body. He is still asleep as betrayed by his deep and even breathing. As I stand admiring his unconscious body I have to smile, this seduction will be simple. I can see the ample contour of his erect penis through the blanket. I wonder what he is dreaming and then I let out a soft giggle because I realize that whatever it is, I am about to make it come true.

I slither back into bed and slowly pounce. I stealthily plunge under the satin sheets to cautiously approach my goal. I slide my head down the frictionless sheets towards his abdomen. He never has a chance. The head of his swollen manhood is protruding from the restriction of his silk boxers. I very escort bayan bursa gently lift the restricting elastic waistband and his inflated cock joyously darts from its confinement. I began to salivate at the thought of what I am going to do next.

I open wide to accept his member into my mouth. My tongue starts to explore the familiar circumference of his round plum-sized flesh. I feel his body immediately come awake to my courteous caress. He writhes and gyrates his hips as I continue my focus on his cockhead. I perceive his is now beyond self-restraint due to my eager but insufficient sucking. He begins to gently thrust as he is overcome with the urge to penetrate deeper into my throat. I mentally prepare myself to serve his needs as I overcome my own reflexes that try to expel him. I know what will come next, I knew before I slid beneath the smooth sheets.

His hands reach under the silky sheets to firmly grasp the long hair at the back of my head. I understand what he wants so I prepare my mouth to be the means of his gratification. He pulls my head towards his crotch as his hips thrust his rigid cock into my mouth. I hear his urgent breath coming faster and shallower as he stuffs his large extremity down my throat. I slacken my throat muscles so I can devour my invader. My mouth rhythmically ravishes his crotch as he pummels my face. His onslaught increases in urgency and tempo when he suddenly says in a harsh raspy voice, “I’m cumming, swallow me, drink my cum.” His cock is shoved deep in my mouth when the hot liquid fire starts to shoots down my throat. I accept enthusiastically as it surges in and not a drop is wasted as my throat gulps reflexively.

So the time comes and the kids and I kiss him goodbye and wish him a safe trip. When I have him alone for a second, I remind him to bring something home for the kids. He smiles and says, “Of course, and maybe something special for you since you have been so good to me this morning. ”

That first night he phones to say he had arrived safe and sound. Each of the kids takes their bursa sinirsiz eskort turn to talk to him and then they go off to get ready for bed. We speak briefly because he says the next few days are going to be very busy and he needs to go to sleep right away. I tell him to sleep well and that I’ll be thinking of this morning when I wake up tomorrow. He chuckles and says he won’t even wait till morning to recall my wonderful selfless act. He assures me that my sacrifice will be reciprocated when he comes home in three days. We whisper our affections and say our solemn good nights. he promises to call again tomorrow at the same time.

The next three nights pass with much the same limited conversation. I start to feel frustrated because I know he’s busy but I miss him. I want to spend hours on the phone with his sweet tender voice soothing me until I drift off asleep like we did during our courtship. We are extremely close and time separated is not comfortable for either of us. Each day passes slowly when it is finally time for him to come home.

He finally comes home late Saturday evening. His arrival is met with much fanfare, I’m reminded that I wasn’t the only one that missed him. The children mob him the second he walks through the front door. We all say our hellos as he slyly pulls out three bags each containing a gift for a child. Each child gets a toy or game and immediately wants daddy to play with them. We make eye contact as he tells the children that it is already past their bedtime and that they need to get ready for bed. He would play with each of them in the morning.

Our oldest son is very sensitive and intuitive and pauses to look at dad. He says unabashedly to his father, “Where’s mom’s present?” My husband looks tense and embarrassed for a second and then he recovers graciously. He states guiltily, “I forgot, I’ll have to make it up to her some other way.” I hadn’t really been expecting a gift, I was happy and grateful that he remembered the children. He walks over to me and gives me a firm gentle escort bayan kiss right in front of the children. My spouse and I then herd the children up to bed.

With the children in bed and time to ourselves we cuddle up in the living room. We sit in our large overstuffed sofa with a blanket over us to ward off the night chill. The television is on but ignored, the sound is left muted. We spend time catching up, I ask about his trip, he asks about my work and the children. We talk for hours into the night. We joke and laugh about the little things that have happened the past few days while we were apart.

Suddenly, I realize how late it is and I tell him we should go to bed and get some sleep. He mischievously looks me in the eyes as he reaches under our blanket and his hand pulls out a long narrow box wrapped in fancy paper. He hands it to me as he questions, “Did you really think I forgot?” I laugh and shake my head and tell him he didn’t need to get me something but I eagerly take the present from his hands anyway. He just smiles as he says his only requests is that I somehow redeem him in the eyes of our eldest son.

I begin untaping the pretty wrapping but he tells me to just rip the paper and get it over with. I shred the paper as directed and pry open the long narrow box. The first thing I see is the small sapphire ring tied to a ribbon. I ask him what I did to deserve such a nice gift. He smiles, winks and says, “You know quit well what you did, now open the rest of it.” That’s when I notice the ribbon tying the ring to a long round package inside the box. I pull the entire object from the box and begin to rend the dark supple wrap from the article. I can’t believe what is slowly revealed. The long hard rod is as thick as my wrist and as long as my forearm. I look wide-eyed at him and again ask, “What did I do to deserve this?” He grin coyly and says, “That is what I’m about to show you.”

He stands and gently takes my hand into his as he leads me off towards our bedroom. I have my new ring on the finger of one hand and my new hard staff awkwardly in the other. We tiptoe into our bedroom as my anxious husband quietly locks the door behind us. It is apparent that I’m about to get a big surprise of my own.

Sorry, the rest is the subject of another story.

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