The Widow along the Road Pt. 02


Following on from my first episode, ‘The Widow along the Road.


When I said a ‘Pandora’s Box’ it was a slight understatement.

No one really knows what goes on in other households, or what the ‘history’ is of others’ relationships.

Mrs Taylor had been a widow for around five years. We had just known each other in passing, until the other day, when it all happened. Although I wasn’t having a physical relationship with my wife, Alison, for a variety of reasons, I was still feeling guilty about my liaison with Lou.

The bit that I didn’t know was that, before his death, Mr Taylor, Bill, had been having an affair. And the woman he had been ‘seeing’ was Judith Summers, someone that Alison and I knew through charity meetings at the local community centre.

Ironically, she was another widow of several years, living just around the corner, who Alison was always wary of, because she thought that she was always ‘chatting me up’ at those charity meetings.

Like a lot of clandestine affairs, they sometimes happen, either at work, in a closed environment, or in a neighbourhood close to home.

But I get ahead of myself.

A couple of days after our first encounter, Lou caught me on my morning walk, and beckoned me inside her house.

Furtively, I looked around, and hurried round through the ‘side gate,’ and in through the kitchen door. I was met by Lou, still in her bathrobe, and fresh out of the shower.

“For god’s sake Jack, I want you, ever since the other day I’ve had the hots for you, fuck me quickly, I know we haven’t got long.”

Lou took my hand, almost dragging me into the lounge, and after dropping her bathrobe, was scrabbling at my belt and zip. I’d had no time to think about it at all, but I did know that my cock was ready.

“Fuck me, Jack, fuck me please,” Lou pleaded again, as she lay back on the leather sofa, revealing her pussy lips, open, and glistening pink, with her juices.

I needed no encouragement, I fell between her thighs, and my cock rammed home, as she grunted approval. Pounding into her, her cries of pleasure were so loud, that I wasn’t sure if the neighbours could hear all that was happening.

Literally within five minutes we both came. The perspiration was dripping from my forehead onto her bare breasts, and as we looked at each other, I think we were both shocked at the suddenness of it all.

“Oh my God…thank you Jack, I know you can’t stop long, but I really wanted you again. Please let me have your mobile number so that I can contact you at least. Is that possible, or will Alison be able to see your phone messages?”

“No,” xhamster porno I replied, “I have ‘texts’ on silent, and she doesn’t look at it at all.”

And with that, I was pulling up my trousers, and I was creeping back onto the street, and continuing my walk to the shops.

In a daze, I wondered where on earth all this was going. I didn’t have very long to wait.

Lou texted me within minutes, to make sure that she had my mobile number correct, and to say that she would not text often, but was pleased that we had a means of communication.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I received another text asking, ‘Drop in Jack, if you’re walking by later.’

I replied that it wasn’t possible that day, as much as I wanted to, because I was having to take Alison shopping for various things. The complications, and the desires were beginning. As anyone who has conducted an affair knows, the lies were soon to follow.

That evening I had made the excuse to Alison that I had a committee meeting for my sports club, and having sent a text to Lou I said that I was free to visit.

The deception was continued by me driving my car around the block, and after parking it I crept back to Lou’s.

What a pleasant surprise I got. Lou met me at the side door with a long kiss, but it was a long kiss with her dressed in exotic lingerie, which included a black basque, black lacey panties and bra, completed by suspenders and black stockings. All my Christmases had come at once.

She led me into the lounge and softly said, “Would you like a drink, or shall we go upstairs?”

I didn’t need to answer really, I followed her up the stairs, my eyes riveted on her swaying ass, and the promise of what was to come.

“Take off your clothes, you don’t want my perfume on them,” Lou suggested, as though she was familiar with all the wrinkles of having an affair.

I felt a bit awkward as I let my trousers, and boxers drop to the floor, because as I unbuttoned my shirt I felt my cock rising to half mast.

Lou watched it from her reclining position on the bed, and smiled with amusement, as it grew.

As I knelt on the bed beside her, Lou took my cock in her fingers, and it was enough to bring it to it’s full length.

Quietly she said, “Last time was rushed, Jack, make love to me this time.”

Nothing more was said, we just kissed, and my hands began to explore her body, a body I wanted to pleasure, a body that I would begin to know every contour, every crevice, every trigger point.

As my fingers unclipped every hook down the back of the basque, it was squeezing erotik porno into her waist, making her breasts slowly spill out, allowing me to take each nipple in turn between my lips. As it fell away I could see her body, delicious in its maturity, but still ready to allow me to bring it to its pleasurable potential.

I slid Lou’s lacey panties down her thighs, and as I did so, my finger tips passed fleetingly over her pussy lips, causing her to sigh. She lifted her knee to free herself, and parted her legs to let my head sink down to suckle her clit.

The moment my tongue flicked under the hood, and started to caress her hard little bud, she cried out.

“Oh Jack, Oh you amazing man, just don’t stop.”

And with several more whimpers, she began to pant, slowly at first, but when I started to suck her clit, more quickly.

I knew, and before too long, she did too, that I was going to make her cum like this. My cock was still very hard, and was pressing into the bed. I was face down buried in her pussy, and my fingers were pinching both her nipples.

Just before she came her hands grabbed my head, pushing it harder, into her. Pulling my hair she shuddered, and the bedroom echoed with the cry of, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” followed by her stifling a moan of, “Jesus Christ,” which I knew was not what she would have liked anyone to hear.

Slowly she released her grip on what hair I’d got left, and I lifted myself up above her so as to bring my face to hers. She looked at me with ‘doe’ eyes and murmured, “Jack, that was something else.”

“I haven’t finished yet,” was my quiet reply, and as I watched her closely, I moved my hips, until my cock slid between her pussy lips. With just a subtle nudge, the head of my cock slid inside her. Her mouth opened slightly, and with a hint of a deep breath, her hips raised up to accept me.

As I thrust my cock deep inside her, I pushed her legs flat beneath me, so that our legs were against each other all the way down. It meant that every time I moved the top of my cock, it rubbed her clit to maximum effect. It felt amazing.

And so the gradual rise to Lou’s next orgasm began. I kissed her lips, I kissed her eyelids, I kissed her neck. Throughout, her body was constantly making very tiny movements, as my cock continued to stimulate her. What also happened was that she strangely kept quietly saying, “oh no, oh yes, oh no,no, yes,” seemingly a conversation with herself.

The tiny movements began to be more hurried, Lou’s little exclamations became louder. The pressure on my cock, and the tightness of her pussy’s grip was getting milf porno me close to my limit.

I needn’t have worried. In a rush Lou opened her legs wide, then wrapped them around my buttocks, and started to cum. Her pelvis started to buck, and when her pussy felt like it was rapidly squeezing my cock, I just started to ejaculate. On and on, I pumped my semen inside her, grunting, and thrusting the last of my seed.

For a long time we just lay cuddling, enjoying the warmth of a kindred body. Sometimes we kissed, sometimes we giggled, sometimes we made veiled references to things sexually past.

All too soon it was time to leave. Lou insisted I shower, to wash away perfume, and sexual odours. When I’d dressed we kissed again, and agreed to text next day.

It was dark when I crept out via the side gate, and made my way around the block to my car.

“Good evening, Mr Neville, I thought it was your car.”

The voice was like a dagger in my heart. It was Judith Summers, and without realising it I’d parked right opposite her house. As she stood at her gate, having wheeled out her recycling bin, I was struggling to think of a reason why I was there.

“Hi Judith, I had a problem with my car earlier, I hope it starts.”

“Well, hopefully Alison will get you to think about updating. I’ve always thought you’re a man who should be driving a 4x 4.” She smiled as my engine started. Winding down my window I was just about to make a joke when she added, “Tell her not to forget the ‘Macmillan cake morning tomorrow.”

My heart missed a beat, I was having to think quickly. If Judith mentioned me parking near her house I was done for.

“I’m hoping you won’t mention this, she gets funny if there’s a problem with the car, can’t stand breaking down if we go out.”

I knew the moment I’d said it, it sounded like a pretty pathetic excuse for me being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I saw her smile, and start to walk across to me. In a lowered voice she confided, “Jack Neville, I do believe that you’re asking me to keep a secret.”

By now, by the lights from the dashboard, she could tell I was blushing.

“Have you been out without permission? Oh dear, I do know how that works. Between you and me I had a naughty liaison with Bill Taylor before he died. His wife Lou lives just up from you. Do you know her?”

I couldn’t hold back the cough, “Yes, I bump into her occasionally. Well I’d be really grateful if you were discreet.”

Judith knew that she was absolutely right, and pushing home her advantage, she decided to test her theory.

“You’re secret is safe with me, with one condition.”

I looked worried.

“Come round for coffee on Thursday morning and tell me, honestly, what’s going on. Give me your mobile number, and text me if you can make it on Thursday.”

I couldn’t refuse, I had been trapped, how the hell could I refuse.