Birthday Gift for Mom Pt. 02


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I have tried my best to make the sequel as enjoyable as possible, and I hope all of you will like this attempt.

The story is narrated by 19 year old Karthik.

This is an immediate continuation, and reading the earlier episode may make this more exciting.

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“Are you a virgin?!” my mom, Kavita, asked me, in a quick and almost disinterested tone.

It was still early in the morning, and the curtains inside her bedroom were all closed.

But she double-checked the same, to make sure nobody could see through the gaps, and also the windows were not open, as she continued talking to me.

“Are you a virgin, Karthik??” she repeated her question, on not getting an answer from me.

I was definitely shocked at the developments, but what startled me more was the fact that my mom was showing no hesitation in getting ready for the act.

“Ohh… Damn!! The keys to this cupboard are in your Dad’s office bag… Kaushik is such a pain.” my mom said, shaking her head, as she unsuccessfully searched for her shawls.

“I am pretty sure the Halloween Mask is also in there… We might have to think of something else, now… Just cannot afford to waste time…” my mom was talking to herself, and the frankness in her voice greatly disturbed me.

I was human enough to understand her feelings. Her wish to have another child was very much justified.

But, she was very insensitive towards the hard truth that it was her very own son she was using to accomplish her twisted mission.

It greatly hurt me that my mother was not ready to acknowledge the mental agony I was going through.

I was sure I did not want to do this.

I was sure I was forced into this.

Though not threatened or manipulated, I was emotionally blackmailed into impregnating my mother!!

“I really cannot look at you when we do it, Mom!!” I finally said, sensing things were turning worse.

“Just keep your eyes closed if it is so difficult for you…” my mom replied in the most unconcerned way possible. There was a certain amount of hostility in the way she spoke, and I was not liking it.

I was angry, and felt losing control over myself, and was lost in thoughts when my mother demanded my attention with her next question.

“How about you fuck me from the back, Karthik?!” she asked, looking very delighted, shaking me with her choice of words.

She was fully clothed. But, she was already on the bed, as she spoke to me. And, she was on all fours!!

She had her butt pushed out, slightly, and she was ready!!

“We don’t have to see each-other then!! Are you happy, now?!” she continued, and looked at me reassuringly, hoping to have gained my confidence.

I just could not accept the magnitude of ignorance in the events happening.

It was as if the mood of the situation had completely changed.

It was as if this was a plot in an erotic story, which the author had been writing during the little breaks he took from his other pending works, and he had just lost grip over the proceedings.

Just how the writer would have not bothered to read the earlier part of his story, before starting to write the current episode, my mom too seemed disinterested in recollecting the lovely moments in our life, so far.

It was as if the bond we shared did not matter to her anymore.

Because that is how disturbing my mom’s transformation from a Onwin submissive broken woman, pleading for an improper favor, to a dominant figure, giving blunt orders, was. It left me highly unimpressed.

“Why do you look so bemused?? Haven’t you ever seen a woman before?! Stop acting so weird, Karthik. This is no big deal!!” my mom stressed, seeing me look perplexed.

I just stood by the side of her bed, speechless. I felt like I could not move.

Kavita : So… You never had sex before?? Not even after a full year in college?? Karthik!! Hello?! Are you listening??

Karthik : Err… Yes… I mean, No… Mom…

Kavita : You can tell me the truth…

Karthik : Mom!!

Kavita : Tell me the truth, Karthik!!

Karthik : I did have sex, Mom… Just once…

Kavita : Ohh… Great. This is going to be easy then…

Karthik : Mom…

Kavita : Who was it?? Who did you have your first time with??

Karthik : Mom… Please!! Don’t ask me that.

Kavita : Fine. But, tell me… Is there anybody you wish to have sex with??

Karthik : What?!

Kavita : Anyone from college?? Or, wait!! I never asked you this… Do you have a girlfriend?? You would definitely want to be on the bed with her.

Karthik : Do we really need to talk about this, Mom?? Please!!

Kavita : Fine… It’s okay, then. I was only trying to say you can imagine me to be her… I mean you can just think you are penetrating somebody you always wanted… I thought that would help you.

Karthik : Mom?!

Kavita : It’s okay… You can imagine you are having sex with the same person you had your first time with.

Karthik : That is not okay… I mean… I don’t think that is necessary, Mom.

Kavita : Why?! That could actually help us here, Karthik. You do realize that you need to be sexually stimulated to be able to do this, don’t you?? It is important that you are fully erect before you enter me. So, just think I am the same lass you lost your virginity to, and get yourself in the right frame of mind.

Karthik : Mom!! Please… Noo!! Just stop saying that.

Kavita : Why?! What is wrong?? Why are you overreacting, Karthik?!

Karthik : Because my first time was with a hooker!! I paid for sex!! There is no way I can imagine you as a prostitute. I cannot do this thinking you are one of them, Mom!!

Kavita : Oh my… Stop. Don’t bother explaining!!

Karthik : I am sorry, Mom. It just happened. I regret it now. It was that all my friends were having sex with their girlfriends, and even I really wanted to get laid. I wasn’t dating anybody back then, and I was the only virgin in the gang.

Kavita : You don’t have to… You can stop…

Karthik : No, I want to tell you… And, when I got a chance with this elderly woman, I couldn’t resist. I did not realize she was a sex worker, initially, but I did know she was with me for money, before I started doing it with her. I could have avoided it. But, I did not. I am really sorry, Mom. Please don’t be angry at me.

Kavita : No… No, Karthik… I am not angry.

Karthik : I am sorry!!

Kavita : I am not angry, Karthik.

Karthik : Yeah??

Kavita : Yes. You are 19. This is normal.

Karthilk : You sure??

Kavita : Yes, Karthik.

Karthik : Ohh… I thought you were upset, and that is why you told me not to bother explaining. You really don’t feel disgusted hearing this??

Kavita : No!! Well… What I meant by don’t bother, was to stop thinking Onwin giriş about things that will disturb you. I mean.. It’s nothing. Just leave it… You don’t worry about it. Okay, Karthik?? Just be in the present. Do not give yourself unwanted pressure. It is fine. Just imagine you are fucking me. Just imagine you are fucking your mother!!

“What the hell?!” I could not believe she dared to say that.

I was shocked to see her behave in a way so candid. It was actually frightening me.

What my mom just stated was not at all what I wanted to hear. It was definitely not the kind of motivation I was looking for. I was not ready for this.

However, I would, of-course, be lying if I insisted none of this had an affect on me.

I was stiff, all this while, but after I heard what my mom just said, I was having a raging hard-on.

I looked down at my member, and the swelling was obvious, even over my comfort wear.

I could argue about it, but it was impossible to not feel aroused.

“Come closer…”

“Don’t be shy, Karthik.”

“You are with your mother…”

“Just relax, My Son.”

“Why do you have your head down?!”

“Look at me!!”

I could hear my mom talk, but I was just not there.

I was in a world of my own. I was inside a dark hazy fantasy.

Until, I was brought back to my senses by the sound of her phone ringing.

“Listen, Karthik… I think I can manage to hold myself like this on the bed..” my mom said, confidently.

She had been on all fours, throughout this conversation, and the only time she changed positions was to check her phone, when it rang persistently.

“Birthday wishes can wait!!” was what she had said, as she declined the calls.

“It won’t take much time anyway. Let us just do this the doggy style!!” my mother continued, very clearly indicating that she had decided how we would be getting this done.

“On the bed, Karthik!! And, bring yourself to my back. Now!!” she was dictating terms.

My mom was quick to inform that she would keep her pink colored t-shirt on, and asked me to help her remove her blue floral pajama pants.

“There you go… I have loosened the string, and also got the process started. I don’t think I can do anything more from this position. So, why don’t you just…” she left the sentence incomplete.

I already had my hands on her bottom, thanks to my reflexes, and my mom knew I would do the needful.

“Ohh.. Fuck!!” I gasped, seeing the gorgeous view of her undisclosed yet perfectly shaped ass, and the back of her lusty thighs, as I slided her pants further down.

I always knew my mother was not very fair, and she had a medium colored skin.

But, it looked so smooth & silky, her toned legs were shining, greatly adding to her hotness.

Maybe, it was because I had never imagined her in any sleazy scenarios that I did not realize how enticing my mom really was.

In-fact, I felt I already had an orgasm by the time she asked me to completely take the pants off her legs.

The only piece of fabric that now prevented my mother from exposing her most private parts to her very own son, was her low rise bikini panty.

The dark pink colored glossy texture of the thin satin pair, made my mom’s booty look super delicious, but what blew me away were the words printed on it.

“RIP OPEN MY CLOTHES!! YOU WON’T REGRET MY SLUTTY HOLES!!” was what was written in Black.

I was surprised to find out that my mom walked around wearing her semi-modern yet decent outfits over such provocative undies.

If it was not my own mother that I had in front of me, I would have pierced her in the most animalistic way possible.

And then, get her dressed up, only to tear apart her clothes, and fill her holes, again, just like she begged for.

If this was a situation that involved a more eager, and less bothered, version of myself, I would have definitely shredded her taunting panties into a million tiny bits!!

I would have gleefully forgotten she was my mother!! That is how horny I felt!!

I already knew she wore no bra, and her selection of panties made me wonder if there was more to her skipping her bra, than just a late night routine.

I even wondered if my mother had a hidden side I knew nothing about… A secret part of her personality that encouraged her to be a sexy tease…

It was a very dirty thought. But one that had all the right to pop up in my mind, especially when she was right in front of me with her barely covered rear.

“What are you waiting for, Karthik?? Take it off!! Pull my panties down.” my mom gladly shouted, reminding me of my current objective.

“Or… Will it be easier if you keep it on my body?? You can push it to the side if that will make you feel better. You don’t have to worry much about your mother’s modesty then. Haha!!” she laughed.

It was a cruel, shameless, joke. But, she was right!!

I was indeed worried about her virtue. But, now, it was also because I feared if I had started to want this forbidden encounter with her.

I very carefully got hold of the edge of the shiny material, and guided it aside, to be immediately greeted by the sight of my mother’s beautiful clean shaven pussy.

“Damn!! Fuck!!” I could not help but acknowledge the fact that my mom had an irresistible treasure hidden underneath her clothes. Her pussy lips were perfectly enticing.

Very soon, my mother asked me to start undressing.

I was wearing a white colored tank top, and a pair of grey sweat shorts, and she wanted nothing on me.

“Get rid of your top, as well!! It is way too long, and will definitely come in the way. We really don’t want anything that would disturb our focus.” my mom said, upon realizing I had only dumped my shorts on the floor.

I did exactly what she asked me to, leaving myself completely naked, just a couple of inches away from her.

How ever strange it was, and despite the conflicting emotions, I could not stop myself from picturing the scene in the room.

But, fortunately, I was still keen on focusing on the consequences, than in the carnal aspects.

If somebody had walked in on us, that very second, they were going to be greeted by the sight of a fully undressed son, and a half naked mother, just about to engage in the wildest of sins possible.

Even though I continued to be unsure about the whole idea, I also found myself correctly positioning my body behind hers.

My mother’s rump appeared to be pushed out a lot more, and her ass-cheeks automatically spread wide.

She sure was thicker than I thought she was!!

“Okay…” she said, taking a deep breath.

“Ready??” she asked me.

“Now!!” she commanded, the moment she heard me say yes.

I swiftly moved forward, directing my manhood to find it’s way inside my own mother.

“Hhmmm…” my mom sighed, as the head of my penis touched her pussy lips.

“Aahhhh…” my mom moaned, as my cock slowly reached the opening of her vagina.

“Ooohhhhhh…” my mom groaned, as the entire length of my dick easily slid inside her moist cunt.

To Be Continued…