Amy’s Urges Ch. 03


I took the suggestions of several comments and this is what I wrote, took a bit longer but I added longer scenes and I worked a bit harder on this one. Hope you all enjoy!


Early in the morning.

Amy laid there looking over at her alarm clock that had gone off an hour ago, the yellow glow from the morning sun peeking through the black curtains. The time 7:30 staring her in the face. She was lost in thought over everything she had seen last night.

Amy Bonnerman was a mother of three, devoted to protecting them and caring for them as best she could. Yet here she lay in bed couldn’t get the image of her eldest daughter’s asshole being reamed out by a slutty little plump girl who didn’t earn, or even deserve such a succulent puckered hole.

Amy rolled onto her back staring up at the ceiling, she imagined several scenarios where she confronts her daughter about her lesbian parties and confesses her feelings for craving such attention but each one winds up with her daughter is sick and disgusted at the thought of it. A heavy sigh leaves Amy’s lips in dismay.

A sudden alert sound pings from her phone. She turns her head, sitting up slightly Amy grabs the phone and notices a text from Sam. Her emotionless face brightens up into a faint smile, with her plans with Sam now drowning out the ones of her daughter. She brushes the hair out of her face behind her ear, clicking on the message.

“Hey, don’t get forget you are mine for the weekend. I totally ruined my favorite pair of panties thinking of you last night. Don’t make it all for nothing.”

Amy couldn’t hide the grin spreading across her face at the thought, noticing an attached image she clicked on it. Opening the image; the picture of drenched red panties laying upon a black bedding.

The panties were clearly soaked and stained with Sam’s juices. The very image got Amy all hot and bothered down in her loins. She bit her lower lip and texted back with a slight burning desire.

“Oh my! Those are for me? I haven’t forgotten in the slightest! I will be there around twelve and I more than look forward to seeing you!”

Amy shuffled about under her covers before standing up and walking over towards her bathroom, she pulled back the black shower curtain and tossed her clothing into the long cloth hamper along the wall and setting her phone on the sink, feeling the soft red bath rug against her feet beneath her.

Twisting the knobs until she was satisfied with the hot stream of water pouring from the shower head.

She hopped in for only a quick moment, taking a brisk shower to clean herself up. Amy stepped out and wiped the fog off the mirror. Admiring her reflection, she placed her hands under her large breasts giving them a lift and giggled to herself.

“Oh Amy, you were such a knock out when you were younger.”

“You are still a knock out.” Ally’s voice confirmed from the doorway.

Amy squealed slapping a hand over her breasts and between her legs, awkwardly trying to cover her naked body from her daughter whom stood there relaxed in tight pink lacy panties and bra.

“Oh, chill out mom I am just here to grab a razor.”

Amy could see her daughter’s eyes roaming about her body as Amy tried her best to cover. The hint of a grin was at the corner of her daughter’s lips but maybe it was just Amy’s imagination.

Amy swallowed hard and slowly stood up right and uncovered her breasts. Seeming her daughter had already seen it, and she was a woman as well. What was the small harm in it.

“Yeah, but still. You’re my daughter you shouldn’t see me like this.”

Ally gave a soft chuckle. “Right, and what exactly is wrong with it?” Ally folded her arms leaning against the doorway growing a sly smirk on her face.

Ally’s eyes were definitely locked onto her mother’s hardening nipples.

Amy bewildered by her daughter’s stare, turned her head away with a crimson blush spreading over her cheeks.

“Well, nothing I suppose. I mean it just…” Amy’s voice began to falter, Amy’s thoughts were interrupted by her daughter.

“Just not accepted by society?” Scoffing Ally walked up to her mom and grabbed her right breast roughly.

Amy froze in place going wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights. Shivers went down her spine, tingles poked around her pussy as her daughter roughly gripped her chest.

“This is a tit mom, YOUR tit. Is anything happening to me? No, no one knows about it and the world keeps turning. Sheesh, I know you grew up where men ruled the world but you need to learn to adapt to the times.” Ally kept a firm voice with her mother, causing Amy shudder with desire.

“Yes, but… You shouldn’t hold your mothers breast. It isn’t… right, you know?” Amy tried her best to regain some self-control as a mother, attempting to push out these taboo feelings.

“Oh, I am sorry. Is it wrong for a daughter to see her mother naked, to hold her breast?” Ally a smug look to her mother.

“you have a lot to learn mommy, not everything is as black and white these days. You should görükle escort check out forums online, Incest and lesbians are much more accepted now days than they used to be.”

Was she hearing this right? Her daughter talking about lesbian incest? Reading forums? What forums has she been looking at? Feeling the power shifting completely to her daughter.

“Okay, but… I am your mother and I am asking you to stop.” Amy persisted.

To no avail, Ally grins playfully leaning forward and grabs her mother’s other breast, without even attempting to stop her, encouraging her even further to continue her power play over her mom.

“Is that so mommy? Are you going to punish your own little girl because someone long ago told you it was unacceptable for this?”

Ally kneaded at her mother’s slightly saggy tits. Playing with them in the palm of her naked hands she could feel her mother’s nipples growing harder with excitement.

Amy felt she was no longer in control of the slippery conversation here, her mind was melting to the sensation now burning between her legs, her breasts were now toys for her little girl.

Her daughter was asserting her dominance right here and now and Amy couldn’t do a single thing about it. She wanted too, to stop this as a mother and for her beliefs. But her body simply wouldn’t reach up and smack her daughters hand away.

Ally knew what was happening, she saw the power shift into her favor and now was the time to act on her own hidden desires.

“That’s it mom, give in to me. You shall see it isn’t as bad as you think. Let me show you everything you have been missing.” Ally’s voice twisting into a more assertive tone.

Amy blushed horribly, she gritted her teeth in embarrassment; shame even. Feeling she needed to at least try and make an effort to stop this. She swung an arm upwards, smacking Ally’s hands off her breasts and turned away covering her chest with both arms, tears forming in her eyes.

Ally’s face went from a twisted grin to a concerned look in an instant, this was her mother after all. Ally wondered if she perhaps was taking this to far.

“I was only teasing mom, I thought you were just allowing me to tease and have fun and show you it wasn’t so wrong. I know it was just your body reacting. Regardless of how you felt, it’s only natural for a body to get turned on by touch.” Ally spoke softly trying to comfort her mother.

Amy gave a sniffle, a tear rolling down her cheek. “It’s not that, sweetie… It’s the fact. You were right.”

Ally tilted her head, confused. “What do you mean? Which part?”

Amy swallowed hard and took a deep breath. “About all of it, Ally. I know I am your mother, but I have been looking at you lately. I can’ help it, I have… Fantasied about you for a while now. I can’t control my thoughts or fantasies lately and I can’t even be near you without wanting to do things to you, it’s not by choice. But I have wanted to do things to you a mother should never even think about with her daughter.”

Ally’s cheeks heated up, blushing a bright pink not really expecting her mother to confess her incestuous intentions to her. Really throwing her for a loop.”I-I don’t know what to say.”

Amy shrugged her shoulder brushing Ally’s hand off and took a step forward towards the tile wall.

“There is nothing to say, I am a horrible person for having thoughts like this and I need fucking help.”

Ally bit her lip, hearing her mother think she was a monster for something she couldn’t control was something Ally felt guilty, because her mother thought she was alone in these feelings.

“Mom, you are… You are not a mental case, It’s actually quite common. I mean, I- I have fantasies about you as well…” Ally confessed.

Amy stood shocked but didn’t dare turn fully around only turning her head to the side and looking back, keeping her breasts still covered.

“You’re just saying this, Ally it’s really okay. I know what I am and you do not need to drag yourself in with me.”

Ally shakes her head. “Mom, you really think I am lying to you right now? For fuck sakes, I have thought about you since I was sixteen. Hell you nearly walked in on me more than once with your dirty panties covering my face while I rubbed myself.”

Amy slowly turned around, facing her daughter feeling a slight more confidence. “Yo- you did?”

Ally nodded giving her mother an assuring smile. “Of course, I mean… I would have never told you about it. But I have always had these urges towards you as well.”

Amy chewed on her bottom lip, adverting her eyes. Feeling this is a bit much all at once. She then looked up to Ally. “Well, I guess it just runs in the family.”

They both gave a small giggle and Amy looked her daughter in the eye after a moment of hesitation.

“I mean, we are both here… and we both are not going to get over these issues alone. So let me ask you, theoretically of course. What would you have me do right now if I let you control your mother?”

Ally blushed hard. karacabey escort “Well, I uh- You know, sex and stuff.”

Amy gave a faint smile. “What kind of stuff?”

“You know, like have you eat me out and that kind of thing.”

“Oh? Like eat out your asshole, like your little lesbian party?

Ally’s jaw dropped. “You knew?!”

Amy nodded her head giving a chuckle. “Yeah, I found out about it. I was watching you last night when I came to get you, wound up… Um, rubbing myself.”

“Oh my god, mom!”

Amy shrugged. “Hey, you said there is nothing wrong with it. I can see why.” She teased with a playful grin.

Ally grinned back at her. “Yes, and I bet you rubbed yourself to that fat slut eating my asshole, didn’t you?”

“Yes, But I can give a very good explanation.” Amy pondered for a moment but shrugged. “Okay, you made me horny, deal with it.”

Ally giggled at her mother. “Oh, maybe I will!”

“Oh yeah young lady?

“Yeah! Since you saw me, you know I am more of a top than a bottom bitch.”

“Well, then I am sure you will be pleased to hear your mother is a submissive?”

Ally gave a sly grin. “Goodie, means I can have you all to myself then.”

Amy looked over to her phone on the porcelain sink. Knowing Sam will be waiting on her to arrive at twelve, she quickly made a decision.

“Only until eleven, gives us about three hours. I told Sam I would still spend the night at her place tonight, sleep there and then head back home. So…” Amy lowered her arms a bit hesitantly, giving her daughter the option to touch and look.

Which she had no problem taking full advantage of, Ally swiftly placed her palm onto her mother’s chest. Squeezing and kneading the large mature breast in her hand.

Amy blushed a bright crimson with the touch of her daughter, willfully allowing such a taboo act was really getting her juices flowing between her legs.

“What exactly are you willing to do for me?” Ally asked in a stern tone.

“Well, I umm… Suppose anything you want?”

“Is that a question or agreement to any demand I make?”

“I will do whatever you ask of me.” Amy spoke confidently.

Ally couldn’t contain the excitement. “Get on your knees.”

Hesitant at first Amy nodded, complying with her daughters request she used the bathroom sink to help her kneel onto the red soft bath rug. Ally turned around and wiggled her luscious white ass at her mother, watching the snug pink panties slip deeper into her daughter’s crack.

Amy’s mouth watered with the sensation of tasting her daughter’s sweet ass for the first time, a fantasy she has been craving for far too long.

Ally chuckled at her mother. “You little skank, you. I bet you want your little girls puckered hole hmm?”

Amy only nodded in agreement, feeling reluctant to say it out loud in front of her own daughter.

“Come now mommy, you can tell me. How bad do you want it?”

“I would really like it.”

Giving a pouting lip Ally bent over, reaching behind herself and spread her ass cheeks wide with one hand. The other prying her pink panties out of her ass cheeks and pulling them aside revealing the pink little sphincter.

“Now, now. You can do better than that. Look how tight it is mommy, tell me how much you want it.”

Amy bit her lip to hide her moan from her daughter but was unable to pry her eyes for the tight asshole of her very own little girl. “So bad.”

Ally wiggled her ass more, teasing her mother more with her huge white ass. Swinging one hand up and smacked it down hard causing swift wave motion to sweep over her bottom.

“One last chance, be dirty for me mommy. Tell me in the most-naughtiest of words and I will give you my ass, otherwise I might just reconsider this whole thing.”

Amy couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste, she needed it and needed it now. “I want to fucking suck you clean, I want you to use your mothers tongue to satisfy your selfish desire! I want your ass to swallow my face whole, I want you to fucking use me every day! God I need it Ally! Please use mommy! Please!” She begged as best she could.

Ally gave a sly smile to her mother, begging on her knees like a dog wanting a treat. She placed her thumbs into each side of her lace panties and pulled them down seductively. Exposing her pussy for a brief moment to her mother.

She then looked back giving her ass another smack. “Is this what my slutty mother wants? Okay, go ahead mommy. Eat my asshole you slut.”

Without needing a second invitation Amy quickly crawled over towards her daughter, placing her hands roughly onto that succulent ass and devoured her tight box with everything she had.

Running her glistening tongue rapidly over the pink puckered hole, Amy moaned into the taste and smell her daughter gave off.

Ally had to remove a hand and brace herself against the wall from the force of her mother dining on her ass. She moaned and groaned with the wonderful sensation of a woman licking mudanya escort away at her like a dog.

“That’s it mommy, clean your little girl like a mom is supposed to.”

Amy ran her tongue in long strokes from the bottom of her daughter’s pussy to the tip of her ass-crack. Leaving a long glistening trail of saliva. Her hands knead at the large white ass, squeezing and jiggling it she loves every second her face is buried into her sweet ass cheeks.

Ally stayed bent over, one hand keeping firm against the tiled wall as the other slipped between her legs and began rubbing her clit. “Oh mommy, keep doing that. Such a wonderful feeling to have your tongue tracing my ass.” She groaned.

Amy didn’t have any intentions of stopping this what so ever. She felt her daughter rubbing her clit. Amy sat up on her knees getting level with her daughters ass and pulled back to take a breather. Only needing a few seconds before she puckered her lips together and spit out some saliva against her daughter’s puckered hole.

Amy dove face first into the large mounds and swirled her wet tongue against the puckered lips. Stiffening her tongue Amy began pressing firmly against the tight asshole of her daughter, with the spittle to help she forced it slowly inside.

Stopping only when her mouth was wide open and tongue as deep inside her little girl as possible, beginning a fucking motion she pulled out her tongue and forced it back in with less resistance each time.

Ally squealed with joy with the first press of her mother’s tongue entering her. She bent forward more and spread her legs wider. Feeling her pussy juices leak down her thighs Ally reached further down and shoved two fingers deep into her cunt. Allowing her mother easier access to her bowels.

“Oh goodie mommy, eat your little girl’s tiny asshole. Drive it deeper.” Ally pleaded.

Amy squeezed her daughters ass hard, looking up she rolled her eyes in the back of her head. Absolutely in love with the taste and act of defiling her daughter she was in heaven and her mind was putty in her daughter’s eager hands. All she was wanting to do was please her baby girl as much as possible.

It wasn’t long before Ally could feel her orgasm building deep inside her fiery cunt. Two fingers twisting and pumping inside of her while her mother’s tongue wiggled around inside like a slithering serpent was all too much for her.

She grunted with each thrust of her fingers deeply sloshing around inside her cunt.

Her mother could smell the strong sexual arousal of her daughter, only being inches from her pussy, face stuffed between her ass cheeks.

Amy couldn’t control herself, wanting much more of this she pried herself off her daughter’s ass. Amy licked her soft lips before shoving two fingers into her mouth and drooling over them, suckling, coating them with spit. She pulled them out, shoving them deep into her daughter’s asshole.

Ally gave a cry of pleasure. Never having anything bigger than a tongue in her ass before this was a whole new experience. Grunting with the sudden pain of her tight hole being expanded further apart than before. She loved the mix of pain and pleasure.

“That’s it mommy, finger fuck your daughters asshole.” A mix of grunts and moan gasped out of Ally’s mouth.

“Oh you fucking dirty cunt, you love my asshole don’t you mommy?”

“Yes baby, Oh, yes I do. Please use mommy whenever you feel like it from now on.” Her fingers forcing deeper harder than her tongue did previously.

Ally groaned. “Oh, trust me mommy. I will be using you quite often. I promise. Maybe I can-” She grunted louder.

Her mother having pressed her fingers all the way to her second knuckle wiggling her fingers about.

“Maybe I can invite a few girls over after I train you properly like a good submissive, and allow the girls to use you too.”

Amy’s pussy clenched and ached for the need to be touched. Having a quick flash of dozens of girls uses her holes and mouth for their sexual desires.

“Oh baby, that would be amazing!”

Ally began gasping loudly. “I’m – about – to – ccccuuuuuummmm!” her daughter shouted and clenched her jaw tight, fingering herself harder with the sloshing lewd sounds erupting from her cunt.

Amy smiled at her daughter, seeing her fingers flying in a frenzy to make herself cum. Amy thrusted in and out as fast as she could into her daughter’s anus. Feeling she had time to get used to her fingers


“Ugh! Fuck mom! Fuck me mommy! Ugh!” She grunted and moaned as the orgasm burst inside of her, her pussy squeezed and pulled at her fingers, her asshole snapped tightly around her mother’s not letting them move freely easy.

Amy sat there behind her daughter watching her little girl’s asshole spasm around her fingers. Listening to the blissful moans of pleasure from her daughter.

Ally fell to her knees taking slow deep breaths, recovering from her orgasm. Amy pulling out her fingers from the tight grip of her daughter’s ass, swallowing them into her mouth. Her tongue swirls around in a sweet flavor to herself.

Amy waited a brief moment to see if her daughter would issue her a command after their sexual play time as her mistress did back when she was in college. Upon not receiving anything for a moment she crawled forward and placed a gentle hand on her daughter’s hip.