Gorgon Eyes Ch. 02


Thank you all, for reading my first entry. I was so excited I wrote this part 2 in a day. I get plenty of inspiration. Hope you enjoy this. This is a continuation to the first.

Chapter 2: Another punishment

It has been sometime since my encounter with Him. After that fateful day, he was transferred to a different shift. I felt alone and yet free. Such a strange feeling it was. I have missed those hands, exploring my imperfections as they traced around them. The ownership he had on me was strong and satisfying. Yet. Yet, part of me was too strong to accept this weakness I had. And with him gone, I was no longer weak.

Working on my papers, a man caught my eye. He went by the name of Victor. Vic was older than Him by 7 yrs. So, he was right up my age range preference. He had a light brown goatee that I had the urge to tug a little, and a shaved head that I wanted to rub. In other words, I found him very attractive. He was new around, during my work place’s sudden boom of employees. He also worked as a mechanic, but I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice with Vic. I worked to become friendly to get comfortable enough to talk to him. Those blue eyes would pierce through me quite similar to my “master’s”.

One day, Vic struck up a conversation as we sat outside in the cigarette area. His smoke mixed with his breath from the cool air, drew my eye away from him, as we sat distant from each other. “So now, you got a man back home?” he asked as his voiced spiked on the word man.

“Uh,” I stumbled at the sudden interest. Not quite sure what I should say. “Yeah, a boyfriend,” I finished.

“Oh, so it’s not that serious,” He commented as he scooted closer to me.

“Um well, I do love him,” I explained but in my opinion not well. He chuckled to himself and stood up to walk back inside.

“I’ll see you later,” he said with a quick wave and an even quicker smile.

I sat in the cold a little while, pondering the situation a little more, before I went back inside and back to work. I could feel the sensation coming back to me when I steal a peek at Vic. I shivered at the thought of his touch. I could imagine his fingers roughly grazing my trembling skin. Work was once again difficult to focus on.

The next day as I work, a hand was softly placed on my shoulder. I looked up to see those blue gorgon eyes staring back at me. I twitched at the sudden shiver of fear erupted from my gut.

“Let’s talk outside at lunch again, I do enjoy your company,” he said with a smirk.

“Uh, sure. No problem,” I agreed. He smiled again and ran his hand down my back, as his fingertips grazed my ass softly.

“Maybe it was an accident,” I thought and left it alone.

Later at lunch, I met up with Victor outside like I promised and sat at a comfortable distance from him again. He slid closer to me and said, “You’re an interesting girl. I’m not sure how I should feel about you.” I sat there shocked, unwilling to believe what I heard. “Ooo I know how to figure it out…,” he said placing his hand on my cheek and leaning over to kiss me. Under the cold weather, his lips were quite warm, as they filled my senses with excitement. I jerked away in shock.

“I, I have to go,” I said as I stood up and walked away. With haste, I walked to the cafeteria, eyes widen with surprise. “I thought I was done with this sort of torture,” I puzzled to myself. I heard the door open and I see Vic storm in. Finding me, he walked in my direction.

“I am so sorry,” he claimed as he stood in front of me. “I don’t know what came over me,” he finished. He seemed sincere enough, so I just waved it off to him.

“It’s alright,” I reassured. “It’s not the first time,” I mistakenly said. Which I notice that it tweaked his interested but he left it alone for now.

The next morning, I began my day in the same manner as always. With my defenses down, I notice someone near me. They placed their hands on my waist and whispered in my ear. “You missed me.” My eyes broaden by the familiar voice. “I’ve missed you,” the voiced finished. Suddenly, the hands spun me around to face and pinned me to the table. “You know what I miss more?” he continued, as my panic grew and my confidence began to shrink at the sight of those eyes again. He leaned over to my ear again and whispered “Your fear.” He pulled away pierced his eyes through me again turning me to stone. Not knowing what I should do or say, I stood there in awe. “My dear, such fun we will be having today, I won’t be able to contain myself,” he teased as he looked down at himself. I could see what he meant as it brought back memories. “And what have I told you about your clothes?” He asked making me look down at myself to see my comfortable baggy clothes. I looked up at him again, almost asking for forgiveness and mercy. “I see a punishment is under way,” he threatened with a smile, like a contradiction. “But for now, I will leave you to your work,” he finished and went about his business.

My stomach sank with worry. “I thought I was rid of him and his games, yet I see fate had other plans,” I thought to myself. Pacing the floor, I pondered a solution to my new plight, until I bumped into a hard body. I looked up to say my apologies, to see Victor in front of me. He seemed to notice görükle escort my worry and wanted to comfort me.

“Is everything alright?” he asked kindly.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. I’m just so busy right now,” I lied.

“Well don’t over work. I don’t want to see those pretty eyes with dark circles under them,” he said with a smile as he walked away.

“Great, now I have two problems,” I said to myself. My day continued with me glancing at both men, almost ping ponging back and forth. The two of them seem to hit it off in a rather friendly manner, which made me fantasized about being in the middle of the two of them. I shook my head and it’s thoughts from my focus on the two royalties of the factory. I looked back one more time to see Him whisper something in Victor’s ear as he glanced at me. Trying to read the conversation from their beautiful lips, all I could pick up was Vic’s response of “I’d like that.” I then could see His wink from down the factory aim directly at me. My dread became a new emotion for me, as I could only imagine what was going on or what was said.

Thank you all, for reading my first entry. I was so excited I wrote this part 2 in a day. I get plenty of inspiration. Hope you enjoy this. This is a continuation to the first.

Later that day, I shuffled inside my locker to grab a spare pen and my paranoid eyes could see those jean-clad legs again. I looked up at Him in accidental obedience. “That’s a good look for you,” He teased. “Maybe I should continue this, since you’re already down there,” He finished grabbing the rim of his button. I gulped hard of the thought of what might happen. He pulled his zipper down and asked, “You’re going to be a good girl for your master now, right?” I nodded in submission. “And why is that?” He asked.

“B-because you own me?” I more asked than answered.

He looked at me, unsatisfied with the comment and asked; “Now now my dear, do I need to punish you here?” I pondered for a second to figure out how he would and decided to test him.

“I guess you will,” I challenged.

He lowered eye level to me, looked me dead in the eye and said, “You’re really looking for trouble aren’t you? I have no patience for your disobedience,” He explained. I courageously smirked to him, which seem to have set him off. He grabbed me by the arms I slammed me to the lockers. Witnessing my fear, he stood back a little. I could seem the idea spark in his mind, as his demeanor changed. I walked closer to me and unbutton my pants.

“What are you…,” I began to ask, but he looked up at me and slapped my ass, rendering me speechless. He pulled on both ends of the zipper and opened them revealing my silk red panties I was hiding underneath. He groan at the sight and ran his hand down the front feel its texture, as it was turning me on. He than slid his hand inside making me whimper. “Hush,” he demanded as he searched around for my clit. In slight delight, he swirled his finger around it. My head laid on the lockers as I unwillingly enjoyed the sensation. “My my, you are soaked,” He said as he pinched my clit hard, making me cry out. “I said ‘quiet’,” He demanded. “You will obey me, correct?” He began to ask, starting his game. Deja’vu became apparent, as I remember the outcome of a wrong answer. However, it seemed I hesitated too long, as he pinched me again. “

Y-yes, yes sir,” I answered.

“That’s better. Now then sit still and be quiet,’ He commanded and continued rubbing my swollen bud back to pleasure. He placed his lips on my neck and trailed kiss around it. Licking and biting all around. I could feel my hips swaying back and forth on his hand in excitement. He raised his head to my ear and whispered “I said ‘sit still’,” as he pinched me harder. I gave a soft cry and fought the urge to move again. I could feel his fingers, what seem to be three at a time, penetrating me. He stood up straight to watch me pant under his grasp. I sighed in pleasure, as he seemed to know my every delicate spot to touch. He thrust his fingers in harder and harder. The sensation to cum grew harder to contain. I could feel my walls squeeze him tightly and as the moment drew closer, before he released me from his grip. “Naughty girl, you were going to cum. I have a great punishment in store for you. But until then, you still have something to do,” he said looking down at his now attentive member. Hesitant, I lowered myself to my knees as I watched him grab the button of his jeans.

All of a sudden, we hear over the intercom “Dante, please come to the office. Dante, please come to the office.” He sighed in disbelief and tugged his zipper back up.

He lowered himself down to eye level again and said, “I suppose I can wait a little longer for those lips. You be a good girl now. I don’t want to keep punishing you.” He smiled and grabbed my hand to help me up and walked away. I closed my locker and went back to work. With an hour left to spare on the job, my mind could not settle on one thought. I avoided both parties the entire rest of the day. Up until the last half hour, as He came up behind me and once again whispered in my ear “Today you will do some more ‘overtime’, understand?” he then walked away without looking back. For the rest of the day I burned off the energy görükle escort bayan of my panic.

As the time came, I walked outside to lie once again to my boyfriend who was picking me up again and walked back inside. There He was standing there, arms crossed; head tilted a bit and with a frightening grin caked on His face. I lowered my head in the obvious submission and sighed in dissatisfaction. “Good girl,” He said and guided me to his car, bringing back old wounds again that I was not necessary proud of. However, deep inside me I was still excited.

We made it to his apartment, with uncertainty growing inside me. He repeated his routine again: closing the door, throwing his keys on the near by table and checking his mail. He went to the kitchen and grabbed something for me to drink. Holding it out to me, it seemed I learned my lesson, as I grabbed the glass this time. “I know how much you like Pepsi,” he said with a genuine smile. A weak smile grew across my face as I sipped the drink. “I hope you had a good day at work,” he said as he was confusing me with this different side of him.

“Uh, up until you showed up,” I said in a snaky voice. I wasn’t sure what he was up to but I didn’t like the friendly attitude all of a sudden. He was using me now he wants to be friendly. He chuckled to himself and grabbed the glass from my hand. After he came back from the kitchen, he placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me again to his room. Still just as boring as it was before.

“Sit,” he commanded. My butt rested on the soft bed, as I grew restless. He smiled at me as he stood at a great distance. I fell empty seeing him that far away. He stood there as if waiting for something, continuously looking at his watch.

“W-what are you waiting for?” I asked. He looked at me and tweaked his eyebrow.

“A little casual aren’t you. Is that how you should speak to your master?” He asked which rather excited me.

“N-no sir,’ I answered with my head held low.

“How should you then?” he asked just to make sure I understood.

“Um, what are you waiting for, master?” I corrected.

He walked closer to me, rubbed his hand on my roused red cheek and said, “Good girl. You’re a lot cuter when you obey. But that is none of your concern. So sit quietly.’ he walked back to the doorway and checked his watch. “But first I want you to strip,” he demanded not looking at me. I grew hesitant. “I suppose that is a little difficult for you, so I’ll be nice just this once and warm you up,” he said moving closer to me. He climbed on the bed forcing me to lie down and kissed me with his hand placed on my face to comfort me. His lips were soft and exciting causing me to moan in his mouth uncontrollably. My lips wrapped around his tongue as I sucked it back in forth in my mouth to tease him. He lifted his head up breaking the kiss and said “Don’t toy with me, my dear, I won’t be able to hold out much longer.” It almost sounded like a threat. He grabbed my shirt and lifted up over my head. My small breast gave a small bounce of freedom. He undid the hook removed the bra. He paused to get a good look at me and gently pushed my shoulder to signal me to lie down. He caressed my chest softly with his cold hand, occasionally licking the little buds, to taunt me. He unbuttons and zips my pants, as he released his lips from my nipples, as he pulled my pants down. He nuzzles my panties before removing them as well. “I wonder,” he began to say as he placed his finger back in side me. “Oh, so you are enjoying this,” he said and started to rub my clit up and down.

After a few strokes later, there was a buzz in the apartment, signaling someone want to come in. Before he walked out of the room, he gave me a quick sinister grin. He buzzed the person in and a minuet later, there was a knock at the door. I could hear Him and another person talking.

“Thanks for coming… Yeah, she’s in there,” he said. I cringed and moved up higher on the bed and crossed my leg and my arms wrapped around them. I didn’t want some stranger touching me for His enjoyment. I could see a shadow of the person walking closer to the door. The person peeked their head out reveling them self. Those familiar blue eyes left me puzzled.

“Victor, why are you here?” I asked very confused.

“He’s here to see you,” Master interrupted. “All of you,” he finished. I could feel my panic intensify. “He told me how interested he was in you. So I bargained with him,” master said sitting in a chair across from the bed and smiled. I looked up at Vic who seemed quite pleased. “Stand up and let him see you,” master commanded. I slid to the edge of the bed and slowly stood on my feet. The air was cold on my bare skin as I could feel my nipples getting achingly harder.

Victor finally spoke and said, “Come closer, you look cold.” I walked to him shivering from the cold and fear of him, as he placed his warm hands on my arms, rubbing them up and down. Then he lifted my head up with his hand and kissed me. A lot more gentler than master’s kiss. He broke the kiss and asked, “Feel warmer now?” I nodded in agreement and he signaled me to turn around. I turned my back to him and I could hear him groan in delight. “What a fantastic ass, but what’s that on your bursa escort left cheek?” he asked in a quizzed voice.

“A birth mark, in a shape of a heart. I thought you would like to see it for yourself. It is one of my favorite things about my pet,” master explained. I could feel Victor come close to me and swung his arms around my body. He grabbed my breasts as he pressed himself against me. He pinched my, still hard, nipples and began kissing my neck. I didn’t know how to feel about this.

“Slave, you need to relax, or it won’t be very fun,” I could hear my master say.

I sighed and dropped all defenses to just deal with the situation. He nibbled on my ear as his hand trailed lower. His fingers showed no mercy, as he tested the limits of my body. I laid my head back on his shoulder pleased with the movement of his hand. I began to huff louder and my body was swaying on its own accord. My hand gripped his arm tight and I could feel my orgasm grow stronger.

“You better not, my pet,” master interrupted.

I groaned in displeasure as he pulled his fingers out from under me, and licked them clean. He laid me on the bed and flipped his blue maintenance shirt of his arms, than his t-shirt. His chest was slightly harder than master’s, with tree shaped hair pattern trailing down his pants. He saw my hand twitch in a sudden desire to touch him. He smirked and hovered over me to touch him. I ran my fingers down his chest as he kissed my neck. I turned my head to see master watching the whole thing with a smile. Victor grabbed my hands to signal for me to remove his pants. I fumbled with the button with such an awkward angle I was in. I pulled the zipper down and freed his member from his pants. He lifted his head, looked in my eyes and penetrated me slowly. My jaw dropped and I whimpered through his length until he was completely inside me.

“Ahh, such a nice fit,” Victor sighed to himself.

“Oh by the way Victor,” master starts to say, making us both look at him. “She likes it rough.”

My eyes widen in horror as I looked up at Vic’s smiling face. He slammed in me with great force making me cry aloud as a response. He continued at a fast, yet satisfying rhythm. I turned my head to see my master sitting in the same spot, leg crossed over the other and his fist hold his head up. I waited for his approval to cum but just sat there smiling back at me.

“This is a punishment,” master began to say. “So, I will not allow you to cum.”

I looked back up to Victor who was smiling back at me. I guess this was their plan with me. Victor never slowed his rhythm, as it feeling grew stronger the more he pumped inside my tight hole. I decide to go against master’s wishes and do as I pleased. I could feel my walls clench around him and my juices flow down on the bed sheet. The moment finally came to disobey from personal release, but I could feel Victor slow to a stop. I gave him a questionable look and he shook his head in disappointment. He pulled himself out,

“I think we need a stronger punishment, don’t you think,” asking master.

“I’d have to agree. She’s a very stubborn girl, but quite worth the battle,” said master as he stood up and next to him.

I could see Vic. tuck himself back in but not zipping up, for later. The two Gods stood over this peasant with such strength, I grew weary of the state I was in.

“I’m sorry,” I sadly said with my best puppy dog eyes.

“Oh no you don’t. ‘Sorry’ don’t cut it. You will be punished, not just by me but by him as well,” master explained. He grabbed his belt and pulled it from the loops of his pants. Holding it out to Victor,

“Here, give her a good one,” he said as he signaled me to flip on my stomach. I slowly rolled over letting my legs draped down the bedside. Master lowered his head to me and said, “Make no sound,” and he sat next to me to get a good view of the event. He gave Vic a quick nod and I could hear the whistle of the belt before a hard smack of the belt crash on to my ass. I grinded my teeth down as I buried my face in the bed. “Head up,” master demanded, so I lifted my head. Another smack came tumbling down and part of a shriek escaped my clinched teeth. “What was that, you want it harder,’ master teased as I shook my head vigorously. He signaled Vic again and the next smack was stronger. Tears seem to water fall down my eyes, as my jaw grew tired. “Hold on a second,” master interrupted. He moved himself in front of me and grabbed my head to signal me to lower it. My lips tighten as they slid over his manhood with my tongue to follow behind. “No biting or you will be sorry,’ he said in no where near a playful voice. The smacking continued as my lips began to please him. With every smack I could feel my jaw clench close around him making it a difficult punishment. I see his hand rise for him to stop and I could hear the belt drop. Victor began rubbing fiercely on my ass occasionally nibbling on it. Masters hand was playing in my hair as he watched my lips’ magic around him. I lifted my head to lick around the head and shaft, kissing around the sides. I could feel Victor grow impatient as He spread my legs and ran his tongue up and down me. I gave a soft cry and continue attacking master’s member in pure excitement. Victor seemed to know his way around me, as he gave a faint suck and nibble on my clit. I insert master in my mouth completely as the excitement grew inside me. I bobbed my head fast the more Victor moved fast. I could feel my hip grinding on his lips to the point I could feel his beard rub against me.