Catherine Has a Special Wish Ch. 04


This is the last chapter of the series. Catherine and I just finished our shower and are back in the yurt ready to begin our second day at Lupin Lodge.


Catherine grabs my cock ring from the table and hands it over. I stretch the latex ring and slide it up around my balls and over my cock. It takes a couple of tries before I get my whole package surrounded. Catherine grips my cock and adjusts the ring to her liking. I’m semi-erect in a flash.

“Watch it there girlie, or I’ll be sporting a full hard-on any second.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad.”

She dons her gold body chain and wraps it around her Double-D’s. I connect the clasps around her waist, and we are ready for the day to begin.

“Cath, I’m hungry. I’m ready for some bacon and eggs.”

“Well, I’m hungry too. I’m ready for some cock and balls.”

“Oh you! Here, take your bag and let’s go meet up with Ted and Alice. They are probably wondering where we are.”

Catherine takes her overnight bag and we head to the truck to stow our gear. When we get to the restaurant, there is already a sizable crowd. Once again, I’m surrounded by hundreds of tits and flash back to my dream. We see Ted and Alice at a center table. They see us enter and wave us over.

“Hello, you two; my, you clean up well. Did you enjoy your shower?”

“We did. We had a nice long talk about the last couple of days and we want to thank you so much for letting Rob and me stay in the yurt.”

“You are so welcome. The pleasure was entirely ours. Sit down and join us, we haven’t ordered yet. They provide these nice paper seat cushions, so we can eat inside and don’t have to wear clothing.”

“Alice, are you wearing purple nipple cream?”

“Yes I am. I try to protect my nipples whenever we’re in the sun for a long time. We plan to lay by the pool all day. It’s grape flavored; care for a little taste, Rob? I brought the jar in case you would like some protection Catherine.”

“Thanks Alice, I just might take you up on that offer. We plan to lay by the pool until our meeting with Fran.”

We look around the restaurant and see people having a good time. An occasional waitstaff person walks by. Just like last night, the ladies are wearing green half-bras, short skirts and bow-ties. The men have their green neckties and satin boxers.

In an instant, Jessica, our pool attendant and waitress from last night stops by our table. Her dark tan glows in the morning light. Her gorgeous round tits with her puffy coral nipples are nicely displayed sitting high on her green shelf bra. When she bends over, I notice she is not wearing any panties.

“Hello folks, welcome back to our lovely, little restaurant. I’ll be your server again; can I get everyone started with a coffee?”

All four of us nod our heads and Jessica is off in a flash. She returns with four coffees and her notepad to take our orders.

“Hey Jessica, how is the new bow-tie working out?”

“Oh, so much better. The regular ties were always getting in the way or getting lost between my boobs. I get to keep it on when I’m working out by the pool, after my breakfast shift is over.”

“Whether you’re outside or inside, you’ve been a wonderful server and have done a great job taking care of us.”

“Thanks. Yep, the transition from inside to outside is easy. I just remove my skirt and bra and put on my visor. I’m not wearing panties, so need to worry there.”

My cock twitches a bit as I recall Jessica’s smooth pussy lips and her small landing strip of brown curls just above her clit. I resist lifting her skirt for a peek while she stands right next to me with notepad in hand. Jessica quickly takes our orders and is off again.

“So, Rob, about your meeting with Fran; do you think you might buy a membership?”

“Well, after yesterday and this morning, we are leaning that way. Lupin is fabulous, with its restaurant and pool and hiking trails. You and Ted have been so welcoming; are you sure you two don’t work for the resort?”

We all have a good laugh over my comment.

Catherine adds, “And it’s an easy three hour drive up from Pismo. Rob has a travel trailer we could bring, or just stay in one of the yurts. That kingsize bed was so comfortable. I slept through the entire night.”

“Well sweetheart, I think our fun activities had something to do with that.”

Once again, we share in the good humor. Breakfast arrives; brought to us by a good-looking young man in green satin shorts. The women perk up and pay close attention to his service. His bright smile and well-toned body is not lost on the ladies. He asks if we need anything else and I thought maybe they might request a quick peek under his shorts, but they resist. I did notice them licking their lips and a slight hardening of their nipples.

As soon as he leaves, Alice quips, “Did you see that bulge in his shorts? I bet he’s got a nice hard cock hiding in there.”

“Alice, if I was a young stud working in a restaurant full of beautiful ladies baring their adana escort tits, I’d be perpetually erect myself.”

“Good point, but I still wish the waiters didn’t have to wear shorts; although I do love the green satin.”

Catherine adds, “Yeah, it’s no fair. You get to watch the waitresses’ boobs bounce all around. Why can’t we see the waiters’ cocks?”

“Cath, you can watch two cocks right here under the table. I don’t know about Ted, but my cock is pretty hard right now.”

Ted agrees, “I definitely can’t stand up right now without drawing attention. Stop all this sex talk and let’s concentrate on breakfast.”

Alice smiles at Ted and I see her hand move under the table. No doubt, she has a firm grip on his shaft as we eat. We switch the subject to more mundane topics, so our dicks have time to soften. Alice asks about the travel trailer and I’m happy to describe it and the places we visit. Jessica stops by a few more times to check on our progress. After a last cup of coffee, I offer to pickup the tab as a thanks for Alice and Ted’s hospitality. After all, they saved us the cost of a hotel room.

Jessica uses her phone to take a snapshot of my wristband and my credit card is automatically charged. We are off to the pool. Thankfully, our cocks are deflated, and we can walk out without drawing undue attention. Alice says Ted and I might not have hard-ons, but she saw several ladies check out my cock-ring.

At the pool, we locate the same four chaise lounges from yesterday. Each one has a towel placed in the center. A young lady is passing around sunscreen for the guests.

“Alice, I think I will take you up on your offer for the grape nipple cream. I don’t want mine sunburned.”

Alice hands the jar to Catherine and she dabs cream all around her crimson areole, turning them to a lovely shade of purple. Her nipples now match the cock-ring I’m wearing. We are quite the couple. The weather heats up as we lounge around the pool. My breakfast has settled, and I feel the need to cool down.

“I’m going to jump in the pool, does anyone want to join me?”

I get no takers, so I walk around the outside perimeter of the loungers to the shallow end. Along the way, a few women eye my cock-ring and smile. I quicken my pace as I can feel my shaft begin to lengthen from their stares. I make it into the water in time, but not before an older lady sitting on the steps whistles. I smile and wink as she splashes water onto her saggy tits.

The cool water feels good on my body. I realize my muscles need a little rejuvenation after the sexual workout the four of us have enjoyed. A dozen or so people are swimming and treading water in the deep end. I swim back and forth along the width of the pool for several minutes before moving to the center of the pool to stand. The water is at chest level as I look around the area. This is quite a lovely property; I can certainly get used to visiting the resort on a regular basis.

While I enjoy the vista, I notice the lady from the steps making her way toward me. Her grey hair looks as though she just stepped out of the beauty parlor. Her large pendulous breasts sway with each step until she reaches the point where the water level allows them to float. Her eyes lock onto mine as she nears.

“Good morning, I couldn’t help but notice your cock-ring. I’ve been trying to talk my husband, George, into buying one. I think they enhance the male genitals perfectly.”

“Good morning to you. I’m Rob, and you are?”

“My name is Deidre, it’s very nice to meet you. Are you a member?”

I extend my hand to shake hers. She squeezes my palm and holds on a moment longer than I expect.

“Not yet, but I’m contemplating it. Yesterday was our first day here and we are meeting later to discuss memberships.”

“You say ‘we’; are you here with your wife?”

“No, a lady friend who is very close to me.”

“Well she is a very lucky lady. I hope she adores your cock-ring along with the rest of you.”

“She most certainly does. I take it you and George are members?”

“Oh yes, we’ve been coming here for the past five years. We love the atmosphere and the people. I’m sure you’ll find most members very pleasant and welcoming.”

“If they are like you, Deidre, I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time.”

Deidre smiles and takes one step closer; her nipples are just inches away from my chest. Her tits float gently on top of the surface. I notice she has no tan lines. Her nipples protrude from large pink areole. I’m not sure if it is from the cool water or that she is so close to me. I half expect her to reach under the water and grab hold of my cock.

“I admire your lovely, golden tan, Deidre. You must spend a lot of time here.”

“Oh yes, as much as we can. We own a travel trailer and try to spend at least a week every month here. We’re both retired and travel all over the west with the trailer. I wish all our stops were at clothing-optional parks, but that’s just not the case. I’ll tell you afyon escort a secret; at the other RV parks I sit outside topless if there aren’t many people milling about. The warm sun feels so nice on my tits. Of course, they’re not as firm as they once were.”

“Well I think your boobs look terrific all the same. I’m a pushover for big breasts.”

“Oh, you’re a boobman, just like my George. You two will have to meet. He doesn’t spend much time here at the pool. He enjoys tinkering around the trailer.”

“I happen to own a twenty-five-foot trailer myself. I love taking it out on the road. I live in Pismo Beach, so I have camped all around Central California.”

“Pismo Beach you say. So, you must know the Village RV resort. We’ve have stayed there many times. It’s a very nice park.”

“Yep, it’s not too far from my house.”

“So, you know about Avila Beach too? That’s one of the main reasons we love the area.”

“Oh Deidre, you naughty lady, do you get naked at Pirate’s Cove?”

“We do all the time. It’s the only beach we visit.”

“I wonder if I’ve ever seen you there, It’s my regular haunt.”

“Well next time I’ll keep a lookout for a gorgeous man wearing a purple cock-ring. Do you take your lady friend to the beach?”

“We do spend a fair amount of time there. We love to go out by the big rock outcroppings.”

“Rob, who’s being the naughty one now. I know what goes on out by those rocks.”

“The whole area seems to be good for the libido, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, it is, and I know exactly what you mean.”

With this intimate discussion, Deidre uses the opportunity to step closer and her nipples brush against my chest. I resist the urge to touch her boobs since we are surrounded by other bathers.

“Deidre, I think you have me talked into buying a membership. I would love to get to know you better.”

“I hope you do Rob. What time is your appointment?”

“It’s at one o’clock with Fran.”

“How wonderful. Fran is a lovely lady and very sexy too. Although, I wish she would shave that mop of hers; just too much hair for my taste. I prefer a shaved pussy, how about you Rob?”

“I do enjoy the smooth look; my lady friend waxes on a regular basis. But, to be honest, there’s something mysterious about Fran. I look at it as kind of a treasure hunt.”

“Oh, you men, always on a hunt for the ladies.”

“When they are as gorgeous as you Deidre, can you blame us?”

“Flattery like that just might get you into my bedroom. Well, I must be off to check on hubby and try to talk him into a cock-ring. By the way, it’s just not the cock-ring I noticed.”

“And I suppose purple is your favorite color?”

“My second favorite. Green is my first, especially Kelly-green satin shorts worn by all of these young stud muffins. Some day, I’m going to allure one of them into the trailer when George is away.”

Deidre laughs at her own comment and wraps her arms around me in a tight hug. Her huge tits squish into my chest and I feel her hard nipples scrape my skin. She kisses me on the cheek before stepping back and turning toward the steps.

“I do hope you and your lady friend join up, I would love to see much more of you here; and who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths in Pismo.”

“I hope so. The next time you are in town, look me up in the phone book, the name is Rob Anthony. I’d love to meet George and perhaps spend a day at Avila beach.”

“I will absolutely do that. I love a good DP now and then.”

What did she just say? People surprise you in the most unusual ways. I bid farewell to Deidre and watch her ascend the pool steps. Water drips off her body and I notice she has a very wide ass to go along with those big tits. I make a mental note to ask Fran about Deidre and George. I also realize my cock is rock hard once again. I swim to the deep end and do a few more laps, hoping to quell the swelling.

Just when I have the situation under hand, I feel a tap on my shoulder. Holding onto the edge, I turn around and Alice plants a hard wet kiss on my lips.

“When did you sneak into the pool?”

“A few minutes ago, just as that lady you were talking to was leaving. A friend of yours?”

“Just met. She and her husband have a travel trailer here. She was telling me all about the membership.”

“You do attract the ladies with big boobs.”

“Oh, I hadn’t noticed.”

“Yeah right. Ted and Catherine are snoozing, and I need to cool off, so here I am.”

“I’m glad you are. I’ve had a fabulous time Alice; you are very special. That was one heck of a wake up call this morning from Catherine and you. A guy could get used to a combination hand job-blowjob in the morning.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have to say, it’s the cock that makes all the difference in the world and yours inspires me. Of course, I never pass up the opportunity to lick a juicy pussy either.”

Alice hangs on to the side of the pool with one hand and lowers her other to my shaft. She alanya escort strokes my seven inches and I come back to life.

“Alice, I came out to the deep end to get rid of a hard-on, not create a new one.”

“Are you telling me you don’t enjoy this?”

“How could I possibly not enjoy your touch? It’s just that I don’t want to get caught and thrown out before we have a chance to check out the membership.”

“Shush, don’t worry, no one can see what we’re doing. I just needed to hold you one more time before you leave. I love your hard cock, it’s addicting. Too bad you can’t fuck me right here in the open; that would be insane.”

Her grip tightens around my cock as she strokes me under the water.

“You can play with my pussy, if you’d like.”

“How about if I sample a bit of grape nipple?”

“Ooo yeah, I like that idea.”

Alice releases her hold and I sink down under the water. I latch onto her right nipple and suck her hard nubbin between my lips. Even under water, the taste of grape is sweet. I suck Alice’s nipple and lick all her cream before coming up to catch my breath. She kisses me as I emerge above the pool surface.

“Mmm, you know how to make a girl horny. Would you like to sample my left one now?”

Alice places her hand on the top of my head and pushes down. I go under and capture her left nipple with my lips. I suck a good portion of her boob into my mouth and then lick all around her purple areole. I bob back up and Alice is waiting to give me another kiss. She pushes me back down and I suck both nipples until the grape lotion is all gone.

“You have very tasty nipples my dear.”

“I thought you might enjoy them. You’ll have to do the same for Catherine later.”

Alice grabs my cock again and strokes me. Just as I am about to kiss her, she slips down beneath the surface and wraps her lips around my glans for a few seconds. She pops back up to catch her breath.

“Surprised you, didn’t I? I wonder if it’s possible to give an underwater blowjob and make a guy cum?”

“Well, if anyone could do it, it would be you, Alice. I don’t think the people around us would appreciate my cum floating in the water.”

“No, I suppose not; it’s fun to think about, though. So, Rob, are you ready for your meeting with Fran? Just be prepared, she may ask you guys to join her in her private office. If she does, you’ll be able to negotiate the membership price, if you know what I mean.”

“How so?”

“Just remember to keep asking for a better deal. Eventually, she’ll drop the price. She did for us. It’s almost one o’clock, so you should probably get out and dry off.”

“I don’t know if that’s possible right now. Your little visit still has my cock hard.”

“I’ll leave now and hope your problem can deflate itself soon. Catch you later.”

Alices kisses me on the lips once more and swims away. I renew my laps back and forth in the deep end until I’m sure I won’t cause a scene when I get out of the pool. It takes a good five minutes, but finally I’m able to exit with only a semi-erect shaft. I join the others and grab a towel to dry off. Alice winks as I lay down next to Catherine for a few minutes. She is still snoozing, as is Ted.

I let Catherine rest for a few more minutes; I have feeling our afternoon may be a bit demanding. Alice reapplies her purple nipple cream; she watches my reaction as she rubs the cream deliberately onto her nipples. My cock twitches and she smiles. When she finishes, she blows me a kiss. I would love to take her back to her yurt and make love to her, gentle and sweet. However, the time has come for our meeting with Fran.

I nudge Catherine awake. She yawns and stretches and asks for the time. I let her know it’s 12:50 and time for our meeting with Fran. I stand and help Catherine get up from her chaise lounge. She uses her towel to wipe the sweat from her body after laying in the sun all afternoon. Alice stands to bid us farewell and good luck.

“I hope you have a productive meeting. I wouldn’t mind going with you, but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of questions for Fran. I hope you sign up; Ted and I would love to get together with both of you real soon.”

We all look at Ted, who is still deep in slumber and chuckle.

“How will we stay in touch? I don’t have my phone to record your number or email.”

“Fran will have your contact information. I’ll stop by later and get it from her. Have fun and remember to ask for discounts.”

Catherine and Alice hug and then I step in and wrap my arms around her. We share a goodbye kiss. When we break apart, I notice some purple cream on my chest. Alice sees it too and uses her finger to wipe it off. I suck Alice’s finger for a final taste of grape before heading off to the registration building.

Catherine and I hold hands as we walk to our one o’clock meeting. We open the door of the registration building and Fran is in the lobby waiting for us. She greets us wearing her green skirt, demi-bra, and bow-tie. I must admit, it’s a bit strange to meet in the nude. Fran directs us to a side office where there is a table and several chairs; we all take a seat. Fran has a binder with her which she opens as she sits.

“Well Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, have you enjoyed these two days with us?”