First Time Naked In Public


This story is completely true and has sparked off something in me ever since.

I have always been aware that my penis was not as big as some others, but I was never that bothered by this. I would not go to great lengths to cover up in the locker room, but had never actually tried to show it off.

All that has changed now and I put it down to a single event.

My girlfriend and I had been going through a rocky time, she had slept with a male friend of hers, but still claimed it was me she wanted. To try and cement our relationship I suggested that we go away for a week somewhere hot. She agreed and we booked a holiday to one of the canary islands.

On our first day at the beach we were surprised to discover quite a few people naked, we assumed that we were on a nudist beach and so walked some distance along the beach. Eventually we got tired and choose a spot to sunbath. We were still surrounded by people some of which were naked. It didn’t bother us, not all were naked but the following day we drove to a different beach. Again we noticed the same thing, about half the people there were nude. We then realised that all the beaches were probably like this, and that nudity was common.

That night we had sex, but after my girlfriend Kate was irritable and we ended up having a row at which point she stormed out. She did not return till the morning and then came the news that she wanted to end the relationship. Unfortunately we had fixed tickets and unless we bought more flights had no way of getting home. As neither of us had the money to do this we agreed to try and keep out of each others way.

Initially I was devastated Escort Bayan Gaziantep and spent the rest of that day moping around feeling sorry for myself. The following morning however I felt more a sense of relief than anything else. In the back of my head I had known for a long time that things were badly wrong. The end of the relationship was a relief. Kate didn’t drive so wouldn’t mind me taking the hire car, so I drove along the coast to a beach we had seen a few days ago but not visited. I parked and wandered down to the beautiful long beach through the dunes. The sight when I reached the edge of the dunes was stunning, several miles of golden sand, beautiful blue sea and relatively few people, far less than the crowded beaches near the hotel complexes. What was also noticeable as I walked across the sand was that almost everyone was naked.

I laid my beach towel down and began to undress. I had shorts and underwear on so needed to change into my swim shorts, but as I removed my underwear felt suddenly reckless “what the hell, everyone else is naked why should I be the odd one out” I lay back naked in public for the first time in my life and felt a freedom that was exciting.

It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to stand up naked, but eventually I did and wandered down to the sea for a paddle. Few people seemed to take much notice of me as I paddled in the waves, but the sense of uninhibited freedom was fantastic. I was enjoying this. Swimming naked was a revelation, if you have never swam naked you must give it a go.

As I emerged from the surf I was content. I looked for my towel and realised that as I had been swimming I had drifted quite a way down the beach. I spotted my blue beach towel and set off on a diagonal course towards it. This path took me quite close to a number of people sunbathing. Some ignored me completely, some smiled a polite smile, that is until I came close to a group of four girls in their late teens. At that time I was about 30 and in reasonable shape, but the first to admit I was no Brad Pit.

As I got to about twenty feet from the group I couldn’t help but admire their gorgeous naked bodies. I would say they were in their early twenties, the girl on the left and nearest to me was slim with medium sized breasts, long blonde straight hair and not a hint of a tan line anywhere on her body. Her legs were very slightly parted and her shaved pussy was clearly visible. I slowed my a little as I walked by enjoying the view. As I came to within ten feet of her she lifted her head and shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand and squinted at me. “Oh my God! girls you have got to see this” she announced in a loud voice, “how small is this guys dick?” I looked down and my penis was indeed looking somewhat smaller than usual due to the coldness of the sea.

My penis as I have said is not the largest, and usually when soft does not hang, it more sticks out. With the effect of the cold water it probably measured about 1 inch! I froze, unsure whether to run, continue walking or try explaining I had just come out of the sea. 3 more heads bobbed up and stared at my tiny penis and a cackle of laughs erupted. The girl furthest away from me, a gorgeous brunette with huge globe like breasts and a tiny patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair just above her slit called out “That’s the smallest I have ever seen, oh my God that’s SO small!” At this point I came out of my frozen state and went for the most dignified option I had available, I continued walking towards my towel. But as I reached my towel my tiny penis had come to life and was now standing fully erect at 4inches and I was feeling more turned on than I had since I was a teenager.

When I got back to the apartment there was a note from Kate saying she had gone to stay at a friends apartment, and may see me at the airport. I lay on my bed and played with my little penis till I came several times. I then wandered round the apartment naked with the curtains wide open in the hope that someone would see me again.

The following day I went back to the same beach, but the group of girls were not there. I spent the whole day naked and walked a considerable distance along the beach naked, allowing as many people as possible to see my tiny penis. A few girls stared, one or two giggled, that was enough for me, I loved it.

Since then I have always loved letting people see my little dick, I have encouraged girlfriends I have had to tease me about my lack of size, even asking them to tell their friends about it. All of which turns me on massively.

I did indeed see Kate at the airport on the way home. It appears that she had spent the rest of the holiday with a local man she had met. It was some months till we met again, by this time we were now ancient history and we talked calmly about out former relationship. There was one thing I wanted to know, “did the size of my penis have anything to do with our breakup?” I asked, “I wont deny it was a factor, I am used to much bigger, and prefer much bigger” she replied frankly.