Distant Domination



“This is your Mistress, greet me as such.”

“Mistress, thank you for calling me. What can I do to please you?”

“Did you do as I have requested?” My voice short, clipped.

Your breath caught. I knew that you had.

“Yes Mistress.”

“MMmmm, how did that feel, how did your rough jeans feel on your sensitive head?”

“It felt so good ma’am, thank you. Every time I would walk, the material would brush against me, my cock is so sore, aching. It made me feel really naughty, like everyone at work knew I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.”

“Aww, what do you ache for?”

Your voice gets lower, smaller, “I wish to cum ma’am.”

“You do not approve of my choice to make you abstain?”

“No Mistress, I am just so sore, it has been weeks. You get me so close over and over again. I feel like I am going to die. I want to see you, be with you, touch you. I will drive there now, I could be there in 3 hours!”

I laugh. “A bit dramatic, are we not? Have you forgotten yourself?”

“No, ma’am, I apologize.”

“Is your need more important than mine?” I asked, my voice sharp.

“No ma’am,” you say- the words barely audible as you swallow hard.

“I will invite you when I want you, not a moment sooner. I do not require you at this moment. I have other plans in mind for you right now. Did you find the time to go to the toy store, get what I asked for?”

“Yes,” your reply coming out like a moan more than a word.

“Where is it?”

“In the bedroom.”

Sounds crazy but I can actually hear the gears in your mind turning. “Go into the bedroom little bitch,” I order you.

“Yes. I am here now.”

“Now close the door, lock it. We don’t want anyone passing by to pop in.”

I hear the door slowly creak closed, the soft click of the lock being turned.

“Very good, now tell Mistress what you are wearing.”

You giggle a little, obviously nervous. “Well ma’am, I am wearing my work clothes still. Blue jeans, leather boots and my work shirt, nothing underneath my jeans, as requested.”

“I would like you to have nothing on.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I give you a moment Ümraniye Olgun Escort to do what I ask, hear you rustling on the other side. Losing to the urge, I slide my hand into my panties. I can visualize you standing there naked. You are so far away; sometimes I wish I would request you more, but I try to be careful. I do not want you to fall too fast, then I will have an emotional basket case to get rid of when I eventually tire of you. You have been on punishment for the last week. Too needy, pushy. You needed to realize that this would not be tolerated. I have not allowed you to cum for the last week, every night I would call and urge you to the edge. Then I would make you talk dirty, always hotter in Spanish, till I came. Wanted you to hear me and daring you to go against me and cum. I knew the state you physically must be in. Balls starting to ache, the head becoming super sensitive, sore to the touch.

So I found it amusing today to make you go without boxers. I wanted you to think of me every time the head would rub against the rougher jean material. Balls unhindered to hang and gravity would encourage the ache to its fullest potential. Yes, this amused me, turned me on.

“Lay down on the bed.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Your mistress is hundreds of miles away touching herself. Thinking of you, soaking wet. How does that make you feel?”

“Very hot, very hard. My cock is standing straight up wishing you would climb on top of me and squeeze me with your velvety folds.”

“I want you to touch the head of your dick, ever so slightly.”

I hear a single moan escape your lips.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels really good, but really sore.”

“Now take your hand and grip your cock. Squeeze it hard enough to create a slight color change. Start at the base and slowly work yourself up to the head. Allow your hand to continue over the top of your cock, finally letting it come to rest on the top.”

I imagine you there on the bed, touching your large member. I let one finger sneak inside of my wet hole, having to bite back my response. I finger myself with the one finger up to the first knuckle, just barely there, Ümraniye Sarışın Escort in and out.

“Now grip the head of your cock. Harder. I want to hear you.” A little deeper with my finger, my pussy tightening up against my hand.

“Run your hand back down to the base. I want you to start stroking yourself slowly, firm pressure on your rod. Lick the tips of your fingers to touch the head. Rub the top every time you come up.”

Your breathing was becoming more shallow. I could hear you jerking off. Little whimpers could be heard through the phone, flooding my pussy with fluid. Adding another finger to my wet opening, I gripped a little, to gain stimulation from the bottom of my hand. I was matching your sounds, moving with you stroke for stroke.


Your balls slapping against your stomach got louder. I quickened my pace along with you. I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm as it swiftly presented itself. I started raising my hips and matching my hands to grind my clit against my palm. A moan/whimper escaped your lips and it was enough to drive me over the edge. My body wracked in such strong waves of spasms I had to put the phone down to maintain my composure. Biting my lip, I came hard, really fucking hard. Paroxysms of orgasm still gripping me, I continued to massage the nub; every time my fingers went over one spot, it would make me jump.

Finally putting the phone back to my ear, having forgotten about my phone call for a second….

“Mistress, please, I can’t take this. Please.”

“Do not beg unless you are told to.”

Something I can not quite make out from the other end, is heard. It sounded panicked, pained.

“Do not stop, do not cum until I tell you to, is that understood?”

You kind of growl into the phone.

“Can you not speak, what seems to be the problem?”

“Oh my God Mistress, my…I am about to explode. I can not hold this back any longer.”

“No.” One word said harsh and swift. You know the meaning.

“Retrieve the toy you were told to purchase.”

“Uh, I thought it was for you…?”

“You shouldn’t assume, shut up and do as I Ümraniye Şişman Escort say.”

“Yes ma’m.”

You were instructed to get a very thick 8-inch black dildo. I knew if you were under the impression it was for me and that I would check, you would make sure you got the correct one. A small thin one would not do the job.

“I want you to stroke yourself some more, set the toy down. I want you to do it slowly, are you still hard?”

“Oh god yes.”

“Good, now put me on speaker phone.”

“There are people in the house ma’am.”

“Then I suggest you not disturb them huh? Control yourself bitch,” I practically spat into the phone. “Am I now on speaker phone boy?”


“Now this will give us use of your other hand, what should we do with that one?” I laugh a little. “Touch your balls, palm them from underneath, lightly skimming your fingers against the bottom of the sack. I want you to quicken your pace on your dick, I want to hear it.”

I immediately heard the tempo increase dramatically. Your moans were repeated, you sounded hurt almost, the way the cries were strangled.

“Sit up. Now.”

I heard you moving, just missing one stroke in the position change.

“Now I want you to press the dildo against your asshole slowly.”

“But Mistress.” You said the words begging.


A loud high pitched noise erupted from your side.

“I want you to sit up, position the dildo straight and slowly sit down on it, dry. Continue to stroke your cock hard now.”

Your moans increase. You start to whimper, this is a very large dick for your virgin ass.

“Take it all, you can do it. Tell me how it feels.”

“Oh my God, Je..”

“Never use my real name bitch,” I bite out.

“Defeated,” he whimpers.

“Are you sitting on it yet?”

“I am trying, it is half way there, it is so tight.”

“Cum for me, sit on it fully. I want you to grab your balls and massage and squeeze them. Stroke your cock hard, imagine it is my hands on you. My strap on in you, stretching you, ripping you, showing you who owns you, making you my bitch.”

You are barely breathing now, or maybe I can’t hear it above your screams and moans. Your sounds are getting higher and higher, less audible. I know you are growing close.

“Come for me, come for me my little bitch.”

Your harsh groan erupts.

“I’m coming. Oh my God.”

“Good boy.”

I hang up, leaving you mid spasm.