Lust for Muscle


The air is filled with the scent of sweat; the combined efforts of the gathered devotees, the tang of oil and the sounds of the clank-clank of steel on steel and the beat of the rhythmical music in the background.

I’ve been watching you for a month now; I’m on a treadmill running; you, at a free weight stand doing reps. Your face is intent on the series; your brow beaded with sweat, and your jaw clenched.

I watch as you finish your set, and stand, pumped, in front of the mirror, checking your symmetry, admiring the work and devotion you have put in on your form. Broad shoulders, narrow hips. Rock solid glutes, diamond calves. You raise your arms and your biceps peak, vascular and cut.

I have asked around; you’ve been working out here for ten years and you have a reputation as being narrow Gaziantep Sarıgüllük Escort minded, not socialising with anyone else. Oh, you have the occasional partner, who spots you for the first week or so when you start working with heavier weights. But they come and go, you remain, getting bigger, harder, more intense.

I watch as you check yourself out in the mirror, and briefly, just briefly, your eyes catch mine. It’s the first time.. I usually look away, then leave before the stirring in my loins gets too obvious to hide. But not this time. I see your eyes, you see mine, and you know.

I quickly shut off the program and hurry to the changing room, stripping off and jumping into the showers, trying to control my desire, my lust for your body.

After five minutes I turn to leave the showers and you are there, in front of me. Shorter than me, I find myself looking down into your blue eyes, and I see the lust there too.

You reach out with one strong hand, taking my lean arm and pulling it round you, your other arm flexing up into the most erotic bicep I have ever seen.

“Go on” you whisper up to me, and I stroke the steel hard muscle, my desire growing, your breathing quickening, your lust rising.

You push me back to the wall of the shower, pushing me to my knees so I have to look up at you, stood above me resplendent in your power and muscularity. My hands are roving over your body, feeling their way across every contour, tracing the muscles and veins as you pump and flex.

Then the scene blurs; we’ve come back to my place, we’re in my bedroom and you are laid on my bed, writhing and flexing, naked, your lust rolling off you like a tangible thing that pours straight into me. I am totally encapsulated and enthralled; the need for you, even if its just to be near your heat and strength, overpowers my senses.

You pull me down to the bed with ridiculous ease. Your muscles are more defined now than I have ever seen in the gym; your lust pumping you harder and further than workouts alone can.

“Now I’m going to make your sick little obsession come true” you whisper into my ear. You reach down between my legs and take hold of my sex; the pump coursing through you matched by the pounding of blood through my penis; as hard as your muscles are, my cock feels harder.

You then grab my hips, and flip me over to my knees.. I feel you kneeling between them, spreading my legs.. And I feel you penetrate my ass with your own cock, driving into me with all your power.