Chance Encounter


A Chance Encounter

The annual work Christmas party was always an excuse to let one’s hair down and drink to excess without judgement. Of course, many from my workplace were not about to go overboard regardless of the unspoken tradition that ‘what happens at the party, stays at the party,’ but without question, the hardcore and the closeted hardcore were sure to take advantage of this guilt-free night of booze and loose lips.

In getting ready to meet my mostly conservative coworkers I had not decided what level of party objective I wanted to arrive at. My truly crazy partying days had been mostly left behind at university or at least, not long after. These days, my wild nights usually consisted of multiple glasses (bottle), of pinot grigio with the girls of my book club each Tuesday night.

So maybe tonight had all the good excuses to let loose and blow off some steam assuming I could find a wingman or two so that I didn’t stand out too much on my own. I knew there would be a handful of the men that would go all in at the bar but most of them fell into the category of politically dangerous and the rest of them were best to keep at arms-length both literally and figuratively. Considering the cast of characters in my mind I concluded that I would need one of the ladies to be into it if I was intent on really letting loose.

As the night evolved I was well on my way to making it memorable but had still managed to keep it looking mostly respectable. And to be sure, I was pretty confident I would have finished off the night that way but for a chance encounter in the women’s bathroom. I hadn’t seen anyone I knew on the way in but as I checked my look in the mirror I felt a pair of unfamiliar arms around me.

“Sarah, I can’t believe it!”

“I had no idea what happened to you after school.”

“What are you up to?”

A trip to the bar together brought us up to speed on each others’ lives post university. Breanna or Brea as everyone called her had never been a close friend. We weren’t in the same faculty and I couldn’t even remember when we first met. We always seemed to have a few good friends in common which meant that although we’d never really planned outings together, throughout the university years there were many parties and nights at the bars where we would hang together until the end of the night would lead us in opposite directions.

Over the next couple of drinks I learned that Brea had just come out the dark side of the end of a relationship she had mistakenly thought would go the distance. Though Brea was unable to mask a very real sense of emotion about the circumstances that had led to her current single status, on this night it was fully apparent that she was intent on having all the fun that could be found.

Huddled around a standup table for two, Brea and I both fended off the advances of various guys that couldn’t compete with our mutual interest in catching up. The night wore on quicker than I had realized and before long I came to notice that most if not all of my coworkers had called it a night.

When the bartender announced last call, both of us wanted to keep it going. Brea was only in town for the next two days preparing for a job interview Casibom and was staying at the Holiday Inn but had no alcohol at her room. I had a couple of bottles of wine at home and so it was that we decided to move the late night party back to my place.

When the taxi dropped us off we had already decided that Brea would spend the night. As we uncorked the bottle of wine I suggested that we get out of our bar clothes and into some pyjamas. I grabbed two pairs of boy shorts and some light tops. As Brea used my room to change I headed to the bathroom to freshen up and put on my comfy jammies.

Half way through a chilled bottle of white and the two of us were well on our way. I can’t recall much detail of the conversation but it seemed to go on forever just effortlessly. When one of us finally happened to notice the time we both agreed it was time to hit the sack if we were going to salvage anything out of the coming day.

Though Brea offered to take the couch I assured her that there was more than enough room for both of us in my king sized bed. As we crawled under my cozy duvet after an unplanned drunken reunion, it seemed natural that our once distant relationship was one that was destined to grow closer.

If I’d stopped to think about my next move all that was about to happen would have been nothing more than another chapter of my most favorite go-to fantasy. Instead, I scooted over to Brea who was laying on her side and draped my arm around her body. Breathlessly, I waited for a reaction from Brea. My body was firmly nestled into her backside and my right arm hugged her breast with guarded anticipation. Though my own heart was racing a mile a minute there did not seem to be any reaction whatsoever from my bedmate.

Thoughts raced through my mind considering the possibilities. The worst case scenario was that she was totally blown away by my bold move and was frozen in place wondering how to respond. Equally possible, she was passively receptive to my advances but not knowing her mind left me with no way of knowing this to be true or for that matter, whether her seeming acquiescence was only to the narrow proposition of an innocent cuddle. Either way, if I was truly ready to finally explore my curiosity and desire to be with another woman it was time for me to leave no doubt as to my intentions.

As gently as I could manage despite the adrenaline coursing through my body I traced my hand over Brea’s frim tummy and allowed my hand to cup her right breast without applying any pressure. In the palm of my hand I could feel the protrusion of her nipple beneath the soft cotton fabric of her pyjamas. Having pushed to this next more obvious step I again paused to sense a reaction of any sort but still nothing. Brea’s breathing as best I could make out over my own excited state seemed calm and measured. Taking this as encouragement I applied the slightest of pressure to the breast that fit nicely in the palm of my hand.

Emboldened, I moved my hand to her other breast and cupped it in the same gentle fashion. The shared heat between our bodies was as obvious to me as the increasing wetness between my legs. This moment held all of the nervousness and excitement of my earliest experiences Casibom Giriş with boys. I wanted so very much to say something to Brea but couldn’t possibly think of the right words for the situation. Despite my cautious assumption that she was as interested as I in exploring the unknown universe of Sapphic love there remained a very real and growing sense that I had totally misread the situation. The night had felt like a wonderful encounter with a distant old friend who seemed equally interested in becoming much closer friends. The risk was that if I was wrong, at a minimum I would greatly embarrass myself and potentially lose any chance of any sort of relationship with my newfound old friend.

Despite these misgivings I did not retreat in any way. If Brea was not agreeable to my advances, surely by now she would have protested in some way but still she did not. My own enthusiasm wanted this conclusion to be the truth but as yet, it was certainly not definitive. Her body shifted back toward me and her left leg stretched out moving it partially between my own. Though no words had been spoken I eagerly accepted this subtle move as an indication of her desire.

As soft as I could manage I began to trace my index finger around her breast in ever tighter circles toward her nipple. Was it my imagination or had her nipples hardened in response to my caress? How quickly do I move? What do I do next? Would she respond to the same caress that stimulated myself? I found myself in a vast exciting land of exploration and could not decide which direction to travel next. All the while, my own body had developed an insatiable need to be touched, to be kissed, to be taken absolutely.

A pinch with what I thought was the perfect pressure around Brea’s hardened nipple brought a reaction that was both sudden and dramatic. At first I felt her entire body tense and then her head turned back in my direction. There was a moment’s pause before Brea rolled over to face me. Our noses were only inches apart. Her breath was now noticeably ragged and what I could make of her expression in the darkness of my room made something obvious that I had failed to consider. Brea had been asleep the entire time! This revelation caused a growing sense of dread deep in my stomach. I began to stutter out some explanation that I had not rehearsed and likely would have made no sense even had I been able to find the right words.

I was all but certain that the worst of possible uncomfortable outcomes was about to play out. Now better adjusted to the light I could make out Brea’s expression but couldn’t decipher what it meant. When her lips met mine gently at first and then more urgently, all doubt was removed. Any sense of insecurity was lost to the realization that I was now in the midst of a moment I had dreamt of so often. Our bodies pressed together with urgency and our limbs became completely intertwined with one another.

Still no words were spoken as our bodies behaved as though they just knew what to do without thought. As Brea’s vulva came into contact with my own I rolled on top of her and started dry humping like a wanton teenager trying to get the most out of the physical sensation while fearful of going any further. Casibom Güncel Giriş But this was not the interaction of two inexperienced teens despite the newness of being with someone of the same sex. Almost simultaneously we began to pull of each other’s bottoms while also removing our tops.

For the very first time I found my own naked flesh pressed up against that of another woman. I curved my back as I thrust my vulva against my friend’s and felt her move in the same way. Our hands roamed over each other’s bodies as we continued to mash the wetness of our sex together. When Brea rolled us over so that she was on top I assumed it would be much of the same until she raised her head and peered down at me with a devilish look. When her kisses went from my lips, to my chin, to my neck, I knew what was about to happen. My breathing was now coming in short gasps to the degree that I worried I might hyperventilate.

Brea’s hands and lips moved down my body. In a way that so many men could never possibly intuit she touched, kissed, and caressed my body in a way that was nothing short of perfect. She was teasing with my breasts alternating between soft and more aggressive caresses. Many kisses and just the right pressure as she nibbled on each boob while mercilessly avoiding any direct contact with my overly sensitive nipples. When finally she took one in her mouth while fingering the other one, I couldn’t help but cry out.

My hips rose up to meet hers but she would only pull away. As my desires became more obvious, her seemingly mischievous intention to prolong the experience was clear. Even the suggestive pressure of my hands on her shoulders did not cause her to just get down there where she knew I wanted her. When I thought I could take it no longer Brea quickly rose up and flipped her body around opposite to mine. There was no hesitation or teasing now. As I felt her tongue slide between my folds I instinctively reached up to grab both cheeks of her ass and pull her sex down onto my face.

What an amazing moment of realization it was to feel another woman’s mouth between my legs while at the same time the lips of her sex were pressing down on my lips. It was for a few short moments a mutual sense of new found exploration that quickly moved into a rhythm that belied our mutual inexperience. Very soon I realized that Brea and I had begun to mimic one another’s technique. As her tongue flicked side to side or up and down, I would do the same. As I inserted first one finger and then another into my friend, she did the same to me.

My explorations were designed to learn what she liked but in realizing that Brea was copying my moves, I came to realize that I could prompt her to do what I wanted by first doing it to her. Though my own fingers had entered my vagina more often that I’d ever admit to, the sense of feeling inside another woman was almost other worldly. As I felt her muscles begin to convulse around my fingers I started licking her clitoris faster and with more force. I knew what was coming and so did she. Our bodies thrashed and humped against the pleasure that each other’s fingers and tongues were creating. There was no mistaking the onset of orgasm that had taken over Brea’s body completely and though I had been determined to draw out this first time for as long as possible, my friend’s reaction triggered something in my brain that sent me crashing down the waves right along with her.


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