Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 01


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Too drunk to drive, 24-year-old Jimmy drove 39-year-old Susan home while she blew him.

Appropriately proper when in the bar, it wasn’t until Jimmy had groped her breasts when alone with her in the car that Susan suddenly became horny, aggressively sexually aroused, and inappropriately sexual with him. Suddenly, the second time he groped her breasts within just a few minutes, as if he had turned on a sex switch, she was in the mood for sex. Suddenly, she was in the mood for romance. Suddenly, she was in the mood for love. With her so terribly drunk, sexually frustrated, and horny, she needed to get laid.

Immediately, her nipples erected and hardened and already she could feel a familiar, warm wetness between her thighs. With her older than him by 15-years, he was so young. He was so innocent. He was so naïve. He was so handsome and with them closely working together for the past year, their sexual affair was expressly forbidden in their employee handbook. Then, when he felt her breast through her blouse while fingering her nipple through her bra, with her playing the too drunk to know card, she pretended not to notice that he was feeling her tit and fingering her nipple.

Only, she’d have to be unconscious not to know what he sexually wanted her in the way that she sexually wanted him. Yet, curious to see how far he’d go in trying to take sexual advantage of her, with her acting job not much of a stretch, she pretended to be even drunker than she was. Right there in the car and in the parking garage, she hoped he’d strip her naked. Right there in the car and in the parking garage, while pretending that she didn’t want it, she hoped that he’d force himself on her.

With her ready to feign a struggle, the only way she could have sex with him would be if he forced her to have sex with him. Then, should she be accused of having sex with her co-worker, she’d say that he raped her when she was drunk. A perfect plan, the only fly in the ointment was Jimmy was seemingly too moral, too respectful, and/or too shy to put the sexual moves on her.

What was he waiting for? With Susan tall, blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful, and busty, she was drunk. On the pretense of walking her to her car and putting on her seatbelt, he not only felt her big breasts once, he felt her big breasts twice. Not only did he feel her big breasts through her blouse but also he fingered her erect nipples through her bra.

She’d think that perhaps he didn’t have a thing for older woman but, knowing better than that, she knew he had a sexual attraction to older women. With all of the conversations they’ve had about everything related and unrelated to work, she knew that just as he was sexually attracted to older women, that he was sexually attracted to his mother. Reading between the lines, she knew that just as he wanted to have sex with her, he also wanted to have sex with his mother.

‘Eww,’ she thought to herself but she was too drunk to care. She just wanted to get laid. She just wanted to feel his hard cock in her hand and in her mouth before feeling his stiff prick in her pussy. Using him for sex, she wanted him to give her an orgasm. With her so honey and sexually frustrated, she needed him to make her cum.

Once in the car, as if they were already lovers, she moved closer to him. Willing to sacrifice her job and her career for an hour of sweaty sex with a man nearly young enough to be her son, she was desperate for him. With her always feeling so horny and sexually frustrated lately, she needed to get laid. Whether it happened right here and right now, she didn’t care. This was her chance for her to get some sexual satisfaction. This was her chance to feel something other than being tired, unhappy, sad, and depressed.

Had she not been drunk, she never would have allowed him to inappropriately touch her sexually. She never would have allowed him to feel her breasts never mind finger her nipples. She would have slapped his face before firing his ass. Had she not be drunk, she wouldn’t even be in her car alone with him. Yet, instead of slapping him and/or firing him, sexually teasing him and erotically enticing him, she leaned her clothed, abundant breasts up against him as he drove her home.

As if she was the spider and he was the fly trapped in her web of deceit, she became the sexual predator and he became her victim. Bumping and rubbing her blouse and bra clad breasts against his arm with every movement of the car, she started feeling his oh so young, firm body from across her console. As if he was her boyfriend, her lover, or her husband, she ran her fingers through his brown hair and touched the side of his face as if she was his mother feeling him for a fever. Obviously, the only fever they both had were sexual fevers.

When he appeared to like her attention, she touched and felt his right shoulder, his arm, his chest, and his leg before she reached her hand down to feel the growing bulge in his pants. Casibom She was feeling his cock through his pants. She couldn’t believe she was feeling his cock through his pants. A sure sign that he sexually wanted her as much as she sexually wanted him, she couldn’t believe that he already he had an erection. When he didn’t resist her sexual advances from feeling his erection through his pants, she unzipped him, reached her hand inside of his pants, and felt his prick through his underwear.

She watched his cock grow, harden, throb, and pulsate from her touch. She continued fondling his growing erection while staring down at his underwear clad cock before looking up at him for his reaction to her touching him and feeling him in such a sexually inappropriate way. As if enthralled with his prick, she continued feeling his growing and hardening prick. Toying with him, teasing him, enticing him, and seducing him, she continued fingering his penis through his underwear while staring up at him.

Purposely trying to sexually arouse him for him to seduce her and for her to seduce him, she fingered the head of his cock with her fingertips. As if she was massaging the head of his prick, she pulled, flicked, and rubbed the head of his cock with her fingertips. Then, as if she was about to give him a hand job through his briefs, she wrapped her fingers around his stiff prick through his underwear and gently squeezed his prick before slowly stroking his prick. While he shared his focused attention with the road to occasionally stare down at her hand, she pulled the front of his briefs down and forward to expose his already erect cock and hairy testicles to her.

His exposed prick was right there. She couldn’t believe she was seeing his exposed cock. It had been a long time, three, long, sexually frustrating years since she had seen a man’s erection and here she was seeing one now. She couldn’t wait to touch it. She couldn’t wait hold it in her hand and stroke it. Then, as if she owned him and as if his stiff prick belonged to her, she took hold of him in her hand and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

“Oh my, someone has an erection,” she said letting go of his cock to touch his prick with her fingertip while teasing him. “Someone is sexually aroused.”

She took him back in her hand and closed her fingers around him. With his driving attention now distracted, he stared down at his exposed penis before staring up at the road and before looking over at her with a face full of sexual excitement. It was a good thing there was no traffic at this early hour of the morning. It was a good thing he hadn’t been drinking. It was a good thing she was making the first sexual move and all the other sexual moves because, obviously for fear of losing his job, he wasn’t the type of man who’d put the sexual moves on his boss.

“Oh, my God, Susan,” he said in a gasp. The first time calling her Susan, he always called her Miss Parker in work. “I’ve always been sexually attracted to you but I never thought I’d ever be sitting here in a car with you with your hand wrapped around my cock,” he said.

She gave her a sexy smile.

“From the first moment I saw you,” she said sliding a slow tongue across her full, red lips. “I liked you too, Jimmy,” she said. “I really liked you, if you know what I mean,” she said giving him a sexy smile.

She slowly stroked him while continually staring up at him with her big, blue, albeit glassy eyes before staring down at his cock. As if his cock was a kitten or a puppy, she seemingly couldn’t stop playing with his stiff prick. She tightened her grip on his prick to stroke him a little harder and a little faster. The harder and faster she stroked him the more sexually excited he became. Men were so easy.

“Oh, my God, Susan, I never thought something like this would ever happen to someone like me. I mean, I’ve read about an older woman being sexually attracted to a younger man but I never pegged you for a cougar,” he said.

‘A cougar? Did he just call me a cougar?’

An offensive term to her before, she never wanted to be deemed a cougar. She always thought the term cougar was for a much older woman but in the way she was 15-years older than he was, she guessed she was a cougar in his eyes. Still, not thinking that she was old enough to assume the title and role of cougar, she looked at him through her inebriated eyes as if he was the one under the influence of alcohol. With her knowing that he was attracted to older women, if he wanted her to be a cougar, she could play the role of Mrs. Robinson if that’s what it takes for her to get him in her bed naked.

“A cougar? Is that what you think I am? Maybe you’re right. Maybe I am a cougar to be holding the cock of someone so young, someone born when I was a 15-year-old high school junior,” she said with another drunken laugh. “Only, what difference do our ages make when I’m a woman and you’re a man and we’re both consensual adults?”

He looked at her as if he had spoiled the Casibom Giriş mood and ruined things.

“I’m sorry. I meant calling you a cougar as a compliment, something that’s always been sexually exciting to me. I’ve always been attracted to older women,” he said.

With her only 39-years-old, he wasn’t helping his situation by calling her an older woman. With her hand still slowly stroking his cock, she stared at his hard prick before looking up at him.

“No offense taken,” she said with both of them falling silent while he drove and while she still slowly stroked him. “I take it you’ve never had a hand job while driving,” she said stroking his prick a little faster while looking up at him with her big, blue eyes.

He nervously looked down at her hand before looking over at her with sexual excitement and before returning his focused attention to the road.

“No,” he said. “Never.”

She gave him a sexy smile and a naughty look before saying what she needed to say to not only shock him but also to sexually excite him.

“I suppose you never had a blowjob while driving either,” she said with a sexy laugh and while making eye contact with him to watch the reaction on his face to her mentioning the word blowjob.

Not even waiting for him to answer, he looked at her with shock when Susan lowered her head down to his lap to take his erect cock in her mouth. It had been such a long time since she has had sex, too long. It had been a long time since she felt an erect penis in her hand and an even longer time since she had a hard cock in her mouth. She toyed with the head of his cock with her tongue before taking him deeper in her mouth and exerting more pressure on his erection with her lips and while stroking him harder and faster with her hand. Only, she didn’t want him to cum, not yet. She had other plans for his erect penis.

Sucking while stroking him, she sucked his cock as if she was a thousand dollar call girl. She stroked his cock while sucking his cock and while staring up at him with his hard, hairy cock in her beautiful mouth. Driving with one hand, he reached down to feel her big breasts through her blouse and finger her erect nipple through her bra.

* * * * *

Days later, in hindsight, totally forbidden for a co-worker to do, she couldn’t believe she had sucked him. Totally sexually inappropriate for a subordinate to do, she couldn’t believe she had blown him. She couldn’t believe she allowed him to feel her tits while fingering her nipples. The only thing that makes it all right is the sexual excitement that she still feels whenever she thinks of him.

Yet, nonetheless her sexually excitement, never had she felt as sexually wicked seducing a man 15 years her junior. Never has seen been as remorseful and as guilty as she was when she awakened with a hangover the next day while the forbidden memory of her having sex with her co-worker played endlessly through her mind. Dreading to go to work on Monday, she just hope that Jim kept their sexy time together a secret. She could always pretend that she didn’t remember a thing when, in fact, she remembered everything, every little detail of their sexual night together.

In hindsight, a big mistake, a huge mistake that cost her job, her reputation, and her career, Susan had sex with her co-worker, Jimmy. What she did in her free time should be none of anyone’s business but with her in a high paid position as the Corporate Controller seemingly it was. It was up to her to set the example and to maintain the standard of decorum that a 125-year-old, reputable Boston company required. What she did behind her closed bedroom doors shouldn’t have anything to do with her work and with her job but seemingly it did.

To complicate matters even more, Jimmy wasn’t just her co-worker, he was her subordinate. She recruited him. She hired him. She trained him and worked closely with him. He was her creation. She had molded him in her image enough for her to sexually want him.

Over the years, she personally had to fire several employees who were carrying on an office romance that interfered with their work. She knew the entanglements and the awkwardness that having sex with a co-worker created, especially when having sex with a subordinate. She knew full well that the ramifications of having sex with a man nearly young enough to be her son would cost her job if anyone was to discover their sexual secret but, at the time, she was drunk.

At the time she was horny. At the time she was sexually frustrated. At the time, she was drunk and she didn’t care. With him so young, so fit, and so good looking, at the time she was willing to sacrifice everything to have sex with Jimmy. With her judgment clouded and impaired by alcohol, having sex with a man so young, so good looking, and who worked for the same company and in the same office, seemingly was worth it.

How could she have sex with him? When she could have practically any man, why, of all people, would she have sex with him? Yeah he was young and handsome but she should have known better. What was wrong with her to have ruined her life with one stupid mistake? Now it was all up to Jimmy and his code of honor to keep their sexy secret. Now with him having something over her, Susan had no choice but to trust him to keep their secret and not to tell anyone at work that they had sex.

‘Sex, sex, sex, they had sex. She couldn’t believe she had sex with Jimmy,’ she thought nearly every minute of every day. ‘Sex, sex, sex, so what that they had sex?’

Every time she closed her eyes, she saw his cock in her hand. Every time she closed her hand, as if she was still holding him and stroking him, she could feel his stiff prick against her fingers. Every time she swallowed, she tasted him on her tongue and felt his cum oozing down her throat. She could still smell his cologne on her. She needed to shower to hopefully wash the smell of him from her naked body.

Haunting her as much as the thought that she had sex with him distracted her, when she wasn’t feeling guilty, she felt wicked for thinking of his hard, hairy cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. Only, the sad part, now that she wasn’t drunk, if she could have sex with him again, she would. Now that she wasn’t drunk, she’d like to know what it felt like to have sex with him when sober. She wished she could have sex with him again and again. She wished she could have sex with him just one more time. Wishing he was her young, forbidden lover, if she could have sex with him again, she would.

Making a huge mistake and regretting being too drunk to say no but she was the one who seduced him. She was the one who came onto him. She was the one who put all the sexy, sexual moves on him. She was the one who unzipped him, pulled out his cock, and stroked him, before she blew him while he drove her home in her car. She was the one who pulled him in her house and invited him to strip her naked. She was the one who enticed him to lick her, make love to her, and fuck her.

With her working with him, having lunch with him and becoming more than co-workers but friends, and with her 15-years older than him, she knew he was attracted to older woman. Moreover, a forbidden secret that she knew about him that no one else in the office knew, she knew he was sexually attracted to his mother. She even had the audacity to use his sexual attraction to his mother to her benefit in the sexual seduction of him. A risky move that worked, she was the one who asked him for sex and for him to give her an orgasm by promising him the blowjob that he imagined his mother would give him.

* * * * *

They had sex, even days later, she couldn’t believe she had sex with Jimmy. Why did she do that? What was wrong with her to feel the need to seduce him? Now, every time she looked at him, she was sick to her stomach. Now, every time she looked at him, her nipples erected and she felt a familiar, warm wetness between her legs. Now, every time she looked at him, she imagined him naked with her naked body. Now, every time she thought of him, she had this irresistible need to touch herself.

Instead of thinking of work, her mind was an XXX-rated, looping movie that played over and again through her mind. A Corporate Controller second, she was a woman first. Sucking his cock, allowing him to strip her naked, and having sex with him was all that was on her mind now. Him licking her pussy before making love to her and fucking her are images she was unable to remove from her mind. Every time she looked at him, she wanted to kiss him. Every time she saw him in the office she wanted to close her door and suck him before pushing him back on her desk and fucking him.

Feeling guilty and awkwardly uncomfortable, she had a difficult time making and maintaining eye contact with him without thinking of him making love to her before fucking her. With them working closely together 8 hours a day and with the sex now always there in the background, it was impossibly difficult working with him. She had ruined everything between them. She wished she could turn back time and change what sexually happened. Yet, she had such a good sexual time, as long as he kept quiet about it and kept the secret, maybe they could have some sexy fun again.

Yet, she had no one to blame but herself. It was all her fault. She had poisoned their professional working relationship. He had not only seen her naked but also she allowed him to have his wicked sexual way with her naked body. Not only had she seen him naked but also she had his cock in her hand, in her mouth, and in her pussy. More than anything, a huge understatement, she wasn’t even embarrassed. Instead, she was sexually excited by the memories of their one night of sexual passion.

With him sworn to secrecy, the affair would have remained a secret had Jimmy not told one person. After he told Susan that he wouldn’t tell anyone, especially anyone at the work, he told his friend, another co-worker at the office. Why would he do that? How could he do that? He told someone who he thought was his friend and who he thought he could trust to keep what he told him in confidence, but he didn’t.