Dinner Date


Dinner Date

Daniel Choquet

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It had been a lovely dinner. With a couple who were no longer just our recent neighbors, but who had become good friends. Suzanne and I, both being on the shy side, had never been that good at making new friends, but Karl and Hilde had made up for that. Maybe the problem was that most of the other neighbors had lived in the area for so long that they already had their friends, so what we’d really needed was some friendly newcomers. And it was our good fortune that our hosts for the evening had turned out to be exactly that. As Hilde served the dessert, an unusual cake frosted with what we were told was marzipan, there seemed to be some curious nonverbal signaling going on between them. It was like an announcement of sorts might be in store. And it looked like the responsibility for this had fallen to Karl. He rose to speak, and his words had an almost rehearsed quality.

“Hilde and I want you to know how much we’ve appreciated your friendship since we moved into the neighborhood. And so we’ve decided we can trust you.”

Trust us? I struggled to think of what it might be that we were to be entrusted with.

“You see, Hilde and I … How to say it … Well you see … tonight …”

“Just tell him, Karl.” That was Hilde.

“You’re welcome to stay longer. More than welcome, in fact. But Hilde …”

I studied her. No obvious signs of sickness or unease. Karl took a deep breath.

“Hilde has a date.”

Suzanne and I sat silently on the couch. We looked at each other and a great deal seemed to flash between us. I looked at our hosts, and realized that Hilde seemed not to share much of her husband’s discomfort. She smiled and said simply,

“Well, so I think you know now why we spoke about trust, yes?”

Suzanne replied,

“Open relationship?”

Just then, Hilde looked at her phone.

“Oh my. I guess he’s a little early.”

I’m sure I saw a bit of a smirk on Karl’s face as he commented,

“Perhaps a little eager.”

Hilde’s blue eyes suddenly focused on her husband with intensity.

“Yes, Karl. And so am I.”

And at that, Karl looked over to Suzanne and me to explain,

“Perhaps you can tell. This is a first date.”

Hilde then added,

“Please don’t feel you need to leave. I totally trust that my husband would love to entertain you in my absence. And perhaps fill you in on things a bit.”

And with that, she turned and was out the door. We could see the lights from the waiting car.

I was curious: “When do you expect her back?”

“By midnight, I should think. Standing agreement. But if not, I’m sure she’ll give me an update.”

It was weird, their coming out to us at this moment. Thing is, Suzanne and I had toyed with the notion of opening up in some way, but it had remained in the realm of fantasy and role-play. None of that had been about me with another woman. I was far too intrigued by the idea of Suzanne doing something. With someone. I’m only slightly taller than Suzanne, so I don’t suppose it should be too surprising that her fantasy life often involved someone taller still. Someone like the tall blond Norwegian standing in front of us. And I loved the fact that Suzanne could share such a thing without fear of triggering my jealousy. But now I had an eerie feeling that maybe if something should ever really happen, my feelings might be different than in my fantasies. I honestly couldn’t guarantee how well I’d be able to handle it. I suppose it helped to watch and see how Karl took it, considering that it was all happening for him in real time. I even speculated that our being here with him made it easier.

Suzanne clearly wanted to learn more about our neighbors’ situation, asking then,

“I’m really curious to know how you and Hilde … I mean, there must be some history. Like, why …”

“… Why did we decide to open our marriage? Well we didn’t really make a transition like that. Hilde and I met with what you might call a similar history. This is the second marriage for both of us. And back in Norway, you see, we were both … how do you say it … we were both affected by infidelity, as they say. And when we started together, and shared how painful all that had been, we thought we wanted to do things differently. We thought that maybe freedom would be a better way.”

“Freedom to cheat?” Suzanne could be blunt sometimes.

“Oh no. In fact cheating was the very thing we were trying to get away from. We’re free, urfa escort but we have an important agreement: That everything is out in the open. No going behind each other’s backs. No secret trysts.”

I couldn’t let that go without comment: “But how can you guarantee that? I mean the thing that humans have shown over and over is the irresistible allure of violation. As a very wise person has written, Wherever there are rules, there will be trespassers.”

“That’s true, but we’ve both experienced betrayal. I can only hope that we’ll never forget what that was like. And that our freedom to be with other people will keep enough pressure off that we’ll be able to fend off the lure of the forbidden. And besides, think of what polite society thinks of what we’re doing. In a way, we’re already getting plenty of forbidden to be thrilled by. Our open lifestyle is already a violation of prohibitions, wouldn’t you say?”

I decided to press in a different direction.

“Well, what about jealousy? I mean don’t you get any of that when Hilde goes off with … with someone like … whoever that was?”

“Funny thing about jealousy. It’s something that can play an unexpected role. It can act not unlike sexual teasing, amplify the excitement that is already inherent in the situation.”

Suzanne jumped in.

“Are you saying that you don’t just tolerate Hilde being with another man, but you … you maybe find it a little … exciting?”

“You could say that.”

He fidgeted a little, as he said it, making me suspect that maybe Karl found this to be a bigger thing to admit than merely the fact of an open relationship. He seemed a little uncomfortable with this disclosure. It made me want to put him at ease.

“I totally get that, Karl.”

And at that, Suzanne flashed a look my way. Gave me the raised dark eyebrow. After a second of that, she turned back to Karl.

“I think my husband knows exactly what you’re talking about, Karl. Although unlike you, he’s never witnessed me going out on a date. Not in reality, that is.”

With that comment, Karl’s unease seemed to have lessened. Now he was clearly interested in what Suzanne was revealing. So he pressed:

“Not in reality? Then you’ve considered the idea? Or at least played with it?”

She answered without words. The gentle, loving smile to her husband gave Karl his answer. So he continued,

“But never tried. Afraid of what might happen? Afraid the green-eyed monster might make an unwelcome appearance?”

I answered, “Well yes, I’d think that’s a pretty common fear around the idea of opening up.”

“On the other hand, perhaps it wouldn’t … wouldn’t make an appearance after all. Or perhaps, how to say? Maybe it would be manageable.”

“Or maybe it could amplify the excitement,” Suzanne said, echoing Karl’s words.

Just then her dark eyes betrayed some kind of new intention. Something dangerous. We both waited to see what she was thinking, and then,

“I have an idea. Why don’t we do an experiment?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, so,

“What kind of experiment?”

“A jealousy experiment.”

“Care to explain?”

“Well, it depends on whether Karl here might be up for a little role-play.”

He seemed to be catching on ahead of me, saying,

“Let me see if I understand: I’m going to play the role of someone who will behave in a way — toward you — and perhaps also you toward me — that could potentially make your husband jealous. And he will pretend that he’s truly in such a situation, and we’ll see if he can control his jealousy. Is that what you have in mind?”

As it began to dawn on me what was being contemplated here, I had a disturbing feeling. Something like being in a falling elevator. Suzanne replied,

“Yes, except that we have to move very slowly. That way, we can stop once Walter’s jealousy threshold, so to speak, has been reached. I guess that means we need a safe word, right Walter?”

Safe word. Right. Something for me to say if I couldn’t handle it. If I failed the test, so to speak. Suzanne persisted.

“What do you want for the safe word?”

“How about ‘Stop’?”

“Not very creative, but I guess it’ll work.”

Suzanne rose from the couch, wasting no time. In an instant, she was standing between me, still seated, and Karl, who was still standing. Facing me, her back to him, she walked slowly backward until she could go no further.

“You okay, my love?”

I swallowed hard, balıkesir escort but nodded.

“Then maybe we can advance.”

She turned her head back and reached up to coax Karl down for a kiss. A fairly innocent-looking kiss. At first. Breaking the kiss, she looked at me with a smile. A loving smile, I suppose, but with an edge I couldn’t quite describe.

“Okay, honey?”

I nodded just enough.

“Then maybe … a little … more,” and as she spoke the word more, she took Karl’s wrist in her delicate, slightly darker hand. And placed it gently. To her breast. No pause this time, she simply turned her head and opened her mouth with obvious intent, to which Karl responded. Appropriately. This kiss was noticeably less innocent than the previous one had been. And as they kissed, I saw Karl’s large hand wrap slowly around Suzanne’s clothed breast. Role-play my ass. It was an unmistakably sexual squeeze. She looked briefly at me. I guess it must have been something of a glazed look that she saw on her husband’s face. She knew. She knew that I wasn’t about to stop this, as she looked back at Karl and said,

“I’m not hearing any safe word, Karl. Do you want to continue?”

“Yes,” he croaked. This presumably experienced man. This swinger, or whatever he was, apparently something of a veteran of the whole open thing, had moved beyond role-play … it was clear. He wanted her. He wanted to take this as far as they could get away with. As did my loving wife.

And as I had to admit to myself, so did I.

I opened my mouth, and I wasn’t sure where the words were coming from. My lips seemed to be moving of their own accord.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel her more … directly?” I heard myself asking him.

“Why yes.” And he turned to her. “Would you like that, Suzanne?”

She didn’t answer. Not verbally. But with her eyes glued to mine, she began to unbutton the blouse. I returned her stare. And could almost hear my pulse. She took her time, but ultimately folded the blouse carefully and … and handed it to me. The thin baby blue bra didn’t really leave all that much to the imagination. Then she asked,

“Shall we continue? Or do you want us to stop now?”

I didn’t answer. And she obviously took that as my answer. Reaching around her back, she unclasped the bra. And as simply as if she were merely undressing by herself for a shower, she took the bra in her hands and there … there she was. She paused, giving me time to take in the sight.

Now Karl looked at me. It was such a gentle look. Benevolence, as he spoke.

“Would you mind if I …?”

It was not lost on me that the tone of the question was new. He was no longer asking my permission. Perhaps we had now left the testing for jealousy phase behind, and were now moving into new territory. Karl seemed to have tuned into the fact that perhaps this scene was having a different affect on me. I tried to answer honestly.

“Yes, I do mind. Karl.”

He stopped, frozen, and I was afraid he didn’t understand. I guessed I needed to help. To try to help him understand.

“I do mind. Do it, Karl.”

Suzanne’s eyes were closed now, as Karl’s hands proceeded to do it. First, with fingers dancing delicately over her, just briefly teasing the nipples. And as light touching moved to more blatant feeling, Suzanne’s eyes opened suddenly. She smiled at me, and it seemed to be an acknowledgment that she was being made love to, and part of her pleasure was her husband’s rapt attention. Looking up to Karl, she said,

“Do you suppose you could suck on them? Would you like to do that, Karl? I think we need to find out whether that would bother my husband.”

Again, I heard myself answering.

“Yes, it would bother me.”

Suzanne seemed to get it, saying to him,

“You heard the man, Karl.”

He seemed puzzled.

“So do it!”

Karl did it. And as he did, it was clear that we’d moved beyond role-play and that things were accelerating. Without asking anyone, Suzanne grabbed for Karl’s crotch, and I think it’s safe to say that this was done without first establishing consent. Not that it seemed to upset the man in question. She murmured her approval, but I couldn’t be sure whether that had to do with what her hand had discovered or whether it might be her reaction to what Karl was doing with her visibly aroused nipples. One way to settle the question was to ask.

“What have you found, Suzanne?” Her hand was still there. She turned to trabzon escort answer me, and it was clear she was getting thoroughly caught up in the scene.

“He’s so hard, Walter, I think he wants to fuck me.”

“That could very well be. Perhaps you need to get a better look at what you’ve found.”

Pulling away from his caresses, she kneeled on the floor and untied and removed the shoes. Next the belt. And then the zipper. Karl cooperated, stepping out of first one trouser leg, then the other. And still without any request for permission, she hooked her fingers on the elastic and down came the boxers.

It looked so marvelously lewd, pointing out horizontally, clearly well-suited to the activity that Suzanne had spoken of. So proud of her discovery, she looked at me with a grin of a sort that I don’t believe I’d ever seen. I stated what I thought was obvious.

“Well, don’t you think you ought to show him yours? I mean, it would only be fair.”

“What do you mean, Walter? What should I show him?”

I wasn’t sure that would be considered strictly a rhetorical question, since it was I who was to answer.

“Your pussy, Suzanne. Take off your panties and come sit here next to me so you can part your thighs and offer Karl your pretty pussy.”

“Is there room, Walter? It’s a small couch. I feel like I’ll want to spread my legs pretty wide for Karl, don’t you agree?”

“No problem, love. You can just drape one leg over my knees. Plus, that way I’ll get a good view. I want to see everything Karl does … with his gift.”

Without further delay, Suzanne did as suggested and soon was again by my side. She kissed me tenderly before lifting the hem to reveal the panties. Baby blue, of course. I knew Suzanne. She would have been mortified to have been seen by our friend in unmatched underwear. She lifted her ass and looked at me in a way that said, “Well?” and understanding, I pulled the panties down slowly until she was finally free of them. Finally, She gave me a big smile, as she draped her leg over mine and spread wide for our good friend. I liked the way Karl stood there staring so very appreciatively, before speaking.

“May I have a taste?”

Suzanne was ready with her answer.

“Oh, but ladies first.”

And with that, she opened her mouth and held it open. Understanding, Karl walked up to the edge of the couch. He would need a way to steady himself in order for my wife to get a nice good taste. I grasped his hand in mine and he was able to lean in and insert the impressive erection deep into the waiting mouth. Her lips closed around it immediately.

After what couldn’t have been more than a minute of sucking and licking, Suzanne released it and said simply,

“Your turn.”

He kneeled in front of her, and no longer needing my support, steadied himself using his hands on her chest as he leaned in. This way he was able to lick Suzanne’s beautiful pussy and fondle her breasts at the same time. He was good, waiting until she showed him that she was ready, before attending to that most sensitive spot. This she did by grasping his head firmly and guiding it up. To just the right place. With her leg still draped over mine, I was able to experience the first tremors. Then the shaking. All the way through to the final animal sounds that I loved to hear.

And then the words that I knew would come eventually.

“Please fuck me, Karl. Push it in and fuck me.”

Karl walked over to retrieve something from a pottery bowl on the bookshelf, while I, wanting them to have plenty of room, got up and moved to an adjacent armchair. And waited. For the magical moment. For the first time.

Now sheathed and ready, he returned to the couch, and while looking into Suzanne’s beautiful brown, wide open eyes, positioned her carefully, and then pushed slowly in, while I listened carefully. And was not disappointed. The gasp. The singular gasp of first fuck. Karl just held there for a few seconds, fully engulfed.

And just like that, as if perfectly timed, the door opened.

Hilde did not seem to be in a very good mood. Perhaps the date had not gone well. But then she saw. Saw her husband with his cock obviously deep inside my wife. She hesitated a few seconds, and then,

“Well I see some of us are having a fun evening.”

Looking me in the eye, she said then,

“But Walter, you don’t seem to have anyone to play with. My evening has not turned out as I’d planned. Might you be able to help me out?”

She looked over at Karl and Suzanne, who were now well underway, you might say. Hilde had managed to shed her clothes in record time and as she came to me, asked,

“But Walter, do you suppose there might be danger of your wife becoming jealous?”

Her pussy was already inches from my face. But I had my answer ready.

“Perhaps we can do an experiment.”