Back In Janie’s Life And…


Janie was on her hands and knees in Seth’s parent’s kitchen. She was topless and her skirt was hitched up over her back exposing her lush, sexy ass for Seth. Janie’s grunts of pleasure and the wet sounds of sex were the only sounds on this Saturday morning.

Seth was thrusting into Janie like his life depended on it. Janie was bucking her hips back to meet his thrusts. The two lovebirds had been together since graduating high school and were never apart. More often than not they were together like this.

Janie started to squeal in orgasm and Seth could feel her pussy clamping onto his cock as she came. The sensation was amazing and it never failed to trigger an orgasm of his own, but not this time. He kept fucking her hard while she orgasmed. He had one hand on her heavenly hips and the other grasping a massive boob.

Janie’s incredible boobs were the first thing that Seth had noticed about Janie and never failed to give him an erection. All Janie had to do was unclasp her bra and Seth would do whatever she asked of him. Her tits might have caught him, but it was her passionate love of life that kept him. He was also enamored by her smile and he could stare into her eyes for hours and often did just that.

“Oh fuck that was incredible!” Janie shouted, still shuddering from her orgasm. Seth pulled his cock out of Janie and moved around in front of her. It was covered in her juices. Janie knew what he wanted and opened her mouth swallowing his cock to the base. She was an expert at oral sex and there was nothing on earth that she would rather do than please Seth with her mouth. She loved the taste of his sperm and was almost addicted to sliding her lips up and down the length of his majestic cock.

She loved tasting herself on his cock as she sucked him off. She was starting to get all hot and bothered again. He interrupted her thoughts by shooting his first stream of cum into her mouth. Janie knew there would be at least 4 more to follow. He had an enormous amount of ejaculate and she loved that about him. A few seconds later she had devoured his entire load and they sat there panting and exhuasted.

“God I love you Seth.” She told him. “I love your cock as well lover!”

“Janie I promise you that I will always love you and find you attractive.” He replied.

“Seth?” She asked him as she buttoned up her blouse.

“Yes, that counts as one!” He replied with a smirk. “You have three more to go.”

A few weeks prior, Seth and Janie had made a bet. The bet was over who would get Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort accepted to the college of their choice first! Seth had won and his prize was 5 blowjobs whenever and wherever he wanted them! She had to accept his demand no matter what.

This one was a bit of a bonus as it also included sex in Seth’s parents house while they were upstairs asleep! The thought of maybe getting caught had really turned Janie on and she had been the one to attack Seth right on his kitchen floor. Seth was certainly not complaining.

The first one he demanded at a party in front of her closest friend Jessica. Janie had done her duty with a shocked Jessica looking on!

As the school year accelerated to a fever pitch with prom, graduation pictures, SATs, vacations and so on, Seth and Janie saw less and less of each other and actually grew apart. The two love birds were still boyfriend and girlfriend but by the time September rolled around, Seth was at Oregon State and Janie was at Harvard. She never really found out why he chose Oregon State as his college of choice. Maybe that was the only way he would win the bet!

The years passed and Seth became a martial arts instructor and author of all things. He had a few marriages but nothing worked out and he eventually found himself unhappy with life.

Janie on the other hand had married a wonderful man and had 3 daughters with him. She was very content with her life married to a doctor and was heavily involved with her church. From time to time she thought about Seth but she knew that he was in her past.

Seth’s thoughts were taking a darker turn. He was unable to find a date and his unhappiness was starting to take a toll on his income and writing. He knew that his inability to date was just because of his sour moods though.

He started to think and dream about the past and his thought turned to his busty Janie quite frequently. He dreamed of her incredible blowjobs and her wondrously large breasts! His thoughts then turned to his bet with her. It had never been fulfilled! He still had 3 left! Three world-class oral sex sessions whenever he wanted them.

He had found her online and knew where she lived. Would she follow through? Would she call the police? He wasn’t sure, but he was damned if he wasn’t going to find out.

The next day, Seth arranged to take a vacation. He was going to see Janie.

It was a Saturday morning and Janie was making cookies for church the next day in the event area. She had to run downstairs to the storage area to find some zip lock bags. The storage area was down a long hallway past the Sunday school rooms.

She was at the end of the hall when she heard a noise behind her and then a voice. “Uh…Janie is that you?”

Janie knew that sexy voice anywhere and spun around in shock! “Seth!” She shouted and ran to him. The embraced and started to kiss each other. Janie couldn’t believe what she was doing but she was unable to control herself. Tears streamed down her face.

“Oh god Seth I missed you!” She cried.

“It’s ok I’m here now.” He answered. “And I’m here to collect.”

“Collect?” She whispered. “Collect what? Not me! I can’t leave my husband; in fact you have to go. This is my church! Do you need money?”

Seth laughed. “I’m here to collect on our bet. You still owe me three more.” He told her.

Janie instantly knew what he was talking about. She also realized that he reeked of booze. This was not the Seth that she remembered and now she knew why. But she felt that old familiar stirring whenever he was near and well…she sure did owe him three more.

Her hands reached out and grabbed Seth’s and she pulled him into the bathroom shutting the door behind her. Her body was rebelling against her mind and she couldn’t control herself. This was wrong, wrong, wrong but she was unable to resist Seth. She never could resist him or keep her hands from him. Seeing him like this was just too much. All of her memories flooded back and with a tear still on her cheek she dropped to her knees in front of him.

Janie slowly unzipped his pants and pulled his tight jeans down until the delicious bulge in his briefs was just inches from her face. She placed a hand on either side of his thighs and pulled his underwear down teasing herself. She wanted so badly to see and touch his magnificent cock. It had been years. She wouldn’t rush this though. She had to make it last.

Finally, his cock sprang into view, so close that she could smell it. Janie opened her mouth and let her tongue slip out and circle the head of it. There was a tiny drop of pre-cum on the end that she lapped up and savored in her mouth.

Seth gently and lovingly placed his hands on his dream girl’s thick, dark hair. This was all the coaxing that Janie needed and slid her lips down his shaft. She was so happy to have his cock filling her mouth again. She had to show him how much she loved his cock.

With her tongue sliding on the underside of his cock, Janie worked Seth’s cock in and out of her mouth with the gentle technique of and expert. She softly started to massage his balls as she sucked him.

Seth had been waiting half his life to feel pleasure like this again. It was too much and he told her he was going to cum. Janie nodded that she had heard him and tightened her lips on his cock and started to suck him harder. She was rewarded with a flood of semen in her mouth. She had forgotten how much sperm Seth generated and was unable to swallow it all. His seed leaked out of her mouth and down her chin onto her tight, green blouse. It was ruined.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Janie are you in there?” A female voice asked. “I really have to use the bathroom when you’re done.”

“Uh…just a minute!” Janie grunted. “I’ll be right out. Uh…the repair man was just fixing the sink again.”

Seth stuffed his semi-hard cock back in his pants and fastened his jeans again. He helped Janie to her feet as she tried to clean up his cum from her shirt.

Janie opened the door, her face flushed red and a little out of breath. She had a big wet spot on her blouse and she was pulling a tall handsome guy out behind her. Donna had no idea what was going on but she liked the repair guy right away. She didn’t know the sink was ever broken in the first place.

“Hi, my name’s Donna. I’m the pastors sister.” She said holding out her hand to Seth.

“Hi Donna, Seth here, very pleased to meet you!” He replied.

Janie was thankful that he seemed a little more sober after her blowjob and she was very glad she had mint for him and her too! It wouldn’t be right to be in a church with cum breath! She laughed. This thought was hysterically funny to her.

Janie told Donna a story about Seth’s next appointment and that he had to run. Somehow they escaped Donna without her ever suspecting anything. Janie was also not lost on the fact that Seth had been eyeing Donna’s huge breasts and this was actually making her jealous!

Janie opened the door and gave Seth a quick peck on the check so that nobody would notice. As he walked down the path Seth turned and said. “You still owe me two more and don’t forget anytime I demand them.” He smiled and walked away.

Janie sat down on the doorstep. What was she going to do? Here she was married with three kids and heavily involved in her church and she is swallowing the semen of a boyfriend from twenty years ago? This was crazy.

She knew that if he came a calling again even if it was at the front door of her house with the family right inside, that she would never be able to deny him. Ever.

The End of Part 1

Sethp 2006