Zoraya’s Fantasy


Zoraya was beautifully built. She stood 5’2 with voluptuous breasts and a heart shaped ass. She was physically fit and took pride in how she looked overall. Her long reddish brown hair, and tempting light brown eyes just added to her beauty.

Zoraya had a man in her life, a hockey player, who loved and adored her but was gone most of the time. This didn’t bother Zoraya. Her lover was only a phone call away and when he got home the sex was like nothing she had ever experienced before. However, she did get lonely from time to time but that was ok. Her lover was worth her fidelity. However, she was bi and he knew this and he accepted it and told Zoraya to have fun with the girls while he was away but to call him and let him know the details. Zoraya would.

Zoraya met Tamara at a club. The dark haired, green eyed beauty was statuesque. Zoraya was most impressed with Tamara from the start. The two seemed to have alot in common, including the fact that they were both bisexual. Zoraya explained to Tamara that her lover was expected back tomorrow and she wanted to surprise him in a good way. Tamara was smiling and let her thoughts be known.

“Have you thought of maybe having a threesome with him?” Tamara asked.

Zoraya smiling, replied, “I have not only thought it but dreamt about it. I mean what to do and stuff but I have this great idea.”

Zoraya continued discussing her idea with Tamara.

“Ok, so you’re alright with it?” Zoraya asked Tamara.

“Oh yes I’m ok with it and then some, sweetness. Tomorrow night then?” Tamara half replied, half asked.

“Yes. Great, this will be so much fun.” Zoraya was elated.

Zoraya’s lover arrived. He looked so wonderful. She hugged and kissed him alot during the first hour he arrived. She noticed he was hard.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” She asked.

He gave her this look with a smirk and thought, “like I’m going to say no to those lips and that mouth.” He laughed to himself.

He unzipped his jeans and exposed his cock. Zoraya quickly got on her knees and went to work. Kadıköy Grup Escort She loved sucking his cock. Loved the taste of his cum and she desperately wanted to taste him. Sucking, then licking, then teasing the tip of his cock, she worked him over. Cupping his balls and then sucking on them too. He enjoyed the blowjob he was getting and placed his hand on her head and helped her with her task. She took his hardness deep within her mouth. It tickled but she continued. She was getting wet from sucking him off. She worked faster now as she felt his cock throb in her mouth and he was moaning and then all too suddenly, he shot his liquid into her mouth and down her throat. Licking her lips, she looked up at him and smiled.

“That was just the beginning of a great evening ahead.” She got up and made a phone call.

“So what did you do all the time I was on the road?” He asked.

“I met a woman named Tamara and she and I have become quite good friends.” Zoraya replied.

“Oh yeah? How good of friends are we talking here?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around her and nestled his face in her hair.

“Mmmmmmmm, well my love….” She didn’t finish. Instead she walked away down the hall to the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” He asked, then followed.

Zoraya motioned her lover over to the bed. He moved to her side. She asked him to undress and he did that too. She then asked him to lay down and so he did. Zoraya handcuffed her lover to the bed, making sure he is secured, she begins kissing his lips, gently nibbling on the bottom one. Zoraya works her way down to his nipples, sucking on each one, he moans a little. She continues even farther down his body and kisses his right thigh, noticing that he is hard again.

Zoraya gently bites his inner thigh, moving across his shaft, lightly touching him there, she comes to the inner left thigh and begins kissing, sucking, and nibbling. His shaft is throbbing and pre cum is dripping down his hardness.

Zoraya sees this and licks his shaft from the tip of his head to the bottom. Kadıköy Manken Escort She then starts to suck on his balls, going further down, she licks where he is most sensitive and grasps his shaft with a free hand and begins stroking him.

Suddenly, the door bursts open and in walks Tamara dressed in a corset and a garter but no panties. Tamara eyes both of them on the bed and smiles. Zoraya’s lover, handcuffed and hard, smiles.

Tamara sits on the bed by Zoraya and removes Zoraya’s clothing. Tamara then sucks on Zoraya’s breasts, in turns, while fingering her wet pussy. Zoraya’s lover lays back and Zoraya continues sucking his cock.

“Zoraya, I want to see you go down on her, please, I want it.” He begged her. “Show me how you please a woman, let me see you lick and suck her, please, I’m so hard for it, show me.”

Zoraya didn’t waste any time as she laid Tamara down and sucked on her nipples and worked her clit with he finger and her thumb. Tamara was moaning. Zoraya then kissed Tamara and then moved her tongue down Tamara’s body, feeling Tamara shiver beneath her, Zoraya found Tamara’s mound and caressed her there with her tongue. Feeling how Tamara was reacting, Zoraya inserted a couple of fingers within Tamara’s wet, wanting pussy. Tamara was moaning and arching her back, she wanted more Zoraya thought.

Zoraya looked over at her lover and decided to undo the cuffs. He was free and she wanted him to fuck Tamara.

Zoraya’s lover sat up on the bed, his back resting on the headboard. Zoraya guided Tamara to where she wanted her, on his cock. Tamara facing away from Zoraya’s lover, eased onto his cock. Leaning back, he spread her legs apart and fucked her and Zoraya was beaming as she licked Tamara’s swollen clit while her lover continued fucking Tamara. Zoraya continued licking until Tamara couldn’t take it anymore and came.

Zoraya took her lover in her mouth and sucked him off. He exploded in her mouth.

Zoraya was on all fours and Tamara came from behind licking Zoraya’s ass then her pussy. Tamara Kadıköy Masöz Escort was wearing a strapon. She looked over at Zoraya’s lover and asked, “Do you want me to fuck her good?”

He answered, “Yeah, fuck my baby good.”

With that Tamara inserted the dildo deep inside Zoraya.

“You’re pussy is so wet, it wants Tamara to fuck it. And fuck it I shall. You are so hot, scream for me.” Tamara slapped Zoraya’s ass.

Zoraya screamed, “Fuck me hard, fuck me hard.”

Tamara did. Slapping Zoraya’s ass, pulling her hair, fucking her wet pussy, while Zoraya’s lover watched. He was getting another erection and wanted to burry deep within Zoraya.

Tamara, seeing that he was getting hard, eased up and let him take over. He thrust into Zoraya with such a force, that she screamed and threw her head back. He pulled her hair while pumping her from behind. He never seen her act like this but he loved it. She was wild and horny and he was going to fuck her until her knees buckled.

He worked Zoraya’s clit. He fingered her ass. He spanked her. He yanked her hair.

“You like this, don’t you Zoraya?” He asked, still pumping his cock inside her.

Zoraya, wet, juices flowing, dripping down her thighs, replies to her lover, “Yes I love being fucked like this but only by you. I am yours. I want you to fuck me hard, rough, tonight I am your untamed lover. Tame me. Make me scream.”

Tamara watched them, rubbing herself. Zoraya’s lover saw this and he loved being watched while fucking his girlfriend. It added passion and excitement.

He inserted his cock into his Zoraya’s ass. It was tight but he took it easy at first, listening to Zoraya moaning.

“Fuck my ass, ram it hard.” Zoraya screamed.

He did. She met his pumps. He reached one of his hands around and rubbed her clit. It was swollen and so moist. Zoraya was so hot, so wet. He fucked her ass and was about to cum. He felt her ass tighten up as she screamed his name and her cum squirted from her pussy. He came inside her ass. He couldn’t believe she squirted. To him, it was the coolest thing. It was amazing. He reached around and held her, telling her he loved her like no other. Zoraya kissed him deeply. Then reached up and kissed Tamara.

Zoraya lay on the bed, exhausted, Tamara on one side of her, and her lover on the other. They all fell asleep.