Broken Breast Pump Ch. 02


The rest of the day Gina knew that a line was crossed and there was no going back. Her heart felt alive again knowing that Tom wanted her and that they made love. She felt a slight fear knowing her guard was down and that Tom ending it with her would destroy what she had built up since the divorce. Going forward with him was what she needed to do and she felt it was worth trying with him.

As the day wore on, she could feel his love seed escaping her sex and pooling in her panties while covering her love folds in a slimy mess. The wetness of his sperm in her panties was like a constant reminder of having sex with him every step and movement she made.

Gina knew she needed to clean herself but the wetness in her panties as it clung to her sex was only making her more excited from the erotic thrill of not tending to it. She felt the wet fabric against her clit and sex folds which was only adding to her desperate need to get off again as it reminded her that Tom orgasmed inside of her. His love juices were still inside of her which made her feel like she was being kinky by keeping it in her panties.

When she felt her pussy become so slippery and slimy it was like she kept reliving the sensation of Tom’s member claiming her honey hole for what it was meant for. The sensation and knowledge that her sex was dripping sperm kept the memory of knowing a man had taken her sexually and ejaculated inside her. She felt like it sparked a fire in her libido and she could not quell it with anything other than more sperm.

Near the end of the day she did not know if she should run to the bathroom or pull down her panties and rub her love button to a fiery finish. All she could think about was how it felt for a cock to explode deep in her and for her to have a man that wants her like that.

It was the end of the day that she finally had the time to handle matters and all she thought about was how Tom’s warm fertile seed was pumped into her. The thought of danger was there but she could not help but love how her body was almost forced to accept a man finishing inside of her. Like her body’s only purpose was to be for a man put his warm baby making cream into. That Tom wanted her and wanted her body in such a way that only lovers could understand. She knew that his need for her was exactly what she wanted as she felt her soul accept that a man wanted her like that.

Once in the bathroom, she finally pulled her panties down to see it was like she pissed herself her panties were so soaked, almost dripping. There was so much of his cum and she could faintly smell the musky aroma of his sperm. She pulled open her love folds only to feel more of his sperm was making its way out of her sex like there was a hidden reservoir of sperm that her body had held onto. The danger of what was happening was more than the fact she let Tom finish inside of her but of getting caught.

Gina felt the dormant urge of excitement back in her body like never before. Little lightning bolts of sexual energy sexual were flowing through her now, wanting more of Tom’s love. She knew she should feel guilty or at least be concerned that Tom unloaded a large load of semen in her, but she could not stop wanting it again.

She felt the guilt about the location only and not that it was Tom putting his seed in her. She just wanted to be thrown down, fucked hard and to be told it was her job to take his cum deep in her like a loving woman should. To have a willing and good man to make her be the object of his sexual satisfaction made her want him even more.

When the last bell sounded a horde of students rushing to get home made walking in the hallway like crossing a raging river. She stared at Tom as he ushered students out of his class. She wondered what to say to him and how she should approach him now.

When the hallway became clear enough Tom stepped inside her classroom. “I don’t know if that was the most amazing thing or the most dangerous thing,” he stated as she wanted to just kiss him and do it again.

Gina could see in his face that he was torn, but she also felt her heart beating fast. She wanted Tom to know that she liked him to the point of wanting a relationship but also felt scared that he could damage her so bad.

“Why?” she asked, fearing that he did not want to continue.

“We could have gotten caught.”

Gina breathed deep in relief as it was that problem and not that they made love or that they were kind of involved now. “Do you want to talk about it tonight at my house?”

She knew she was offering more than just a talk and hoped he did too. She felt the urgent need to be with him again and confess that she wanted him to be with her in a couple’s role more than just a sex fling one.

“I can’t tonight. I have too much work that needs to be done tonight. Can we do it tomorrow night?”

“Talk, or do you want to come over for dinner?” Gina asked, trying to gauge his interest.

“Anything you want. I would love dinner. I think we Casibom are past talking at this point though.”

“You want more of what we did to be something more?” Gina asked finally throwing herself out there in trying to find out what he wanted.

“I would love something more,” Tom answered smiling.

Gina moved in kissing him quickly on the lips before moving away knowing that there were teachers still in the building and getting caught was a real threat. Students in after school were still wandering about and that was a deep fear in her and the only reason why she did not offer herself to him again.

She let him leave and then texted him about last night asking about his relationships and what he wanted in one. Reading his texts about wanting a family only made her think that she was doing the right thing with the right person. The fear that he was just fooling around with her was not there as she felt that they were already in a somewhat committed relationship.

Gina held back admitting she came so hard and wanted it again badly. She also did not want to tell him that she enjoyed him sucking from her breasts more than normal women should or that she wanted him to just take her. She also did not want to tell him that she was wet thinking about him and that if he asked her to just come over for sex, she would let him and eagerly spread her legs for him. In her heart, she knew that she would not even say no or stop him from unloading another dose of possible pregnancy in her either.

The next morning Gina felt her breasts hurting more than normal. She was feeding Simon and noticed that when he was done that she was still full and needed to be pumped too. She figured it was the fact that Tom was draining her as well as her own child and her body was responding by producing more. The thought about letting her breasts produce more milk now came to her as it was an erotic thrill that Tom was nursing from her too.

Gina texted Tom asking if he was going to be early. She did not want to be so bold and tell him that her breasts had milk in them or that she wanted to fool around more. She just hoped he could understand her needs.

Driving in she thought about being in a relationship and how Tom would be. She felt her heart warm and then beat fast in excitement knowing Tom was seemingly perfect for her. She wanted to tell him she wanted a serious relationship, but also felt weird asking as if it should be him wanting it.

With a swipe of a card she was in the building and walking towards her classroom. Once she saw the light in Tom’s room on, she knew things were going to get sexual and fast. She stepped into his room first smiling. “Hey there.”

“I wanted to text you this morning, but I also wanted to ask you in person.”

Gina walked closer smiling and feeling the need in her sex moisten with anticipation of what was to come. The fullness in her chest was there as she knew she was going to need to change nursing pads after this.

“I want more than just a fling with you. I want to talk about progressing further.”

Gina could not help it and then moved in kissing him as she felt expressing herself with a kiss was more important then using words. It was what she wanted to hear and the speed he did it made it perfect for her. She thought it would be weeks, maybe a month before he wanted something serious and now it was the next day.

His tongue was against hers and she allowed her mouth to be explored by his tongue. His hands were on her hips and then moved to her chest. She felt her nipples harden with excitement and then the moistness in her sex get to the sensation of needed attention.

She could not take it anymore and needed to feel him inside of her and let him know she was ready for him. She turned around and lifted her skirt up to her waist. Her ass was now against his waist as she reached and slipped her blue panties down exposing her sex to him, offering her love tunnel to him too.

Tom quickly unbuckled his pants as Gina stared at him smiling. She was breathing hard already needing him inside of her quickly. “Fuck me. I need you to fuck me.”

Gina unbuttoned the top three buttons to her blouse exposing most of her breasts so they could spill out. She then pulled down her bra exposing her elongated dripping nipples as the excitement of what was to come made her feel like a broken faucet that was just leaking out her mommy milk. She then felt the tip of his member already rubbing against her sex entrance ready to penetrate her depths.

Tom wasted no time as she felt his male rod pierce into her like a spear. His swollen member filled her love sheath quickly as she felt the fullness of a man inside of her once again. All of the memories of the other days came to her in a flash again as her sex immediately responded by clamping around his girth like a vise in a fit of pleasure now that a penis was once again inserted in it.

She felt his hands grip her hips as his waist bumped against Casibom Giriş hers. She felt his manhood spear into her as her own sex spasmed again in sheer delight from the intrusion. The urgent need for him to take her was overwhelming as she wanted nothing more than to be a willing victim for his male sexual needs. All she could think about was a man she wanted to fuck her into submission and hopefully leave her with a hefty load of sperm right where it needed to be.

Tom was going faster and then faster; she pushed back against him urging him to go faster. She put her hands on the desk as she felt her breasts swaying wildly from the motions of their bodies. His thrusts were in rapid succession making her tits bounce off her body as if she was running bare breasted.

She felt her nipples leaking even more from the excitement in her pussy. The knowledge that her milky tits were out in the open and bouncing around while she was being fucked only made her feel taken. Her body was so exposed while he was taking her from behind that it made her sex muscles clench in ecstasy.

“Am I going too hard?” Tom uttered softly as he was breathing harder.

“Noooo….just keep going. Go as fast as you want,” Gina moaned out, wanting him to be forceful as she had a need to be weak and to be taken by him in a moment of sexual surrender.

The need to stop being a mommy resounded in her as she wanted to be taken by a man. She wanted him to be in control and to do as he wanted. The little bit of domination from being bent over a desk and being pounded made her sex feel like a fountain as it was so wet and already leaking.

She could feel his erection just pounding in and out of her now as he was not going slow and easy with her. The sensation of being taken sexually now came to her as did her pussy as it was clenching with yet another orgasm. She felt her sex close and spasm around his girth almost making his dick feel bigger as she orgasmed.

With his hands guiding and forcing her body to be taken the sound of their bodies slapping against each other filled the room. She had no idea how much milk she was leaking but knew it was a constant drip from both nipples now. Tom’s love rod was just sliding in and out of her wet sex hole like it was a sheath for his cock now.

When he pulled her hair back she felt her wet sex immediately collapsed around his member again. “OHHHHH, God YESSSS!” she moaned, feeling a big orgasm wash over her like the tide.

As Tom pushed his love stick through her clenching sex walls as she felt like her vaginal hole was too small for his cock, she knew her entrance was tightening up from her orgasm. When his manhood continued, she felt like her body was surrendering to him and she felt another orgasm already on the way.

She could not ever remember having so many orgasms so fast. She felt that she was finally being taken and fucked properly by a man who wanted her. No more was she in charge as Tom’s erection seemingly owned her wet, juicy peach now.

His hands went to her tits cupping them as Gina felt her pussy trying to expel his male intruder as another spasm of pleasure hit her. As she felt her pussy muscles try and push him out, the sensation of his cock being bigger hit her again as she could feel her sex trying to close up around his shaft. The fullness of his member pushing through her orgasm only made her want more of it.

He was grabbing her fat tits squeezing them as she saw the spray of milk shoot out all over the place. She felt powerless to his male member and his will to have her as a sex object now. The desire to give into anything he wanted was the only thing she could think about.

As his body pounded away she felt her ass absorb the blows from his hips and then wondered where he was going to ejaculate. Where was he going to cum? Her mind raced with options and dangers of where his dangerous creamy male seed would go. She knew that her body was fertile and that last time was playing with fire.

As she thought about where his sperm would go, she knew she wanted to surrender to him completely. The danger of having him decide and forcing her to accept the dangers of it made it even more erotic. His manhood was just gliding through her wet sex and she could feel his tip just nudging away near her cervix. The thought of danger was there but she could not stop wanting to give her entire body over to him.

As his hands squeezed more of her leaking fleshy globes the spray of her nurturing milk was almost like a water gun now. She could feel his rod going in and out of her like a machine as she could do nothing but take it as her white milk sprayed out on the desk and floor. She finally surrendered to the choice of allowing him to take her completely. “Cum anywhere you want.”

“Can I cum in you again?” Tom asked almost breaking the spell of being forced.

Gina knew she needed to get him back in the grove of taking her and not asking. “Anywhere…just don’t ask. Just Casibom Yeni Giriş tell me to take it…OHHH shit. Make me take it,” she moaned almost sounding like a porn star.

“Are you on birth control?” he asked as his body was still crashing against her as she felt his swollen erection going deep each time.

“Nooo. But I don’t care,” Gina moaned as she felt her willpower truly surrender to him and that there was a chance he could flood her womb with pregnancy. She also had a fear that he would pull out and that she would not be worthy of his baby making sperm.

The thrill of giving up sexually hit her as she felt her love cave collapse around his manhood. His body was not stopping though as she felt her sex just being pumped again and again with his erection. She secretly wanted to feel the sudden warm gush of male fluid in her so it could claim her womb. The act of being forced to accept his fertile seed only made her sex spasm even more.

“Anywhere?” Tom asked but in a slightly forceful tone as if he was not really asking.

“Ohhhh God….anywhere,” Gina cried out as she felt her legs getting weak.

Tom let go of her breasts and moved his hand to her hips again. His body was pounding against her hard as she felt his member spear deep into her almost nudging open her cervix. She knew deep own she was going to get a pussy full of his sperm now. She also felt her orgasm was waiting on it as if his spunk was the trigger to her pleasure.

“Ohhh…YESSSS,” Tom grunt as she then felt his girth push deep and hold it.

As his thrusts got shorter, they also got more forceful like he was trying to make sure his bloated knob was right where it needed to be. She felt a few pulses of his member as she knew it was the telltale sign a man was about to ejaculate in her. She reminded herself that she was being taken bareback and that his warm fertile sperm had a real shot of making her belly grow again.

“Oh, God….oh God…Ohhhhh God. I feel it,” Gina moaned as she felt she wanted to scream too. She knew that she was seconds away from feeling his creamy orgasm being pumped into her snatch.

Gina opened her mouth to moan but nothing came out. She finally felt his warm impregnating seed spray into her. “Ohhhhhhhh YESSSSSS,” she moaned, instantly knowing that she was getting Tom’s fertile nectar right at the opening of her cervix as he was deeply implanting a chance at life in her.

“Ohhh…God…I feel it…so warm….it’s so warm in me,” Gina moaned as her eyes closed from the intensity of what was happening. She wanted to look at his eyes to see that man that was giving her pleasure, but she felt her pussy just trying in vain to push out his erection with no luck.

As she felt her sex hole close down around his shaft trying to push it out, she also felt it trying to suction all his fertile sperm up into her reproductive system at the same time. Her orgasm was in full momentum as she felt her nipples spraying away from her body being in such a state of excitement.

The surrendering of her choice of telling him where to blow his load was more exciting than she expected. His warm creamy nectar seemed to be sucked up by her body as she felt a second spray deep in her. It was like her vaginal walls were massaging his shaft, coaxing out more of ahis swimmers to join the hunt for her nestled egg. There was no stopping it either as she knew his manhood was firmly planted in her sex like it was making sure the job was done.

“Ohhh God…Ohhhh God it’s so deep in me,” Gina moaned out, finally feeling her orgasm hit on overdrive as the sensation of his sperm was all she could feel inside of her.

Tom pulled out and then backed away quickly. “Are you mad?”

“Noo. I wanted you to take control,” she admitted and yet felt like her orgasm was not fully completed since he pulled out, making her feel like her pussy did not get the full dose.

“Oh. I didn’t know if I did something wrong,” Tom answered back as he was picking up his pants.

“Here let me,” Gina said as she reached into her bag to grab seem wipes. She also did not want to tell him that she came so hard from him finishing that she was thinking she could go down on him to taste his cum too.

As she pulled out the small package of wipes, she looked at him, still feeling the euphoric effects of having him flood her sex with sperm. “I like it when you are a little controlling.”

Gina leaned down to wipe herself and then noticed that her nipples were still dripping steadily. She got up quickly and looked at him. “Do you mind?”

“Oh sure,” Tom replied and leaned in.

She felt his mouth latch right onto her nipples and begin draining her. The soothing sensation of being nursed came to her as did the sensation that her milk was being released. She felt his lips form a perfect suction as he pulled her milk right from her breasts.

“Ohhhh that’s it,” Gina cooed as she felt her milk being sucked out by him.

Tom continued sucking as she felt the pressure finally subside. Tom switched to the other nipple and did the same. She felt the pressure realizing she could feel his lips sucking and sucking that she knew he was drinking her motherly milk right from the source.