Jack and Lana


“Later years at the lake,” is a continuation of “Brother, and Sister at the lake.”



Jack and Lana Thompson – Parents

Bobby and Allison Thompson – Kids

Aaron, and Molly Springer – Parents

Jordan, and Glenda Springer – Kids

Sam, and Sue Jennings – Parents

Tommy, and Sherry Jennings – Kids

Carson, and Becky Jackson – Parents

Donny, and Terry Jackson – Kids

This story, is strictly fiction. Any similarity between persons, living and dead is strictly coincidence. If you like it, or if you don’t, please vote. The author would appreciate it. All characters are at least 18 years old.

This is a continuation of “Brother, and Sister, at the lake.”

Several years have gone by, and the kids have grown into young adults. A bit of background, should bring everything into perspective.


. My name is Jack Thompson, and my wife’s name is Lana. Along with our two children, Robert (Bobby), and Allison, we all share an idyllic lifestyle. You see. We’re all nudists. Our home on the lake, is remote enough, to allow us this freedom.

We had moved from the place near Hwy. 155, after we lost Mom. It was just too painful, for the rest of us to stay there. The place we bought, is still on the lake, but, quite remote.

My wife Lana, is my sister. When we had children, and after they grew out of diapers, we allowed them to run around, as naked as we were.

We had admonished them, not to talk about our nude life style, and told them why. As the kids grew older, neither Lana, nor I tried to hide the fact that we had sex frequently, with each other. Both kids had grown up with a healthy sexual attitude.

There was a morning that I had woken early, and lay in bed thinking . . . When we were still living at home, Sis, and me, both ran around the house, in very little clothes. Actually, Lana was always teasing me, just to see me get a hard-on. I hadn’t known this until later, when she laughingly told me.

Years later, we had both gone to college, left home, and were on our own. Lana, had broken up with her boyfriend, and the company she was working for, had “Downsized,” and left her without a job.

I took her to the lake with me, where we became lovers, and had been very happy together ever since. We decided we wanted kids, and it wasn’t long until the twins graced us with their presence.

Since Lana, and I both worked at home, using our computers, both of us had some free time. We both liked the youngsters our kids were friends with, and since I had that free time I started driving a school bus. It didn’t pay a lot, but then I didn’t have much to do, and besides, I really enjoyed being around the kids.

At the time of this story, it was our kid’s senior year of high school, and they were all over the age of 18.

One week, our kids, Bobby, and Allison, came to me, and said they had been invited to stay the weekend with two of their school friends, Glenda, and Jordan Springer, and could they please do that.

I asked Lana what she thought. Lana said she didn’t see a problem. We called the folks of the other youngsters, and their folks assured us they would be glad to have our kids.

Come Friday afternoon, when I dropped their friends off, I dropped our kids off as well. I told them I would see them all Monday morning for school.

I got home, and told Lana, “All right, we’re footloose, and fancy free, this weekend . . . any ideas?”

“Well, let’s see.” Lana said, “How about you take me into town, and feed me, then let’s take in a movie.”

” When we get back here, let’s get naked, like we usually do, and go skinny dipping in the lake, and we both try to fuck each other’s brains out.”

“Lana, girl, I do like the way you think. How about, the rest of the weekend?”

“Oh, we’ll think of something.”

That “weekend” turned into a fuck fest I would not soon forget.

Come Monday, I picked all the kids up for school, and that afternoon, delivered them all back to their homes. I noticed, as we were going home, our kids seemed to be quite happy. Allison’s eyes were very bright, and she kept glancing at her brother.

When we got home, Lana had our supper ready. We all sat down at the table, and Lana asked them. “Did you kids have a good time this weekend?”

Allison, it seemed, couldn’t wait to tell her mother, “Oh mom, yes. They have a big pond on their farm, and we all went swimming.”

Lana raised her eyebrows. “Oh… uh, I didn’t think you kids took bathing suits with you.”

Allison glanced at her mom, and said, “Um . . . well, we didn’t, um . . . actually, we were skinny dipping.”

“Mom, they’re just like us. They, both like, being naked as much as we do.”

Lana, and I knew that our kids had become sexually active with each other, and we were both comfortable with it. What really concerned us, was the other couple.

Lana asked, before I could, “You fucked each other, didn’t you?”

Our istanbul escort kids didn’t know what the word “lie” meant.

Bobby spoke up, and very calmly said, “Yes we did mom.”

I said, “It may be a little late to say this, but I hope the other girl was protected.”

Allison: “She is dad. She told me she had been on the “pill” since she was 15. ” Glenda told me their folks are as cool as you, and mom are, about nudity.”

“Oh, by the way, Glenda, and Jordan told Bobby, and I, that there were two other couples in our class, that are just like them. Bobby, and I would like to have them all over here one weekend. We want you two to host it, and take us out on the barge, for a skinny dippin weekend.”

Before I thought, I said, “I’m not sure I can handle seeing all that much young pussy.”

Lana’s comment was, “I’m not sure I can stand seeing all those hard dicks.” She clapped her hands over her mouth, got red in the face, and said, “I don’t believe I said that.”

Our kids were roaring with laughter. Lana, and I saw the mirth, and joined them, with our laughter.

Finally, I said, “All right kids, invite your friends, and we’ll do it.”

The next Monday night, Lana, and I attended a PTA meeting. As we were leaving, a woman came up to us and said, “Aren’t you Bobby, and Allison Thompson’s parents.”

“Yes, we are.”

“I’m Molly Springer, and I want to tell you, it was a definite pleasure having your kids over this last weekend.”

Lana said, “Well, thanks Molly, I hope they behaved themselves.”

“They sure did.”

I said, “Well, our kids came home from the weekend with a lot to tell us. They said you, and your husband knew about their “Naked” weekend.

“Yes, we did. Let me give you a bit of background about Aaron, my husband, and I. Several years ago, when I was about the same age my daughter is now, Aaron asked me over to their farm, to go fishing. We knew each other from school, and had dated some. It got more serious when Aaron kissed me on one of our dates.”

“We were fishing, when the breeze died, and it got really hot. I was fanning myself, by flopping my blouse up, and down, when Aaron said, “Let’s go skinny dippin.”

I looked at him, and said, “Why not.” We could hardly wait to get out of our clothes, and into that pond. That cool water was wonderful. Aaron swam up to me, took me in his arms, and kissed me. Here I was, a young 18 years old, and had never been kissed, but once, and this one sure wasn’t like the other one. I didn’t know what to think.

“We got out of the water, and laid down under a big shade tree, and Aaron started kissing me again. The fact that we were naked didn’t bother me much. I had been raised with a bunch of brother’s, and at one time or another, had seen all of them naked.”

“The kissing though, was making my head spin. The next thing I knew, Aaron took my virginity, and asked me to marry him. It might have been very quick, but I accepted wholeheartedly. It wasn’t long before I became pregnant with our children. Aaron is a wonderful husband, and I’ve never regretted for one moment, being his wife.”

“As our kid’s have grown up, we never tried to restrict, what we considered, a healthy, naked relationship among all of us.”

Lana, and I were spellbound, listening to Molly tell her story.

Lana said, “Thanks for sharing Molly. Jack, and I both feel the same way. Incidentally, the kids have asked Jack, and me to host a naked encounter, with not only your kids, but two other couples as well. We understand that they live close to you. Do you know anything about these other two couples?”

“Yes, I do. They’ve been to our place on many occasions. Aaron, and I are well aware that they all go skinny dipping together. We know their folks, and they are good people.”

The specified weekend came, and all the kids were dropped off at our house. One of the girls, who we didn’t know very well, came to Lana, and I, and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, my name is Sherry Jennings, and this is my cousin Tommy. We know you don’t know us very well, but we want to thank you for having us this weekend.” The other couple, introduced themselves as Donny, and Terry Jackson, and echoed their thanks.

Lana got a twinkle in her eye, and said, “Well kids, Jack, and I are going to host your naked weekend. We are all going out on our barge, to a special place we know, and you kids can skinny dip to your heart’s content.”

“Oh . . . Jack, and I intend to join in as well. I hope that’s not a problem.”

The kids all spoke up, and said, “No that would be great.”

Later, I heard Amanda tell her friends, “See, I told you I had the coolest parents around.”

As we got out on the lake, I noticed all of the kids lost their clothes, and began sun bathing, so, Lana, and I lost ours as well.

I heard one of the boys tell Bobby, “Man, your folks are the coolest. I hope you don’t mind my saying so, but your mom’s making my dick get hard.” Bobby said, “No, I don’t mind. izmir escort Between my sister, and my mom, I think I stay with a hard-on most of the time.”

We got to a quiet cove I knew of, and I tied the barge off. “OK kids, we can swim here . . . or whatever.” All of us got into the water. It wasn’t long before the kids were all kissing, and fondling each other.

Lana eased up to me, and said, “Kids, or no kids, I want your cock in my pussy . . . NOW.”


I was pounding Lana’s pussy, when I heard Sherry say to Allison. “Look Allison. Your folks are screwing.” Allison giggled, and said, “Oh yes, they do that all the time.”

It wasn’t long, until it was obvious, that all of the kids were fucking each other.

Finally, Lana got out, and started fixing lunch. The kids started climbing out, one by one, to eat.

I noticed all of the boys still had hard-on’s, and the girls all had that “fresh fucked look” about them, and it made my dick get hard. I glanced at Lana, and noticed she was looking at all those hard cock’s, and seemed very flustered.

After lunch, we all dozed for a while, to let our meal settle. Suddenly, Glenda’s brother Jordan jumped up, and said, “I’m for swimming again, and jumped in the water. The others all quickly followed. The kids all switched partners, and were fuckin like bunnies again.

“Come on Jack. Those kids are making me horny again. I need a good screwin.”

This time, I laid Lana down on the deck of the barge, and very quickly slipped a hard cock, into her wet pussy. I was slowly stroking, in, and out of her, when I realized it had gotten quiet. I glanced over, to see all the kids intently watching.

“I hope you don’t mind an audience sugar, but it seems we’re putting on a show for the kids.”

“We are?”


“Oh god, oh god . . . Jack, I’m cumming… OHHHHHHH, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!

That’s all it took for me, and I launched spurt, after spurt of cum in her delightful cunt.

We laid there for a while, to recover, and the kids all started clapping. One of the girls, Sherry, spoke, and said, “That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

We stayed there all afternoon, with all of us either swimming, or sunning or fucking. The atmosphere became even more relaxed. Lana, and I both enjoyed watching all of those kids interact with each other. Late that afternoon, we headed back to our home. The kids all seemed to be wiped out, and just cuddled one another.

When we got back home, Lana, and I fixed supper for our naked crew. With supper over, and the kitchen cleaned up, Allison came to us, and said, “Can we all sleep out on our back porch tonight?”

I looked at Lana, and shrugged my shoulders. Lana said, “Well, I don’t see why not. Have all you kids got sleeping bags?”

“Yes mom, we do. Thanks.”

The back porch was screened in, so I figured the kids wouldn’t be bothered by bugs.

“Not TOO late guys,” Lana admonished them.

Lana, and I headed to our bedroom. I said, “You know those kids are going to swap partners again, and fuck each other silly, don’t you.”

What Lana said, next, was certainly “Food for thought.”

“Jack, those kids have all been raised in a relaxed sexual atmosphere, and I believe they are all more mature than a lot of other kids their age. You know how we were, when we were that age. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I would certainly rather it be here, where we get to know what’s going on, than in the back seat of a car, with some kid, whose hormones are out of control.

Jack, I’m horny. Will you please fuck my pussy.”

That wasn’t hard for me to do at all. I laid her down, on our bed, and she spread her legs. I immediately began to lick her pussy.


I did, until she pushed me away.

” Jack, that’s enough. I want your hard cock in my pussy… NOW!!!”

With us being sexually stimulated all day, neither of us lasted very long. “I’m gonna cum Lana,” I said, and started flooding her pussy.”


Unbeknown to us, the kids outside heard us. Allison giggled, snuggled closer to her brother, and said, “They’re at it again Bobby.”

Early Sunday morning, I got up to make Lana, and I some coffee. I looked out on the back porch, to see all of the kids dead to the world, and snuggled together, spooning each other. I went and got Lana, and took her to the door. I put my finger to my lips for silence, and pointed out on the porch. She looked, and just shook her head.

Lana started fixing breakfast, and one by one, the kids came inside. They all seemed to still be sleepy, and didn’t say much. After breakfast, they all drifted back outside, and laid down on the porch. In minutes, they were all asleep again.

Lana looked at me, and with a glint in her eye, she said, “Well, I guess all that suckin, an fuckin yesterday, wore that bunch out.”

“Looks that way.” I said.

“Lana, we better izmit escort put clothes on. Their folks will be picking them up this afternoon, so maybe for propriety’s sake, we better get dressed.”

Shortly after noon, the parents began to show up, to get their kids.

One of the dads, Sam Jennings, wandered to the door, and saw all the kids, still crapped out. He motioned his wife, Sue over. “Sugar, look at this.” His wife stepped over. and said, “Well now, that is a site. “

All the other parents went to look as well. Another father, Carson Jackson, looked at me, and said, “Boy, you all DID have a naked weekend, didn’t you?”

I laughed, and said, “Well… yes, to say the least, it WAS an interesting weekend. The kids all seemed to have a good time, and my wife and I certainly enjoyed having them.”

The kids heard us, and began to wake up, and started gathering their things. Becky Jackson said, to her two, “Don’t worry about getting dressed kids. We’ll be in the car, and are just going home,” The other parents echoed her, so a very naked group of kids trooped out to the respective cars of their folks, and got in.

The parents all turned to us to say how much they appreciated us having their kids over for the weekend.

Molly Springer spoke up, saying “Look, we all need to get together at our place, and go skinny dipping in our pond. Aaron, and I have had these other parents over, but we would love to have you two over, so we can all get better acquainted.”

Lana: ” I hoped you would ask that. Jack, and I would be delighted. Just name the time.”

Molly squealed, and said, “Oh yes. I can’t wait for all of us to get naked, and in our pond.” that afternoon.”

Lana raised an eyebrow, and asked, “All of you are not into “wife swapping” are you.?”

Molly grinned, and said, “Well, guess maybe, you could say that we are swingers, yes, but wife swapping, no.

When this all started, we all agreed that we didn’t mind at all seeing each other naked. I guess, we made our own small nudist association.

Our kids tell us, that your kids have told them that you, and your husband like to be without clothes as much as we do. We all decided to invite you into our group. We felt like you guys were the kind of people, we all wanted to know better.

Lana grinned and said, “I think that’ll work just fine. Jack, and I made the comment, before we hosted this weekend, that we both liked seeing naked pussies, and hard cocks.”

Lana’s comment brought laughter from everyone.

Later, after everyone had left, I asked Lana, “Well sugar, are you ready for this naked outing?”

“Well… I’m still going to give it some thought, but, yes, I think I am. By the time the weekend is decided, I think I’ll be more than ready. Actually, the thing about not swapping partners, pretty well decided me. I have no desire to see my husband fuck another woman, and I defiantly don’t want to fuck another man.”

Her words pretty well mirrored my thoughts as well.

Finally, a weekend, that was compatible to all of us, was settled on. All of the kids were going to a school function, for the weekend. They went, in one of the larger school buses, so I didn’t have to go, and drive.

We had all been invited to meet at Molly, and Aaron’s place, about noon, on Saturday. When we all had arrived, Molly said, “I’ve got lunch ready here, why don’t we all eat first, and then go to the pond?”

As we were eating, we got better acquainted with all the others. What they did, for jobs, when they all were not skinny dipping in their neighbors pond.

Their remarks reassured Lana, and I, that they all were a normal bunch of folks, with children, who had gotten together, and found, they all liked to be naked, and go swimming, together. Living close to each other had helped as well.

When lunch was over, Molly said, “OK everyone, lets all get naked, and go swimming.”

Sue Jennings said, “Oh goody, I’ve been waiting for this all morning.”

Clothes started coming off, and we all headed to their pond.

With all this beautiful naked female flesh, my dick got hard. I couldn’t figure out where to look next. It bothered me for a bit, because I observed that none of the other men were hard, but no one seemed to take any notice.

We all got in the water, where we were about shoulder deep. The cool water really felt good. I thought, “Good, maybe my erection will go down.” That was OK, until Lana snuggled up to me, and put her hand on my hard cock, and began to squeeze.

She whispered “I see, you are at full mast, with all the tits, and pussies on display.”

“You got it, I was the same way, when all the kids stripped off too.”

“I know. My tits are hard as rocks, and my nipples are really sticking out. I don’t think I can take much more of this, before you fuck me good.”

I put my hands on the cheeks of her sexy bottom, and pulled her to me. I glanced over at one of the other couples. to see one of the girls jump up slightly. Obviously, she and her husband had just coupled. There seemed to be a silent command in the air to, “Let the games begin.”

I picked Lana up, and impaled her, on my hard cock. As she slipped down, and I was finally balls deep in her delightful pussy, she sighed, and said, “Oh god yes Jack. That feels just wonderful.”

Dry Cleaning

Bobbi Starr


Here I go, once again stuck running errands, “Run to the drug store for me, and can you cash a check? Oh, and by the way, I need you to pick up the cleaning. Here’s the ticket, it’s already paid for and if they try and charge you extra for stains, tell them I had them check it for stains…” Her voice kind of faded after that

Yeah, I was listening but damn, I got what I needed, 1.) drug store, 2.) bank to cash a check and 3.) cleaners. She continued on for what seemed like fifteen minutes or so and I kind of listened, at least enough to know that I had three stops to make. Anyway, I finally got out of there and started the roundabout trip, first to the drug store where I dropped off a couple of prescriptions that needed filling, then I headed to the bank, where I pulled into the drive through to cash a check.

When I finally got the money back from the bank teller, and confirmed I didn’t need anything else, thank you, I closed my window and pulled out heading for the cleaners. Glancing at my watch I saw it was three thirty, “Damn, wasting half my day to do her errands,” I moaned, trying not to remind myself that I had absolutely nothing else to do, so I might as altıparmak escort well have run the errands.

“Face if Dave, your life is over,” I mumbled to myself. I’m not too far off from being that old guy who follows his wife around in the stores and the mall carrying her purse for her. Each time when my wife sees that and says, “Awww, isn’t that so sweet.” I long to wail out, “You poor son of a bitch.”

“Yeah, that will be me in a few years,” I mumbled as I pulled up to the cleaners. There was simply no part of my life I could call my own anymore. I grabbed the claim ticket, climbed out of my car and walked up to the door. I didn’t see anyone inside, but pushed on the door anyway. It was locked. Glancing at the sign I saw it should have been open, at least until five o’clock. I pulled on the door, then pushed on it and, well, it was locked.

Wondering what four kinds of hell I’ll catch for not picking up the clothes on time (like I was supposed to know they were closing early and run this particular errand first, even though it was number three on my list). Okay, okay, I made myself focus. Thinking perhaps someone was in the back bursa anal yapan escort who might be able to open up long enough to pick up the cleaning, I peeked through the glass looking into the back half of the cleaners.

All I could see was a bunch of equipment and a few empty aisles, I moved a bit further down the wall and looked in again, seeing basically the same thing, until, wait a minute, yeah, there, an open door and what? I stood still, looking harder and realized I was actually looked at the fitting room door, or actually a mirror hanging from the fitting room door and in that mirror I saw two women.

I was about to bang on the window to get their attention when I noticed these women were naked. Yes, two naked women were facing each other. I quickly pinched myself and looked harder. One woman was tall, with long blond hair, large breasts and wide curvy hips. Her pubic hair was very light, almost invisible from where I was. The shorter woman was Hispanic with small breasts and dark nipples that seemed huge. Her hair was short and curly, as was her pubic hair.

I watched as the tall woman pulled up a chair, bursa bayan escort placed one leg on it and then pushed the shorter one onto her knees. Her head moved between the woman’s and began to move slowly up and down. As she continued, I could see the tall woman’s hands running through her black hair as she pulled the woman against her.

Then she began moving her hips back and forth as she ground herself the smaller woman, her face contorting in pleasure. I could see as she suddenly relaxed, in obvious ecstasy. I remained glued to the window figuring she would reciprocate, but instead she immediately started getting dressed. The short Hispanic woman moved back a bit to where I couldn’t see her, but after a while I saw the tall woman gesture in a direction behind her. The short woman, now dressed slowly began walking.

Their reflection in the mirror disappeared, but then I could see them moving between the machinery to a small door in the back. The tall woman opened the door and pushed the shorter one through it. The door closed and I waited, wondering if they might come back in. I heard a door slam from somewhere behind the building, so I walked to the edge of the building to take a look. A small pickup truck with a camper back drove by. The tall blonde woman was driving and through the windows in the back I could see five or six people.

As the truck pulled out onto the street, it turned right and headed off. All I could do was take the cleaning ticket back to my car and head on home.