The Writer’s Secret Ch. 11-12


Synopsis: Loren had no idea what he was getting into when his agent suggested he write transvestite fiction. Nor did he realize how eagerly his wife Stephanie would embrace the idea of feminizing her husband. How far would they go?


Chapter 11: Pierced

Over the next two days, Loren got used to life as a sexy maid to a woman of whim. Stephanie got used to having a servant. In fact, she was enjoying this more than ever. Anything she wanted, Loren did without question. Any time she wanted to feel powerful, she gave him orders she knew he wouldn’t want to do or she made him risk being exposed to the neighbors. It felt incredible having that much power over her husband. And best of all, he seemed to love it as much as she did.

On the third day, she decided it was time for the next step in his feminization. At first, she wasn’t sure she wanted to take this step. It seemed a little permanent. And even though Loren had technically given her the power to do whatever she wanted to him, she still wasn’t sure how far she should push things. But then, she was also too excited to stop. Indeed, the thrill of further feminizing Loren was just too much to resist and she actually found herself fingering herself as she considered it. So it was time to take Loren back to the mall.

Stephanie walked into the kitchen where Loren was putting away the dishes. She wore gray slacks, black flats, and a creamy-white sweater. She twirled the car keys in her hand. Loren wore the black maid’s uniform with the red mules. These didn’t normally go with the uniform, but he hadn’t been properly “servile” at breakfast, so she made him wear the mules as punishment because she knew they were incredibly uncomfortable for him. Plus, she loved the way he tottered around on them.

He curtseyed when she entered the room.

“Go to the bedroom and change your clothes. I’ve laid everything out for you. Then meet me in the living room.”

Loren made his way to the bedroom. On the bed, Loren found the tan suit and jacket, the white blouse, tan pantyhose, and a pair of Stephanie’s taupe pumps with a one inch, square heel. He changed into the outfit and went to meet her. Overall, the effect was surprisingly feminine, especially as Stephanie had continued to “clean up” his eyebrows into a delicate arch and had curled his hair even more. All in all, he looked like a woman, except for one glaring defect.

“You might want to put on some panties,” Stephanie said.

“There weren’t any on the bed.”

Stephanie started to reprimand him for not thinking, but then it struck her this was a sign of her growing power. She had forgotten to include panties, so he went without. He didn’t try to add any and he didn’t question her, he just went without. She smiled. “Go put on your girdle.”

Loren winced. He hated wearing the girdle because it crushed his testicles and squeezed his penis uncomfortably against his body. “Do I have to?”

Stephanie laughed. “You tell me, Loren?” She rubbed his erection, which made his skirt stand straight out.

He looked down at the bulge in his skirt. “Yeah, I guess so.”

When Loren got into the car, he had no idea they were headed back to the mall, but he soon realized that was their destination. After his terrifying and humiliating walk back through the mall after Stephanie told him that people could spot him because he looked like a man, he had no desire to ever go back. But Stephanie gave him no choice, and she did assure him he could pass this time because he looked “ordinary.” In other words, in the conservative tan suit and the low-heeled beige pumps, few people would give him a second look and what they would see with the first impression would be feminine enough not to arouse suspicions. Hence, his fears were allayed. And as they walked through the mall and people seemed to pass them by without incident, he even began to gain confidence that no one would spot him.

As before, they needed to walk through almost the entire mall to reach their destination. Stephanie did this intentionally because she wanted Loren to spend as much time as possible in public to get used to it.

“There it is,” Stephanie said, pointing toward a small booth where a teenage girl was selling earrings. The booth was about twenty feet away and Loren almost collapsed when he realized what Stephanie had in mind.

“I can’t do this!”

“Sure you can! Teenage girls do it all the time, honey. Even boys do it now.”

“No! I won’t do it. I don’t want anything permanent. Getting my ears pierced is permanent.”

“I gave you my conditions and you agreed. Are you trying to back out now?”

“I might!”

She raised an eyebrow and smirked at him. “Really?!”

“Yes, really,” he said. Traces of panic could be heard in his voice.

“You’re ready to give up all this fun? Ready to give up the heels and the skirts?”

Loren nodded his head. He was breathing hard.

Stephanie scowled. “So you’re fine being a sissy, just so long as we don’t pierce your ears, is that it?” she said loudly enough that the girl at the booth looked their Bahis Sitesi way.

“Please keep your voice down!” he whispered.

Stephanie placed her hands on her hips. “Why? You don’t want me telling the world my husband is a sissy?!” she said even louder.

“Stop it!”

“Don’t you tell me what to do!”

“Don’t do this, please.”

“Loren, you’ve spent the past week prancing around the house like a fairy princess in women’s clothes and women’s shoes, acting like a total sissy. You could have stopped at any time, but you didn’t because you love it. In fact, you’ve all but begged me to feminize you, to control you, and to humiliate you. Well this is the price of that, sister. If you want that to continue, then it’s going to continue on my terms—”

“But I don’t want my ears pierced!”

“I’m not going to play this game, Loren, where you act like I’m in charge until I try to make a decision. If you want this to continue, then you better learn right now to submit to me.”

“Fine,” he said quickly and nervously. He glanced around to see if anyone heard her.

Stephanie shook her head and kicked her heel against the floor. “No. You’re not going to humor me and then later pretend this didn’t happen. It’s time you made a decision.” She folded her arms. “It’s your choice. You can go back to being Loren, an average man whose wife knows his little secret, a secret he’s afraid of, or you can step out into the light and be my Laura. But this is the last time I ask. It’s all or nothing from hereon out.” She looked at her watch. “I’m going to get a new pair of earrings. I’ll give you a minute to decide.” She walked over to the booth.

Loren stared at his wife. He honestly didn’t know what to say. On the one hand, he was enjoying this incredibly despite himself and he didn’t want it to end. Also, the idea that he would never again get to wear heels or skirts or makeup strangely bothered him a lot. On the other hand, he didn’t know if he could truly bring himself to submit to his wife. His masculine ego kept fighting him every time he tried. It also worried him that he didn’t know what she was thinking. If she was willing to pierce his ears, what else would she do to him which could never be undone? How far would she push this? Would she expose him to their friends? The prospect terrified him. . . yet, it excited him too.

Loren suddenly realized he’d been standing there for a long time, though he didn’t know how long — he had no watch. If he was going to say yes, then he needed to do it now, otherwise Stephanie would take his answer as a no and his walk back to the car would be the last steps he’d ever take in a skirt. But did he want to say yes? What would he do? He walked over to Stephanie who was chatting with the girl behind the booth. He still didn’t know what he would say.

“I. . . can I speak to you,” he asked his wife.

“Go ahead.”

“I mean alone.”

Stephanie shook her head. “No, if you have something to say, Jennifer can hear it too.”

Loren shuddered. He took a deep breath. “I want to continue.”

Stephanie threw her arms around Loren, kissing him on the lips. “You won’t regret this, Laura!” She turned to Jennifer who looked stunned by Stephanie’s embrace of the other woman. “Jennifer, meet my husband Loren. He wants his ears pierced.”

Chapter 12: Laura Gets Caught

Stephanie had left for work a few minutes before. Her week-long vacation was over. Loren finished cleaning the kitchen and went to put away some dishes in the china cabinet in the living room. Loren still wore the red maid’s dress Stephanie told him to wear today. He considered changing out of the maid’s dress before he started the housework, because it was impractical and not all that comfortable, but he hadn’t. If he was being truthful with himself, he was coming to like feeling “dominated” by Stephanie. Indeed, feeling submissive was giving him an unexpected thrill. And wearing the ridiculous maid’s dress even when no one was watching made him feel very submissive. He did, however, change out of the four-inch heels Stephanie wanted him to wear with the dress and into a pair of basic low-heeled black pumps. The heels were just a little too uncomfortable to wear all day and, he told himself, he could feel just as “dominated” in low-heeled pumps.

After Loren finished replacing the dishes, he planned to go upstairs and jerk himself off. He needed it. Except for the one night and the incident at the store, Stephanie had denied him release all week and the pressure was killing him. In fact, he was so ready to explode he constantly leaked pre-cum all week. And with Stephanie having no way to watch him or know if he did it, he intended to get some of the release he craved.

Suddenly, he heard the doorbell.

Loren froze. He hadn’t thought about what he would do if someone came to the door. With Stephanie home, he could have hidden while she took care of whoever it was. But being alone, he couldn’t do that. If he had been dressed more “ordinary,” as Stephanie called it when he was dressed as a normal woman rather Bahis Siteleri than a maid or school girl fantasy, then he could have chanced it, assuming it was just a deliveryman and not a neighbor. But seeing as how he was wearing the maid costume, there was no way he could open the door. He couldn’t quietly slip away either. Any attempt to leave the living room would expose him through their front window unless he went through the front hallway. But the front door had a glass frame about chest high. There was a lace curtain over the glass, but whoever it was would easily be able to make out that someone was on the other side wearing something red and feminine. Plus, with the front hallway having wooden floors, Loren was concerned about the sound his heels would make — it didn’t occur to him to take them off. His best option was just to stay put and wait it out.

The doorbell rang again and whoever it was knocked as well.

At this point, Loren’s curiosity got the better of him and he peeked out the front window from behind the curtain.

It was Kathleen! He ducked and prayed she didn’t see him.

She knocked again. Then she yelled, “Loren, let me in.”

He ignored her, but she didn’t go away.

A few seconds later, his phone rang. He crept across the room to look at the caller identification. It was Kathleen. She was calling from the front door using her cell phone. Her voice came over the answering machine.

“Loren, open up.” She paused. “I know you’re in there.”

The machine disconnected. Twenty seconds passed. Loren stared at the machine, waiting to see if she would call again. If she didn’t call within a minute, he would creep back to the window and see if she was gone.

The phone rang again. It was Kathleen again.

“Let me in, Loren. I can see you, sweetie. Open up and let’s discuss this.”

Loren’s jaw dropped. What did she mean? Discuss what?

She continued. “Open up, or I’ll tell everyone.”

Loren panicked. He grabbed the phone. “Kathleen, hi! I didn’t hear the phone, I was in the shower.”

“Uh huh.”

“What. . . what were you saying?”

“I said to let me in.”

“I can’t, I’m dripping wet and I’m not decent.”

“Naked? Really? You wouldn’t lie to me, would you Loren?”

“No, of course not.”

“Because you don’t look naked from here.”

Loren froze. “From where?”

“Turn around, sweetie.”

Loren spun around. There was Kathleen standing on a large landscaping rock, which made her just tall enough that her smiling face could peer into the window. She waved and then held up her phone and snapped Loren’s picture.

Loren opened the door and reluctantly stepped back to let Kathleen enter. She stood there, with her hands on her hips, her feet spread as wide apart as her pencil skirt and kitten-heeled mules would let her, and an overwhelming smile on her face. She slowly looked Loren up and down. Then she laughed. She reached out and flipped up the crinoline under his skirt, exposing his erection — he wore no panties with this uniform as Stephanie instructed.

“Oh bravo!” she proclaimed. She pinched the end of his penis.

Loren’s face went from pink to red to flaming red. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. “I. . . uh. . .”

Kathleen smiled evilly at him. “You what? You can explain?” She laughed again, still holding onto the end of his penis. “I can’t wait to hear this. Go on, sweetie, explain.”

“Stephanie and I have a costume party—”

“Oh please!”

“It’s true,” he protested.

“Then why were you wearing heels at the dinner party.” She pointed at his feet with her free hand, the other remained firmly attached to his penis. “I saw you, Loren!”

“Kathleen, I don’t think I want to discuss this. Please leave,” he said firmly.


“Please get out of my house.”

“Loren, sweetie, I don’t think you understand your position here. Not only do I know something you don’t want anyone else knowing, but I have a photo to prove it.” She pulled out her cell phone and took another photo for good measure.

He snatched the phone from her hands, causing her to squeeze his penis so tightly he winced.

She smirked at him. “That won’t help you, but I love the fact you tried. When I took the photo, it automatically loaded to my account. You could destroy the phone and I’d still have the photo.”

“What do you want, Kathleen?!” he asked angrily.

“Right now, I just want to chat.”

“I have nothing to say.”

“Fine!” she declared and she finally let go of his penis. “I’ll just leave until you’re in a more cooperative mood.” She held out her hand. “I’d like my phone back.”

Loren hesitated.

“Seriously, the photos aren’t on the phone anymore, they’re in my account.”

Loren grudgingly returned the phone to her hand.

She started toward the door. “I hope you’re ready for everyone to know about this.”


“Why should I?”

“What are you planning?”

She turned and smirked at Loren. “Me? I’m not planning anything, but since I’m being Canlı Bahis Sitesi deprived of my fun, I figure I’ll spend the day at the spa and then, when Stephie gets home, I’ll tell her what her husband’s been doing.”

Loren raised an eyebrow. Clearly, Kathleen was trying to blackmail him by threatening to tell Stephanie. Little did she know Stephanie was behind this. He suddenly felt braver. “You go right ahead, I’ll bet Stephanie doesn’t care in the slightest.”

Kathleen shrugged her shoulders. “We’ll see. Oh, and I love the nails!” She snapped another picture of Loren and walked out the front door.

Stephanie sat in her office working on her latest project when her phone rang. It was Loren. He was upset.

“Slow down. What happened?” she asked.

“Kathleen came over and saw me in the maid costume!”

She giggled to herself, imagining the scene as Kathleen stumbled upon poor Loren in his maid costume. She didn’t want him exposed, but she knew Kathleen had better judgment than to start telling everyone. Also, she was beginning to think about the possibility of making this a full-time arrangement and that would mean their friends would eventually need to know. This could be a good test. “That was careless of you,” she said indifferently.

Loren was temporarily stunned to hear his wife blame him for getting caught. “Wait a minute, I’m not the one who insisted that I wear this costume all day.”

“I took you to stores, to the mall and all over town and no one spotted you. You spend two hours alone and you’ve already gotten yourself discovered. Who’s being careless?”

“What are we going to do?” he asked, evading her question.

“First, you’re going to answer my question because when I speak to my little sissy, I expect an answer.”

“I was more careless,” he said and his face burned as he said it.

“Now, tell me what happened.”

“She took my picture with her cell phone and then tried to blackmail me. She said she would tell you what I was doing while you were at work—”

Stephanie laughed. “That’s ironic, isn’t it?”

“I told her you wouldn’t care. Then she left.”

Stephanie closed her eyes and tried to picture the scene. Her leg shook back and forth furiously. Maybe there was a chance to have a little more fun here? “Here’s what you’re going to do. I want you to call her and ask her to come back over. Then I want you to beg her not to tell me. Let her blackmail you.”

“What?! Why?”

“You heard me. Let her blackmail you. This could be fun. Let’s see what she comes up with. Maybe she’s got something really creative in mind? Think of it as a learning experience.”

“But you’re risking my future?”

“No, you risked that when you let her catch you.”

“But this could just make it worse!”

“Those are the breaks.”


“No ‘but’, girlie. You agreed to be my submissive little husbandette, now it’s time to submit to my will. And my will is that you let Kathleen do whatever she wants to you,” she purred.

“What if she wants to have sex with me?”

“Anything except that. Oh, and you can’t tell her I know.” She paused. “Now, do you think you can handle this?”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Loren picked up the phone. He’d never dreaded a phone call more than this. He dialed Kathleen’s number.

“Change your mind?” Kathleen asked when she picked up the phone.

Loren swallowed hard. “Please don’t tell Stephanie.”

“Why? What’s in it for me?”

He took a deep breath. “What do you want?”

“I’m not sure I want anything anymore, seeing as how rude you were to me.”

“I’m sorry, please forgive me,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I suppose we could work something out,” she said with faked frustration. Her excitement was plain through the phone. Loren remained silent. “Have you changed yet?” she asked.


“Good. Then I’ll come over and we can talk about this. Don’t change anything you’re wearing.” She hung up.

The phone rang a moment after Loren set it down. It was his agent. “Cindy, hi, what’s up?”

“I want to see how my favorite writer is doing?”

“Nothing to report. I haven’t started anything yet.”

“Writer’s block?”

Loren looked down at his erection popping out beneath the stiff maid’s skirt. “Something like that.”

“Is there anything I can do to help? I could come over and you could bounce ideas off me?”

Loren bit his tongue. “No, that’s ok.”

“Ok, well, call me if you need anything.”

Kathleen stood before Loren with her arms folded. “So you’re giving up, are you?”

He nodded.

“Afraid I’ll tell Stephanie, is that it?” she smirked.

He nodded again.

“You men are so predictable. You know what this means, right?” she asked.

“I have a pretty good idea.”

“It means you have to do anything I say.”

Loren nodded.

“That’s how it should always be, don’t you agree? Men should always submit to women.”

Loren shrugged his shoulders.

Kathleen furrowed her brow. “Come on, Loren. Tell me I’m right.”

“Yes, men should always submit to women. Women are superior.” He probably wouldn’t have been this helpful a week ago, but he was beginning to find it quite natural to submit. Plus, he didn’t want to anger Kathleen or Stephanie at this point, so he played along.