Ensler’s Last Stand

Ashly Anderson

“The most important thing is, Ensler has to stop calling you Reggi.” Spruce smiled winsomely and casually tossed her mane of copper curls.

“But that’s my name, right?” Reggi looked at Ensler confusedly.

Ensler was feeling tense and a little weird. He had wanted his timorous little blonde wife to become a dominant, and he supposed he had fantasized about a full time femdom relationship.

But as he watched and listened to Spruce, he wondered if it was going a little too fast.

“You are Mistress Regina. Your name is even rather dominant, Reggi.”

“What, Regina? Yeah, I guess, but Ensler and I, we’re more than husband and wife, we’re friends, you know.”

“Right. But he’s forfeited the right to call you by your first name. And Regina, which means ‘to rule’ is just wonderful.”

Ensler wanted to speak up, but Spruce had become impatient with his interruptions.

“We need no ‘mansplaining’ Ensler.” Spruce had giggled, and she’d decreed that during counseling, Ensler would be gagged with a pair of her panties.

Reggi thought this was hilarious, but of course she valued his input.

“You have to understand, Reggi. Your husband has a big job, and he’s a fairly important person in the community.”

“He sure is.” Reggi looked at her husband admiringly, but then collapsed in giggles, seeing how silly he looked with the underwear almost stuffed down his throat.

It was a little ridiculous. Ensler didn’t have a particularly large mouth, and the panties were poking out of it, causing him to porno izle resemble a slack-jawed redneck.

“And so he’s under a lot of pressure.” Spruce gave Ensler a brief smile. “My Hubert owns the largest fertilizer company in the Midwest.”

“He sells shit, that’s–“

“Yes, and I make him eat it now and then. But Hubie, at home, needs lots of guidance. And keeping him in a diaper, or locking him in a cage in the bedroom when he’d rather be watching the Yankees or the “History Channel” gets him to re-prioritize things.”

“I kind of get that.”

“You’ve really enjoyed how Ensler treats you now, right? He’s more attentive in bed?”

“Oh, yeah, he’s really good with the oral.” Reggi giggled again as she gazed at her gagged husband.

“And he’s helping out around the house?”

“Yup. Ensler used to say he was too busy at work to help out, but the horsewhip really gets him energized when he comes in at night.”

“That’s right. I make Hubert take off his power suit when he gets in, and then I make him dance when he seems like he wants to futz around. Some nights I have mercy, and we just do the normal couple thing.”

“You do?”

“Sure, but it’s up to me. And it’s never more than once or twice a week. I keep Hubert dancing, and gradually you can do this for Ensler.”

“Well, yeah. I did it like you said. After the first counseling session, I began giving him discipline spankings, not just when we wanted to do kinky play.”

“Yes, that ‘playing’ and ‘scene’ nonsense is for the amateurs.”

“Right, amatör porno and after the second session, I began using the strap-on more. It seems to subdue him, maybe not quite as well as those panties do”

“That’s quite normal…”

“And when I use the strap on and the cattle prod on him, Ensie’s attitude is dreamy.”

“Progress! There’s no stopping it.”

“But he complains now–“

“Yes, that ungagged mouth” Spruce clucked her tongue.

“Well, he wanted me to put him in the cock-cage, and it went okay, he had all these chastity fantasies, but what he liked was more of a thing where he wears the cage, maybe for an hour, right?”

“Yes, Hubert used to do that.”

“Right. I was supposed to pretend I’d kept him in chastity for a year, and then unlock him and give him a hand job.”

Spruce looked at Ensler, raising an eyebrow. Men!

Ensler blushed. He wished he could close his mouth, he was drooling now. Was it his excitement about being with these hot women, or just not being able to close his mouth?

“So then we did seventy-two hours, as per your suggestion, and did he bitch and moan.” Reggi looked at her gagged husband again, and began giggling.

Ensler gazed at his mirthful wife. She was so cute, the way she giggled, and quite girlish, but now she was only cute and girlish when she unlocked him to give him a long tease, and then she became severe again.

She’d really gotten good at the corporal punishment. Ensler had told her anal porno he fantasized about her leaving marks, but oh was that a mistake.

“So the first time we did it for a week, no orgasms, I did tie him down and tease him a little, but he kept trying to talk me into letting him cum, or letting him fuck me.”

“Right. Notice how quiet he is now, though?” Spruce pointed a comical thumb at Ensler, who was openly drooling.

“You are going to make me shoot my latte through my nose, Spruce. Anyway, then we did two weeks, but he thinks he might die from blue balls now, because we almost did a month.”

“Stand up, Ensler, you idiot.” Spruce snapped her fingers, and when Ensler hesitated, she dragged him up by his ear.

Ensler watched Spruce’s breasts jut in an annoyed way in the vanilla turtleneck.

He watched dispiritedly as Spruce’s long purple tipped fingers unzipped his pants and yank them down, followed by his underwear.

There his cock was, straining in the little cage between his legs. Empurpled, so wet with pre-cum. (This session was quite arousing)

And of course it had been twenty-seven days now since his last orgasm.

“Now, Reggi, I am going to move Ensler’s penis around in this cage, and show you how it is medically impossible for him to have permanent damage from blue balls.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yes. Hubert cums four times a year. Once every ninety days, now watch me play with Ensler’s penis without letting him cum, and I will show you medically–“

Ensler lost control, and, without touching his cage, came all over the floor.

“Wow. That is wild.” Reggi looked at her husband’s cock, damp and wilting in the cage.

“Yes. These counseling sessions get stranger and stranger.” Mistress Spruce went to get some Kleenex.