To Swap Or Not To Swap Ch. 02


To swap or not to swap.

Margo and I didn’t take long getting back into thee “mood” after our first round of sex.

Our respective mates, Bob and Carol Sue were upstairs, balls ass naked and fucking up a storm and we could have cared less.

In the spa, we had already decided that this first swap night would be one in which we would get to know each others mate in private. As we kiss and hugged,

I began to suck on Margo tits more and more and was quite surprised at her reactions.

“Ohhhh yesss honey, suck me, suck my tits hard, nibble me, it drives me wild.”

Her pussy was once again oozing with juice and I whispered to her that she had the sweetest tasting little twat I had ever eaten.

“I’m so happy you like it” she cooed… Bob likes his pussy on the musky side and likes for me to get real sweaty before he’ll eat me.”

“Do you suck his cock often?”

“Why do you ask”?

“Well, you really do a wonderful job on me and I just thought you liked doing it”

She giggled, the way she always does and replied, “It’s your cock I like to suck, not his! But maybe I shouldn’t say that.”

I like knowing görükle escort that Margo Lynn! And I like being called Margo Lynn!

In a more serious note, she said, “when or if we ever have sex in the same room with Bob and Carol Sue, please don’t mention how you like to lick my rear” – “I want to keep that private” – “it’s something no one else has ever done to me and it’s very special.”

I slid down, put my head between her legs and began to lick her pussy. “You need a nice cleaning honey, you’re so wet!”

“Am I? I must be wet for your nice cock!”

“Do you mind if I run my tongue from you belly button to you sweet little anus and clean you good?”

Nooooo – I don’t mind at all.

“Could I suck on your cock while you do?”

“What if I come while you’re sucking me, then what?” I asked.

“Then I’ll have to swallow your semen won’t I!”

“Would you do that?”

“Yes”, but please, keep this a secret too.” “

I’ll suck you off in front of Bob and Carol Sue but if you come, I’ll spit it into a tissue because I’ve always done that with him.” “I like the taste of your come!”

I began bursa escort bayan to rim Margo’s sweet ass once more and loved the way she moaned and sighed as I did. “

You have such a sweet little rear sweetie, would you let me put my penis in it?”

“Yes – if you like. Bob likes it too and I sort of do too.”

Using KY Jelly, I greased my cock well and then grease up a small vibrator. After giving Margo’s ass a rimming like never before, I eased the small vibrator into it and turned it on. Lying on her side, she rocked her body so hard that her large tits began to slap her chest as she moved.

“What are you doooing to meeeeee??????????” She gasped.

“Do you like it?” “

Like it? I love it.” “Is your cock hard and ready?” “

“Yes.” “

Then fuck me there, Lee, Fuck my ass!”

Easing the vibrator out and setting it aside, I slide up behind her and guided my throbbing cock to her wrinkled sphincter. Slowly I eased just the head in, peeling by my thick foreskin in the process. “

Uhhhhhhhh Lee, ohhhhh Lee, I have always wanted you to make love to me.”

“Really Margo, is that so?”

“Oh bursa escort yes, oh yes. You get me soooo wet!

“Can I be honest with you Margo Lynn?” “


“I have masturbated over you more times than I can remember and now I’m actually making love to you!”

Margo nearly swooned at my confession and I began to ease the entire 7 inches of my cock into her asshole.

“I’m there baby! I whispered.”

“Yes, I know, I feel your pubic hair on my ass cheeks.”

“You got me so open Lee, you can ram rod me if you like, I can take it.”

“Tickle my clitty while you do it!”

Giving her a deluxe treatment, I not only began to finger her clit but I began to such roughly on one of her nipples and Margo began to bellow like a cow, her ass bouncing all over the place.

“Oh dear me, oh dear me, I’m coming so very very hard, I’ve never had an orgasm like this before.” As she began to gasp and jerk, her sphincter muscles began to expand and contract, milking my cock in a way that I had never knew possible. It seemed as if I came in waves and was actually weak afterwards.

We decided to shower together and freshen up and laughed we saw that it wasn’t even 10:00 PM yet.

“We had better pace ourselves,” Margo giggled.

“Yes we had better.”, I replied

Then Margo sunk to her knees and began to suck on my still limp cock, making it come alive yet another time.